Lush Cleansers : Herbalism, Dark Angels, Aqua Marina

Hey family, it’s the end of an era! We are at the end of our Lush cleaners series! Which post has been your favourite so far?  Let’s look at the previous posts:

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Today we are looking at the last 3 which are herbalism, dark angels and aqua marina! As usual I will add reviews, where you can purchase and the price of course! Let’s get into it



If you are looking for the perfect balanced cleanser then this is it for you! Packed with goodies like rosemary, chamomile blue oil and almonds that will gently cleanse your skin leaving it clean and revitalised.  It’s £6.75 for 100g





Dark Angels


To me this is probably the scrub version of Coalface  I could be wrong). It has charcoal, rhassoul mud and avocado oil to leave your skin feeling clean and bright. Dark angels will remove dead skin cells leaving it bright and fresh. Its £6.75 for 100g





Aqua Marina


2 in 1 mineral rich seaweed cleanser and calamine suitable for the face and body. It absorbs excess oil and contains aloe vera that restores moisture. Sea salt will gently exfoliate your skin whilst the Irish moss is full of minerals and vitamins! It’s also £6.75 for 100g



That’s all folks for the cleansers! Of course we are not done with Lush! I will be back with another series, this time focusing on their toner collection! (What’s a good skin care regime with toner?) I hope these posts/series is helpful with giving you information on what types of products are out there for you. If you want some natural skincare products, make sure you check Lush out! I added some reviews to help you start your research before purchasing in store I wish I had samples to give away with every post lol however I know you can ask for samples in store)

You can purchase their products online >> or in store

I hope you guys have a fab day! It looks like the sun is out! I will catch you later!

Love Sarah

LUSH Cleansers: Angels on bare skin and Kalamazoo

Hey family, back with the second post already! It’s still morning here lol. This time we are focusing on angels on bare skin and Kalamazoo.

Angels on bare skin




This is a 2 in 1 cleanser for face and body! It had 100% natural ingredients and made with lavender flowers, kaolin and ground almonds. It helps to tone and brighten our skin! I have used this one before, the lady in the store recommended it when I kept breaking out. I got little sample and I loved it! Its £6.75 for 100g. Let’s look at some videos







You don’t have to have a beard to use it! Lol. Kalamazoo is great for cleansing and softening your beard and skin. It contains pineapple juice, almond and jojoba oil and Cupuacu butter. I may just pop into a store for a sample. This could also be a great gift for the man in your life? Anyway I thought I will be good to get mixed videos, of men and women using it (Male readers’ holla! Lol.) Its £.6.50 for 100g







That’s all for now! Please let me know if you have these cleansers or any others from LUSH. Which ones are your fav and will recommend? See you soon for the next piece! For more info on LUSH including their products and where to buy, please visit their website>>

Again I dont know whats causing the black lines across the videos!

LUSH Cleansers: Cup o’ coffee and Ultrabland

Good morning wonderful people! (Or good night or afternoon depending on what time you read this! It’s currently 5.24am here in the UK). Looking at the feedback I got from the Body Shop skincare series (look around my blog for them), I decided to start another skincare series, this time featuring LUSH cosmetics!

They have a lot of goodies for us, so it will be a long one! We will be starting off with their cleansers and each post will focus on two. As usual, I will add reviews and where to purchase! Sounds good? Well let’s get started! Today, we are focusing on cup o’ coffee and ultrabland.

Cup o’ coffee



Unfortunately this is exclusive is to London Oxford Lush store (I am not sure if you can get this abroad and you can’t purchase online! Bummer!). I couldn’t even find the price or any info on it  L. But I did get a review/ demo (yay), so let’s check it out








Ultra-bland is a simple yet effective cleansers that removes all makeup and dirt without stripping your skin. It’s made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. It doesn’t say what type of skin it specifically targets however from my research, most of the people that used it and really liked it had either acne prone or oily skin. Please do your research or pop in store for more details. It’s £7.25 for 45g. Here are some videos to check out





That’s it for our 1st post in the LUSH cleansers series! I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know if you have these cleansers or any others from LUSH. Which ones are your fav and will recommend? See you soon for the next piece! For more info on LUSH including their products and where to buy, please visit their website>>

I apologise for the black lines across the videos, its never happened before and I don’t know what is causing it!