The Process of WAITING



Hey guys, so this post will be a little bit different from the usual. I want to talk about waiting and how HARD it can be sometimes. This is just to remind myself and to encourage anyone who is in the same situation as me that GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU!

Ok, so currently I have finished uni (it’s been one day so far lol) and of course as everyone at this stage, we are looking for our dream jobs or a starting job to get there unless you’re rich or you already got yours.


Before anyone gets on me and starts saying it’s only been a day since I finished uni so what am I talking about, I am about to paint a HD, 3D picture for y’all. So if you are anything like me, you think you are really smart and the plans you have for you are so amazing so you thought to yourself, let me get ahead and start applying for jobs early. So your goal now is to secure a job before you finish university. Right. So I started applying for jobs at the end of February, about 2 jobs a week. I wasn’t just putting out applications too, I was going to my careers office and re drafting applications maybe up to 3 times for some jobs before my final submission. I was also applying for jobs I knew I would be qualified to do or jobs that provided training or entry level jobs OR jobs I had some experiences in. (at this time you’re thinking you’re setting yourself up for success right, surely). I also said to myself because I am starting early, if I wasn’t successful it wouldn’t bother me much because I was STILL in university so I would not ‘feel’ it as much (you were realistic as well and made provision for this, bravo) as if I had finished and was just at home (fair enough).

You’re with me so far right?

Now it’s middle to ending of March, dissertation deadline week for me plus a presentation and essay deadline and within this same week I get rejection emails at least once a day: Monday to Friday( I’m not even exaggerating), this happened for like two weeks till 1st week April. On top of that my friends (which I am very happy for, DON’T GET ME WRONG) got their jobs like that (I just snapped my fingers), passed their driving test like that (I failed mine) and am sitting there like GOD? Then someone said to me ‘in your circle of friends, I thought you would be the first one to …….. And I heard this about you about your …..  (Previous relationships) and again I’m like GOD?????????

So I get my first telephone interview(phew! After getting through to so many first stages) 2nd week of April and two face to face interviews the following week which have all been good but not good enough to get hired. ‘Lack of experience’ etc etc. by my birthday (ending April, which was really HARD) I was just like whatever init (lol)

(Picture painted, HD and 3D, drops brush and struts away like a boss LOL)

Why did I just tell you all of that? (Because this is very personal and I don’t let my business be known like this). Because I wanted to try to relate to someone who is in the same position as me and feeling down or you may have even started earlier than me and still no ‘luck’ and you’re a Christian and you been ‘naming and claiming’ and ‘praising God in the hallway before He opens the door’ and even been ‘binding and rebuking the devil and his demons’ lol BUT still no JOB.

Isaiah 54:4 – Fear not, for you will not be put to shame, and do not feel humiliated for you will not be disgraced….

CLING TO THIS. BREATHE IT, EAT WITH IT, AND SLEEP ON IT. It’s so hard to be in this process BUT the delay is for a REASON. I think sometimes we get so used to thinking this = that, if I praise God in the hallway the next day the door will be opened etc. but it doesn’t happen and you’re sitting there like GOD ???????????????????????????? (Or maybe it’s just me). Our plans, especially if you’re a Christian and have committed your life to Christ, is NOT the same as HIS plan’s no matter how great, marvellous, good they are ( words fail me and I can NOT stress that enough).

God’s Timing

Is the best and we hear that so many times that sometimes it doesn’t have any effect on us whatsoever ( if you are a scientist like me, there is so much substrate that is occupying the active site such that no additional substrate will have no effect whatsoever.)

Habakkuk 2;3- For still the vision awaits its APPOINTED TIME,(the time has not come yet) it hastens to the end- IT WILL NOT LIE(God CAN NOT lie. He will not change his mind). IF IT SEEMS SLOW (it probably feels so slow for you now but), WAIT FOR IT, IT WILL SURELY COME, IT WILL NOT DELAY! (IT WILL HAPPEN)

I just want to end on this: this ‘free’ time you have, you probably will not get once you start working so ENJOY IT. Develop whatever hobby you have, find a hobby if you must, read, travel ( but keep checking your email just in case and don’t go far lol), pick up a new skill , workout its almost summer or whatever you do to keep yourself busy until you start working otherwise been idle WILL cause a whole bunch problems you DON’T want. Keep ANYONE who will speak NEGATIVELY to you even if its with ’good intentions’ away from you, that too is not needed.

Just relax (it may be difficult) but try and connect with your friends, family and GOD. Of course be putting applications in and (just) wait for the right one to come by. Just think of all the experience you will be carrying into that dream job interview. And when you get it drive pass all the places that said no LOOL.

I hope someone found this encouraging and uplifting and it’s been great for me to write this as well. Drop your comments below if you are in a similar situation and how you are coping or just anything useful.

Until next time, with love



Those that wait upon the LORD… (fill it in for me!)


these are the lyrics to a song by Kirk Franklin called help me believe. To all those going through a difficult period like myself, these lyrics are very encouraging like the prayer we should pray but know we cant. Tough times come and sometimes they are near impossible to endure. but after a while, we will be ok.

I just want to write you a letter I got to very honest but um I really don’t know how to say this[Verse I]
I wanna believe
But I’m having a hard time seeing past what I see right now
I see right now I wanna be free
But when I try to fly I realize I don’t know how
No one one showed me how
Wish I could see
That this mess I’m in will really work out for my good
You said it would
So if You can hear me
Can You give me a sign
‘Cause I don’t feel You like I should
Please if You could
My faith is almost gone
I can’t hold on much longer
Take this cup from me

Help me believe
Can I believe
Let me believe
I wanna believe
I’m no good on my own
Please give me another chance
It’s hard to believe
In what I can’t see
To give You my will
‘Cause Your will is better for me
You can look in my eyes and see
I wanna believe
Believe [3x]

[Verse II]
I wanna believe
If I never hear I’m sorry I can let it go
Gotta let You go
Cause it’s killing me
Jesus, You know how it feels ’cause You’ve been hurt before
Don’t wanna hurt no more
I’m trying to hear You speak
But my heart is growing weaker
Take this cup from me

[Chorus II]
Help me believe
Can I believe
Let me believe
I wanna believe
I’ve been here before and I cant take that hurt again
But it’s hard to believe
In what i can’t see
To give You my will cause Your will is better for me
You can look in my eyes and see
I wanna believe
Believe [6x]

[Verse III]
I wanna believe
When I close my eyes on this side
I’ll wake up with You
More in love with You
And finally you will say my race it is over
And my work is through
‘Cause I believed in You
I know dark nights will come
And somedays there will be no sunshine
And You’s too far to see

[Repeat Chorus]

[Believe 32x]

oh one more thing- GOD STILL HEALS.