Crème of Nature Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo Review


Crème of Nature has been a brand that’s been around for a while! I love their products especially the Argan Oil Collection! It performs well and it smells great. Whilst I haven’t tried a lot of products from the brand, what I have tried I have loved! One of my fav spray leave-in conditioners is from Crème of Nature, check out the review here

Today’s post will be a full review on the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo. This is a sulfate free shampoo that promises to gently cleanse the hair, help detangle whilst adding shine, softness and strength to the hair. It’s been formulated with Argan oil from Morocco.


I have had this shampoo for a while and I have been using it on and off as I had older products to get through. For the last month and a half though, I have been using it consistently and I am now out of it. This shampoo has the same great scent as the rest of the products in the Argan Oil collection.

The shampoo has a thick consistency and a fair amount gives a lot of suds. I really like this shampoo because it really softens my hair. I have been wearing my hair out a lot lately and been quite lazy to moisturise it, actually I have chosen a slick bun as my protective style so it’s quite difficult to properly moisture without having to take it apart and start again so it’s safe to say going into my weekly wash days, my hair has been dry. The shampoo gently cleanses my hair and scalp and softens it.

In terms of detangling, I think this shampoo provided enough slip for finger detangling which I absolutely love. It always makes subsequent detangling with conditioner and a comb easier and quicker even when my hair is tangled quite a bit. I think I took a while to use it because it thought it wasn’t suitable for natural hair so I was only using it on my wigs for a while. It also performed really well on them


An excellent choice of shampoo for all hair textures including natural hair. I really like how it softens my hair and helps me detangle it. The scent is a bonus. One thing I will comment though is the texture of the shampoo changed in the last few months I was using it HOWEVER I have also used it on and off for 2 years (don’t judge me) or maybe longer and once a product is opened there is a best before time period to use it by. It still worked absolutely fine anyway but just something to note if you have had this shampoo for a while and it looks like it has changed textured.

I will recommend this.

Crème of Nature Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo is £4.99 at Superdrug

Brand Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Is Palmer’s the best-scented brand in the drugstore? There isn’t a product I have used from Palmer’s that I didn’t enjoy the scent (ok so maybe 1 or 2). Palmer’s have a ton of products across Haircare, Body care and Skincare but most of the products I have used from them are from their Haircare and Bodycare collections!

As with all my brand reviews, I will also mention how to use them in a routine!


Hair Cleansers – I absolutely love the Palmer’s Olive Oil Smoothing shampoo. The shampoo has a lot of slip and gently cleanses my hair leaving it soft. Read my full review here. They have two co-washes, one from the Coconut Oil range and the other from the Olive Oil range. I love both of them but I love the Olive Oil Formula cowash better.  I have also used the Manuka Flower Honey Strengthening Shampoo which I liked too.

Routine step- once or twice a week depending on product build up. Shampoo after pre-pooing

Rinse out Conditioners– the Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner is the perfect partner to the Olive Oil Smoothing shampoo! I also have a full review here. I also used their Manuka Flower Honey Nourishing Conditioner which I liked. I also have the Repairing Coconut Oil conditioner (new addition) but I haven’t used that yet.

Routine step- after shampooing. Leave for 5-10 mins with heat then rinse out

Leave In Conditioners/Moisturisers/Oils– From the Manuka Flower Honey range, I have used the spray Leave-In conditioner which I adore! It hydrates and it’s so quick and easy to use under protective styling. I have also used the Leave-in Conditioning Cream from this range and it’s ok. I wish it added more moisture to the hair. I have the Coconut Oil Hair Milk which is nice. It moisturises the hair and smells great but too much will leave white flakes in the hair. The Olive Oil spray Leave in conditioner is probably my fav leave in from Palmers! I used the Palmer’s Olive Oil Conditioning spray in my box braids hair care routine. Check out that post here. I also have the Olive Oil Dry Oil but I haven’t used that yet.

Routine step- leave-in conditioners on damp hair after wash day. Do not rinse out. Use before other styling products. Hair milk as a leave in or hair moisturiser. Oil- use as part or LOC or LCO method for moisturising hair. Use as a hair oil as needed.

