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Hey guys, so if you follow me on Instagram (Which you should btw- @sarahfynn), you would see a post I posted about 4 weeks ago regarding a topic I was researching for my blog. The question was:

Is hair typing absolutely necessary, or are we placing too much importance on it? Do you also know your hair type and how much has that as affected your choice in products or routines?

Firstly, I want to thank all those who responded. J Greatly appreciated. Secondly, sorry it took a while to actually finalise this post lol. I originally wanted to write this 3 days later but then more people started commenting, I travelled to Germany and the rest is history lool.

Anyway first let’s talk about hair typing, what exactly is it?

In its simplest definition, it is a system created to help determine the various textures (Type 3, 4 etc) of hair among women with curly or wavy hair. So to type your hair, (there is a picture chart below and above) you would use it to compare your hair in its natural state with and pick the one that matches closely with it. The different variations e.g. type 4a, 3c etc depend on how closely your curl match the ones in the curl group e.g. type 4, type 3.hairchart2From my Instagram response and also other women I have spoken to, it seems most of the ones that know their hair type are the ones on the natural game. As in they have a lot of knowledge about their hair and how it behaves and also how to manage it. These were the women who have been natural for a while now. On the other hand, newly naturals also knew their hair type for obvious reasons that they were transitioning and also every video/post you see talks about how their hair is type 3 or 4 so that may then have driven them to find their own (I could be wrong).

But does this information really matter?

Some people said knowing their hair texture allowed them to find products that better worked for their hair or were geared towards them. Others felt it helped them choose what videos to watch on YouTube and what hair styles their texture could produce.

What I also found though was discrimination where some types of hair were seen as good hair and better than others. Type 3 regardless of variation were mostly seen as good, nicer, beautiful and easier to manage whilst type 4 was dry, brittle and difficult to manage and ‘nappy’.

My thoughts

First I didn’t really type my hair (Type 4c and actually I didn’t know my exact variation until this year at natural hair week 2015, yh that real) until a year ago I think and I have been natural for 5 years! Then I found that I was really frustrated with my hair not been as perfectly defined as I would see other girls (mostly with type 3) with (I didn’t know of hair typing at this point. I thought all naturals were supposed to have perfectly defined curly hair). My twists outs and whatever outs were not defined as well. My hair as with other girls with this hair type can testify to shrinkage, it’s no joke! I was left wanting my ‘curls’ to be defined as type 3 and if they didn’t turn out like that I thought either the product was defective or my technique was wrong. Obviously, as I have grown in my journey I realised I have no ‘curls’ and my hair will never look like that and that IS FINE!

What I DON’T AGREE with is the discrimination? Wasn’t the whole point of been natural to have healthy hair? And isn’t healthy hair ultimately good hair? Be it type 3 or 4 or 4f. Another thing I don’t understand are these variations? Every year I swear a new letter is added lol, sometime ago I heard about type 4f? Really 4f? What I also don’t understand is no head of hair is exactly one type of texture so what happens then?

Anyway, to me hair typing is not absolutely necessary. You can survive without knowing your hair type. After all, before it was created I am pretty sure naturals were doing fine. I also believe too much importance is been placed on the exact variations and obviously companies are banking on this. (I am happy though that I haven’t seen (so far) any products that transform one hair type to another with promises of ‘better manageability e.g. from type 4 to type 3 or 2 BUT if you have PLEASE let me know) knowing my texture has had some impact in my routine in that I know my hair is mostly coily not curly, what hairstyles I can do and to some degree the products I use too.

So I want to leave this post open ended. Do you this it’s important? Has it had an impact in your hair journey? Please let me know your thoughts!

The pictures below are some of the responses I got from Instagram, feel free to added you 2 cents J

Until next time











Hey guys hope everyone is doing well! HAPPY NEW MONTH!

I wanted to take a break from constant uni work (countdown 2 more months to finish!) and hair posts (not everydayhairpostsometimesmakeup LOL) and do something different (looks around my room for inspiration) so I decided to do a sleek lipstick collection and swatches. I did a post previous (link here to view it>> ) and it was my sleek make up collection not a big one and it’s a start. This is a kind of updated version but with lipsticks only.

I had fun doing this post but my lips are killing me! (Softly) I am also using descriptions from the sleek makeup site because honestly I can’t describe the shades (LOL) to save my life!. I didn’t use any lipliners so you can see the true colour.

If you’re from instagram hey guurl! (Make sure you followed me and like my little flipgram as a little preview to this post. If you’re just reading this, please check out my instagram page- @sarahfynn. I will keep you updated with my blog, hair/beauty products and other shenanigans

Let’s get started.

