RhoVirgin Relaxed Yaki 3 month update

Hey guys! Me again. This will be a very short update on how my unit from RhoVirgin is doing. Check out my intro to the unit by clicking this link>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qT

I missed out on the 2nd month update because of uni (of course) so jumping straight into the 3rd month. Let’s get started

So I have been wearing this unit for 3 months now, no interchanging with other units (lol) or nufin! I treat it the same way I would treat my natural hair- shampoo every other week and co wash weekly. I have coloured this to bronze copper by crème of nature (I lost the pictures for the process, sorry but I have the picture of the colour I wanted) and the colour is not as bright as I would like it to be bear in mind the hair is not originally black anyway and I had bleached it for about 5 -10 mins beforehand. I wanted to go for an ombre look so I left the bleach ( 40 developer plus powder) on the ends for about 15 mins then the rest of the hair for about 5-10 mins. The ends took the bleac really well and went blonde actually, the rest of the hair lightened just a little bit.  You know the rest of the story

The colour can be seen well when is really sunny and looks really nice but since this is the UK and it’s not always sunny of course that is useless to me lol. In normal conditions i.e. grey and damp lol, it just looks a bit lighter than usual. I am going to dye to black anyway. In short, you can dye/ombre this hair, but I would recommend bleaching it first and leaving the dye on for a little bit longer.

The hair holds a curl beautifully and for dayzzzzzz. For those who love big hair, this is the hair texture to get! It looks so natural and second day curls are everything! Straightening wise, let me tell you, straightened this hair in a hurry for an interview, divided it into two and each part into four( basically I didn’t straighten it layer by layer) and it still came out straight and silky remained like that for one week! No lie, I didn’t re straighten. Of course I took it off at night but it did retain its straightness. I didn’t use any special products on it or to maintain it- I was in survival mode y’all- literally went back to basics because I didn’t want to spend so much time doing other things and not studying.

Now that I have the pro’s out of the way, a few cons I want to talk about

Matting- this could be my fault because I wasn’t moisturising as usual but I noticed a lot of matting in the back these couple of months. Because I am not sure if it’s my fault or the hair quality, I won’t say much of this now but will keep an eye on it for next month

Tangles/shedding- I experienced a lot of this- was it my fault because I wasn’t doing my usual or bad hair quality? I will let you know next month!

I know you cant see everything but this is 1 week after i straightened my hair. And i look tirreedd no sleep and loong ass day
I know you cant see everything but this is 1 week after i straightened my hair. And i look tirreedd no sleep and loong ass day
Hair curled with a large curling tong
Hair curled with a large curling tong

So guys that’s it for now. I am looking forward to next month and getting back to routine to see any changing in this unit. I do love the hair and get a lot of compliments so I am hoping for it so last a while.

Until next time,

Love Sarah