Clarins Beauty Bar Oxford Street Review

So one of my goals this year is to get more professional facials to help take my skin to the next level. I figured I have a good routine and good products that work for me but there is something about a professional treatment that can take your skincare up a notch! I decided to start with the Clarins Beauty Bar in John Lewis on Oxford Street.

The whole ethos of the Beauty Bar is to give customers a professional and effective treatment in a short amount of time. They have about 7 treatments (including a men’s facial) targeting a range fo skincare concernsand everything will be done in 30 mins for £25 only! I decided to try the BeautyBar out and I booked the City Rescue treatment which targets stressed skin (at the time of booking I was having texture issues which is why I went for this).

The day arrived and I got there on time however my therapist wasn’t finished with her previous client so I had a short wait of bout 10 mins. The Beauty Bar is just off the Clarins counter so it was very easy to spot. It really does look like mini spa and the place looked super clean! Natalie my therapist began by asking me about my routines and after a mini diagnosis of my skin she explained my skin was in very good condition ( I am always happy to get feedback from an expert regarding my skin because I put alot of effort into it, so happy to know its working!) but was a little dehydrated and congested( which I wasn’t surprised by: I haven’t been drinking much water in the previous weeks, sleep was minimal plus I wasn’t entirely faithful to my double cleansing routine) she also confirmed my skintype: normal to combination skin. After the consultation she explained she thought the Get Glowing facial would be best suited for my skin as it was in good condition (the texture has cleared) but just a little dehydrated. I decided to take her advice and get the Get Glowing facial.

She started my offering me a blanket which was nice, it wasn’t cold inside but the blanket made me feel cosy. She doubled cleansed my face,applied a mask, massage, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Her techniques were good and she didn’t apply too much pressure during the massage. The mask was left on for a few minutes. At the end of the facial, she showed me the products she used (they all felt so good on the skin and smelt so fresh and botanical)and explained why she used them. The facial was done and dusted in 30 mins! I particularly loved how the Hydra-Essential Cooling Cream-Gel felt on the skin: so cooling and fresh! She also sent me an email of everything she used.


I think it was a very good facial and my skin was left soothed and glowing afterwards. My skin felt clean without feeling dry. My only issue wast hat during my consultation, I explained that I never leave the house without SPF because of the actives I use in my routine. After the facial I asked her if the moisturiser she used had SPF and she said no. I anticipated this and I am so happy I brought my SPF with me as I would not have been happy walking around without any protection. I went in the afternoon so I would expect a professional facialist would understand the need for protection.  The Beauty Bar is a fantastic idea and whilst the location and timing make it very desirable, I wish they would consider making the area a bit soundproof. A spa is for relaxing and whilst it was very calm inside with the Zen music and blanket (it also smells great inside) it is really distracting to hear the voices of shoppers just outside. This isn’t their fault obviously but a soundproof glass or curtain would make the area more exclusive. Also if the glass was frosted/opaque so that shoppers can’t seeinside, it would also make it a truly calming, soothing and exclusive experience.

I did enjoy my facial and I thought my therapist was great. I would definitely return.

Final out more about the Clarins Beauty Bar and Treatments here

I will be bringing you more facials and spa reviews as I go along to them. For some reason I am a bit apprehensive as a woman of colour going to get some facials only because some therapists look so terrified when they see black skin you would think all the training went out of the head so ifyou are like me I hope these reviews help ( I would never forget the look on the woman’s face at the Estee Lauder counter when I asked her to match me to the double wear foundation. This was years ago. The thing is the shades were available but she looked so scared and was pulling some mad shades. In the end I was like its ok thanks lol). I have also spoken to a few women and sometimes when I recommend something they ask ‘but does it work on black skin’? Again I hopethese reviews give you some confidence.

That’s all from me for now! Clarins Beauty Bar isn’t just on Oxford street, they have a few locations, please check the website for more details! I thought it was funny when the therapist asked me if I wanted makeup to be applied at the end! Clarins foundations don’t run deep girl! Speak to your brand. I was like no thanks!

Catch you soon!

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Olay Daily Facial in a Box Review



Olay Daily Facial in a Box is a dry cleansing cloth that is activated with water to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. I was very sceptical when I first came across this product when I was browsing Amazon (as I do) one late night (that pesky you may be interested in tab!). Anyway after watching a few (a lot) of YT videos I decided purchase one box to test out

Olay Daily Facial in a Box is a water-activated cloth with Vit E, grape seed extract and Olay moisture. It also provides some exfoliation action. It promises to remove makeup and cleanse the face, to leave it hydrated and refreshed whilst tightening pores



I have had these for a while down and I think I am down to my last 3 or 4. I use these for travel or at home as part of my quick & easy cleansing routine. I have tested these out both for makeup removal and a cleanser.

The dry cloth is activated by water and easily provides a rich lather which I was pleasantly surprised by. To remove makeup/cleanse, I simply use the cloth in circular motions all over my face, neck and chest, rinse and repeat till the cloth is no longer brown. Depending on how much makeup I am wearing, I would probably use 3 or 4 to do this. The scent is subtle but lovely and the cloth feels gentle on the skin. The water activated clothes are excellent for taking of foundation, mascara and even some liquid lipsticks. There is a small amount of residue left even after 4 clothes so I always use one final cloth as a face wash to complete the routine. My skin doesn’t feel as hydrated as Olay’s claims but it doesn’t feel stripped. I like the cloths because they have some salicylic acid in them but probably not enough to have a huge impact on the skin.



The cloths became a go-to on lazy days and another travel companion in addition to my Nip Fab Glycolic Foaming pads (review on my Instagram). They are effective and produce a rich lather that cleanses the skin without stripping moisture. If I am not mistaken, they have one for different skin types.

You can find the Olay Daily Facial in a Box in stores like Superdrug, Boots although I find they are always sold out, tbh I have never seen them in store although there is shelf space for them. I bought mine on Amazon for £3.00 as an add-on item but it’s also available to purchase standalone

Olay is one of those skincare brands from the drugstore I have stayed away from for years because I had a bad reaction to one of their products YEARS ago! I think it was an eye cream for dark circles that gave me lots of rashes anyway I managed to stay away from them until now. I will be repurchasing soon and I am looking forward to giving Olay a second chance!

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