First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser Review

My relationship with First Aid Beauty so far has been less than impressive, from my first ever review of their popular Radiance facial pads and Ultra Hydrating Mist to most recently their Deep Cleanser, everything has been meh for me until now. I picked up the LookFantastic discovery box in January and I was re-introduced to the brand.

What the brand says

A fragrance-free, gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt and grime, leaving skin soft and supple. The whipped texture transforms into a sumptuous cream when blended with water.

Infused with a powerful Botanical Antioxidant blend, it helps safeguard skin against environmental aggressors while also calming irritated skin. This non-stripping, pH-balanced formula works to maintain skin’s natural acidity and helps reduce flare ups, never leaving skin feeling tight or dry.


The discovery box came with a travel size cleanser which I used both in the morning and in the evening as my second cleanser. I think it lasted me a little over 2 weeks. I’ve finished the tube now. I don’t remember it having a strong scent and it’s free from artificial fragrance anyway.

So this cleanser, I absolutely LOVE! I’m probably among the very few bloggers that love when a cleanser suds up! This one produces a gentle lather with a fair amount but its easy to rinse away. It removes traces of the oil left over by my balm cleanser in the evening, dirt, excess oils and grime from the day. My skin is left clean but not tight or dry. It doesn’t feel stripped but nice and comfortable. The cleanser doesn’t feel harsh on the skin. I also like it for morning use especially because of their FAB antioxidant booster. It works well on damp or dry skin.

The cleanser also has some great ingredients. Their FAB antioxidant booster is Licorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea extracts. I love anything with antioxidants because it helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. Licorice root also has some skin brightening properties although I won’t say the cleanser brightened my skin but it doesn’t clean that anyway. It also has glycerin, aloe and allantoin to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin.


Finally a product from First Aid Beauty I love! This is for dry or sensitive skin but I have normal to combination oily skin and the cleanser worked very well for it. It cleansed my skin well enough to balance my tzone. My skin was never dry or tight with it and most of the time (it should be all the time) I follow the 60sec cleansing method. I love the gentle lather it produces and it feels so soft and gentle on the skin.

I will definitely look to getting this again in the future! Highly recommended! Can’t wait to use the other stuff in the box.

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser is £15 on LookFantastic

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser Review

The first product I used from First Aid Beauty (FAB) was their radiance pads. I wasn’t too impressed with them so I haven’t really been checking for them since then. The Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser came in one of my beauty advent calendars last Christmas and I have just gotten round to use it.

FAB Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser is formulated with red clay and made for oil, blemish prone skin types. The cleanser helps to draw out impurities, remove excess oil and unclogs pores to leave the skin supple, pure and cleansed.


I have been using this has my AM cleanser for about a week out and a few times as a second cleanser in the evening. This is a gel textured cleanser with a subtle scent.

The cleanser does a good job at cleansing the skin without drying it out. I use this on damp skin with my hands, massaging over my face and skin using the 60sec method. The cleanser produces a gentle lather & foam and it’s good for balancing my skin. It didn’t really prevent breakouts as I still suffered a minor cystic breakout late in July.


It’s an ok cleanser, I’m not blown away by it but I would still recommend it if you wanted a mid-range cleanser. The only con I have about the product is that it has a subtle shimmer in it? It doesn’t leave the skin shimmery but I really don’t get why it has it. I get that it’s an aesthetic thing but I want effective skincare not skincare for Instagram.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser is £18 on Feelunique


First Aid Beauty Review


First aid beauty is a brand I heard a lot about and as usual couldn’t wait to try. I purchased two of their most popular items: the Facial Radiance Pads and the Vitamin Hydrating Mist a few months back and I can now bring my full review.

Facial Radiance Pads 

Since I started using acid toners, I have been on the hunt for the best drugstore ones. The Facial Radiance Pads from First Aid Beauty is one I have heard off and comes with a reasonable price tag.  The pads promise to exfoliate, tone and brighten the skin. It comes in two sizes a 60 pack and 28 pack.


