NEW! ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks


colourpopo ultra satin

The liquid lipstick game is still going strong! Almost every brand has at least a matte liquid lipstick line to their name! One of the most affordable and well known matte liquid lipstick brands, ColourPop is back with a new formulation in the game! Introducing their new Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks! Matte lips are bomb! They are long lasting and most are transfer proof but some of them are not the most comfortable things to wear! The drying formula can leave your lips looking dry and cracked and without the proper prep to wear these, the whole look goes downhill.. FAST

The ColourPop Ultra Satin lipsticks promise comfort and a satin finish. From all the videos I have watched (guys, I watched a lot!), they look super pigmented and people say they are super comfy too. Beware though, it is not promising transfer proof or long lasting results (compared to their ultra-matte formula) but it looks like they stain lips. They are 16 shades in total (my birthday is coming up just to let you know and I only want 4 shades Frick n Frack, Panda, Magic Wand and Echo Park cough cough ) and it seems the most popular shade is Dopey which is sold out.

Anyway, enough rambling, check out these swatch videos!