I have the Olive Oil Edge control but I have not used it yet


Let’s start with something everybody has probably used before or at least every Ghanaian person lol. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion or the Palmers Cocoa Butter solid jar. I absolutely adore the Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Oil! It smells amazing, leaves the skin moisturised, soft and silky and isn’t too oily! It sinks into the skin quickly! It was my saviour in the summer! I also love the Palmers Cocoa Butter body scrub! The same great scent and leaves skin soft and smooth. It’s not very gritty but it gets the job done. I also had used the Palmers Coconut oil body oil. I used this in my body butter mixes. I didn’t use the Anti-Aging Smoothing lotion consistently enough to notice any results. It is a non-greasy lotion that adds some hydration but not a lot.

Routine step- after showering or as needed


Whilst they have a good range of products in their skincare range, I have only used two products from them. Firstly their famous original ultra-moisturising lip balm! This was bae back in high school and I bought it back to back! It heals chapped lips and leaves the lips so soft. I recently fell in love with their Multi Perfecting Facial oil. Its light , moisturises and doesn’t clog pores. It also doubles up as a great body oil

Routine step- Lip balm as needed. Facial Oil- after serums and before creams

That’s all folks! Everything I have used from Palmers! I love their hair care products as much as I love their body care products! They have a good skincare collection which I would like to try more of in the future.

Are you a Palmer’s fan? Let me know your favourite product!

Other brand reviews



Palmers is sold almost everywhere! Boots, Superdrug, Sainsburys etc

Ultimate Empties Challenge- October

October felt super long right? I couldn’t wait for the month to end to bring you another instalment of my Ultimate Empties Challenge! I hit my target of 250 empties last month! So from now till 31 Dec, I am trying to finish as much as possible! I have definitely seen a HUGE decrease in my collection and spending habits and it makes me so happy!

Anyway let’s get into this post

Cleansers & Toners


Tri Balm– read my full review here, this cleansing stick lasted about 8 weeks and I was using it twice a day. I finally finished my final tub of the Nip Fab Dragon’s blood cleansing pads (well I technically had 2 backups left but I gave them away). BodyShop Vitamin E face spritz– I love using this as a 1st mist in my makeup routine. I have an in-depth post on this hereGatineau Gentle Silk Cleanser– this is a cult product I simply couldn’t get into, my full review is hereGlossier Milky Jelly Cleanser– it was only the sample size but I did not like this AT ALL. I felt like I was just moving stuff around my face, it did not leave it feeling clean. It doesn’t foam/lather. 2x face wipes- Boots Cleansings wipes– rubbish and they feel damp/dry on the skin and Primark Micellar Wipes– amazing and really good at removing makeup. Finally 2x Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing pads travel size

Face masks

I’m continuing my reign of Sephora sheet masks (I’m trying to use every ‘flavour’ they have) this time I used the Aloe VeraGrape and Lychee face masks. I loved them all but of these 3 I definitely liked the Aloe vera. I also used the matching Sephora Lychee Eye Mask– it was nice and refreshing but it kept slipping down. The Nip Fab Dragon’s Blood Plumping mask was a really nice mask for hydration and plumping. It is a gel-textured mask formulated with amino acids and dragon’s blood to hydrate and plump the skin. I loved this. I found it soothing and hydrating and it was also a good mask to mix with my Vitamin C powder from The Ordinary. The texture does change with the powder added but it gives it a little shot of brightening properties. Clarins Hydra Quench Cream Mask was just beautiful to use. It softens and hydrates the skin and very soothing too. GlamGlow Thirstmud is probably the best hydrating mask out of the bunch. It hydrates and brightens skin. It does sting a bit but not as much as the youth Mud. The Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask which was a huge disappointment. I noticed no difference in my skin. I purchased this as a trio and the other masks were also a huge letdown. Finally, Origins Retexturising mask– a mask I was let down by as I love the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask. This mask was difficult to spread, felt drying and slightly itchy on my face and the performance was unremarkable. The pot probably had enough for 3 or 4 applications but after the 1st use, it dried up and became really difficult to spread so I was forced to use it up on 2nd application. It’s a good idea to have sample/travel sizes of the masks but not when it renders the products ineffective. Resealable packaging would be a better idea!


