October Empties and Reviews

So October is over already? This month flew by so quickly! This month I finished a few of my older products so I am quite happy about that but I also replaced a lot of products because I went to a few events lol- it’s all about balance.

Let’s begin the reviews:

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask– I really love this exfoliating mask! It leaves the skin so smooth and soft. I only use it occasionally when I am prepping for an event or when my skin looks dull and shows signs of texture. The texture feels like a scrub but the exfoliation action comes from the enzymes. I leave this on for 10 mins before washing off.  Benefit they’re Real Mascara– one of my fav mascara! It lengthens and adds volume without clumping. 2x DIY sheet masks. Avene Thermal Mist– my one and only skincare mist that I use for travelling! It soothes the skin and adds hydration plus its cooling when travelling to warmer climates. GlamGlow Supermud face mask– this is another acid-based mask that I love! The texture is very fluid so it spreads really easily. This I use as prep for holidays or events. After 15 to 20 mins on, it draws out impurities and leaves the skin smooth to touch. I won’t recommend it for sensitive skin though as it tightens the skin when dry and I think it’s a high acid content.  Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye patches– a very bougie eye mask that has the serum and eye mask apart. To apply you have to pierce the serum compartment and push it into the eye masks. I loved it though! The eye mask left the area revitalised and fresher looking! I got this in a gift set and wouldn’t mind getting another pair! My beloved Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser– check out my full review here and why I love it so much! Murad AHA BHA cleanser is another cleanser I love. My review is hereEstee Lauder ANR serum– my goodness, heave in a bottle! My full review will be up soon! Murad Recovery serum– my first impression of this serum was negative only because it is an iridescent pink and I really dislike shimmer in my skincare! This however changed with continued use. It’s a nice hydrating serum and helps soothe my skin. I won’t say it’s the best serum I have used but its ok. Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir– find out my thoughts here.

Pixi Milky Tonic– this is part of the new collections from Pixi. The Milky collection is for hydration and soothing the skin. This was a nice toner to use in the mornings. Slight hydration but very easy to use with other products. I don’t find it particularly impressive so I won’t repurchase anytime soon. Your Good Skin Instant Booster– there is shimmer in this so you already know how I feel about this. My full thoughts will be up next week.  Soap & Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser– an otherwise nice moisturiser however loaded with glitter! Why oh why? Urban Veda Turmeric Day Cream– this was a nice textured day cream that left the skin moisturised without feeling greasy. My only issue with this is that it has a strong scent- its pleasant but it lingers. Farmacy Honey Potion Face mask– oh I love! I love! My full review will be up soon. The Ordinary Resveratrol and Ferulic serum– my ride or die antioxidant for the last 2 years! Another has been repurchased. Sampar French Rose Mist– this was a chance discovery about 2 years ago in a TK Maxx in central London! Since then I have been looking in every TK Maxx I see with no luck. A random visit to TK Maxx in Sutton last month and I saw this again so I had to snap it up! it’s such a lovely fine mist that actually hydrates the skin! It leaves my skin glowing as well. Definitely recommend. Your Good Skin SPF 30 Moisturiser– I think they may have changed the formula because the texture is slightly lighter. This is one of my fav SPF moisturisers from the drugstore I use for travelling. I prefer a dedicated SPF product but liquid restrictions mean I have to use an SPF moisturiser. Derma Organics Facial Moisturiser– This is a face cream I used as a body lotion because I did not like the skin. It has a strong scent of something I think it’s the organic rooibos but I’m not entirely sure. The scent lingers so I did not want to use it on my face. It is a lovely light moisturiser and it feels nice on the skin. Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Pads– these are the daily pads with 2.5% AHA, this is one of the products I have had for a while so I glad I have finished it. My thoughts on it are here. Garnier Lavender Facial oil– another facial product I used on my body. I’m still getting my head around face oils- there’s only a few I like but for some reason, I did not like this so I used it on my body. It’s very watery and light for an oil and it was ok. Not really impressive. 1x Primark face wipes. Nivea Q10 Sheet Mask– I went to an event last month and was gifted a few Q10 products so I bought the face mask to complete my collection.  This was very hydrating and left the skin radiant. It stayed on for the duration and fits well. This is formulated with Vitamin C and Q10 so it also works to brighten the skin. Glamglow Sheet mask– this is another lovely sheet mask, hydrating and easy to use. I’m not a fan of the printed sheet mask but to each their own. Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask– I love this mask and they never disappoint!


Texture my way Texture control Conditioner– this can be used as a rinse-out conditioner and a co-wash. I preferred it as a co-wash only because as a conditioner I did not think it left my hair soft or conditioned enough which was slightly disappointing. I love the shampoo in this range but this was a let-down. I also felt like it didn’t have enough slip. Palmer’s Natural Fusions Leave-in Conditioner– this is one of the best spray leave-in conditioners I have used in a while( after the SM one) hydrates and softens the hair and pairs well with other products without piling!

Body care & other

Nivea Body Mousse– I was gifted this product by Nivea. I found this hydrating on the skin and it sinks into the skin with ease without any oiliness. The mousse feels slightly cooling on the skin and the scent is heavenly- very subtle. My only con is that, it’s slightly tasking to dispense as in you have to shake every time to use and it can dispense a lot at a time so although its 200ml I went through it very quickly and I was surprised when I finished it lol. Maybe I used too much? Mitchum Stick roll on– I didn’t like the lemon scent as much as the unscented version and I feel the latter works better. Welda Skin food– a very popular product for dry skin. Its thick cream, not the easiest to spread but my skin feels moisturised. I don’t like it as much as I thought I would. Chanel Gabrielle perfume sample– omg I love this so much! I got this because I am part of Glamour’s beauty club for testing, and I fell in love! Definitely on my perfume list. 1x Primark Cotton rounds.