The pads are slightly bigger than the NIP FAB pads I tried some time ago however these are not effective for me. I’m not sure of the acid content as it doesn’t say on the product or online. From the ingredient list, it does have lactic and glycolic acid in it but I haven’t noticed a difference in my skin, which leads me to think the acid content is very low and maybe lower than the Nip Fab pads which were only 2%. It made no difference to my pores either and although it hasn’t broken me out, it hasn’t prevented breakouts either I still get my random one here and there. I do like that they have stayed wet and haven’t dried out but overall very disappointed with its effectiveness.


Vitamin Hydrating Mist

The Hydrating Mist says it will hydrate, revive and refresh your skin and safe for sensitive skin.


I like to use to over my makeup to take away the powdery look. It’s great at that, it doesn’t necessarily leave a dewy finish but the finish is quite nice. It comes out in a very fine mist so doesn’t leave white spots on your face or disturb your makeup. It has a lovely subtle scent.  The slim line bottle makes it perfect for traveling and its only 59ml (quite small)

My only con- it would be nice to know which vitamins it has as it doesn’t actually say this on the product and I wish i was slightly bigger


It’s bittersweet for me: First Aid Beauty has been on my brand hit list for a while and whilst I’m happy to finally try some items I’m quite disappointed with the effectiveness. Overall I love the mist but not a fan of the Facial Radiance Pads. I guess its but to the drawing board for searching for the drugstore best aid toner!

Facial Radiance Pads (28 pack) is priced at £12 and the Vitamin Hydrating Mist is £10. Both available from FeelUnique



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Collective Haul: Skincare & Makeup

I have been MIA for a while and what better way for a comeback than a Collective Haul ft Skincare & Makeup?!  I have been into skincare lately and I have always been into skincare but this time, it’s a whole new level. Since the addition of acid toners in my routine plus the mini heatwave we experienced this summer, I have stepped up my skincare game! The drugstore has some pretty good, effective and affordable skincare products so I have been trying my hands on some new goodies

First Aid Beauty, for the longest time I wanted to get something from this brand, in particular the two items I got: the Facial Radiance Pads and the Vitamin Hydrating Mist, FeelUnique had a sale on these and I had my £3.95 voucher, add to cart!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray & Nyx Dewy Mist– its official, makeup setting sprays are my weakness! This one from Mario Badescu has been on my hit list for a while, I just thought it was more expensive than its actual price, but never looked into it until recently. Nyx Dewy Mist – I must admit, it was a hype purchase because I found out Nyx has a counter in my local Boots and I have a discount card for Boots!


Ben Nye Topaz & Max Blot Powder– I had run out of my pressed powder (Sleek) and wanted something different. I wanted to try the MSF powders from Mac but I wanted something with next to nothing colour. This BLOT powder from Mac is amazing! It has 2% pigment which is next to nothing so it doesn’t add to your foundation – it’s perfect if you don’t like full coverage like myself. It does amazingly well at taking away oil! Ben Nye Topaz has been raved about for a while but I never took any interest in it. My girl from work convinced me, gave me sample then her me her almost new powder because it didn’t suit her well actually she preferred the Sacha Buttercup and the rest is history………………..


Water Sprays- acid toners means neutralisation afterwards and even though my acid toners are not quite strong to require this step I love the feeling of misting my face with fancy water in a can. Caudalie Grape Water & La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water are re purchases. I decided to try the Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water too


ColourPop- they finally have international shipping which may not be worth it because you actually have to pay tax. Anyway I got two items from the KaePop collections and two of the satin lips which I actually don’t like




Milani Baked Blushes– even though I wanted my first item from Milani to be their Liquid Lipsticks, I went for the baked blushes. Very shimmery but still nice on


Shea Moisture Mud Mask– ever since I heard of their skincare collection, I have been wanting to dip my hands in them. Living in the UK means I miss out of a lot of goodies but thanks to MyLuxeBeauty, you can get this and other hard to get products here


Mielle Organics Mint Oil– my second bottle of this stuff. I love everything about this and it actually works!Finally, eye care samples I got from FeelUnique and the Naturally Brightening eye cream from Superdrug.


I have been loving the Clearly Youth Serum from Superdrug, second purchase and I really love it! Also picked up the Botanics night cream from Boots


That’s all folks! I can’t wait to bring you reviews on these products! Make sure you follow me on Instagram for all the latest products. I am finally on Snap Chat – itssarahfynn

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