First here is what SleekMakeup have to say about their lipsticks:

‘Get high impact lips with True Colour Lipstick in a gorgeous matte and sheen finishes in a variety of shades that are highly pigmented, and conditioning to keep lips soft and supple. Enriched with vitamin E helping to hydrate and protect the lips. Comfortable to wear and glides on with ease this is the must have to awaken your makeup look.’

What I LOVE about Sleek Makeup is the price- everything from foundations to lipsticks are so affordable and very good quality. The matte black packaging makes it look really expensive. Their lipsticks are highly pigmented with a huge variety of shades to suit every skin tone. The price? £4.99

Tip- sign up to their newsletter. From time to time they offer discounts e.g. 20% off or 2 for 1 deals and that’s how I got all my stuff from them! (I am yet to try their eye shadow pallets, I have heard great reviews about them but since I’m not a great fan of eye shadows… hmmm)

Beware there is a lot of me feeling myself pictures (lol), bangs over one eye and general neekiness lol. And this is going to be a long post

SMOULDER –  a sheen deep berry red

told you. levels of feeling myself
told you. levels of feeling myself

20150301_203630 20150301_203349


CHERRY- a sheen dark red

20150301_204052 20150301_204112

SMOTHER – a sheen deep purple

20150301_204845 20150301_204912

DARE- a matte dark burgundy

20150301_205322 20150301_205302 20150301_205234


MYSTIC -a matte bright purple-pink

20150301_205728 20150301_205624 20150301_205718

RIOJA RED-  a true bright red (This is now my fav red lipstick. Ruby Woo I’m sorry)

20150301_210533 20150301_210459 20150301_210452


20150301_211652 20150301_211431 20150301_211633

BIRTHDAY SUIT- a classic wearable nude. Clearly this needs a lipliner when i wear it

20150301_210936 20150301_210941 20150301_211009

If you want to see more shades, check out these videos. I found these helpful when I was thinking bout getting mine (Sometimes the shops don’t have all the shades)

Sleek Lipstick review. 14 shades –

Sleek true colour lipstick swatches –

Sleek matte me full collection and swatches-

That’s all folks! I don’t have the biggest collection but I am planning on getting more lipsticks in the future. Let me know if you have any of these and which was your favorite!  I been getting a lot of emails about my Biotin hair journey- it’s going great so far- cant wait for the one month up date! Also the hair am wearing is the RhoVirgin Relaxed yaki unit. Click here for more info >> ( one month review coming  up)

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Hey family! I hope everyone is well and doing good. Just briefly, I wanted to share my new hair extensions from RhoVirgin Hair Company. Check out my previous posts about them by clicking on these links. ,

So this time around I wanted a different look, I normally get body wave extensions or loose waves but this time I decided to let my inner diva out( like it hasn’t been out all this while lol!) and I was on the hunt for something new. My inspiration came from Tokyostylez instagram page ( and ladies if you are a hair fanatic you NEED to follow this guy, his wigs are LAID. Period) I was browsing as I do and came across this beauty


And I needed that texture in my life. I started to look around and again on instagram and on the RHOVIRGIN page she had posted this and I was sold!

not quite the same but similar
not quite the same but similar

I got 3 bundles and a matching closure- 24. 20. 18 plus 14 (4×4) closure of the EURASIAN TIGHT CURL HAIR ( also a new texture I havenot had yet) also I have never used 3 bundles for my hair before so again, something new. I think the specs of her hair in the picture are 22.20.18 and a 16 closure. Either way I am in love with this hair and I havenot even installed it yet.

First impressions?

Well she has stepped her game up since the last time I purchased hair from her. Your package will now come with business cards and an instruction sheet on how to care for your tresses including recommended products.


straight from bag
straight from bag



The hair has a pleasant smell. Almost like new clothes you order online if that makes any sense. I know and have heard of people who got hair from other vendors and were not pleased with the smell. Quick tip- you can either co-wash and deep condition if you don’t like the smell or for really strong smells, I have heard some girls use (wait for it) fabric conditioner to wash it out! ( cant comment on its validity though). A nice smell is always welcomed and a good sign.