Total this month- 34

Only 2 months left! I think I won’t make my target of 400 empties but its ok. My whole aim was to balance my stash of products so that I don’t have too many backups or having products sitting there a while before using them. From last year and this year so far I have done really well to use up my products so at the moment I have a good balance. This will probably increase because I am planning on getting beauty advent calendars and of course Christmas is coming but ahh well lol, it’s the circle of life

Stay blessed

September Empties and Reviews

My empties for September! This month went by so quickly, right? I managed to finish quite a few things so I am really happy about that. check out my thoughts and reviews below


I really love the EcoStyler Olive hair gel for slick buns. This is the 2nd tub I have finished this year and I have already repurchased. Nunaat Hydration plus Conditioner– I mainly used this conditioner for my wigs and it works well for the texture. I have also used it on my natural hair a few times, it was ok. Got2b blasting freeze spray– we all know the deal with this. I used it for my wigs but mostly as a holding spray when I curl them too. ORS Monoi Oil Conditioner– full review here.  Tsaka Black Magic Hair Mask (gifted)– this mask was not impressive. It has a loose runny consistency and it provides enough slip for detangling. I feel like it doesn’t do much, it does condition my hair but my hair has felt better before


Shea Moisture African Black Soap Mud Mask– this was great but it’s not impressive. It’s a nice mask but I have definitely used better. BodyShop Strawberry Smoothing face mist– these BodyShop face mists were released sometime last year and promises to leave the skin smoother and velvet to touch. It is makeup friendly. I have been using this as a mist over my makeup or to dampen my makeup sponges. I really like the Strawberry mist. It smells lovely and leaves my skin looking healthier and glowing. The mist is suitable for powder and liquid foundations: I have used it for both and it didn’t disturb makeup. It sprays in a fine mist so it’s very easy to use and even layer on the skin. It does leave the skin glowing so I won’t recommend for oily skin types. As for reducing texture, I haven’t used it as a skincare mist but over makeup, it helps to leave the skin looking smoother. DHC Astaxanthin Collagen gel (gifted) – this is a lovely textured gel cream. It does hydrate the skin although it not long-lasting. I didn’t think it did much to my skin over time so I used it very intermittently. Towards the end I think I used it more as a body moisturiser. Another bottle of The Ordinary Salicylic acid which I love so much for treating spots and texture. Beauty Pie purifying clay cleanser– I have a full review here. Missha Sun gel SPF 50– full review here. Seahorse Plankton Everlasting Radiance Moisturiser (gifted) – this is actually a great moisturiser with a luxurious texture. It moisturises the skin without leaving it oily. What I don’t like about it is the scent. I am not a big fan of frankincense and this moisturiser smells quite strongly of it. If you don’t mind that then this is a good moisturiser. Another bottle of my fav top coat Barry M Plumpy topcoat. Burt’s Bee lip balm (gifted)– full review here.

Sunday Riley CEO moisturiser– this was part of the SR box from Glossybox. I have fallen in love with this moisturiser. It’s creamy and feels lux plus it leaves the skin looking brighter and feeling moisturised. I definitely like it better than the SR CO Vitamin C Serum. Full review of the serum here. Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing gel– full review here. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray– I will have a full review of this up soon.  Simply Pure Refreshing toner– this is a very simple basic toner to use. It doesn’t do much but does hydrate after cleansing – not that its enough though. I like it because it’s easy to add to any routine and can be used with so many other products. Nivea Moisture lock SPF 30– this is a great SPF for dark skin. It has both UVA/UVB protection and its 100% invisible on dark skin. 2x DIY sheet mask. B makeup primer (gifted) – full review here. 2x Primark wipes and 1x Cucumber cooling mask. Nivea Q10 SPF 50– this is a lovely lightweight lotion that feels moisturising on the skin. it is 100% invisible on dark skin. my only con with this is that it tends to pill if you use too much of it and for someone like me who likes to slaughter on SPF you will experience a lot of this. Use a smaller amount  and you won’t have this issue. this is the only reason why i would recommend the SPF mousse over this one. In terms of the Anti pigments benefits, I do not think I noticed any improvements or benefits. its an excellent SPF from the drugstore and one that works well for dark skin. Superfacialist Vitamin C Glow Boost serum– this is my 2nd vitamin c product from Superfacialist and again I am very disappointed in it. It has a slight shimmer and did not add any benefits to my skin. I used it everyday morning for at least 4 weeks but benefits. IT Cosmetics Transforming Moisturising Super Cream– oh this is a very luxurious non-greasy cream that moisturises the skin! The texture is thick and so creamy and just skins into the skin with ease! Benefit Porefessional primer– this is an ok primer. I don’t think it’s worth the hype though. I don’t have large pores but even with that, this doesn’t completely minimise them. It is good for keeping the skin semi-matte during the day and works well with powder foundation. Becca Glow Elixir– whilst I didn’t have enough to get a good impression of this, the glow elixir didn’t do anything special. It’s a shimmer serum which I hate and I didn’t add any hydration to my skin. I’m so glad it was super small. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief– this is a lovely gel crème texture that hydrates the skin and leaves it glowing. This is my 2nd and product from the Moisture Surge range and honestly, I am loving it so far.

Murad Hydra-Glow Aqua Peelx2– this came in a Murad gift set I got from Debenhams. I was really excited to try this because I have known about this product for a while and it’s been on my list. It’s a 2 part mask- 1st you use the acid swab all over the face then  the moisture sheet mask to lock in moisture. As much as I love acids, the swab in this mask was unimpressive. It doesn’t say the conc of acids in it but it’s formulated with lactic and glycolic acids. It’s a large cotton swap I used all over my face- I didn’t experience any irritation. The Moisture Infusion Mask was much better. It hydrated my skin and left it glowing. It fits well and stays on. If you’re interested, I got the ‘Drenched in Moisture Set’ which also comes with a cleanser ( I have a full review on this), serum and gel moisturiser.



Derma Organics Facial Scrub (gifted) – this is a face scrub but I used I as a body scrub because it felt so abrasive on the skin. This has a similar texture to brown sugar and I definitely was not going to use it on my face. This as a body scrub was amazing! It left my skin so soft and smooth and the oil in it left my skin glowing. It is also great to use on my feet, around my heel area to remove dry dead skin. I really don’t think this is suitable for the face because of the texture. It smells amazing too. Missguided Babe power– this perfume is amazing as an everyday scent and I go so many compliments. Its has vanilla notes which I super love and best of all its very affordable. Sure deodorant. Divine and Handmade hazelnut oil (gifted) I used this in my oil mixes. It’s a very lightweight oil and doesn’t have a nutty smell. Holika Holika Aloe 99– great aloe vera gel to use in my oil and butter mixes.

Total this month- 39 total so far- 295/400

This month I am also retiring two products. I haven’t included them in my empties because they are not empty but I am just not getting on well with them/ bored lol. (I think I will make this a series)

Sunday Riley Blue Moon- I will have a full review on this but I managed to use it for a week before I gave up on it. I do not like the texture – it has grit which doesn’t dissolve easily and it doesn’t work well with a makeup removal cloth. The cleansing power is mediocre at best.

Dr Organic Snail Eye Serum- this one I like but slightly bored with it. I have retired it for now as I am trying out the new eye cream from The Inkey list.