Serums & Creams

BodyShop SPF 50– my 5th tube of this stuff probably. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%– I have been gushing over this all summer! My full review will be up soon.  Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturiser– a beautiful lightweight moisturiser that sinks into the skin and adds hydration. It’s not oily/greasy. I really like layering this on top of my serums. Sunday Riley Good Genes– I loved this! I have a full review on this soon! Sunday Riley CEO serum– this was a let-down but I have a full review coming soon where I will talk about it in more detail. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– pimple redeemer! Lol I like to use this when I feel/see a pimple forming, it stings a little but use it at just the right time and it will prevent the pimple from forming! It also dries out formed pimples in 1-3 days. I have repurchased. This actually lasts a very long time because you’re literally using a tiny amount every time. Sephora Instant Moisture water gel– this was a lovely hydrating gel that I used when I was on holiday. It sinks into the skin, adds hydration and radiance. I wanted to see about purchasing the full size but I couldn’t find it in store (that’s how long I have had it!)

Hair care

Finally, we have some more action in the hair product empties and it looks like it will carry on! Shea Moisture Leave in– this is so beautiful and easy to use! I have a full review coming soon. ORS Monoi Oil Edge Control– holds it down for 10 mins then melts, the scent is nice but it lingers during the day. Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque– it’s okay, it moisturises my hair but I could do with a bit more. It doesn’t have a lot of slip so proceed with caution when detangling. Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner– I liked this one better and this had a bit more slip than the masque. The rinse out conditioner also softens my hair better and moisturises it more. Aphogee Balancing Moisturiser– you use this as part of the 2 step protein treatment but on its own, this is very nice too. Ogx Extra Strength Argan Oil shampoo– a lovely shampoo and gives a lot of lather and perfect for finger detangling. It also works to soften the hair! Grow Gorgeous Scalp detox– I got this in a Glossy box. It smells great and although it’s a scalp scrub, I mainly used it as a pre-poo. It left my hair so soft! I also used it to massage my scalp and it was actually nice. It’s grainy so it helps to get rid of build-up and stimulate blood flow to the scalp. It’s a nice pre-poo treatment but I am a big oil pre-poo girl so I won’t be running to buy this


Only two makeup items: Tarte Ready Set Radiant Setting spray– I hated this. It dries in patches, leaves the skin sticky and highlights texture on the skin. It adds some radiance to the skin after powdering but I absolutely hate when setting sprays leave patches on the skin. This is the second mist from Tarte I have used and both of them were a let-down. Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner– this is a very good liner, its super black (matte) and stays all day but the annoying thing about this? It doesn’t dry quickly so there have been many times I would use it then use my setting spray maybe 2-3 mins later only to get a dark faint liner in my crease lol. I have had this liner for 3 years 10 months (don’t judge me)


Palmer’s Moisturising Body oil– such a lovely body oil and a pleasure to use. This is my 2nd bottle (or is it 3rd) I used it throughout the summer. 2 more BodyShop mini body butters in Satsuma & Strawberry.


2 mini Angel Muse perfume from Thierry Mugler. 2 essential oils in Peppermint & Spearmint. Cotton rounds from Superdrug and the Wet Ones Be fresh wipes I got in a Glossy box

If you think today’s post is super long that’s because I finished wait for it, a whopping 43 products this month! Sis! 43! My highest empties so far, I am so happy! This brings my total so far to 300 empties!

300 empties!! Go me!! This challenge is really forcing me to use my products and since I am very competitive even with myself lol I don’t want to lose. I am also seeing improvements in skin too because I am actually using my stuff lol.

Catch you later

Top 5 Natural Hair Deep Conditioners

It’s a deep conditioning party and there’s no such thing as having too many deep conditioners! Let no one tell you that, you don’t need such negativity in your life! As I keep searching for the best deep conditioners on the market, I will keep bringing you guys updates on the latest and best products out there for us. In today’s post, I will update the previous Best Deep Conditioners list with my new Top 5 Natural Hair Deep Conditioners!

Why Deep Condition?

It’s simple. You need to replace the moisture in your hair, rebuild and repair your fro. Natural hair tends to be drier in the winter (which is why we love protective styling) and deep conditioning offers far more and longer lasting benefits than conditioning alone! Plus you need a deep conditioner that will make you go like this



Top 5 Natural Hair Conditioners

These are my new fav 5 deep conditioners suitable for natural hair. Between these bad boys they repair, soften and rebuild your hair. Plus they have some amazing slip to help you detangle with ease!

