Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Mask Review

crystal collagen gold powder eye mask review

Something I have been researching a lot and trying to get into is eye care. I haven’t really paid much attention to my eye area or given it any TLC. Which is funny because I suffer from dark circles and I have deep set eye bags. So I have been looking at different products to test out. I started with the Simple Eye care roll on which I found to be crap tbh. It didn’t help. Then I was using this YSL Youth Liberator serum which was really good but the full size product is a bit too steep for me. I was using the sample size lol. I’m all about budget skincare products so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

So onto today’s post…

Whilst browsing Amazon, I came across the Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Masks from Gold Mask and decided to try those too (I picked up their face sheet and well, check out my review for that here). Again they had good reviews and a bargain deal- 10 pairs for £2.28!

Shipping was excellent; quick and free and I was really excited to try these! I must say after using them I am not impressed at all! Here’s why

Another product with the claims! This eye patch says it will moisturise, rehydrate & regenerate our eye area, relieve chronic fatigue, diminish fine lines, wrinkles & crowfeet, minimise eye bags &fade dark circles remarkably (lol). It improves elasticity & firmness

Again the product is soaked in excess ‘serum’ and you are directed to leave on for 30 mins then wash afterwards. They are not reusable btw


Ermm no. I have now used 5 packs ( half of what I got) and I noticed it would start to sting and feel slightly itching after 5 mins. Note I do not have sensitive skin. I will say they fit quite snug around the eye area and do not move around or slip once in place.

crystal collagen eye patches



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