That’s it for September! I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t been working on posts for the blog but I should get up and running soon! Watch out for more reviews and recommendations!

Catch you later



August Empties and Reviews

August was a busy month for me! It was my sister in law’s wedding and I came through with my DIYs, I have been spending almost every day after work with my niece but I still had to my 30plus empties in! My skin has been good(ish) this month with only 1 breakout (which happened in the last few days of the month!). Anyway here’s what I have used up this month and my thoughts on them


Collosol Water Milk Cleanser– this was such a beauty to use! I have my full thoughts here. I finally finished The Ordinary’s Glycolic 7% Toning Solution– this is a beautiful toner which I used in the PM only. Not every day but definitely needs SPF every AM. Another bottle of Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin Daily Defense SerumElemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser x2– I have two of these because I got one in a beauty advent calendar (can’t wait for this years’ calendar) and I won one at my work quiz lol. This cleanser is so beautiful and easy to use! It deep cleanses the skin and is very effective against makeup and excess oil.  It breaks down eye makeup with ease. Using this very night, I definitely saw my skin glowing! I used these back to back so overall I think I used it for 2 weeks and a little more. I understand the hype on this and I will definitely consider buying it. It has a lovely buttery soft texture that feels so good on the skin. Another cleanser that impressed me so much this month was the Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser. This is definitely an ‘Instagram made me’ buy it purchase. All my skincare fanatics rave about this and it’s very easy to see why. It washes off so easily for a gel cleanser and the texture just feels so good on the skin! It gently cleanses but it’s very effective and doesn’t leave the skin stripped. I used it as a PM 2nd cleanse and it does so well at removing makeup reside and leaving my skin smooth! Again I will recommend and definitely repurchase at some point. First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser– I will have a full review of this soon but in summary, it was an ok cleanser. I have used some impressive ones this month so this was underwhelming. Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel– lovely lightweight gel serum that sinks so easily into the skin. Feels weightless on and provides hydration and plump skin! Smells amazing and layers well on top of another serum I use it with. I didn’t have to use a night moisturiser with this (I do sometimes) and I wake up to soft glowing skin. I didn’t have enough for any ‘real’ long term benefits but I really enjoyed using this. Elizabeth Arden SPF35– this was a Glamour Beauty find and it was a pleasant surprise. Beautiful lightweight texture. Feels like a lightweight lotion. It has a pleasant scent and easily absorbed into the skin. I love the instant brightenness the moisturiser provides and instant hydration and leaves my skin glowing. This moisturiser is 100% invisible on the skin with a high SPF 35. I don’t think the moisturiser provides long term hydration as towards the end of the day my skin feels slightly dry and tight. It doesn’t layer too well with primer if you use a big amount. Its fine if you use a 50p sized amount but anything bigger would pill. I love to slaughter on SPF to ensure I get the full protection so this is a slight inconvenience. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– I have used this many times and it’s very temperamental in its performance. I have found something better and cheaper so I won’t repurchase.

Tony Moly Collagen Mask– large cotton fibre mask that feels like good quality material. Soaked in serum and easy to put on. It fits well and stays on. Leaves the skin plump and hydrated, no residue and layered well with 2 serums and moisturiser. My skin didn’t feel as hydrated the next day but it wasn’t dry either. Overall it’s a good sheet mask Jinju Cucumber Sheet mask– I absolutely loved the avocado sheet mask and I really liked this cucumber one too. It’s refreshing soothing and hydrating to use. Image Skincare Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask– this was on the smaller side but really left my skin hydrated. It’s a gel mask so the chin area doesn’t stay in place. 8x DIY compressed masks. Rohto Vitamin C Essence Mask– this J beauty find on YesStyle was a great addition and a very easy way to add vitamin c to my routine. I mostly used this in the AM as a toner or in PM as a quick & easy mask. These are not as soaked as the previous vitamin c masks and they are also much smaller. I still really liked this and they last a while. It comes with 32 individual sheet masks that dispense like baby wipes. Primark Wipes and Simply Soft face wipes

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser– I have fallen in love with Sunday Riley. I have had the Ceramic cleanser for a long time but I discovered they had changed the formulation. Last month I used the old product and I absolutely loved it. It had vitamin c ester that just brightened my skin, it had a lovely texture that felt so good and smooth on the skin and deep cleanses without stripping the skin. I loved it so much I used it as an AM & PM cleanser! I got the new formula in the flash kit to test out and used it immediately after I finished the old one. With the new formulation, I realised they took out the vitamin C ester and it’s also plant-based. I do not like the new formulation. It no longer brightens my skin and I feel as though the cleansing power is not the same (its less). I also feel like this new formula leaves my skin slightly dry. The texture is quite different and I find the new formula is just slightly thicker than the old. This is really a case of ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’. SR should have left the old formula alone and I find myself along with many other unhappy customers. I used the formulas back to back and I can definitely tell the difference. This cleanser knocked the Murad AHA/BHA cleanser off my fav luxury cleanser but its back to being my fav as this new formula just doesn’t do it for me. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum– I have waited so long to use this and I am so happy to have finally used it! It’s a vitamin c serum I used every AM. A very lightweight gel-like serum that smells amazing (reminds me of orange flavoured sweets) and sinks into the skin with easy. It doesn’t add much hydration but it layers really well with other products and doesn’t pill. Over time my skin was definitely healthier looking and glowing. Garnier Refreshing Toner– I have been using the Garnier Refreshing toner with Aloe for the last 2 months as an AM toner. I have also used it many times as a DIY sheet mask with a scoop of vitamin C. this is a great affordable toner. It doesn’t leave a residue and adds a touch of hydration. It layers well with other products in my routine. Really easy to use toner which I recommend.

Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol Treatment– so I have been using this product intermittently for a year but for the last 5 months, I have been using it consistently. For high strength retinol, I did not experience any irritation, even after using acids. It is a lovely lightweight textured lotion that moisturises the skin. Overall, my skin was smoother and brighter but it did not have a huge impact on hyperpigmentation. It is great retinol and it’s very easy to incorporate into a routine. it’s definitely something you need to use for a while before you start seeing any concentrate results.

A few disappointing products this month: Lixir Skin Vitamin C paste– I have full review here. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was with this after wanting to try it for so long! Beauty Pie Superdose Vitamin C Moisturiser– another huge let down with such a great concept.


