Foundation Of the Month June- Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation



If you are looking for a new foundation, I got you covered. I decided to start a foundation series over on my Insta page because I realised I have a few foundations and its only best to share which ones work well and have enough shades for dark skin tones! So the challenge I set myself is this, every month (I made a rota guys smh), I stick to using 1 foundation and report back to you guys. I am loving the challenge so far because I am enjoying rediscovering some foundations I had in my collection! Doing this has also shown me how far I have come in selecting better foundation shades & undertones for my skin tone. I am also learning how to work with the shades that aren’t quite a good match but not bad enough to sell or throw away

Anyway, let’s get into it!

For June, I decided to go with the Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation. I have had this foundation sitting in my collection since I got it last October, patiently waiting for the summer to wear it.

I’m sure by now, you have seen and read all the reviews of this foundation, all the specs and swatches so I will just go right into my thoughts on it. I have the shade 430.

This is a beautiful lightweight matte foundation with medium to full coverage. It’s a very liquid (fluid) foundation. I love how lightweight it feels on the skin and how easy it is to blend. The Pro Filtr Foundation dries quickly and almost sets itself.

I have oily combo skin so I decided to wait till summer to wear this. It wears very well and remains matte too. I also took this foundation on holiday to Santorini ( post coming) and again in the Greek sun it wore very well. It’s not transfer resistant but Fenty doesn’t claim that anyway. It’s long wearing and doesn’t oxidise.

I chose 430 because it was the best shade match and undertone at the time (October) however after wearing it now it comes off as slightly lighter, probably because its summer and I have tanned a bit. In Greece, it definitely wasn’t a match as I was probably 3 shades darker lol. but it still works and surprisingly doesn’t look ashy


The best thing for me about this foundation is the extremely lightweight feel and skin like finish. It claims a soft matte finish but for someone like me who prefers a satin/luminous finish, I think this is very matte so I pair with dewy primers often( Am I the only one who layers a matte primer on top of a dewy/illuminating primer. It makes no sense but I want a matte glow LOL). It works well with all of the primers I have paired it with. Obviously, if you love matte finishes and prefer that this would be a perfect finish for you. It’s not extremely matte but for me, because I am used to the opposite I find this quite mattifying.

I was also expecting this foundation to be pricer but its £26 for 32ml which is less money for more product compared to the current luxury foundations on the market. Subsequent Fenty releases have been pricer though which I found surprising…… anyway

You can find this foundation in the UK on Harvey Nichols

For swatches and shade comparisons, see my previous post here

Rihanna Makeup?!


Beauty lovers and Rihanna Navy everywhere, hold your coins, Rihanna is coming out with a makeup line! If you haven’t heard Rihanna’s beauty line, Fenty Beauty is the newest addition to her belt in the beauty industry. We all know about her perfumes right, which I totally LOVE ( Rihanna Nude is out of this world and just when I thought I have found my to go perfume, she hits me with Rihanna Rogue- mm only perfume I have repurchased twice! Lol). Her collabs with MAC was pretty much sold out in 2 secs lol. Ok, maybe not 2 secs, but you get my point (I still want to get my hands on THAT Pleasure Bomb lipstick that was sold out everywhere kmt) Anyway…

According to WWD, she’s struck a deal with LVMH to launch Fenty Beauty which will be hitting Sephora in the fall of 2017 (we will make it through guys)! Although we don’t know which products it will have exactly, we can guess it will have an array of colours (her lipstick game is goals really). David Suliteanu, chief executive officer of Kendo says “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience, We are aiming for the stars”

I am really hoping for shades that suit a variety of skin tones and highlighters pleaseeeee, to be honest anything lol.  No information yet regarding price points (fingers crossed it doesn’t empty our bank accounts OR sells out within a few minutes, gurl!)

P.S we hope for a hair care line too, her hair is GOALS, like serious lifetime GOALS.


Are you excited about this release? Let me know in the comments below!

Phot Credit-  Vulture