Bundles were true to length and were full from weft to tip. The hair naturally has some very beautiful brown/blonde highlights so my dark and lovely jet black box dye gon have to wait! LOL. The thickness of the bundles was also expected as in you get less hair on longer lengths and more hair on the shorter lengths. The knots on the closure were bleached and it came with baby hair. The ends of the hair were in ok condition, a bit frizzy but nothing a good deep conditioning session cant fix.

natural highlights
natural highlights

So as always I co-washed and deep conditioned the hair and allowed to air dry over night.  This is a side-side picture of hair straight of the packet and freshly co-washed hair. Curls be popping girl! The ends are back to life!

top pic- freshly co-washed bottom- fresh out of packet
top pic- freshly co-washed
bottom- fresh out of packet

For co-washing, I used my co-wash mix I mixed up myself ( 900ml conditioner and I recommend conditioners for dry/frizzy hair in  this case I was using tresemme salon silk conditioner for frizz prone hair or something of the sort, 50ml herbal essence shampoo with Moroccan argan oil and 50ml argan oil- for extra moisturising properties) I use this mix on my hair as well and my curls be popping like crazy lol! Obviously I do not use a 1000ml of product on my hair at one time, its just a mix I have in my bottle I use.

Afterward I just deep conditioned with macadamia nut extract deep conditioner( smell? Amazeballs!), put in a bag and let it sit in hot water for about 10 mins! Cold water to rinse the product out and air dry

I also sealed my wefts with fray stop glue (this stuff is a nightmare, I mean its hi-tack so its probably very good but it takes forever to dry! So it took about 4 days to seal all my wefts- front and back)


So now that my hair is ready, I just need to find time to install it. As always I will be doing 1 , 3 and 5 months updates then from there on as I feel like it. Really looking forward to what I can do with this hair.

Ps hairfinity challenge going strong. Cant wait for month 1 update on the 2nd of November. Stay tuned!

Peace out. Xx

Unplugged and Appreciated

dont actually turn it off, lol, but hey what ever works for you.



On a recent flight home to London, I was inspired by an article I read. Having related so much to the topic, I decided to take a spin on it.

Picture this: you havenot seen your friend for a very long time.  After months of talking online you finally decide to meet for lunch. You get there and after the exchange of the ‘hellos’ ‘hi’ and ‘oo I like *insert item of clothing here*, you sit down and put your phone on the table. Face up.  On silent (how wonderful).  (But the phone is only there because I might want to take a ‘selfie’ with the girl I haven’t seen for ages and instagram the amazing arrangement of food in front of us #foodporn! And anyway it’s on SILENT)

So the conversation is in full swing whilst waiting for your appetisers. It’s a busy night so you would probably wait a while. You sneak looks at your phone whilst she’s telling you about her next big career move but all of a sudden you are been seduced by flashing lights. (Now almost every phone now has some sort of notification light right? Which can be colour coded.  So if you’re like me white is for whats app.  Blue for emails. Green for twitter and purple for Facebook)

White and blue lights flash across your eyes and just like that you’re thinking who it might be. And as quickly as you take your phone, unlock the screen and just to read that 75% off asos newsletter (as good as that sounds and yes please count me in. Payday next wweeekkk….) . She awaits your reply. So the standard smile and ‘oh right’ comes in, which is just as bad as asking her to repeat herself.

We crave social gatherings, outings etc. The whole process of putting together an outfit to planning where to meet adds to the anticipation.  We love to show off the friendships we have with different people and showing off where and ‘how’ to have a good time. Yet when we actually get there, face to face and find ourselves in the very situation we were waiting for, we plug ourselves in our online worlds, a virtual world that seems all too good to be true when in actual fact: reality is failing and may not be as fun as you think as others stare at it. (Yet as seen online right?)

I am too a culprit and a victim. Many times I have gone for dinner or lunch, having planning my outfit and makeup from days before, only to get there and plug into my social media. I am not a hypocrite. However I did set myself a challenge and I urge you to do the same.

Challenge this: so for two weeks, my friend and I decided the no phone rule any time we sat down for a meal. And for two weeks straight we had almost 3 or 4 meals together a day. The challenge was very simple- we sit down and talk with no phones on the table or checking phones or whatever. (Easy right?)

So, the first couple of days I kept on forgetting and found myself reaching for my phone a few times. (I wanted to find out what was happening on twitter or what pictures have been recently uploaded on instagram. I follow a lot of funny accounts so who doesn’t want a good laugh?) Towards the end of the 1st week, I made sure my phone was in a different place/room than where I was, just so it will be easier not to reach for it.

And by week 2, things were fine. We spoke a lot. About different things. I was able to have my phone back in the same room as me whilst having dinner/lunch with my friend. Both of us did. And not a single time did I reach to check my phone.

I am not saying if you have your phone with you in these situations you won’t be able to talk with the person you’re with etc. No it’s just a sign of respect and what is putting your phone away for about 1 hour going to change?

Until next time guys, have a great day. (Watch out for my next article- plugged and unappreciated where I talk about the amazing development of technology in the recent years and the simultaneous rapid decline in our appreciation for them. Also inspired by an article I read on the same flight.