Andre Walker TKO Ultimate Moisture Conditioner


ORS Curls Unleashed Intensive Hair Conditioner




Vatika Naturals Wild Cactus Hair Mask


Aunt Jackie’s In Control Anti Poof Moisturising and Softening Conditioner



Elasta QP DPR11 Deep Penetrating Re moisturising Conditioner


Let me know if you will be trying these out! Check out my previous posts for more product recommendations if you have already picked these up and looking to try something new!

Shampoo recommendations

Leave-In conditioners recommendations

If you are struggling to stick to a natural hair routine or want some inspiration on how to get one going, see my Winter Natural Hair Routine to help you out.

Are you Protective Styling this season? See how to do it right in the Protective Styling & Winter Hair Care post. Protective styling is great but without proper care it can all go horribly wrong.

A girl can relax now, knowing that everyone’s natural hair will be soft as soft can be lol. I’m off to work on some more posts with some new and exciting products.

Catch you soon








Summer Empties


My first ever summer empties post! I love reading/seeing/watching empties post across social media and the blogosphere so I decided to do one this summer but I have collected a lot of products over this month alone I decided to split them into two separate posts: one now and one at the end of summer.

I will link all the reviews I have done for these products, mine you I have a lot of reviews so please do check out my Review Index for reviews on these and more! Let’s get started



I don’t have a lot of empties for hair( so many half used stuff smh) but I have run out of a few of my favourite products!

Shea Butter Cottage Bentonite Clay – I love doing Clay washes once every month and Bentonite Clay is my weapon of choice. I really love how it makes my hair feel. I also use it for face masks too. If you haven’t tried clay masks you totally should! Review

Dark & Lovely 3 in 1 Shampoo- my 2nd bottle and so bummed I have run out of it! Read my full review on this and other products in the line here, the Billon Hair Potion is something I am using now, I’m on my second bottle and I hope to bring a review soon.

Palmers Cowash- another second bottle empty! I totally loved this over the Olive Oil Cowash. Read my thoughts on it here. Another great product from Palmers is the Manuka Honey Range, in particular, the spray leave in was one of my favourites, full review of the line here

Cantu coconut mist- I had a love/hate relationship with this product. Read my thoughts on it and reviews on other Cantu products here

Finally samples from Curl Harmony’s Curl Reviver and Beunique Mango Twist Styling Cream



I was gifted the Sukin Rosehip Oil Day Moisturiser and finally run out of it! Its 120ml so it lasted a really long time, I have been using it from October last year!

Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist- this will be my 3rd finished bottle of this stuff! I totally love this, read a review on it and other setting sprays here

Superdrug Vitamin E Refreshing Toner Mist- another product I had a love/hate relationship with. On some days I felt like it clogged my pores other days it was fine. Definitely won’t repurchase. Superdrug Micellar Water- my second bottle of this stuff and the 1st micellar water I ever tried! For a review of this plus of micellar waters click here

Gosh Velvet Primer- one of the 1st primers I ever used. I love this stuff. I have also had it for a while now so in the end, I had to pump out the last remaining product to throw away 😦  but it was very comparable to the Body Shop InstaBlur primer. Read reviews on primers here

Pixi Glow Tonic- first ever acid toner I used I totally loved it. Read a full review here. I got a dupe of this but it is so cheap& ineffective I had to look for another alternative. I would definitely repurchase this!

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Gel- another 1st timer with this product and make up removing gels in general. Loved this product and would definitely get a bigger size, a full review is here

Pure Micellar wipes- I love micellar technology so I had to pick these up and they didn’t disappoint! Full review here. It’s my 3rd finished pack!

Finally Avon Cherry Body Mist, a random lip balm, random hand cream I picked up in Spain and had for ages! Sure deodorant and the Clinique High Impact Mascara I have had for ages! I love mixing cocoa butter lotion in my shea butter mix for my skin, this one from Queen Elizabeth is an old fav!

That’s all for now, I can happily throw these out and start over again! I actually never knew how many products I got through in a month so it was really fun to do! I will definitely try and do more!