Finally No7 airbrush away primer– which leaves the skin very smooth and extends makeup wear. It’s a good drugstore primer and if you love No7 it’s a good one o try. Mary Kay Lash Intensity– this is a very good mascara my only issue is that it picks up way too much product so it’s very easy to get clumpy lashes (I wonder if that’s where the ‘intensity’ comes from). It’s a long slim bristle brush and it’s great at separating lashes but it just picks up too much product.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules– I have never fallen in love so quickly with a product. This is a night time oil that revitalises the skin, leaves it glowing overnight! This is a trial size I received in a gift set when I purchased the full-size ANR so it only came with 15 individual ampoules. I used it twice a week, layered over the ANR. My skin the next morning always looked stress-free, radiant and healthier. This is also great for travelling. My sister in law got married this month and usually, late nights, heat and stress takes a toll on my skin and leaves it dull and textured but I was using this in the nights leading up to the wedding and let me tell you my skin looked so good! I have been so impressed by this that I want the full size! And it’s not cheap, the full size of this is £90! Very pricey but I will be saving my boots or Debenhams points to get this!


I finished the L’Oréal Curl shampoo– I loved everything about this shampoo and will recommend for natural hair. My full review is here. I dyed one of my wigs this month and I used the Crème of Nature conditioner– this box dye is really good even for dark hair and the conditioner actually softens hair. The one and only Gorilla Snort gel that slicks my hair down! I’m going to get another tub soon. Palmer’s Natural Fusions Hair Mask– I was really excited to try this on my natural hair but it fell short. The mask promises deep conditioning and hydration but my hair really felt no difference. I don’t remember it having a lot of slip for detangling either so overall I was quite disappointed by it. This is my second pack and I managed to use a little on my wig and surprisingly it worked better on that.

Nivea Fresh Clay shower gel– gosh I really don’t remember the last time I used a shower gel. This one smells so fresh and rinses easily and clean. I like that I gently cleanses the skin without leaving it super dry. Missguided Babe powder perfume– loved it so much I got it as my work scent now. Mitchum stick roll on– only roll on that keeps my dry. Holland & Barrett Vanilla oil– amazing vanilla blended oil I use in my body oil mixes. The scent is warm and lingering and stays on the skin throughout the day. Finally Veet hair removal and Superdrug cotton buds.

Total this month- 42. Total so far- 256/400


July Empties and Reviews

I set myself a mini-challenge this month: I wanted to do Beautylish haul but I promised myself I could only to do if I got above 35 empties! I definitely hit my target- which means I will be doing a Beautylish haul post soon. let’s get into the month’s empties and reviews: be warned it’s a long one!


I got through 2x Primark Cleansing wipes and a makeup remover cloth. I finally got to use my Sunday Riley products! I have fallen in love with Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser– this is the old formula so I am looking forward to trying the new formula. It deep cleanses the skin and leaves it soft & clean without drying it out. Definitely knocked off the Murad AHA/BHA cleanser from the top spot of fav luxury cleansers.  I also used the Sunday Riley Tidal & Luna Sleep Oil. Tidal- Ahh this is a very luxurious moisturiser it leaves my skin looking luminous and hydrated without a greasy feel. It’s lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily. I fell in love with this because you can layer this over retinol or use alone and I wake up to soft glowing skin! I want to get a full size of this cream because of how it leaves my skin. I have been using the trial size intermittently for travelling but I am very impressed with it every time I used it. It doesn’t pill on top of serums. Luna Sleep Oil- this is a very hyped product. Luna is a retinol oil which promises smoother even-toned skin. Firstly I did not like the scent of the oil but I must admit for an oil it didn’t feel heavy on the skin. It felt moisturising and leaves my skin brighter instantly. I didn’t have enough of it or used it long enough for any long term benefits but I must say I was impressed with it. It layers well with Tidal. I won’t purchase the full size of Luna even though I like it. I think it’s overpriced but if you love luxury items I would definitely recommend.

Moving onto facemasks, I finished Nip Fab Dragon’s blood jelly mask– great for hydrating and mixing with vitamin C powder. I used up Purederm Collagen Eyezone masks– these come in a pack of 30 from Yesstyle. For £3 they are great: they leave the eye area hydrated and refreshed. These stay in place whilst on and the pack didn’t dry out: I have had to open since March! Of course it’s resealable but it’s pretty impressive it went that long without drying. Pathology illuminating Eye Gels– these have shimmer but doesn’t leave shimmer on the skin. They are large and hydrating but

doesn’t stay in place whilst on. It also has a pleasant scent. Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Mask -large mask and fits the face really well. The moisture bomb masks have never left me down and this one is the same. It left my skin very hydrated and other products layered well on it. It says it restores a rosy glow- whatever that is, my dark skin didn’t look rosy lol but it was glowing.

Another sheet mask I used this month was Dr. Huang beauty lab broccoli voluming mask– the mask is well soaked in serum but also feels slightly oily on my skin. It had an ok scent, it wasn’t horrible but it’s not the best. It’s large and fits well however the mouth area was a bit large. I left it on for 10ish mins, it felt heavy on the skin and did not layer well with other products. It pilled so I had to wipe it all off!

10x DIY compressed sheet masks– I mostly used the Ordinary Glycolic toning solution and Garnier Refreshing toner as sheet masks this month! These work really well. I have a full review on them here. Bao Hydrating Rose Mist– this isn’t as hydrating as I would have liked but it sprays in a very fine mist. I also used this for a DIY sheet mask and it was ok. I have reviews coming for Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Cleansing Oil, Pixi Vitamin C Tonic, Farmacy Green Clean and GOW PHA Plus Serum. You can read reviews of TO Niacinamide, Burt’s Bee’s Overnight Lip Treatment, YourGoodSkin SPF30 and Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm on the blog. Finally, I also used my DHC Lip cream– this is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. It leaves the lips soft and hydrated with a lovely shine. It actually doesn’t just sit on top of dead skin. Sample sizes of Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser, Oil Free Lotion and Clinique 72 hr hydrator.



Bodycare- in the summer, I switch to lighter bodycare products. Currently, I am loving my Vanilla body oil( a blend of 5 oils plus vanilla and it smells heavenly) the vanilla essential oil I use is Miaroma Comforting Blended Essential Oil from Holland & Barrett- the scent lingers and actually smells of vanilla. I love this! I also used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (OG) & Sol de Janeiro Acai Body Powder cream– not worth the hype, not moisturising enough and had a lot of shimmers I don’t find suitable for every day. I have also been using the Palmers Skin therapy oil in my oil blend. Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion is very hyped and it’s easy to see why. This size didn’t last long but I found it lightweight and hydrating on the skin. It also leaves it smoother. The scent is not a huge hit for me but it’s ok. You know I love a good pamper routine! I finished Soap& Glory Flake away body polish & Scrubz of London Lemon honey scrub. I also finished my fav body ask- Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay from BodyShop. This has been discontinued s I actually sad I used it up (buts it’s been a long time coming) Nair Tough hair removal cream this one is great and quick to use. I finished my everyday perfume- Jimmy Choo Fever– I really liked this at first but as I got through the bottle, I realised it wasn’t lasting through the day anymore- this is the EDP. The scent disappears after a few hours wear. I won’t repurchase. Finally and hand cream from Crabtree &Evelyn.