If you didn’t watch the video look up on Facebook, it’s a great video that relates to this topic. You can check it out by clicking on the link-

What do you guys think of the whole situation? Is it been over or under estimated? Drop a comment below with your thoughts. I would love to hear your views.


somewhat unrelated and ironic. however if this has ever happened to you hit like!
somewhat unrelated and ironic. however if this has ever happened to you hit like!


Hey lovelies

Hope everyone is doing fine. Just quickly, I wanted to share my new hair colour with you. This was done on the virtue glamour Peruvian hair I bought a while back. For a review on the hair check out my last post (

Okay so I have been wanting a lighter colour for the spring and summer although spring is already gone lool.. After extensive research ( and by that I mean watching YouTube videos lol) I decided on an ombré style colour on my hair. Ombreing is just a colour transition from dark to light. So the hair is dark at the roots then gradually transitions to light towards the tips/ends of the hair.

There are two main ways of achieving this, you could either use a box hair dye or use powder bleach and peroxide. I went for the former because I wanted to use a less harsh method on my hair. Now since dark and lovely was the brand most use on YouTube and one with successfully results, I decided to go for that. Mine is in colour 384 light golden blonde



Obviously I chose this really light colour because I knew my hair was really dark and it was going to go light straight away.

The kit is standard- what you would normally except in a box dye- instructions with those big ass gloves lool. Colour developer, conditioner etc. the brush seen was not included but I still had from my loreal ombré box kit.



So as usual, I divide my hair into two and decided how far I wanted the colour to start.

pose 1
pose 1
why am i pointing to my cheek though?
why am i pointing to my cheek though?



Many photos later, I start. Normal process, dye on leave for 30 mins.

Results- I achieved a really light brown colour which I totally expected, it was pretty but not as bright as I wanted it so I bought another pack and repeated the process. This time leaving it for 1 hour

Finally I deep conditioned with the box conditioner, olive oil deep replenishing conditioner and herbal essence split end remedy. Also olive oil hair mayonnaise. It’s always advisable to deep condition hair after any colouring/bleaching process. These dry out your hair!

results after 1st box
results after 1st box
results after second process. dont worry theres a better picture
results after second process. dont worry theres a better picture
moving houses is a pain/ not enough sleep!
moving houses is a pain/ not enough sleep!


final results side by side. the hair turned out great!
final results side by side. the hair turned out great!
black to golden brown/caramel
black to golden brown/caramel


How is the hair keeping up?

It’s been 3 days since my colour change. Hair sheds a bit more than before. Also I think I may have over conditioned my hair( I deep conditioned on both days after dyeing) , the hair does not hold curls as before and feels a bit limp. Now I’m looking forward to co-washing and hopefully it will return to normal.


of course!if you are a first timer and want an easier/ less harsh way of dying your tresses i will recommend dark and lovely box dyes for you! there are so many videos on youtube to watch as well! its easy and less expensive, a box is £3.99 and one is enough!

i’m loving my summer hair colour and let me know if youre doing anything to your hair this summer!

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Ok folks that’s all for now.. Hope everyone had a great day.. Speak to you soon. Xx





super quick on long overdue post….. 10 mins go!


buy one get one free you say?? i went a bit crazy.. i have been promising myself elf products since 2011! i know, just never got round in buying them, so when i got the email you know i just had to… this post is loong over due, forgive me! the products are a mixed of thier essentials line ad studio line.. lets get to it!

essentials line £.1.50 each

classy is the one on the right.. the paler swatch

PhotoGrid_1362873619041 PhotoGrid_1362873085174


studio line £3.75 each

conditioning lip balm
conditioning lip balm
from left to right: mellon pink, nice and natural and peaceful pink
from left to right: mellon pink, nice and natural and peaceful pink
matte lip pencil
matte lip pencil
bronzer and blush cream, st. lucia
bronzer and blush cream, st. lucia
hd blush in showshopper and headliner, although swatches are the other way round lol
hd blush in showshopper and headliner, although swatches are the other way round lol


baked blush in rich rose
baked blush in rich rose


ok so thats all folks.. please excuse my ratchet lool pics.. i will be posting reviews of these products soon and my favs as i have had it for quite a while now… also if you have any ideas for my next post please tweet me at @slimtings1 or follow me on instagram @slimtings and comment on one of my pics with what you would like to read…..


thats all folks see you laterrrrr xx

ps birthday coming up… you know we have to have a brithday haul plus i got a mac haul for y’all soon!


pss my product junkiness got worst lool…!


have a happy dayyyyyyyyy