Which products have you been loving this summer? X

A wandering soul is not lost, it just hasn’t found a resting place




Hey guys, welcome back

As promised this is the second post on the dark and lovely au naturale hair products.  The first post on their moisture L.O.C. collection can be viewed here>> .Their anti-shrinkage line promises to reduce shrinkage and elongate your curls. I mean if you have type 4 hair especially you know about shrinkage #shrinkageisreal. Some of us, aka me lol wants to avoid shrinkage as much as possible. I mean I don’t mind a little bit of shrinkage but not full blown shrinkage if you know what I mean. My hair is VERY prone to tangles and breakage when it shrinks and I really don’t have the time to detangling etc.

Anyway this collection has a lot of products, mostly styling products so let’s get into it

  1. Beyond gentle and sulfate free wash
  2. Knout out conditioner
  3. Cleansing conditioner
  4. Easy twist gel and butter
  5. Coil moisturizing soufflé
  6. No crunch nourishing pomade
  7. Knot out conditioner
  8. Slick slip leave in conditioner
  9. 10 in 1 styles gelee
  10. Hydrating soak shampoo
  11. Sheen sealing nectar
  12. Curl defining crème glaze

So yes, it’s definitely a big one, unfortunately I can’t show all the pictures lol, because I am actually running out of space on my WordPress storage lool.  Some of the products can be purchased from British Curlies>>

Time for some reviews





What’s the verdict? Let me know what you guys think. Are you using this line, if so what is your experience so far? So the 3rd and final collection is their anti-breakage collection which will be coming soon.

Until then








Hey guys! Welcome back. This post will be on the Cantu for natural hair product collection. It’s a very exciting range with lots of goodies and we are going to talk about them (even though I don’t own all of them lol) and where possible, I will include links on reviews or demos from YouTube so you don’t have to do all that work! Excited? Let’s get started!

So the full product range includes

  1. Sulfate free cleansing cream shampoo
  2. Complete conditioning co wash
  3. Deep conditioning treatment masque
  4. Coil calm detangler
  5. Leave in conditioning cream
  6. Creamy hair lotion
  7. Coconut curling cream
  8. Define and shine custard
  9. Moisturising curl activator cream
  10. Moisturising twist and lock gel
  11. Coconut milk shine and hold mist

That’s a whole bunch of products! I like this because it has everything from shampoo to deep conditioners and styling options.  I have 3 of them: the co-wash, leave in conditioner and the hair lotion. My fav is the creamy hair lotion. That stuff is the and let me not start on the smell! So nice! It really softens the hair and leaves it moisturised! I love the leave in too. I use it as part of my L.O.C method after washing. For ultimate curl moisture, I use the leave in on soaking wet hair and seal with my shea butter mix, twist and let air dry. The next day I take it down and add a bit of creamy lotion and boom softness and moisture for daysss. The co wash I am torn on, maybe I need to use it more. I mean it cleansed my scalp but I didn’t notice anything amazing afterwards.

my cantu collection
my cantu collection

The leave in cream for naturals is a bit different from the regular version, the one we all know and love. This one contains no mineral oil, parabens, sulfate etc. make the switch if you haven’t already!


So that’s it for my reviews on the products I own. I have searched wide and combed through thousands of footage for… lool, the hell am I on about? Here are some links I found useful on YouTube on the products. There is nothing worse than watching a video and realising it wasn’t what you were looking for. Please note most of these if not all are videos from the US. I’m not sure if we have all the products here in the UK because I couldn’t see some of the ones mentioned on the Cantu website where I got the product list.

Video links

Entire product range

Coconut curling cream

Moisturising curl activator and define and shine custard

Conditioner, mist and lotion

Twist and lock gel, treatment masque and coconut curling cream

That’s all folks! I hope someone found this useful. If you are transitioning and wondering what products are out there for naturals I hope this gives you an idea of some. I will be doing loads more of these so stay tuned! Here in the UK, you can purchase the full range online at BeautyByZara, link >>

Some new and exciting products in the pipeline are

Extra hold edge stay gel

Comeback curl

Wave whip curling mousse


I think these or some have been released in the US already but definitely not in the UK at the moment otherwise if you spot it let me know. Also let me know of any videos you find useful and I will update the post accordingly.

Until next time




First look plus 2 weeks update

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying the month of February so far. This post will be an introduction to my new hair unit from RhoVirgin Hair Company and I will be talking about my Relaxed Yaki full lace unit!

Let’s get started!

