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Hey family, I hope everyone is doing great. Summer 2016 is almost here! And things are actually looking OK in the UK lol

Anyway, this post will be about some new supplements I was sent. I was sent a 30 day supply of LQ Skin, Hair and Nails Collagen ‘shots’. It contains collagen, resveratrol and hyaluronic acid- all known for its anti-ageing benefits. It also has Biotin, Selenium and Vitamins C & E to contribute to normal skin, hair and nails.

I have heard of collagen shots but I haven’t tried them before so I am actually very interested in how these will taste and work. The LQ supplements are super strength and contain the highest concentrations of pure marine collagen, 7,000mg.  These liquid supplements are supposed to be much more effective than collagen pills/creams. The directions are pretty simple, one bottle a day.

I will be trying these out soon and report any updates. I really hope I like the taste which will determine if I can finish the 30 day supply or not. I will be looking to see if it has any impact on my hair and nails. Whilst I am not taking them for the anti-aging benefits, I will also be looking to see it has any impact on my skin!  As soon as I got them, I started reading reviews and doing more research on the brand.  From the blogs I read, people had positive feedback and good results with the supplements. The brand is also known for making other liquid supplements, Holland and Barrett has a range of them so make sure you check that out!

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LQ Skin, Hair & Nails is £29.99 for a box of 10 at Holland and Barrett

Are you on a hair journey? Which supplements are your taking to help you maintain healthy hair?



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