Winter Skincare Routine

I realised I been banging on about skincare but haven’t shared my routine lol. So here goes. I’m sharing my current evening routine as there’s more to say about it than my morning routine. But first…

Why Evening Skincare Routines Are Important 

Why bother with a whole routine at night?! As my bro would say ‘you’re going to sleep anyway!’ but that’s exactly the point. Your skin does extensive repair work as you sleep so it’s important to give it the right products to get the best results.

Additionally, think of all the things your skin gets in contact with during the day, you want to make sure you wash off everything before hitting the deck, otherwise, things get clogged and the end result isn’t pretty.

Should I do a disclaimer? Here goes

It may be a lot to some but this is what I do and my skin is in the best shape ever. It may take an extra 30 mins or so but its time I am willing to spend even when I am super tired. You don’t have to do this but don’t come to me when your pores are visible from Hawaii P.S that place is so beautiful! I went there in October and your pores said Aloha!


My Current Evening Routine 

I love to rotate products because I’m a blogger and I gotta do my reviews but generally this is the order I would use my skincare items and what I do


I follow the double cleansing method every night to ensure all my makeup is off. I am currently using the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser (a review will be up soon) then follow it up with the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. I have just started using the Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin Face Brush.

After cleansing,  the pores are open so it’s the perfect time to treat the skin. I love acid based products for this stage as they really help take your skin to the next level. I share the impact acids have on the skin in my skincare ingredients post.

I use NIP&FAB Daily Fix Glycolic Pads followed by an acid serum. I am currently using the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel. This step is optional. I like to follow the acids with a water spritz to neutralise /balance my skin. My current spritz is the Vichy Thermal Spring Water Mist

I let my face dry whilst I think of what to wear the next day or work on my blog or watch YouTube tutorials

After wards, I go in with an oil which will be my Ziyanda Kalahari Facial Oil then night cream which is Nivea Regenerating Night Cream. Then my eye cream which is Declor 2 In 1 Eye Cream.


I love my skin routine so it doesn’t matter how tired I am, I always do this. I just love how my skin feels in the mornings and how much my skin has improved since I started doing a proper routine.

Some Things To Note

  • Acids will make your skin more sensitive to the sun so if you think of using them please follow up with SPF during the day even in the winter and at least SPF 30
  • I go in with a face mask at least 3 times a week, one of them been a sheet mask. To know all about face masks and why I use them check out my face masks post. My favs are Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Mask & SM African Black Soap Mud Mask. Currently testing out one from Mary Kay
  • Also, it’s important to wash your hands before starting to do anything to your face. We don’t want to transfer the dirt onto the face
  • If you are using face brushes please replace them every 3 months to maintain its effectiveness and wash them properly after every use to prevent bacteria build up.
  • I drink a lot of water and started drinking fruit infused detox water to help flush out toxins (I eat crap most of the time teasers chocolate are my weakness but I am trying to change! lol). I also take multi vitamins.


Alrighty! That’s my evening skin routine. I LOVE seeing skincare posts on Instagram! They gives me more ideas and products to try!  Make sure you tag me in yours so I can have a look! You ARE following me on insta right? (sarahfynn if you aint)

Want to see my morning routine? I.e. before makeup?

Here goes

LOL. I don’t do much because I need to be out the door! I just use African Black Soap Gel (mixed with lemon essential oil- it smells so good) and my Sapoh (African Sponge!) for cleansing.

if you want healthy skin, you have to invest time and effort into it.  On the most basic level, you want to make sure you are taking off all your makeup and cleansing properly then moisturising. Use products for your skin type. If you want to take things up a notch, then you can start introducing different stuff depending on how much time you want to spend in the evenings and be realistic too! For instance, my sister asked me to recommend stuff to help with her skin. My first question to her was, how much time do you want to spend each night? There’s no point recommending a bunch of products and stuff to do if she can’t do them or doesn’t have enough time. If it’s too much it will probably demotivate you. Start with the basics and as you start to notice improvements it will be the motivation for you to do more.

Don’t let the world change your smile