So I really wanted something different and natural- something that was similar to my natural hair’s texture. Then she sent me this



A friend who also got the same texture sent me a couple of photos and gave me a brief review on it. I was really drawn to how natural it looked and the THICKNESS (gurlll, I aint playing!). I decided to get the full lace unit, 22inches. It did take a while to get to me than usual, but it was so worth the wait.

20150123_204627 20150123_204615


So you can see it has 4 combs in the front, 2 on the side and 1 in the middle (which I will be taking out. I don’t think anyone ever uses those).  It also has one in the back and your standard adjustable straps. I wasn’t asked for a cap size but the uni does fit pretty snug on my head. (For the first week I wore it, I didn’t have to add an elastic band. I only did so in the 2nd week to keep the ‘ear tabs’ (lack of a better word) from lifting when I want to put the hair up.

The hair isn’t black, maybe it’s a colour 2 which I really like but I think I will be dying it pretty soon ( of course I will be showing this here). I am really impressed with how natural it is. The lace and the hair line look almost undetectable. And it’s a real plus to be able to part it anywhere. This is basically my dream length and thickness of my natural hair (LORD PLEASE!)

Nitty details


So with this much hair I know some of you are wondering what the shedding, tangling and matting is like? Well for starters, I have experienced no tangling so far! This is really great. A few strands came out when I first washed it (nothing major) and when I comb it but nothing to phone home about lol. In terms of matting- very minimal and with hair this thick and long I would expect more.

If the hair is too thick for you, you can always straighten it and it will ‘calm down’ which is what I did the first time I wore it. I am going to try curling it later to see how well it holds a curl.

So far I have only co-washed it and deep conditioned it. I will keep you up dated on how it looks.

So far so good. It’s been 2 weeks and I am still loving it. I get looks all the time with some people looking to see if it’s my natural hair and girls double checking my hair line to see lace or whatever they are looking for lol. Here are some pics of it in action

20150131_175752 20150131_175759 20150211_191728 20150204_200656

That’s all from me folks. If you are interested in this unit or just want to have a look at what she offers, her details are as follows


I also have other hair extensions from her, check these out. This is my 1st full lace wig and I am loving it!

RhoVirgin Eurasian Tight curl-

Cambodian loose wave-

Have a great day guys and happy Valentine’s Day. ( who is going to see 50 shades of grey?)




Hey guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!   I hope this first week of 2015 is going great for everyone, exams, deadlines and all.  Taking a quick break from revision and updating you guys on my fabulous Eurasian tight curl extensions from RhoVirgin hair, you can view my first impressions on it here  >>

Let’s get started.

So I have been wearing this just close to a month or a bit over (I am not really sure). I will be addressing

  • Manageability( curly hair right), Hair care routines and Hair products used


ZERO TANGLES, MINIMUM SHEDDING (bear in mind I did cut a lot of my wefts when I was making my unit).  Guys, curly hair that does not tangle (need I say more?). I only experience shedding when I am co-washing the hair and with that it’s very minimal. The hair is very easy to manage on a daily basis- I just spray (using twisted sister 30 second curl spray- smell- amazeballs, £1 from savers)  and go

20141204_182509 20141204_182449

Hair care routines and hair products

I make sure I co wash and deep condition every week to keep the curls defined. A side by side picture is shown below of the curls- freshly air-dried (lack of better wording) and after a week of wear. By the end of the week, most of the definition is lost and the hair gets a bit of volume (which I have no problem with). In terms of hair products, for co-washing- I use my co-wash mix (loads of conditioner, minimum shampoo and argan oil), then deep condition with either the smoothing hair treatment oil (by the way this stuff is the, in the picture below with the extremely defined curls, I used one sachet on the hair for 10 mins. YES you’re welcome. £1each I think 3 for 2 in boots. You’re welcome again) or argan oil intensive hair mask (not shown but also £1 from savers). Both of this products work very well on the hair. I deep condition by saturating the hair and wrapping in a plastic bag ( I know everyone has a bag full of plastic bags in their kitchen somewhere, this will come in handy when you have about 3 units to wash anyway) and placing in hot water for about 10 to 30 mins (or more) for extra penetration ( no pun intended)

PhotoGrid_1420564066186 20150106_170155 20150106_170136 20150106_170212

Moving on …

So whilst the hair is wet I spray it with the argan oil leave in conditioner.  Short review can be viewed here>>>>  or mixing a bit of the herbal essence wavy conditioner with water or using the mixed roots curl control leave in lotion which works very well. Then allow to hair dry.

