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Hey guys! So I’m back with another post in my everyday inspiration series! This time, the beautiful Regal Fro joins the many women on here sharing her inspirational story and advice for natural hair. So sit back and relax and get to know Regal Fro!

“Regardless of how you choose to wear your hair, remember you are a naturally beautiful woman.”- Regal Fro

regalfro31. Tell me about yourself- where you were born, your name, age what do you do?

I am a 34 year old, mental health advocate/inspirational speaker from Mississippi.


2. Where there a lot women with natural hair from your hometown/ where you were born?

I no longer reside in my hometown. However, I see women who are wearing their hair in its natural state daily.


3. Ok, with this in mind, did you find it any easier or more difficult to transition to natural hair?

 It was only difficult because I didn’t have anyone I knew personally to turn to for hairstyling tips. Once I realized that I could get styling tips from naturals on YouTube, things became easier.


 4.Now the big one- why did you choose to transition? Can you remember the date? How long has it been?

I began my transition because my daughter wanted to know why her hair wasn’t “flat” like other girls. I transitioned for 16 months. I began in August 2011, and I cut off my relaxed ends on Dec. 31, 2012.


5. Did you feel that making that decision was hard for you especially when most of the women around you had silky straight hair?

I made the decision to return to natural hair because of my daughter. As a result, I really was not concerned about how other women around me wore their hair. In addition, I never felt criticism from those around me regarding my decision to return to natural hair. I had to remember that I was once one of those women who had “silky straight hair”.


regalfro26. Cool, now let’s talk hair products, hair routines- did you have to change any of your hair products?

Yes. My transitioning hair was totally different from both my relaxed and natural hair. When my hair was relaxed, I only used shampoo, conditioner, and oil once a week. During my transition, I keep the same shampoo and conditioner but had to switch oils. I also had to apply oil more frequently and use styling products. The products I used were: Garnier shampoo and conditioner, almond oil, and flax seed gel.


7. What products have helped you maintain your natural hair?

Currently, I use the following products on my hair:

-Clarifying: Apple Cider Vinegar

-Conditioning: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner & 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment

Moisture: Cantu Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream

Oil: Cococare Castor Oil

Stylers: Eco Styler Gel with Argon Oil, Homemade Flaxseed Gel, and Garnier Curl Calm Down


8.Has there been a change in your hair routines? Like the number of times you wash your hair a week, how you protect your hair when you sleep? Protective styling? ( weaves, braids, ponytails)

My routine is simple. I clarify and co-wash my hair once every 15 -17 days. I deep condition once monthly and moisturize daily.  I protect my hair at night with a satin bonnet or scarf. I am not a big fan of protective styling because I enjoy wearing my hair out. However, during my transition, I wore mini twists for the last few months.


9. A lot of women I have spoken to say they want to go natural but find there are hardly any products for them. Can you recommend good hair products and if possible where to get them?

I rarely recommend products to people because I keep the products I use to a minimum. In addition, I do not switch products often. I would say that I companies have done an excellent job in developing products for natural hair. Product accessibility is probably better than it has ever been. If you are in an area that does not have retailers that carry natural hair products, then I recommend that you search the websites of large retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. If you are unsure about what products to use, or would like to try various product, I would recommend a natural hair subscription box service such as Curlbox or Curl Collection. With your subscription you get products sent to you and you are able to test out the products. This can be helpful in saving time and money.


10. Would you advice any women to go natural? And why?

I believe that deciding to return your hair to its natural state is a personal decision that a woman should be allowed to make without pressure. In my opinion, it is a matter of respect. I wanted people to respect the fact that I wanted to transition back to natural. Therefore, I want to respect the decision of any woman who decides that having natural hair is not for her.


11. And finally what the best piece of advice you would give to a woman who has just decided to go natural?

Connect with other naturals as soon as you can and utilize social media outlets. Never be afraid to ask a natural via social media about products, styling tips, or just to vent. Normally, you will find someone who has tried the products, will tag you in a style photo, or experienced something similar. In other words, CONNECT, CONNECT, CONNECT!!!! You do not have to go on this journey alone.


12. If you want to add anything else please feel free to do so.

Regardless of how you choose to wear your hair, remember you are a naturally beautiful woman.

