New Nordic Hair Volume


For the next month, I will be testing out the new Nordic Hair Volume for thicker and more voluminous hair. I’m really excited because I also wrote about it in the latest issue of Black Beauty and Hair Mag!

nordic hair volume uk
nordic hair volume

The Nordic Hair Volume is a hair supplement that contains Apple which is full of Procyanidin B2, a natural growth factor which appears to promote active growth of the hair. Hair Volume also claims to help maintain a normal growth cycle as well as encourage hair to grow and come more voluminous and thicker.

As well as apple, Hair Volume contains amino acids, keratin, horsetail, zinc and copper, known for helping hair growth, health and help fight greys.

Instructions are really simple: 1 a day with water.

It’s available in Holland & Barret, Amazon and some Pharmacies.

Let’s start the challenge!