Best Face Masks For All Skin Types!

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I have been loving skincare lately and so I thought I would share my best face masks suitable for all skin types! Let’s get into it. Face masks what are they and what do they do?! Think of them as the deep conditioners of the face. They target a range of concerns and skin types. There are a lot of different masks out there: rinse off or leave on? Clay masks? Gel?

Face masks what are they and what do they do?! Think of them as the deep conditioners of the face. They target a range of concerns and skin types. There are a lot of different masks out there: rinse off or leave on? Clay masks? Gel?

How to Choose the Correct Face Mask

The best tip I can give when choosing a new face mask is to look at the ingredients and what the product claims to do, then match it with your skin concern. In general, anything with clays detoxify or purify, any with charcoal also detoxifies or brightens, anything with oils/butters moisturise and anything with acids exfoliates.  These are not set in stone so important to be flexible, most masks have a combination of ingredients so ae good for a range of concerns.

It’s also best to have at least one of each type of mask to reach for when the season changes or when your skin starts to play up!

What about Multi- Masking?


Multi masking is when you use two or three masks in one go. I love this technique because it allows you to target specific areas of your face with different treatments at the same time. Most of us have some sort of combination on our skin e.g. oily in some areas and dry in some so multi-masking is a genius way of targeting that. For a tutorial on how to multi-mask and what I use check out my previous post here

Ok now onto the best part, product recommendations!

L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask, £7.99


This is part of the new face masks from L’Oréal.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It has exfoliating beads that gently exfoliate as you wash the mask off. My skin felt nice and smooth afterwards!

Avon ClearSkin Blemish Clearing 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub & Mask, £5


We tend to forget about Avon but they have some really good products. I love this mask ( I only use it as that) because it just works! Pores and soon to be spots- gone! It may be a bit harsh for some as it contains AHA (I have a post on this! Click here to read it) so SPF is recommended.

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask, £20.25


A new fav of mine, I love it because it leaves your face squeaky clean without drying. Catch my full review here

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, £24


This is what got me onto charcoal masks. It draws out impurities leaving the skin nice soft and clear pores.

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask, £8.29


This is a mud mask done right! I have a full review here


These are the best face masks suitable for all skin types! I hope you guys find these useful. Let me know your favourite face masks by commenting below! see you soon

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Multi-Masking ft Superdrug and Avon!

MultiMasking face masks
Fav Face Masks

I’m so late with this!

Have you guys heard/tried multi masking? It’s basically using 2 or 3 face masks at a time to treat your problem areas instead of one! Different masks may be suitable for one area of your face but not so great for the other areas. For instance, we tend to be oilier around our t-zones and have normal to combo skin everywhere else, a charcoal mask will be perfect for those t-zones but too strong for let’s say your cheeks. This is where multi masking steps in, so you can use another mask, e.g hydrating/radiance on your cheeks and a charcoal mask on your t-zone.

Multi masking is really not a new thing but it is a clever way of coming up with a totally customised face regime. You really don’t have to get new products either so don’t be fooled by any ‘multi-masking kits’ you see unless you don’t have any masks to begin with. If you have 2 or 3 laying around already (which I think we all do) just mix and match them and get creative with it!

I am a big fan of Superdrug face masks sachets and I had 2 lying about so I decide to pair them up with my fav Avon Mask for a mini tut on multi-masking. I will be using

Be warned, gruesome pic coming up! lool

#MultiMasking with my fav face masks!
























It can be quite time consuming, painting on up to 3 or 4 face masks but I must admit it is fun to do! I don’t think I will be doing this every day, maybe once a week or in a while when I have some more time to spare.

Go on get creative and start multi masking!

Do you multi mask? What products do you use?