NEW! B.Pure Micellar Water Review

The B. Pure range in Superdrug has been busy releasing new products over the last couple of months. Included in that new product collection is the new B. Pure Micellar Water I picked up a few weeks back. You guys know how I feel about micellar water with previous posts here, here and here and one more here lol so you know I had to pick this up! I mean I walk into Superdrug and there it is plus its on buy one get one free offer?!

The new B.Pure Micellar Water is suitable for all skin types including the ‘most sensitive’. It promises to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin and suitable for use around the eye area. But the claim that caught my eyes was the fact that it is a ‘no-rinse formula’


The new B. Pure Micellar Water comes in a massive 400 ml bottle (there is also a smaller 100ml size) and has a simple cap dispenser. The packaging is a simple clear bottle with the white cap which looks nice.

This micellar water is very good at removing complexion makeup: foundation, powder, blush etc. its also very good with removing eye makeup like mascara and shadows. I do feel like it struggles a little bit with waterproof mascara. It doesn’t say on the bottle if its suitable for waterproof mascara but I found when I have used it for waterproof mascara, it takes a bit longer with a few good swipes. Sometimes I cant be bothered and use a separate eye makeup remover. The formulation is very gentle on the skin and I don’t feel like its stripping my skin of any moisture. I also like using it to cleanse my face even when I have no makeup on.

Regarding the no-rinse formula, I was very excited to test out. So I use about 3 to 4 large pads to take off all my makeup then I wash my face with my Vanity Planet SPS Face brush plus my Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel ( I have just run out  😦 so switched to Simple Face Wash).  I notice on my brush, there is a little makeup residue on it. just a small amount.

Verdict– a very good micellar water from the B. Pure range in Superdrug. Is it truly a no-rinse formula? I think if you wore minimal makeup e.g. just concealer & powder you will be fine with not washing your face after. With full on makeup e.g. foundation, concealer powder etc, the micellar water is still great at removing all of it (in fact one large pad with the micellar water takes off a lot of my makeup) but I think to play it safe and still wash your face afterwards just to ensure its all off.

I do really like this micellar water and I would repurchase.

B.Pure Micellar Water is £ 4.49 in Superdrug. I can see it hasn’t made its way online yet but it’s definitely in stores.


Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil Review

Burt’s Bee’s have been a staple drugstore brand on the British Highstreet known for their amazing lip balms and their natural skincare products. I was recently introduced to their lip balms this year and let me just say, they are worth the hype! I was sent a mini sample of their Facial Cleansing Oil which I have been using and I thought I would share my thoughts on the product.

Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is 100% natural and made with coconut and argan oil. The oil is free from parabens, petrolatum, SLS and phthalates but rich in antioxidants and natural moisturizers. It’s supposed to gently remove dirt and makeup without an oily residue. The oil is suitable for normal to dry skin types. (Find out how to determine your skin type in my previous post here)


The Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil has a great scent and very effective against makeup. I’m starting to venture out and experiment with different types of makeup removers and I must say this cleansing oil is very nice.

I pour a small amount of the oil in my hands and massage in circular motions on dry skin. It works quickly to break down makeup and mascara. It also works great against liquid lipsticks. I cleanse my face with the oil twice, rinsing with warm water each time. My skin is left feeling soft but with no oily& heavy feeling. It doesn’t dry out my skin. To test how effective the Facial Cleansing Oil is, I follow with my Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin Face Brush, and there is little to no makeup residue on the brush!

I haven’t experienced nay irritation from the Burt’s Bee Facial Cleansing Oil and it hasn’t clogged my pores. Although Burt’s Bee says the oil is for Normal to Dry Skin Types, I found the oil worked well with my Normal/Combo Oily skin type.

My only con is that I find the dispenser on the bottle atrocious. The oil hardly comes out so I have to unscrew the cap to use it but this may be because it’s a mini sample. The full-size product of Burt’s Bee’s comes in a pump bottle which may be easier to use.


If cleansing oils are your thing then the Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is right up your street! 100% natural ingredients, great scent and an effective deep cleansing makeup remover what more could you ask for?

The Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is £16.99 available from Burt’s Bee’s

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Best Makeup Removers

skincare ingredients aha bha


Removing your makeup is a very important step in your skincare routine. For makeup wearers, this is usually the first step in the routine so it’s important to get it right. Choosing the right makeup removers and using them properly (it’s not enough to buy the most expensive product if you are not using it properly!) will take your skin a long way. If you want to know all about makeup removers, why to use them, how to use them and what to use, keep on reading!