Also finished the L’Oréal Curl Nourishment conditioner– this works great for natural hair. My full review is here. This fast dry nail spray from Primark also works really well. It gives a glossy finish if you want to skip a top coat and actually works! A perfume sample size of Angel Muse. Finally, a cotton pads pack from Primark

Total this month- 50! Definitely, the most empties I have had in a month! I really wanted to get my Beautylish haul lol so I pushed myself to the max but also because I am way behind on my target of 400 empties by the end of the year! This year is going too quick!

My collection had definitely taken a hit and I am so happy I am using up my old products!

I’m doing another challenge next month but I have just come across Uoma Beauty and oh my, the products are beautiful!

Total so far- 214/400



June Beauty Empties

I really look forward to the end of the month because I get to review how much products I have been able to use up! this month was a bit slow but I managed to add a few more empties to my overall challenge.


Kose Lotion in cotton– I have a full review soon. I originally wanted to use it as a ‘neck’ mask but I ended up using it as toner wipes. Check out the review. Repurchases of- Avene Thermal mist, BodyShop Vitamin E mist, Your Good Skin SPF 30( this has started stinging my eyes after application. It never used to do that so I don’t know if the formula has changed), Primark Gentle Wipes and Nip Fab Glycolic Foaming pads. I have a full review of the Pixi Peel & Polish, OMI Protect Gel, Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser and Shiseido Mineral SPF. I really liked the Tony Moly hyaluronic sheet– a lovely hydrating sheet mask. Tony Moly is a very popular K beauty brand. This sheet felt amazing on and left my skin plump and hydrated. I got this as a GWP from Yesstyle but its something I would also buy.


Estee Lauder Day wear– this is a luxurious moisturiser that feels good on the skin and moisturises without an oily residue. I got this in a giftset last year. Purity Cleanser– I really do not understand the hype of this cleanser. I thought it was average and I hated the packaging. It reminds me of a shower gel and as I got further down the bottle it was harder to dispense.

Jiinju Avocado Sheet Mask review

If you love k beauty and sheet masks then this post is for you. I got the Jiinjua Avocado Sheet Mask from Superdrug as a gift with purchase a few months back. This mask came as a duo, the Avocado Sheet mask is for soothing, calming and moisture. Made with avocado extract and chamomile.

The mask had a pleasant scent and was large enough to fit my face properly. It’s a fibre mask. I had the mask for about 15 mins and it stayed on for the duration. The mask is drenched in a very lightweight milky serum which feels very hydrated. My skin was left glowing and soothed, especially as I used it after dermaplanning. Very easy to use mask I absolutely love. I wouldn’t mind buying this.


I finished my absolute favourite co-wash, As I am Long & Luxe Gro Wash– if you love cowashes you have to try this! I have raved about this so much on Instagram. Palmers Coconut Repairing Conditioner– this was ok. I used it as s cowash (because I run out of my Growth mid wash). I felt like it didn’t make a huge difference in terms of leaving my hair soft and conditioned. Its for dry and damaged hair but I thought it was average. It won’t be the first conditioner to recommend for dry hair.  ORS Black Olive Oil Elixir– I really liked this oil, it smelt great and adds shine to the hair without weighing it down. It worked well on natural hair as well as my wigs.


Primark 3pk Cleansing mitts– I love these mitts! They are makeup remover cloths that need only water to remove dirt & makeup. I have them in my cleansing routine whether I am wearing makeup or not. I have backups of these always and I usually throw them out after 1 month. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body lotion– this is a nice lotion, its thicker than your usual lotion texture and adds some hydration without oily residue. I refer body cream or oil but this one was ok. Finally two soap bars- Dove Shea Butter & Cuzzon Mild Cleansing bar

Total- 21 total so far 164/400

Catch you later



May Beauty Empties

May went by extremely quick right? Once again it’s time for another update in my empties challenge. I am seeing a difference in my collection and I have also become more disciplined when purchasing items. Ok let’s begin


Kose Vitamin C Essence Mask– lovely sheet mask, full review here Sephora Lychee & Pineapple sheet mask– you guys know how much I adore Sephora sheet masks. Primark Gently Facial Wipes. Bodyshop Vitamin E face mist– lovely to use as a morning toner. Avene Thermal Spring water mist-I rediscovered this on my trip to Croatia and I have already repurchased it for my next trip! B Hydrated Booster– lovely booster for adding extra hydration to the skin. 1x DIY compressed face mask. BeautyPie Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin Serum– I LOVE this. I have repurchased this, see the full review here. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%– of course. Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask– this is a lovely gel textured mask- I liked this one better than the blue Algae mask. Again it is mostly for hydration and soothing properties. Estee Lauder Multi-Action Cleanser & Mask, Purity  Ultra-light Moisturiser and  Obsession Prep Fix Glow Mist.

Meadow Gently Cleansing Balm– I got this in a goody bag at an event and I was very excited t try this out. This is a rich soft oily balm with a ‘natural scent’. I wasn’t a huge fan of this cleansing balm because it felt quite heavy on the skin and leaves a slight oily residue on the skin. I found it slightly difficult to remove with my makeup removing cloth, it tugs just a little bit on the skin. Although I found this removes slightly better when the cloth is warm. It does a good job of removing makeup & dirt but I didn’t like the texture of it


A few soap bars, the 2 plain packets are Cuzzon Mild Soap and Dove Shea Butter soap. Scrubz of London in Cocoa– I love these scrubs! I have a full review on my Instagram. Soap & Glory Righteous Butter. 1x Primark cotton pads. Mitchum roll on– the best roll on ever!


Only two items here. ORS Black Olive Oil Rinse-out Conditioner– this was a creamy thick conditioner which left my hair soft afterwards. I have had this for a long time and only coming to finish it. I don’t see this range in the UK so I’m not sure if its available here. Crème of Nature Argan Buttermilk leave in.

That’s all for May.

Total this month- 24




Monthly Empties Challenge- April Empties

April is my favourite month because it’s my birthday month! I had an amazing day and thank you to everyone who wished me well! I managed to add another 32 empties to my challenge so let’s see what I finished!


