Dermalogica Multi Active Toner Review

I purchased the Normal/Oily skincare skit from Dermalogica last month for my birthday and I started using the products straight away. I really like Dermalogica, their products are backed by science and they work.

What the brand says

Light facial toner spray hydrates and refreshes. Help condition the skin and prepare for proper moisture absorption when you spritz over skin after cleansing, and before applying your prescribed Dermalogica Moisturizer


So I started using this straight away as my toner in both my morning and evening routine last month. I would spritz all over the skin after cleansing and sometimes throughout the day if my skin was feeling dry. The mister is nice, not the finest mist but still quite light. The toner also has a scent although fragrance is not on the ingredient list, there are a lot of flower extracts and essential oils.

I like this toner because I found it quite hydrating and softening on the skin. Whenever I use this, I could feel a slight tingling sensation. This dries down quickly with no residue on the skin. It didn’t clog pores


I used to layer the PowerBright serum over this and it worked quite well but it also works well with other serums and creams. The 50ml size lasted just over a week, bear in mind I used it twice a day and on some days a few times too. I get mist crazy lol so I tend it over mist but I’m it can last longer. This is a good size to get a good feel of the product before purchasing. I wouldn’t mind getting this again.

The set I got was excellent value for money. I got the Normal/Oily Kit on LookFanastic but it’s sold out on there. It’s still available on FragranceDirect

The full size is £35 on LookFanastic

Birthday Spring Summer Skincare Haul


After finishing 79 products in the last 3 months (3 months Empties), my collection has taken a huge hit! I decided to head to LookFanastic and get some new products! I needed to top up my cleansers especially as I am left with 3 travel sizes ones and I wanted some new face masks. Since it was my birthday, I treated myself to a serum I have had my eyes on for a while and some other stuff!


Nip Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Jelly Mask– this is a repurchase for me. I find this mask pluming and hydrating and easy to incorporate in my routine. The only downside is if you use too much (which I always do) it’s slightly difficult to rinse off.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask– this is a new product in my collection. I’m really loving the Moisture Surge range from Clinique. I think I have used about 3 products in total and I am interested in trying more. I got the travel size mask to test out.

Dermalogica Skin Kit – Normal/Oily– Dermalogica is one of my favourite brands. This kit has 5 travel-sized products and the kit is for normal/oily skintypes. They have a few kits for different skin types. I have tried the Special Cleansing gel and I really love it. I’m looking forward to trying the other products in the kit. I will be bringing you reviews!

Dermalogica PowerBright TRx Treatment Kit– I was really excited to see this kit because I really love the PowerBright collection. I have already used the day and night cream and I really liked them, the serum in the kit will be new to me. I don’t think this set is worth the money. For £37(I got it with a discount code so it was £34), you only get 10ml sizes. The sizes were not stated on the website or the Dermalogica website, otherwise, I wouldn’t have got it. Also, the picture on LookFantastic is incorrect, it shows you will get two serums and the night cream but the set contains 1 day cream, 1 night cream and 1 serum.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting– I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on this product so I finally decided to go for it! I’m really excited to try this and will be adding it my routine soon. The serum promises to lighten dark spots in just 4 weeks which is a huge claim. I will be putting this to the test

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser (50ml) – I’m just about to run out of cleansers so I needed to stock up on them. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind foaming cleansers? I’m looking forward to using this!

I also got a free gift with purchase from Caudalie! I got a cleansing trio which contains the foaming cleanser, detox mask and a face scrub!

Fresh Mini Masks Gift Set– my brother got me this gift set for my birthday! This contains 6 mini sizes of their bestselling masks! As soon as I saw this gift set I knew I wanted it, it has 2 of the masks I have been wanting to try: Rose and Vitamin Nectar. The rest of them sound very good as well I can’t wait!

Dermatica– I picked this up because they had an offer for NHS workers. This is an online dermatology service that provides subscription strength products and expert advice.  This is yet to arrive. I ordered this on 6th April, I’m still waiting for them to send me my approved prescription with ingredient breakdown and ship my item to me. I have a full post on them coming in the next few days but I may delay it till I receive the product.

