Fenty Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Concealer Swatches

Hey guys, I hope all is well! I got new Fenty Beauty! I picked up two shades of the new Instant Retouch Concealers and the new setting powder last week and I thought to do some swatches to help anyone who may need it! I didn’t get to swatch them so I went with the Fenty swatches they provided and videos I watched. They also make it very easy to pick your concealer shade as they are the same numbers as your foundation just a tad bit lighter. I am 430 in the foundation so I decided to go from there and pick a lighter shade to highlight with so I also got 400. I thought I did pretty well however 400 and 430 look VERY similar with only a slight difference in undertone so I think I could have gone with 390 even. I still really like these two shades.

I have swatched my concealers with 5 popular drugstore and high-end concealers to hopefully help guide your decision. If you have any of these concealers and in the same shades, hopefully, my swatches will help guide if you should go higher or lower or perhaps go with the shades I have too if you’re happy with them. If you’re still in doubt and can’t get to the store, you can always start from your foundation shade (if you have the foundation) and go up. The swatches from Fenty are pretty true to colour too. Now that I am looking back at my swatches, it looks like the Fenty concealers dry a little darker, hmm I will have a more in-depth review after I have a better handle on how they wear.

Drugstore swatches

The undertones of the shades are quite similar except for Fawn which is very yellow/golden and Revolution’s Conceal & Define in C13 which has more neutral in it.


High-end swatches

Again similar undertones except for the Bobbi Brown which is very golden.

I hope this helps guys. I have my foundation shades and comparisons below in case you also have any of these foundations. Catch you later.


Fenty Pro Filtr Foundation review

Makeup revolution Conceal & Define concealer review

Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Concealers are £19 and available in the UK in Harvey Nichols

Foundation Of the Month June- Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation



If you are looking for a new foundation, I got you covered. I decided to start a foundation series over on my Insta page because I realised I have a few foundations and its only best to share which ones work well and have enough shades for dark skin tones! So the challenge I set myself is this, every month (I made a rota guys smh), I stick to using 1 foundation and report back to you guys. I am loving the challenge so far because I am enjoying rediscovering some foundations I had in my collection! Doing this has also shown me how far I have come in selecting better foundation shades & undertones for my skin tone. I am also learning how to work with the shades that aren’t quite a good match but not bad enough to sell or throw away

Anyway, let’s get into it!

For June, I decided to go with the Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation. I have had this foundation sitting in my collection since I got it last October, patiently waiting for the summer to wear it.

I’m sure by now, you have seen and read all the reviews of this foundation, all the specs and swatches so I will just go right into my thoughts on it. I have the shade 430.

This is a beautiful lightweight matte foundation with medium to full coverage. It’s a very liquid (fluid) foundation. I love how lightweight it feels on the skin and how easy it is to blend. The Pro Filtr Foundation dries quickly and almost sets itself.

I have oily combo skin so I decided to wait till summer to wear this. It wears very well and remains matte too. I also took this foundation on holiday to Santorini ( post coming) and again in the Greek sun it wore very well. It’s not transfer resistant but Fenty doesn’t claim that anyway. It’s long wearing and doesn’t oxidise.

I chose 430 because it was the best shade match and undertone at the time (October) however after wearing it now it comes off as slightly lighter, probably because its summer and I have tanned a bit. In Greece, it definitely wasn’t a match as I was probably 3 shades darker lol. but it still works and surprisingly doesn’t look ashy


The best thing for me about this foundation is the extremely lightweight feel and skin like finish. It claims a soft matte finish but for someone like me who prefers a satin/luminous finish, I think this is very matte so I pair with dewy primers often( Am I the only one who layers a matte primer on top of a dewy/illuminating primer. It makes no sense but I want a matte glow LOL). It works well with all of the primers I have paired it with. Obviously, if you love matte finishes and prefer that this would be a perfect finish for you. It’s not extremely matte but for me, because I am used to the opposite I find this quite mattifying.

I was also expecting this foundation to be pricer but its £26 for 32ml which is less money for more product compared to the current luxury foundations on the market. Subsequent Fenty releases have been pricer though which I found surprising…… anyway

You can find this foundation in the UK on Harvey Nichols

For swatches and shade comparisons, see my previous post here

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna


Since the launch of Fenty Beauty By Rihanna in September, the beauty industry is officially shook! And they should be! It took a singer to release 40 shades of foundation to suit a range of skin tones and include diversity in her campaigns. Let’s be honest, Fenty Beauty isn’t the ONLY brand with 40 shades, hell some brands have more but the point is she is the ONLY brand to release ALL 40 SHADES at the SAME TIME! most brands release 20-30 to ‘test the waters’ then gradually increase the ‘dark shades’ I cant tell you how many times I have been to press events to hear ‘the dark shades are still been tested and in 6 months it will come’ Fenty Beauty is the only brand( to my knowledge that has released everything at once!)

The whole Fenty Beauty collection has been extremely thought out and well put together. Rihanna, you did that! Since the initial launch, she’s now added eyeshadows and lip colours and it looks like there are more to come! I was super excited for the launch but I wanted to wait, to watch as many reviews and see how the products work. After many videos, reviews I finally decided to pick up what I wanted from the collection!

Pro Filtr Foundation- 430

Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Primer

Killawatt- Trophy Wife

Stunna Lip Paint- Uncensored

I will be reviewing the products a bit later on but I am sure you have already seen a bunch of reviews.

The Pro Filtr Foundation has been the most confusing foundation for me when it came to shade matching lol. From people saying it oxidised and others saying it dried down to its true colour, I was super confused between 2 shades, so I knew I had to get a sample to test out. I wasn’t about to wait in line at Harvey Nichols in London for this so I waited patiently till I went to Nice then headed to Sephora for a match and sample. I got matched to 430 and its spot on! I have some shade references in case you were also confused on what shade to get, please see swatches below:

Pro Filtr Foundation- 430

MAC Mineralise Moisture Foundation- nw47

NARS Sheer Glow- Benares

NARS All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation- Benares

MAC Studio Fix- NW50 (Summer Shade)


I hope this foundation comparison picture is helpful! I will be sharing my full thoughts on them soon so please stay tuned! More foundations- Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous Foundation

Have a happy Saturday

Love Sarah