Curl Care Collection by Dr Miracle

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Another product collection for you to think about! This whole series is aimed at giving you information about the different product collections out there for naturals. We have gone through a lot so take a look around, you may spot your fav brand.

This time we will be going through the Curl care collection by Dr Miracle. I couldn’t find any information on the official website so, I am going with what I found on British Curlies. They are pretty accurate with their stuff and usually stock full collections however if you spot that I missed something do let me know.

So the full collection is as follows


  1. Dr Miracles blow out foam
  2. Dr Miracles leave in conditioner
  3. Dr Miracles weightless moisturising crème
  4. Dr. Miracles soft hold crème
  5. Dr Miracles soothing elixir
  6. Dr. Miracles rehydrating shampoo
  7. Dr Miracles moisturising growth balm
  8. Dr Miracles nourishing conditioner
  9. Dr Miracles strong hold gel

A good sized collection and looks good to me but what are people saying about it





Mixed reviews but what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below! Here in the UK, you can you purchase the full collection online on British Curlies >>

Let me knows your thoughts guys

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Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, I hope you love the new website!  For my loyal subbies how are you loving the new site? Let me know in the comments below!

So this post will be part of the Shea Moisture mini- series currently on the blog! This time we are talking about their Jamaican black castor oil collection that aims to nourish, repair, grow, fortify and renew your hair while encouraging healthy growth. It is recommended for all hair types including heat styled, natural and transitioning air. It also aims to restore dry, brittle and damaged hair.

The full collection has 6 products:

  1. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore leave in conditioner
  2. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore styling lotion
  3. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore hair serum
  4. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore edge treatment
  5. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore treatment mask
  6. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore shampoo

So I just noticed it doesn’t have a regular/rinse out conditioner but I guess we naturals prefer a deep masque/ conditioner instead right? Lol. I really love jbco and I swear by it to thicken your hair and re grow your edges. I am definitely putting this collection on my to-try list!

Review time!




As always I have to let you guys know where you can get the full collection in the UK. I got you.  The full collection of the jbco line and many of their other collections can be bought from British Curlies > .

We have two more posts in this mini-series (boooo, noooo): the Tahitian noni and monoi collection and the Manuka honey and mafura oil collection. For more information on the jbco line or any others please visit the Shea moisture website

That’s all folks! Let me know our thoughts on the shea moisture collections and my new website! Love you all, I hope you have a great week and see you soon!







Hey guys, welcome back to the blog. So per usual we are carrying on with our shea moisture mini-series on their product collections for natural hair. This time we are talking about the latest addition (I think), the superfruit complex 10 in 1 renewable system.

This collection contains anti-oxidants that helps perfect and renew vibrancy to dull lacklustre hair. The 10 benefits are

  1. Anti-aging benefits,
  2. Colour protection,
  3. Hydration,
  4. Nourishment,
  5. Rejuvenation,
  6. Strength,
  7. Anti-stress,
  8. Manageability,
  9. Softness
  10. Shine

The full product list are as follows

  1. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 conditioner
  2. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 shampoo
  3. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 hair masque
  4. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 hair and scalp serum

So not the biggest collection. It has no styling products or leave in conditioner! (C’mon now you know you need the leave in conditioner lol)

Anyway, review time





That’s all folks. Here in the UK you can get the full collection from > as always if you require more information about this or any of the shea moisture products, please visit their website >>

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download (2)

Hey guys, welcome back to another product collection. As the title says, this post will be on the new design essentials coconut and monoi collection. As always, I will be providing you with all the products in the collection, reviews and finish with where it can be purchased in the UK. So if you want to know about this range keep on reading 🙂

So the coconut and monoi deep moisture range was created for dry, dull and very thirsty hair. It is infused with coconut and monoi oils (of course) among other nourishing ingredients e.g. sunflower and vitamin E and promises to deliver intense hydration to instantly transform dry, thirsty hair into soft, shiny, revitalized curls. It is a relatively small collection, 5 products in total but with great ingredients. I haven’t used this brand before or these products so I will get you some YouTube reviews at the end.

