New Nordic Hair Volume


For the next month, I will be testing out the new Nordic Hair Volume for thicker and more voluminous hair. I’m really excited because I also wrote about it in the latest issue of Black Beauty and Hair Mag!

nordic hair volume uk
nordic hair volume

The Nordic Hair Volume is a hair supplement that contains Apple which is full of Procyanidin B2, a natural growth factor which appears to promote active growth of the hair. Hair Volume also claims to help maintain a normal growth cycle as well as encourage hair to grow and come more voluminous and thicker.

As well as apple, Hair Volume contains amino acids, keratin, horsetail, zinc and copper, known for helping hair growth, health and help fight greys.

Instructions are really simple: 1 a day with water.

It’s available in Holland & Barret, Amazon and some Pharmacies.

Let’s start the challenge!





Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s been so long! I’m so sorry guys. Before I start


So this post will be about my long overdue 2 month update on hairfinity. Let’s get into it!


Although I did not experience much length this month, I did notice my hair is now so much thicker than month 1 ( I did say I felt like I did not experience thickness then- see the full month one update here >>

I usually detangle and wash in 4 sections, but honey that doesn’t work anymore; I now detangle in 6 sections! Compared with last month, I did not experience any shedding/breakage (or more like it was very minimal) I did notice more shedding and breakage than usual, and this could be down to two things (I think)

  1. I did not keep up with my normal hair routine so maybe my hair was dry/brittle which caused the shedding/ breakage
  2. I did not keep up with taking hairfinity daily (I went about 3 or 4 days without it sometimes, and I heard that sometimes when you stop taking it you experience that

I also felt that any growth in length that did happen wasn’t maintained because of the shedding/breakage. As you can see from my measurements in month 2, there isn’t much growth at all. I decided to do a mini experiment to find out what happens after you stop taking hairfinity especially what happens to all that growth, after all we won’t be on these things forever now would we. Main question is- Would hair length be retained after hairfinity? I would like to say yes because hairfinity is expensive y’all. For real

So what I’m doing is taking a month’s break before I start on my final bottle. It’s been about 2 weeks so far. However I am not back to my normal hair routine yet although my hair is shedding/ breaking more than usual. Hmm (I will keep you guys update at the end of 4 weeks and when I am back to normal routine)

Breakout wise- still no breakouts other than the usual around that time of the month. And I did drink a lot less water than month two, so that’s a plus

So month two in summary

  • Not much difference in length
  • However my hair is much thicker
  • And there is more shedding and breakage


So that’s all folks, if you have any other experiences do let me know. Hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and looking forward to the new year like I am. Good bye folks


P.S- if you want to purchase hairfinity there are offering a 15% discount on some of the bundle deals, have a look you could save some ££££.


Love Sarah