Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing Pads Review

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing Pads Review

It’s no surprise I’m obsessed with acids, I mean I have a post here and here about it and reviews on products which contain them here and here too! I haven’t had the best experience with the Naturally Radiant Collection from Superdrug however when I saw these I just had to give it a shot. I’m talking about the new Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing Pads which look a lot like the Nip Fab pads.

The Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing Pads are infused with plant extracts and promise to improve skintone and texture and awaken skin’s natural glow. It’s been formulated with AHA and fruit acid blend as well as aloe, witch hazel and Pro Vitamin B5 to improve skin’s clarity and smoothness of the skin’s surface


The pads come in a tub container and contains 60 pads. I use two daily, one for my face and another for my neck and chest. The pads are moist but not as moist as I would like them to be. They haven’t dried out since I started using them. Superdrug recommends you use the rough side of the pad 1st and the smooth side 2nd. I didn’t know this until now- it says this online and NOT on the container.

I’ve been testing out these pads and I must admit I like them. I use them as the acid toner in my routine, after washing my face and before misting with a water mist. I’m not sure of the acid content as it is not mentioned on the packaging but I assume it’s quite low, maybe 2% or less( I could be wrong). They don’t sting so misting is really optional with these pads.

I have noticed a slight improvement in the texture of my skin but not necessarily an improvement in skin tone or brightness yet. I feel it makes my skin look smoother and pores reduced. It’s also great for catching any last bits of makeup that is still hanging around after washing. They have a pleasant scent.


I think these pads are a perfect dupe for the NIP FAB Daily Fix Glycolic Pads. They perform the same way and they are much cheaper than the NIP FAB ones. I will recommend these to anyone looking to start with acids but not sure where to start. I wish they would state the acid content of the pads on the product or online just so I know how much acid I am using. But to be on the safe side I always use SPF anyway.


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The Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing Pads are £5.99 at Superdrug

Garnier Green Tea Leaves Purifying Botanical Gel Wash Review


So I posted about the New Garnier Skin Active Collection last month, check out that post here. What’s interesting about the new Garnier range is that, 96% of their ingredient are from a natural source. In today’s post, I will be reviewing one of the new products in the Green Tea Leaves Collection part of the new range

Green Tea Leaves Collection

The Green Tea collection is for Oily &Combinationn skin types. Like other products in the collection, it’s free from parabens, artificial colorants and silicones. I have been using the Purifying Botanical Gel Wash for a few weeks now and I can now bring my thoughts on it.

The Purifying Botanical Gel Wash is enriched with Green Tea Extract known for its purifying properties. Garnier claims the gel will remove excess sebum, impurities and pollution for clean and purified looking skin. Use once a day


The Purifying Botanical Gel Wash replaced my Dermalogica Special Gel Wash in my skincare routine. I use the gel wash in combination with SPS face brush.

The gel wash smells fresh & pleasant and a small amount suds up quickly. The gel is effective at cleansing and I feel my skin is clean. I feel as though my skin is a little drier and feels tight after use with no moisturiser on in my normal areas. I have normal to combination skin but I tend to lend towards to the normal side of the scale. My T zone is oily but not excessively oily. I feel like the gel does a good job balancing my oily areas and after use those areas feel normal but my normal areas feel slightly drier.

Verdict– The Purifying Botanical Gel Wash is suitable for more oiler skin types than combination skin types in my opinion. For combination skin which is more normal than oily, you may find this wash slightly drying like I did. For oily skin types, the gel wash will be a perfect budget friendly match for you.

I do like the gel wash and I will be reaching for it more in the summer as my tzone gets slightly more oiler in the warmer months. The wash minimizes my pores and overall mattifies my skin.

I also like how Garnier tells you where and what each ingredient is/from.

I am still testing the other products in this range so make sure you come back from more.

Garnier Skin Active Green Tea Leaves Purifying Botanical Gel Wash is £3.49 at Boots

I was sent the product for reviewing