Nip Fab Cleansing Fix– this tub has been going for a while! It’s so effective at removing makeup and I used it as a 1st cleanse in my routine. Full review on my Instagram. Optimum Bedtime Cleansing balm*– a good drugstore balm and a good starter balm. You guys know how I feel about the BodyShop Vitamin C mist, I have a review here. The Ordinary MAP (probably my 10th tube of this stuff!) Estee Lauder Micro Cleansing foam– a full review will be up soon! Missha Essence SPF 45– I have a full review and demo here. Nivea Moisture Mousse SPF50– full review here and amazing I should add. Some by Mi- AHA BHA PHA Miracle Cream– I have a full review here. Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA serum– this came as part of the starter set from Some By Mi. this was nice for hydrating the skin but the tea tree oil extract left it looking slightly oily. It felt soothing and non-irritating. It’s not what I got it for but I wouldn’t mind repurchasing later. Your Good Skin SPF 30– I have the brand review here. Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask– of course, I need to throw a sheet mask in somewhere lol. Primark Cleansing Wipes. The Ordinary Niacinamide serum– because it’s that time of year. Alpha H Clear Skin Daily Facewash– it has a strong tea tree scent so I couldn’t do my 60 secs cleansing method. It didn’t prevent breakouts- saw a few pimples here and there. It doesn’t foam much but its effective cleanser- breaks through oil residue and leaves the skin feeling clean. It washes off easily leaves skin feeling refreshed similar to how it feels when you drink water after chewing mint gum. Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA cleansing bar– this is an amazing cleansing bar! I have a full review coming soon. Estee Lauder- Advanced night eye cream– this is a sample size which actually lasted for 3 months! It’s a very nice luxury eye cream, it wasn’t too heavy for my eye area and it left hydrated and more even toned. Elf Beautifully Sheer pressed powder– one of my fav pressed powders! It works really well to set foundation without adding a lot of colour or looking cakey. I have had this for a long time and I have just finished it I have a backup already!

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Mask (green) & Blue Marine Algae Hydrating Mask -I got this in the Meet your Mask kit and another tube in my advent calendar (cucumber mask) and the blue algae came in the set. I was very excited to try PTH out as I heard great things about the masks. These masks were honestly underwhelming. I thought they were great at first probably because I was very excited but after using them a bit more they are just ok. The cucumber mask I like better because it is hydrating and soothing. The Blue Algae mask has shimmer! I hate gimmicky Instagram skincare so I do not understand why the mask has shimmer in it! Again it was ok to use, slightly hydrating but soothing on the skin. To be totally honest the descriptions of the mask sound very similar, they all mention: hydrating refreshing, calming, detoxing etc. each tube lasted about 2-3 sessions. The full price is a lot and I do not think they are worth it.

Yes to Grapefruit Vitamin C glow-boosting Mud Mask*– rubbish. This mask did not do anything! The package is way too big for the amount of product you get. I had to scoop it out with my fingers because it was stuck inside the packet. It didn’t make a difference to my skin


Ecostyler Black Castor & flaxseed oil gel– I tried this when I finished my olive oil gel. I have a full review on this soon. Ikoo Thermal Treatment wrap*– this promises to detox and balance the hair. It’s not really a wrap, it’s more of a shower cap with conditioner in it that you put on.  As expected, the product didn’t do much to my hair and it also didn’t fit properly. I used this as a pre-poo. This isn’t something I would see in store and purchase for myself: it’s not marketed for me and I’m not really interested in it. Palmers Natural Fusion Chia seed mask*– this is the latest collection from Palmers, unfortunately, didn’t impress me as much as I thought. My hair was ok and I felt like didn’t make a huge difference! I have another pack of this so I will test it again and bring you a full review. Coco & Eve like a virgin hair mask– I got this in an advent calendar and again it’s not the type of product I would get in store. It didn’t make a difference, it didn’t provide enough slip for detangling. I’m not disappointed because I really wasn’t expecting anything from this for my hair texture! Crème of nature conditioner– I dyed my wig and this conditioner came in the box


You guys know how much I love body scrubs (as its spring/summer I will do a recommendations post soon) I finished another tub of Flakeaway Body Polish from Soap & Glory– this will forever be in rotation! A new body scrub I have also finished is Scrubz of London Strawberry body scrub*– I will do a full review soon! I loved the Ahava Dead Sea mineral hand cream a friend got for me from Israel and I also finished the Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk & Oat hand cream*. I have heard a lot about Crabtree & Evelyn and their hand creams and after trying this out I totally get it! It’s nourishing and actually softens the hands without an oily residue! Derma Organics Chestnuts & brown sugar buttercream*– I got this sample size from an event I attended but it managed to last me about 2 weeks. First off this smells amazing although it’s one of those scents that can get sickly after a while because it’s so sweet! This shea butter mix is quite solid inside so I had to warm in my hands first before I could spread it. I didn’t really like that because buttercreams are meant to be creamy and easy to spread. It hasn’t got too much oil in it so it didn’t feel heavy or leave oily residue however I think it was ok at moisturising my skin. Boots Extra Strength nail polish remover– extra strengthen at ben rubbish lol. It was just ok. Finally a sample size of Juicy Couture Bowdacious perfume*. I loved this as an everyday scent and I will be looking to get the full size soon!

Empties for April done! This month started slow and I really thought I would not make my empties target this month! This post is quite late as I went on holiday at the end of the month( posts coming soon!)

*- gifted

Total so far- 119/400



Monthly Empties- March Empties

The first quarter of the year is done! March went by super quick but I’m very excited because April is my birthday month! Whoop whoop! I have another empties post so say tuned for mini product reviews, products worth buying and ones to miss!