If you want to connect with me, you can check out my YouTube channel Regal Fro or follow me on Instagram @ regal_fro

regal fro1


That’s all folks! Make sure you check out her YouTube and Instagram profiles! You can also find her on Facebook. Take her advice and CONNECT, CONNECT CONNECT! Trust me it makes such a big difference and helps! A LOT! She has some beautiful hair and rocking it to its full potential!

P.S- CurlBox and Curl collection are only available in the US to my knowledge. And I am waiting that the Good Lord will touch the owners’ hearts so they can start shipping across the pond to the UK too. (LOL). But if you’re in the UK and want to check out any new products or try any Regal mentioned, PaksComestics is your best chance or online at britishcurlies.com. Of course there is always Amazon/EBay and the others

I’m out of here as I have to go to uni now for my final business presentation( wish me luck!) but I will catch you guys soon! So wherever you are Good morning, good afternoon or evening!





Hey guys, happy new month of March! I hope everyone’s month started on a good note like mine. So as you all know, I had to lay down my aliexpress queen love tresses because they were so horrible! I purchase some new hair from a new vendor and this post will be a one month review on the hair. Let’s get started!

So the vendor’s name is RHOVIRGIN hair and I purchased the Cambodian loose wave in 24, 22, 16 and 14 inches with a matching 12 inch middle parting closure. The natural curl pattern is beautiful on this hair.  When I first got it, running my fingers through it for the first time I got no tangling and almost no shedding but honestly you will see in the picture its nothing My closure came bleached already! I LOVE THE CLOSURE! And it also has baby hair. Overall it’s the most natural looking closure I have had.

shedding LOL. told you it was nothing!
shedding LOL. told you it was nothing!

IMG-20140309-WA0018 IMG-20140309-WA0023

this started it all
this started it all

The delivery was quite quick too bearing in mind I live in Spain. I paid £190(excluding delivery) for the 4 bundles and closure. Not bad.  I installed this hair on a wig cap as usual, sewing underneath the wefts and using the elastic band method for the closure.  I also added three combs, two in the front and one in the back. I also sealed all my wefts, front and back using fray check (you can check out how to seal wefts and which products to use on YouTube) now let’s get started on the details of the hair!


First I should say, all hair sheds. With this in mind and sealing my wefts, my hair sheds still a bit. Every time I brush and run my fingers through. And wash the hair. It’s nothing that is unbearable and on a scale from 1 to queen love aliexpress, it may come out as a 4. Lol if you hair sheds as much as my aliexpress hair you need to throw it away. LOL. I really don’t like hair that sheds a lot so I am trying different things in order to reduce the shedding.

2nd week
2nd week
3rd week
3rd week


With longer lengths, you should expect some tangling and matting in the back especially around the nape area. With that been said I have noticed my hair tends to tangle a lot when its styled. (Even when it’s straight) it’s nothing a quick comb through can’t fix but with that also comes shedding. I always comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb and always start from the ends and work my way up (before you ask how I comb my hair) I also try and comb the hair with a little bit of spray leave in conditioner.

Curl retention

One thing I like about this hair is the natural curl. I also like it when curled with my wand and curling tong. I noticed the wand curls last longer on the hair than the tong curls. The hair is beautiful when straight too but I prefer it curly/wavy. THE ENDS of the HAIR are AMAZING. NO SPLIT ENDS!

The beards and wefting on the hair is just lush! It’s the best I have seen so far. My hair came with some grey hairs but wait, when I dye when hair it gave me natural highlights!

The hair waves back up when dry which I love! Also braid outs work perfectly on this hair in addition to the natural curl pattern.

wand curls
wand curls
wand curls
wand curls
wand curls
wand curls
natural waveplus braid out. excuse the face. i wasnt ready!
curls when wet
curls when wet

I recently bleached and dyed the hair and it took the colour beautifully! The original plan was to do this right after I got the hair but the natural colour of the hair was so nice I decided to keep the hair for a while before changing the colour. I also noticed the hair loves products and tends to get a bit dry if I don’t use my daily leave in conditioner or oils. Coconut oil works wonders on the hair. My hair is full and has volume but its super light! Love. I really like that it’s not too heavy.

Final thoughts

I don’t know what to feel about the hair. I like it but I would like to reduce the shedding and tangling. The hair is beautiful and my new colour looks really nice. I would recommend the seller though. She has lots of textures in stock at affordable prices. Check her out on instagram. (@rhovirginhair). She also offers colouring and wig making services so its hassle free for you!

