How to use Essential Oils for Skincare

Essential Oils have been used for many years for its cosmetic benefits and it’s very easy to see why. They are highly concentrated liquids that have the odour of the plant it’s been extracted from. It’s pure, organic, better still it’s great for skincare!

Which Essential Oils?

There are loads and loads of essential oils for skincare out there, the trick is just finding the right one for you. With little bit of help and research, you can choose which oils to get to suit your skin concerns. In this post, I am sharing the essential oils I use for skincare and how I use them, hopefully giving you an idea of which ones to get and what to use them for.


How to use Essential Oils for Skincare


Here’s my essential oil collection! I chose these ones based on their many benefits for the skin. I also use all of them differently for different reasons.

Tea Tree Essential Oil– known for its purifying and soothing skincare benefits and it has high anti septic and antifungal properties. I use mine neat on spots/pimples to help prevent/reduce them.

Lemon Essential Oil– natural skin toner and brightener. This is probably my favourite essential oil because of the clean fresh scent it has. I add a few drops (I really mean loads!) to my black soap shower gels/liquids

Peppermint Essential Oil– stimulating and helps to control itchy scalp and dandruff. I add a few drops to my scalp oil mixes for scalp massages and my water spray bottle. (I have carrier oils in there as well)

Sweet Orange Essential Oil– brightens dull complexions and treats oily skin. I also love the scent of this oil! I use them in my mango shea butter mix for my body butter

Geranium Essential Oil– uplifting and helps regulate oil production, improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. I must admit I bought it for its scent as it’s supposed to be sweet/floral however I am not a great fan of it lol. This is the newest addition to my collection and I use it in my body butter mixes. I wanted to try different scents for my body butter. This one is expensive too

Spearmint Essential Oil– for acne and congested skin. This is the very first essential oil I bought as I couldn’t find peppermint essential oil at the time. I use it in my water mix for my hair or add a few drops to my steam treatment for my face

Ylang Ylang– for acne and irritated or oily skin. I add this to my body butter for a different scent

Please note- I have only listed the cosmetic benefits of the essential oils. They have other great benefits like aromatherapy etc

I want to try more essential oils as I want to experiment with different scents for my mango shea body butter (recipe post will come soon!), let me know your fav ones and I will be sure to check them out!

I purchased most of these from Naissance which is a website I discovered that stocks all natural and organic ingredients like oils, soaps and butters! Check them out.

These are also available from Holland and Barrett

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