I love the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist, this is probably my 2nd repurchase. I also finished the Beauty Pie Japanfusion HydraPrep Lotion which was lovely to use. Superdrug’s Natural Radiant 5% Glycolic acid is one of the more affordable drugstore acid toners. I have 2 more bottles to get through and I will bring a full review. Superdrug’s Optimum Anti Skin Stress Midnight Moisture Mask*, this was a nice hydrating mask and I loved mixing it with the Vitamin C powder from the Ordinary. Primark Cucumber Cleansing wipes– cheap and nice to use. I always go in to cleanse afterwards if I use this for makeup removal. The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% Ferulic acid 3%, I am an antioxidant fanatic, the more the better and I love this one because I find it so easy to use. Repurchased a few times. Some by Mi AHA BHA PHA Miracle toner– I will have a full review of this soon. B.Soft Multi acid Retexturising pads– when I saw this in Superdrug I was really excited because it meant the drugstore was giving us more acid toners. This one has fruit and glycolic acids and promises to leave the skin smoother and brighter. I am disappointed with these because I didn’t think they were that great. The pads also felt damp but I don’t know if it’s because I have had this for a while but it was unopened. The scent is also a huge letdown- it smells like something that has gone off. This is my 2nd tub of this product and I won’t be repurchasing. B Confident Night serum*- I briefly mentioned this serum in the B skincare brand review post. This is a lovely lightweight hydrating serum that works really well when layered on with something else. It doesn’t pill and I have had no issues with it. I find this easy to use and pretty much pair it with a lot of actives. It has Niacinamide in it which helps with skin brightening but it’s not a lot to expect great things from it. I would definitely recommend this if you just want something lightweight and hydrating. Pur Correcting Primer– so I have had this little buddy for a while now and it’s actually lasted longer than I thought! This is a nice smoothing primer it’s the not greatest for large pores but nice to make the skin look & feel smooth. It’s one of those primers you have to let your moisturiser sit for a while before going in with it otherwise the texture of it changes. When used properly as in after letting your moisturiser ‘dry’, it does give a soft matte finish. The correcting properties of this are supposedly for redness however I do not have any redness so I can’t comment on that. Other than that it is a lovely primer to use. I also finished Pixi Glow Tonic which I got in an advent calendar

Eleni & Chris Age Renewal Eye Mask*- I was gifted this in a goodybag from an event I attended in the month. This is a bio-cellulose eye patch which feels nice and cooling on the skin. It doesn’t move around once in place. I left this on for about 10 mins and it did hydrate my under eye area and left it looking refreshed. This is a brand that is new to me but it’s a Scandinavian luxury brand doing good things.

Yousha DIY Compressed sheet maskx3– ok so dont judge me on this one. As I was getting obsessed with Yes Style I came across these DIY compressed sheet masks. They are completely flat and expand when immersed in liquid. I thought it would be a fun way to experiment with my own potions for sheet masking. I actually got these from Amazon and I have been very impressed with them. It is a cotton material and it soaks up liquid very well. I am also very impressed with the size and fit- it’s actually big enough to cover my face up until my ears. At the moment I am using the masks with my toners and vitamin C powder-I’m really trying to use up stuff!


Primark cotton rounds. Sephora Foot mask– I really love this one. It’s a repurchase and I highly recommend it. Dove Body scrub– my full review is here. A sample size of Thiery Mugler Angel perfume. Wildseed Multi Purpose moisturiser*-  I was gifted this at an event and I fell in love with i straight away! the texture is so soft and it smells like chocolate orange!


Probably one the best co-wash I have used so far- As I am GroWash Cleansing Crème conditioner* it’s moisturising, extremely slippery for detangling and leaves my hair so soft. I have a full review on the ApHogee Keratin 2Min Reconstructor. I also finished the ORS black olive Repair 7 shampoo*– I have a full review here. KeraCare Thermal Wonder* is an amazing pre-poo treatment and this is the second time I have used it. 3xCreme of Natural Argan buttermilk leave in*- this is very nice to use both as a leave in and moisturiser

That’s all for March, I have a total of  27 and a accumulative total of 87/400

I gave up buying skincare for lent so I haven’t made any purchases and to be honest so far I havent been buying much (except for my brief obsession with K beauty lol) or I have no interest in getting a lot of new products. I’m very content with what I have at the moment and I am enjoying discovering all my old products



Ultimate Empties Challenge- December

This is it! The final empties post for 2018! This Ultimate Empties Challenge really pushed me to use up a lot of old products & half used products and I can definitely see a difference in my collection! I have rediscovered some old products, fallen in love with some new products and I have had to throw some products away. Anyway let’s get into this month’s empties!

Cleansers & Toners

Vitalised Vitamin Facial Spritz– I love this! I received this as part of my B Skincare brand review, you can check that out here. I will have a full review on this later. Caudalie Micellar Cleansing water– I love micellar water so I was very happy to get this in my advent calendar. This smells very fresh and botanical and is very effective at removing makeup even mascara. It doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling tacky. It feels very gentle on the skin. I really like this and I would buy the full size of it. Glossier Solution– I have a full review of this here. I do like this toner but I would honestly like to know the conc of acids in it and a bigger size would be nice.

Serums & Creams

Clinique Dramatically different moisturising lotion– there is a reason this is a best seller! This is possibly the best moisturiser I have ever used PLUS it lasts a very long time! The Ordinary Amino Acid serum– this is a serum that provides hydration and it is amazing! I have a full review here. Embroyolisse Lait Cree Concentre– this cream is very hyped and I understand why. Its lightweight and adds moisture without feeling heavy or oily. DHC Beauty Lift Eye roll on– the very first eye cream I have finished! I actually liked this very much because it was so easy to use with the roll on balls. The metal balls feel cooling on the skin and they don’t tug on it. Lancome Advanced Genifique– a nice serum and easy to use, I love the texture of this serum. Superdrug Vitamin E serum– one of the amazing products in the Vitamin E range from Superdrug, check out my full review here


Face masks

Skin Laundry Hydrating Radiance Facial Treatment Mask– I got this for free after my facial at Skin Landry. It’s such a beautiful mask. I will have a full post on my experience and a review on this mask. Skin Academy Snake Venom Gel Eye Patches x2– I got these from the Vuelio Blog awards in my goody bag. They are so difficult to open! They do feel cooling on but they do not stay in place! The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution– this is a mild chemical peel at home with zero downtime. I love this and it’s something I will repurchase, I will have a review on this soon. B. Hydrated Leave on Mask– I thought this mask didn’t do much to my skin. I have a full review as part of my B skincare brand review.


Crème of Nature Moisture & Shine Shampoo– I actually liked this shampoo both on my natural hair and wigs, I have a full review here. Shea Moisture JBCO Edge Treatment– this honestly did nothing for my edges in terms of grown or even as a styling product. In the end, I used it as a prepoo treatment. I have a brand review on Shea Moisture here. Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Milk– this was nice to use as a leave in but too much of it left white flakes in my hair. check out my full thoughts on this and other Palmer’s products in my brand review here.


Specsavers contact solution for my contacts. Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer– this is such a good drugstore primer and its something I will definitely repurchase! Check out my full review here. Primark Cotton Pads.

Total this month- 20

Grand total- 341!

That’s all folks! I am so happy I met my target, I exceeded it by 91 empties more. The lowest number of empties I have had in a month is 20 and the highest was 43! over the year, I have finished approx 26 serums, 34 toners, 80 face masks, 21 face creams, 37 haircare etc

I will be carrying over my empties series for next year as over the Christmas period, I accumulated more products from advent calendars and gifts! I actually didn’t buy any beauty items during the sales (apart for those for my new skincare challenge ft one brand, more details tomorrow!)