Screenshot_2014-03-09-17-35-46 Screenshot_2014-01-06-12-04-35 Screenshot_2014-01-06-12-04-57 Screenshot_2014-01-06-12-00-26 Screenshot_2014-01-06-12-01-11 Screenshot_2014-01-06-12-01-53

this started it all
this started it all

I am on a quest to try all hair textures, so help me folks! What should I try next?! ( I have tried Peruvian, Brazilian and now Cambodian and out of the 3 I LOVE Peruvian hair and would always recommend that as a first time purchase for newbies. I really want to try Armenian hair and Eurasian) hmmmm decisions!

Products I use on this hair

Coconut oil

African pride Shea butter leave in conditioner

Crème of nature argan oil spray leave in conditioner

Tresemme keratin smooth heat protectant

V05 weightless volume heat protectant mousse

Argan oil shampoo

Protective mega growth deep conditioner

Herbal essence split end serum leave in

Herbal essence spilt end intensive mask

Herbal essence hello hydration mask

Elsatica QP soy oil deep conditioner

And because you ask, no I don’t use all the products at once LOL

Hot tools

Tresemme 32mm barrel tong (LOVE)

Remington pearl wand (LOVE)

Remington slim plate straightners

That’s all folks! The next review on this hair will be at the three month stage. I will be posting on how I achieved my new colour so stay tuned!

Spain is going well and I have about 5 months left here already! How time flies. I am so excited for this Easter and can’t wait to share with you my plans for it.

So until next time, take care lovelies! Happy Easter wayyy in advance!

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Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing okay at the moment, and happy new month of FEBRUARY! MONTH of LOVE! Unfortunately this time, I will be talking about something I am hating at the moment! Anyway as promised, I am bringing you an update (3 weeks) on the ALIEXPRESS QUEEN LOVE HAIR I have installed. Get ready! You ready? You can check out the link to the initial review here 

The hair is HORRIBLE. And please do not take my word for it, I will provide proof!. The shedding on this hair is crazy! And even though I sealed my wefts, not only does the hair shed every time I brush it, but also when I wash it! The hair is pretty much everywhere! On my jacket, scarf, clothes. Everywhere! And I had to cut the ends off because they were DEAD.

seriously, this is what i got after washing and deep conditioning the hair!
seriously, this is what i got after washing and deep conditioning the hair!

daily shedding

daily shedding,

Tangling- the hair mattes up and tangles so easily. Especially in the back. The hair does not hold a curl at all. ( it doesn’t matter what technique you use to curl this hair because trust me I have tried a few! E.g. holding the curl to let it cool down before you release it, hair spraying before or after curling etc) the hair looks nice in the first 45- 1.30 hour of curling then the curls fall

freshly curled
freshly curled

Also, in terms of waving back after washing, we all know how its supposed to be right? Well see the pictures for yourself, in the picture, I DID NOT blow dry the hair, I allowed it to air dry.

straight in some parts, wavy in some parts, this is 3 week hair! looks so old!
straight in some parts, wavy in some parts, this is 3 week hair! looks so old!

Final thoughts: I do not recommend this hair or vendor at all. I realised at first, when they see you’re interested in their product, they are really nice and helpful but when I started to complain they accused me of not taking proper care of the hair. But they gave me advice on what to do to the hair. Then they tried to get me to remove my comments on the hair on MY blog because it may hurt their company image.  Buying hair off aliexpress will always come with a risk, so maybe I got a bad batch of hair, but this risk also comes with any vendor and any hair, but just make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of the purchase before you make your decision. Honestly the only thing I like about this hair is the closure, the density is perfect and the parting space is amazing ( it maybe a 5×5)!

Anyway I was told the hair will last 4 to 5 months, but after 3 weeks of excessive shedding, tangling and the hair just does not look nice I am laying it down.  I purchased some new hair from another vendor: RHOVIRGIN HAIR and I have that installed at the moment and I am loving it! I will be bringing you an initial review soon!

Products I used on this hair

  • Fray check to seal the wefts
  • Argan oil
  • Elasta QP soy oil deep conditioner
  • Herbal essence split end intensive mask
  • Herbal essence split end serum
  • Herbal essence hello hydration shampoo and conditioner
  • African pride back to natural shea butter leave in conditioner
  • Crème of natural argan oil spray leave in conditioner
  • Coconut oil
  • VO5 weightless volume mousse
  • Tresemme heat protectant spray
  • VO5 extra hold hair spray

And if you’re interested in what tools I used on the hair

  • Remington pearl wand
  • Remington slim plate hair straighteners
  • Tresemme 32mm barrel tong

Until then guys, have a great day wherever you are!



