Lush Masks Series: Mask of Magnanimity and Brazened Honey

Hey lovely people, more Lush masks for you to try out! We are looking at mask of magnaminty and brazened honey today!

Mask of Magnanimity


I love the name lol. It’s a 2 in 1 mask for the face and the body. Packed to the brim with peppermint and marigold oil, kaolin and antibacterial honey, this mask with stimulate your skin and leave it looking bright and refreshed. Its £5.50 for 125g.

Review time!





Brazened Honey


The combo in this face mask is crazy lool and interesting but I guess it works! Are you ready? It has ginger root, parsley, fennel, lime juice, honey, EGGS among other stuff lol. Its supposed to regresh and detoxify your skin! Pick it up for £6.50 for 75g.

Let’s see what other people are saying



That’s all folks! You can purchase online on their website or in store. Please check for the closest store to you. Their website is Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

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Lush Masks Series: Don’t look at me, Ayesha

Hey family, many of you have been asking, well here it is. The official start to the Lush Masks series! We are kicking things off with don’t look at me and Ayesha! As usual, I will add reviews, prices and where to purchase. Let’s gooooo


Don’t look at me


Packed with murumuru butter, lemon juice, Tunisian neroli and organic silken tofu and many other wonderful ingredients. It’s perfect for exfoliating and toning your skin. Pick it up for £6.50 for 75g.







Lush Ayesha Mask

Made with honey, asparagus and kiwi, this mask will balance out your skin and brighten your face! It’s also £6.50 for 75g.

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That’s all folks for the 1st post! You can purchase online on their website or in store. Please check for the closest store to you. Their website is Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

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Lush Cleansers: Grease Lightning and Let the Good times roll

Hey family, how have you been keeping up with the Lush Cleansers series so far? Lets take a look at previous posts

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That’s a lot we have covered so far, I am sure you have spotted your favourite cleansers or have an idea of what to try next from Lush.

Today we are looking at two more grease lightning and let the good times roll.

Grease Lightning


This product is not really a cleanser, but a spot treatment to use whenever you feel a spot. You would apply it directly to the affected area instead of all over. But does it work? I know we are always in search of something that is effectively in dealing with spots. it’s £6.40 for 45g. Let’s take a look at some reviews





Let the good times roll


This is another popular product from Lush. I want to try this because apparently it smells like popcorn? Its supposed to gently cleanse and stimulate the skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Its £ 6.75 for 100g






That’s all for now! Please let me know if you have these cleansers or any others from LUSH. Which ones are your fav and will recommend? See you soon for the next piece! For more info on LUSH including their products and where to buy, please visit their website>>


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Lush Cleansers: Movis and 9 to 5

Lush cleansers series officially popular! Thank you guys for your support! Today we will be focusing on the Movis and 9 to 5 cleansers! As always I will include reviews and the price, let’s get started!


Movis Main

This facial soap uses the exfoliating properties of wholemeal bread and the softening properties of cocoa butter. It’s perfect to gently exfoliate and revive your skin. Its £4.50 for 100g

Let’s see what people say about Movis





9 to 5


I like the name of this lol. This cleansing lotions brightens your skin and removes all traces of makeup, leaving your skin refreshed. It comes in two sizes, the smallest is £5.10 for 95g. So how does it perform? Let’s find out






What do you guys think? Hmm I just might get Movis to try out. I am on this new quest of changing all my skin and body care products to natural products. I am slowly getting there! Let me know you thoughts on these cleansers.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far, as for me I have the worst case of the flu 😦  this weather ain’t helping too. Anyways until next time