And that’s pretty much it! I am still on my hairfinity grow out challenge, month 2 and 1 reviews  can be seen here >>>> month 1>> month 2 >>   . I am on my final bottle which is going ok. Thinking of carrying on or switching to another hair supplement. We will see. If you need the contact details of Rhovirgin hair check below and tell her I said hi (I’m Sarah btw).



That’s it folks and going back to revision. See you guys real soon, first impressions post coming up again.

Love Sarah


Hey family! I hope everyone is well and doing good. Just briefly, I wanted to share my new hair extensions from RhoVirgin Hair Company. Check out my previous posts about them by clicking on these links. ,

So this time around I wanted a different look, I normally get body wave extensions or loose waves but this time I decided to let my inner diva out( like it hasn’t been out all this while lol!) and I was on the hunt for something new. My inspiration came from Tokyostylez instagram page ( and ladies if you are a hair fanatic you NEED to follow this guy, his wigs are LAID. Period) I was browsing as I do and came across this beauty


And I needed that texture in my life. I started to look around and again on instagram and on the RHOVIRGIN page she had posted this and I was sold!

not quite the same but similar
not quite the same but similar

I got 3 bundles and a matching closure- 24. 20. 18 plus 14 (4×4) closure of the EURASIAN TIGHT CURL HAIR ( also a new texture I havenot had yet) also I have never used 3 bundles for my hair before so again, something new. I think the specs of her hair in the picture are 22.20.18 and a 16 closure. Either way I am in love with this hair and I havenot even installed it yet.

First impressions?

Well she has stepped her game up since the last time I purchased hair from her. Your package will now come with business cards and an instruction sheet on how to care for your tresses including recommended products.


straight from bag
straight from bag



The hair has a pleasant smell. Almost like new clothes you order online if that makes any sense. I know and have heard of people who got hair from other vendors and were not pleased with the smell. Quick tip- you can either co-wash and deep condition if you don’t like the smell or for really strong smells, I have heard some girls use (wait for it) fabric conditioner to wash it out! ( cant comment on its validity though). A nice smell is always welcomed and a good sign.

Bundles were true to length and were full from weft to tip. The hair naturally has some very beautiful brown/blonde highlights so my dark and lovely jet black box dye gon have to wait! LOL. The thickness of the bundles was also expected as in you get less hair on longer lengths and more hair on the shorter lengths. The knots on the closure were bleached and it came with baby hair. The ends of the hair were in ok condition, a bit frizzy but nothing a good deep conditioning session cant fix.

natural highlights
natural highlights

So as always I co-washed and deep conditioned the hair and allowed to air dry over night.  This is a side-side picture of hair straight of the packet and freshly co-washed hair. Curls be popping girl! The ends are back to life!

top pic- freshly co-washed bottom- fresh out of packet
top pic- freshly co-washed
bottom- fresh out of packet

For co-washing, I used my co-wash mix I mixed up myself ( 900ml conditioner and I recommend conditioners for dry/frizzy hair in  this case I was using tresemme salon silk conditioner for frizz prone hair or something of the sort, 50ml herbal essence shampoo with Moroccan argan oil and 50ml argan oil- for extra moisturising properties) I use this mix on my hair as well and my curls be popping like crazy lol! Obviously I do not use a 1000ml of product on my hair at one time, its just a mix I have in my bottle I use.

Afterward I just deep conditioned with macadamia nut extract deep conditioner( smell? Amazeballs!), put in a bag and let it sit in hot water for about 10 mins! Cold water to rinse the product out and air dry

I also sealed my wefts with fray stop glue (this stuff is a nightmare, I mean its hi-tack so its probably very good but it takes forever to dry! So it took about 4 days to seal all my wefts- front and back)


So now that my hair is ready, I just need to find time to install it. As always I will be doing 1 , 3 and 5 months updates then from there on as I feel like it. Really looking forward to what I can do with this hair.

Ps hairfinity challenge going strong. Cant wait for month 1 update on the 2nd of November. Stay tuned!

Peace out. Xx