Why makeup removers? It’s simple, no matter how beat your makeup looks (and I have no doubt you guys slay your looks), it needs to come off before you sleep. No questions asked (because I know someone will ask the dreaded question, why can’t I just sleep with my makeup on) even the most expensive foundation doesn’t come off my itself (we all wish it did)

Our skin has pores and everything we put onto the skin goes in there too. Without taking off ALL your makeup, everything gets clogged and this shows: texture, spots, enlarged pores, congested skin etc.


boots botanics micellar 3 in 1

The How is every simple: each product comes with instructions on how to use it, simply follow them. Please do not make the same mistake I did and ignore the instructions then complain the product is rubbish THEN half way down the product you read the instructions and realised, actually this product is amazing SMH LOL

The ‘what’ part is the most interesting and exciting. There are so many products out there and different types to suit every skin types. Drugstore, mid-range and high end you name it, you are bound to find something that works for your skin type!

Types of Makeup Removers and my best recommendations:

Wipes- B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Water

Milks/Lotions- Kiehl’s Washable Cleansing Daily Milk

Oils- Dermalogica Pre Cleanse, B.Pure Micellar Oil

Waters e.g. micellar water- Boots Botanics Cleansing Solution, Boots No7, Bioderma

Balms- Clinique Take the Day off Balm

Tip- when taking off your makeup, follow the double cleansing method. This two-step method ensures all your makeup comes off leaving your skin clean. After removing your makeup with  your chosen makeup remover, follow it with a face wash and preferably with a face brush- this will get all the stuff in the pores too. Primark has a £1 face brush which I am a huge fan of, the bristles are not harsh and it gets the job done. Plus it’s only a pound so I can easily change it every 2 to 3 months. I am still contemplating on getting the supersonic ones which can be on the expensive side but for now, the Primark one will suffice. 

I have been talking a lot about skincare lately and I realised the more research I do, the more passionate I become about it. So, I am now on a mission to get my best skin ever and I am leaving no stone (product/technique) unturned! Of course, I will be taking guys with me on this journey so keep checking back for new posts ( I have started this already, check out my previous skincare posts, links will be below). I am trying to be the best me I possibly can in every aspect. Beauty is very important to me and for the longest time I have struggled with accepting my beauty. I am just coming into a place where I have accepted and happy and I am bringing everything and realising its full potential! Join me, YOU ARE SO WORTH!

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Sephora Triple Action Gentle Makeup Remover Gel Review

sephora triple action gentle makeup remover gel review

Hey guys, I hope all is well! Where is summer though? Why do we even expect much from British weather? Don’t we go through this every year? Lol anyway back to today’s post

I finally got to shop in Sephora whilst in Paris, YouTube made me do it! I picked up their Triple Action Gentle Makeup Remover Gel (what a mouth full) which I have been testing out ever since and I must say I am very impressed with it!

Sephora describes the gel as super gentle with a cooling appeal. It’s suitable for the face, eyes and lips and contains cornflower extract and vegetable sugar which has moisturising properties. There’s also no need to rinse after using it.  I picked it up in the travel size (hand luggage restrictions) but it’s also available in a larger size.


The first thing I noticed when I started using this gel is the cooling effect it has (I didn’t even know it’s supposed to do that until I started reading the product description for this post LOL). It’s also quick acting and starts to remove makeup as soon it hits the face. The consistency is quite runny although that may be because my room is quite warm all the time lol.

It’s very effective in taking off face makeup- blush, powder, foundations etc and for lips, it removes lipsticks and matte liquid lipsticks very well (I have tested it out against Sleek Matte Me, ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip and Mac lipsticks including their liquid lipsticks). I also have to add: it doesn’t have a horrid taste! Finally, a makeup remover that doesn’t taste horrible lol.

For the eyes, I noticed although it removed some eye makeup well- eyeliners both pencil and liquid and eyeshadows, it fell a little short when removing mascara. I had to use more on the eye area to really remove all traces of mascara or else panda eyes.

I always wash my face after removing my makeup anyway (currently loving Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel) but after using the gel my face feels really soft, like I have put on a moisturiser!

Verdict– it’s totally worth it and I am planning on getting the full size soon! Check it out on Sephora’s website. Did you know they ship to the UK? Yes hunty!

How do you take off your makeup?

You can be sincere and sincerely wrong