Check out my review index for all the reviews of products I have used

See you in 2019!


Ultimate Empties Challenge- October

October felt super long right? I couldn’t wait for the month to end to bring you another instalment of my Ultimate Empties Challenge! I hit my target of 250 empties last month! So from now till 31 Dec, I am trying to finish as much as possible! I have definitely seen a HUGE decrease in my collection and spending habits and it makes me so happy!

Anyway let’s get into this post

Cleansers & Toners


Tri Balm– read my full review here, this cleansing stick lasted about 8 weeks and I was using it twice a day. I finally finished my final tub of the Nip Fab Dragon’s blood cleansing pads (well I technically had 2 backups left but I gave them away). BodyShop Vitamin E face spritz– I love using this as a 1st mist in my makeup routine. I have an in-depth post on this hereGatineau Gentle Silk Cleanser– this is a cult product I simply couldn’t get into, my full review is hereGlossier Milky Jelly Cleanser– it was only the sample size but I did not like this AT ALL. I felt like I was just moving stuff around my face, it did not leave it feeling clean. It doesn’t foam/lather. 2x face wipes- Boots Cleansings wipes– rubbish and they feel damp/dry on the skin and Primark Micellar Wipes– amazing and really good at removing makeup. Finally 2x Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing pads travel size

Face masks

I’m continuing my reign of Sephora sheet masks (I’m trying to use every ‘flavour’ they have) this time I used the Aloe VeraGrape and Lychee face masks. I loved them all but of these 3 I definitely liked the Aloe vera. I also used the matching Sephora Lychee Eye Mask– it was nice and refreshing but it kept slipping down. The Nip Fab Dragon’s Blood Plumping mask was a really nice mask for hydration and plumping. It is a gel-textured mask formulated with amino acids and dragon’s blood to hydrate and plump the skin. I loved this. I found it soothing and hydrating and it was also a good mask to mix with my Vitamin C powder from The Ordinary. The texture does change with the powder added but it gives it a little shot of brightening properties. Clarins Hydra Quench Cream Mask was just beautiful to use. It softens and hydrates the skin and very soothing too. GlamGlow Thirstmud is probably the best hydrating mask out of the bunch. It hydrates and brightens skin. It does sting a bit but not as much as the youth Mud. The Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask which was a huge disappointment. I noticed no difference in my skin. I purchased this as a trio and the other masks were also a huge letdown. Finally, Origins Retexturising mask– a mask I was let down by as I love the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask. This mask was difficult to spread, felt drying and slightly itchy on my face and the performance was unremarkable. The pot probably had enough for 3 or 4 applications but after the 1st use, it dried up and became really difficult to spread so I was forced to use it up on 2nd application. It’s a good idea to have sample/travel sizes of the masks but not when it renders the products ineffective. Resealable packaging would be a better idea!


Serums & Creams

BodyShop SPF 50– my 5th tube of this stuff probably. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%– I have been gushing over this all summer! My full review will be up soon.  Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturiser– a beautiful lightweight moisturiser that sinks into the skin and adds hydration. It’s not oily/greasy. I really like layering this on top of my serums. Sunday Riley Good Genes– I loved this! I have a full review on this soon! Sunday Riley CEO serum– this was a let-down but I have a full review coming soon where I will talk about it in more detail. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– pimple redeemer! Lol I like to use this when I feel/see a pimple forming, it stings a little but use it at just the right time and it will prevent the pimple from forming! It also dries out formed pimples in 1-3 days. I have repurchased. This actually lasts a very long time because you’re literally using a tiny amount every time. Sephora Instant Moisture water gel– this was a lovely hydrating gel that I used when I was on holiday. It sinks into the skin, adds hydration and radiance. I wanted to see about purchasing the full size but I couldn’t find it in store (that’s how long I have had it!)

Hair care

Finally, we have some more action in the hair product empties and it looks like it will carry on! Shea Moisture Leave in– this is so beautiful and easy to use! I have a full review coming soon. ORS Monoi Oil Edge Control– holds it down for 10 mins then melts, the scent is nice but it lingers during the day. Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque– it’s okay, it moisturises my hair but I could do with a bit more. It doesn’t have a lot of slip so proceed with caution when detangling. Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner– I liked this one better and this had a bit more slip than the masque. The rinse out conditioner also softens my hair better and moisturises it more. Aphogee Balancing Moisturiser– you use this as part of the 2 step protein treatment but on its own, this is very nice too. Ogx Extra Strength Argan Oil shampoo– a lovely shampoo and gives a lot of lather and perfect for finger detangling. It also works to soften the hair! Grow Gorgeous Scalp detox– I got this in a Glossy box. It smells great and although it’s a scalp scrub, I mainly used it as a pre-poo. It left my hair so soft! I also used it to massage my scalp and it was actually nice. It’s grainy so it helps to get rid of build-up and stimulate blood flow to the scalp. It’s a nice pre-poo treatment but I am a big oil pre-poo girl so I won’t be running to buy this


Only two makeup items: Tarte Ready Set Radiant Setting spray– I hated this. It dries in patches, leaves the skin sticky and highlights texture on the skin. It adds some radiance to the skin after powdering but I absolutely hate when setting sprays leave patches on the skin. This is the second mist from Tarte I have used and both of them were a let-down. Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner– this is a very good liner, its super black (matte) and stays all day but the annoying thing about this? It doesn’t dry quickly so there have been many times I would use it then use my setting spray maybe 2-3 mins later only to get a dark faint liner in my crease lol. I have had this liner for 3 years 10 months (don’t judge me)


Palmer’s Moisturising Body oil– such a lovely body oil and a pleasure to use. This is my 2nd bottle (or is it 3rd) I used it throughout the summer. 2 more BodyShop mini body butters in Satsuma & Strawberry.


2 mini Angel Muse perfume from Thierry Mugler. 2 essential oils in Peppermint & Spearmint. Cotton rounds from Superdrug and the Wet Ones Be fresh wipes I got in a Glossy box

If you think today’s post is super long that’s because I finished wait for it, a whopping 43 products this month! Sis! 43! My highest empties so far, I am so happy! This brings my total so far to 300 empties!

300 empties!! Go me!! This challenge is really forcing me to use my products and since I am very competitive even with myself lol I don’t want to lose. I am also seeing improvements in skin too because I am actually using my stuff lol.

Catch you later