I will do an updated skincare routine soon. Check out my previous one here. My evening routine is quite difficult to put together as I am constantly rotating items but I will be working on it soon!

Catch you later, I better come out of this lockdown with the best skin ever!

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Stay home, stay safe!




Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel Review



Dermalogica is an amazing and effective brand which also comes with a big price tag. Today’s post will be a full review on the Special Cleansing Gel I received last year. I can’t do the review without telling you the background of how I got into skincare lol.

I remember attending the launch event for the Overnight Retinol Cream and I had my 1st ever face mapping analysis done (it’s free btw). I was slightly disappointed with the results, it wasn’t bad but it was indicative of my then current skin routine (which was no more than makeup removal and some cleansing and some moisturiser no SPF), since then I started to take skincare a bit more seriously. After the face analysis, you are told how you could improve and given a sample skincare kit that targets your areas of concern. I was recommended the Special Cleansing Gel, the Power Bright Pure Day and Night Creams (check out my review here). I was gifted the full-size products of these and I started using them right away! This was November 2015.

In February/March 2016, I went for another face mapping analysis (bear in mind I was using the Dermalogica products consistently and together) the results were so much better! And I couldn’t be happier! My skin was less decongested and clearer too. The only thing she recommended to add was a milder exfoliant (this births another story of how I got into acid based toners) and keep up with my (then) skincare routine (makeup removal, cleanse, tone and moisturiser with SPF)! Phew!

Now onto the actual review


The Special Cleansing Gel is soap and fragrance free and supposed to gently cleanse the skin and remove traces of makeup dirt and impurities.

It doesn’t produce a lot of lather which at first made me think it’s not cleansing properly (I love lathering products) but I was so wrong. It effectively removes the last residues of makeup and cleans pores. It’s non-drying on my skin. I haven’t experienced irritation or breakouts and I use it every time I take my makeup off (I follow the double cleansing method, my current makeup remover is the Bioderma Sebium h20 which I have a review on). I use it alone (with my hands) or with a face brush to take cleansing a step further.


It’s a luxury product but one you should consider investing in if you have the budget for it. If you love using luxury products, Dermalogica is a brand you should try if you haven’t already. If you are looking to splurge this season, splurge on Dermalogica and your skin will thank you for it!

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel starts from £28.00. Available on Dermalogica

Other Dermalogica reviews

Pre-Cleanse Oil

Skin Perfect Primer with SPF30

Above all else, keep your heart

Dermalogica PowerBright Review

Hey, guys, I hope all is well and everyone is doing great! It looks like summer 2016 is here! What are your plans? Onto today’s post, this will be the full review on the Dermalogica PowerBright Pure Day and Night moisturisers.

Been a #WOC, I suffer from hyperpigmentation especially around the perimeters of my face. So from October last year, I have been taking my skincare very seriously and searching for products to help even out my skin without bleaching obviously. After having a face mapping analysis at a Dermalogica event, I was recommended (and sent) the PowerBright Pure Light, Pure Night and the Special Cleansing Gel.

                                                                                            Pure Light SPF 50

purelightOne of the many reasons why I love this is the high factor SPF, factor 50 with high UVA protection! I have found SPF especially a higher one is essential when fighting hyperpigmentation. This one is very lightweight and doesn’t leave my face with a white cast (thank God!) and no flashback! Compared to the Ultra-sun which I used to use and really like, I couldn’t wear that alone because it left a white cast but this doesn’t. Also with high SPFs, they tend to be really oily/greasy but this isn’t excessively oily/greasy. For very oily skin types you may feel like this is very oily but it actually isn’t after you work it into the skin. It’s easily and quickly absorbed!
I have noticed a huge difference in my hyperpigmentation. It’s formulated with Oleosome Technology which helps to regulate melanin protection and Red Algae to help balance uneven skin tone. My skin appears more radiant and the darker areas appear better. I also like the fact that it didn’t break me out.