The full collection is as follows

Coconut & Monoi deep moisture milk crème with argan oil and sunflower

Coconut & Monoi hair coconut water curl refresher with sunflower, milk protein and chamomile

Coconut & monoi deep moisture milk soufflé with sunflower and shea

Coconut & monoi deep moisture oil treatment with argan oil and sunflower

This was featured in my conditioner series, check it out here >

Coconut & monoi intense shine oil mist with sunflower and vitamin E

So I realised it doesn’t include a shampoo or a leave in conditioner. Let’s get into reviews now, I haven’t used it yet so off to YouTube to get some videos for you

Reviews/ demos





Here in the UK you can purchase the full range online at British Curlies, link >> . For more information about the range, please visit their website >

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed this product collection. Let me know if you already have these products and how they have been working out for you. I would love to hear from my readers! Off I go in search of more product collections.

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Hey guys! I hope you guys are doing well. As the title suggests this post will be the full review on the products I received from Mon Shea last month. If you haven’t already check out my first impressions of the products >>

Let’s get straight to it!

So I chose to review the Pure Shea soap and the shea oil. I used the soap to wash my hair and I must say I LOVED IT! It lathers really well and mean really well! I use it ONCE! NO need for a second lather. It doesn’t strip my hair, infact I feel my hair clumping as soon as I apply it on my hair. Once is enough to cleanse the scalp and hair. I love the ease of use of this shampoo bar, wash day has never been quicker! It can also be used as a body soap but I haven’t used it for that purpose yet. It smells like normal soap actually if you’re from Ghana and you can remember the smell of key soap or duck soap or ameen soap LOL it kinda reminds me of that. If you’re not from Ghana, it smells like regular soap LOL


Shea oil. I have used this for my body and not my hair yet. I LOVE the way it leaves my skin leaving- silky soft. I am DEFINATLEY purchasing this once it’s finished! It absorbs quickly and doesn’t sit on top of your skin. It’s also very good for dry/cracked heels. And leaves a lovely glow. I remember I used it on my legs when I wore a skirt out. I applied it in the morning, around 7am and at 3pm I did the scratch test LOL. Wait Sarah what? Ok every black person has done the scratch test without realising it lol. You know when you want to test if your skin is dry or not, you scratch it lol, if you get a white line you need some cream if not you’re good to go LOL ( now tell me you never done that before?) anyway at 3pm I decided to do the test and nope! No white mark!  It’s so easy to use and spread. I also like the smell, I mean it smells of shea butter and I like how shea butter smells on my skin. I will definitely recommend this! Especially in the summer when you don’t want heavy creams etc sitting on your skin! I’m trying to use this for my hair but guys I just love it for my skin so much!


Verdict- its two thumbs up from me! I love the multi of these products. I definitely will recommend you try them out. I have been using the oil in combo with my African black soap and my skin has never looked better!  Once again I used the pure shea oil and soap from Mon Shea. Check out their website for the full range of products >>

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Also keep up to date with me on my social media so don’t miss any of my shenanigans lol.

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Hey guys, welcome to my blog, if you are new here, what took you so long lol?, be sure to check out my social media, all the links are under the social tab and connect with me so you won’t miss a thing! We are currently doing a series on product collections where I search for natural hair products and feature them here on my blog. The purpose is to inform you guys what brands offer natural hair products and also the variety of products out there for us! You will be AMAZED! There is a lot of collections here already, so take a good look around you may spot your favourite brand (If so feel free to drop a quick review in the comment section) or you may be inspired to try something new!

Anyway now that is out of the way, let’s concentrate on today’s product feature! It’s the Mixed Roots product collection! Its good collection featuring all the essentials: shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner! Their products have been formulated with vitamins, fruit oils and protein and without parabens, sulfate and mineral oil – don’t we love that?!

The full collection is as follows

Curl cleansing shampoo

Deep moisture conditioner

Curl control leave in lotion

Curl refresher spray

Curl stretching custard

Replenishing oil treatment

I personally haven’t used any of the products so I can’t comment on them, but I know a friend who loves their curl control leave in. I have also contacted them to see if they can provide any products for the blog, fingers crossed they do/reply, anyway it’s off to YouTube to get some reviews for you guys

Curl stretching cream


Curl cleansing shampoo


Curl control leave in


Curl stretching custard and oil treatment


That’s all folks! Another product collection for us natural folk! I’m so happy you guys are branching out and trying some of these products, I will keep the coming (You should see the amount of tabs I have open lol Smh). Since you guys love the UK based collections, I will definitely look out for more of them. For more info on mixed roots, visit their website >> Here in the UK you can get the full range at

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