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Hey guys, it’s been forever! Hope everyone is doing fine and getting ready for the holidays! For my part I cannot wait to get back to the UK and see family and friends. Spain is going well but home is back in the UK!
Anyway it’s been such a while I updated my blog so I decided to do a final hair review on my virtue glamor tresses before I lay them to rest LOL. #RIP. I have had this for 8 months now (April to December) so I thought it was time to let it rest for a while. Mind you I will be wearing it for 2-3more weeks after this but still; I pretty much know the hair inside out.

Before you read this, you can check out the journey I have had with this hair by checking out this links. (Survival series http://wp.me/p1uQOd-aZ, 3 months http://wp.me/p1uQOd-dE , ombre hair http://wp.me/p1uQOd-e1, 5 months http://wp.me/p1uQOd-gD, colour change http://wp.me/p1uQOd-gG)

Ok so 8 months what do I think? I paid roughly £250 if not £270 for this hair. For lengths 22,20,18,12 and a 10 closure of the Peruvian deep wave.

Honestly I love this hair! Although around the 6-7 month milestone, it started to shed a lot more (mostly from the longer lengths) I still experience minimal tangling and the hair is still full (obviously not as full as before but still full for my liking) With the shedding, when I wash the hair, brush or comb I get a few strands out (one of the reasons why I am putting it to rest although I think if I sealed my wefts now it wouldn’t be a problem anymore). And when I run my hand through the hair as well. (I would recommend sealing your wefts when you first get any type of hair or seal it after a while of wearing it)

I did find that after washing and deep conditioning the hair, shedding reduces a lot! And beginningers mistake I did cut my wefts, well from the 22 inch and that’s where the most of the shedding is from.

And that’s the only problem I have with this hair now! It still curls beautifully and I recently started to wear it straight (I don’t know why I didn’t wear straight hair before!!) and it’s so nice straight! And stays straight for a while and waves back up again in contact with water!

It picks up colour very good! I tried to dye it red few weeks ago after dying it ebony black( yh it doesn’t make sense!) and it still did pick up a bit of red( lol I’m talking you can see it in sunshine hahaha)

A few pictures for comparison

side by side colour change, month 3 vs month 7
side by side colour change, month 3 vs month 7


hair at month 1 vs month 8
hair at month 1 vs month 8
for once
for once



colour change month 1 vs month 2
colour change month 1 vs month 2


Gritty details
Sheds more
None to minimal tangles
Ends still look good
Straightens beautifully
Holds a curl nicely
Still had its volume and bounce to it
Medium luster

I have dyed this hair about 5times, it’s been to 2 different continents and 4 different countries (hahahahahaahah) installed it 4 times. Hair dyes I used (brands because I can’t remember the extract shades)

Dark and lovely
Garnier color sensation
Garnier OLIA
LLON QUE RAS (Spanish brand)

In short would I recommend this vendor? Yes! And currently they have some deals/offers going on, check her out on Instagram

add her on bbm
add her on bbm

Communication was ok with her. I spoke to her on what’s app when ordering and went on her Facebook page to choose my texture. Shipping and delivery was ok as well. I think it was a week (I think )

Products I used on this hair
Herbal essence hello hydration conditioner
Elasta QP soy oil shampoo
Elasta QP soy oil conditioner
Elasta QPR deep penetrating conditioner
Tresemme breakage defense deep conditioner
Tresemme moisture rich conditioner
Garnier frutics flexible hold spray
Organics cholesterol deep conditioner
Crème of nature argan oil leave in conditioner
Herbal essence split end leave in serum
Herbal essence split end mask
Argan and jojoba oil shampoo (Spanish brand)
Beautiful textures curly/kinky leave in conditioner
Beautiful textures moisturizing shampoo
Beautiful textures rapid treatment deep conditioner
Tresemme heat protectant
ORS Essential oils

P.S yes I am a product junkie!

Styling tools
Tresemme pearl wand
Babyliss hair straighter

Ok family hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope someone found this useful. I will be letting you guys know what other vendor I decide to use for my next purchase. Can’t wait!

Until next time loves, good bye
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