Pure Night

pure-night_199-01_590x617The Pure Night feels very rich and luxurious on. I especially like it because my current cleanser makes my skin slightly tight and putting this on afterwards makes it feel replenished. Again because of its rich texture it can come off a bit oily. I use half a pump for my entire face and neck. The night time moisturiser also helps to control melanin production and hyperpigmentation and if formulated with Vitamin C for brightening, Raspberry seed oils and Oligopeptide.

I love the very high SPF especially now it’s summer and I started using acid toners which make the skin more sensitive to the sun. The combo has made such a huge difference in my skin and I am loving the results (super sad my Pure Light is running out!). Darker skin tones, if you are searching for SPF that doesn’t leave a white cast or cause flashback this one is definitely one to try! Both moisturisers come in pump bottles which obviously makes things more hygienic.

I will say to be careful with the Pure Light because it comes with an expiring date (mine expires at the end of the month, noticed this by chance!) and I won’t recommend you use the product after then. The Pure Night has a 12M shelf life after been opened. In conclusion, these products are very effective and you will get results! Do our skin a favour and invest in these products! I highly recommend them. Also, a face mapping analysis is free and I recommend you get one done so they can give you personalised products. They will provide you with samples to try out!

Pure Light is £55. Pure Night is £66.50 and both can be purchased on the Dermalogica website. I will also bring a review on the Special Cleansing Gel soon.



Psalm 91

Dermalogica Review



I love Dermalogica products! They are gentle on the skin and really effective. I was sent the mini travel favourite’s kit a while back ( full products above) and I am here to review two of the products in the pack.

Pre Cleanse

Watch my demo of product below


I like the Pre Cleanse much better than the BodyShop Silky Cleansing oil, read a review here. I felt this go to work straight away and I also liked the fact it didn’t leave an oily feel afterwards. It has a strong herbal scent but it doesn’t linger after you wash.

After 4 washes, I could feel my face was clean enough. It takes off mascara much easily than the other cleansing oil. And you actually don’t need a lot of it too. Like the Body Shop cleanser, it goes white when mixed with water.


SkinPerfect Primer with SPF30

I love the primer for many reasons, number 1 being it has SPF in it! I know its winter so people don’t really bother (you should use sunscreen all year around) but it’s something I have been taking very seriously now. If you read my current beauty favourites ( read it here), I love the Ultra Sun SPF 50 which I use underneath my face moisturiser then a primer ( 3 layers before makeup etc!) this makes life so face easier because  I now use just a moisturiser and this primer then my makeup! It leaves a white cast (as with the Ultrasun and most SPF lotions actually) but it does a good job of helping my makeup stay longer too! My skin looks flawless with this baby on! I definitely recommend this! Especially if you are going on holiday and don’t want to carry extra sunscreen for your face!


I really love both products and give them a thumbs up! Dermalogica never disappoints so I really do recommend these products. To purchase

Visit the Dermalogica website

Did you know you can get a FREE Dermalogica face mapping skin analysis?! To find your nearest location and for info, click here

I will bring you reviews of the other products in the pack once I use them!

Christmas Guide Post

Is it too early? But is it ever too early?!


Hey my loves, so as the title suggests, this will be a short guide to some amazing products you should think about getting for your loved ones this Christmas. At first I thought it was way too early for this post but then I watched the totally awesome John Lewis advert and I was like yhh its not lol. After all we are in November, countdown to Christmas? 39 days!


Oh in case you haven’t seen the vid, which I am sure you have but just in case,


So lets get into  this post then. 5 simple categories to choose from, all the prices ( hopefully to fit every budget) and links to where to purchase will be up too.  Who doesn’t love a beautifully packaged set with 2, 3 maybe 4 items inside? My only requirement for this guide was that the gift came in a set!

