Hey family, so this hashtag had twitter in an uproar a couple of days ago. I literally could not stop laughing! It’s funny because even though we all grew up separately in very very diverse situations and countries most, if not all of the experiences were the same.

For instance I grew up in Ghana, Wes Africa and this meme I’m sure APPLIES TO EVERY BLACK KID lool



Also when you have quick reflexes and you dodge the 1st hit, and your parents take it as you want to fight them back and they go H.A.M on your ass LOOL.  My personal fav is when you have to pick out the branch of the tree they will whoop your ass with LOOL.

Anyways to make this hair related, these are a few of the memes I saw that had me in tears. Please feel free to comment and add more pictures.

Photo credit- everywhere lol

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What are your personal memes from #Growingupblack? let me know below