One for the SKINCARE lovers

Nothing beats healthy, radiant skin especially in the winter! Whilst you are taking care of your self from the inside( because no matter what you put on your face, if your diet, water intake etc is not top notch, the products can only be effective till a certain point), check out my picks for taking care of yourself on the outside



  • Dermalogica skin kit, different kits available for most skin types. £26.35. Available here
  • Boots N07 Cleansing Brush Set, £30.00 Available from com
  • Liz Earle Superskin Botanicals All-Stars, £43.00. Available from com

Best for PERFUME fanatics

Lets face it, no outfit is ever complete without your signature perfume ( or in my case perfumes, because #addictedtoperfume), soo if you are looking for one to start with or just want ot try something different, shop my picks to help you come out smelling like rose

All these these are available on Debenhams, if you hurry, you may catch their 10% off discount! (P.S they are also on my wish list :))

  • YSL Black Opium EDT 30ml giftset, £45.00 ( now £40.50)
  • Marc Jacobs Decadence EDP 75ml giftset, £75.00 (now £67.50)
  • Viktor & Rolf BonBon EDP 50ml giftset, £79.00 (now £71.10)

Bonus- Paco Rabanne Olympea EDP 50ml giftset, £54.00 (Now £48.60)

perfume set





Of course, been a naturalista myself I had to include something for us! Keep your hair looking fly with these great products from top brands

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter and Argan Oil Repair& Transition Kit, £22.45. Available from British Curlies

BeUnique Try Me Travel Kit, £24.99. Available from

SheaButterCottage 3 Step Hair Pack, £26.50. Available from


MAKE UP lovers I got you!


Tis the season to upgrade your make up game! My picks have everything you need to make sure you nail your Christmas selfie!

Pur Minerals Starry Eyed Kit, £12 Available from Beauty Bay

Sleek 24K Gold Gift set, Limited Edition, £27.49 (now £25.00). Available from (P.S check out their other gift sets)

Clinique Days of the Week Lipstick, £35.00. Available from


Top picks for AU NATURALE

These days, everyone wants to incorporate something natural, organic or mineral products in their regime. I think this is great but with the hefty price tags around, it may not suit everyone’s budget. Shop my picks for affordable gifts for your natural savvy friend

LoveShea Himalayan Salt and Rose scrub and Shea Soufflé Gift Set, £17.50. Available from LoveShea (P.S check out LoveShea reviews under the Product Directory Tab)

Bare Minerals Precious Gems, £25.00. Available from BareMinerals

Lush StarDust, £27.95. Available from Lush


That’s all folks! Let me know what you think. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you a last minute shopper? I will hopefully be back with some more gift guides, so stay tuned!

Until next time,



NEW! Dermalogica overnight retinol repair

Hey beauty junkies, I hope everyone is great. This will be a short post of a new product from Dermalogica. I was invited to the launch event of their new overnight retinol repair in London which happened on Wednesday.  I will start off with the event then the product then what services they offer.

I thought it was very cool to have a juice bar (supernatural juice and smoothie bar to go with their whole theme – healthy skin) I never juiced before #juicevirginlol so I had to try one then I went for a second one (Does that count as a detox? Lol). You have to try kale, mango, lemon, ginger and apple (Colour green) OR pineapple, ginger, apple, lemon (Colour yellow).

You could also get your portrait drawn and again I just had to get mine done! I LOVE it! It looks like a cartoon version of me and guys he did it in like 10 mins!

I also got my face mapped! She just diagnosed my skin using a special camera then recommended a skin care regime with samples of what she recommended at the end.

NOW the MVP of the day


The overnight retinol repair is effective for fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture. It has 3 main ingredients: 0.5% retinol (Pure vitamin A), vitamin C and peptides.  It also comes with a buffer cream, which contains vitamin E and 8% aloe vera extract which helps to control the concentration of the retinol been applied to the skin.

How to use: they recommend you mix ¼ of the retinol repair to ¾ of the buffer cream and gradually increase as your skin builds tolerance.


Some of the services they offer are

Face mapping (Skin analysis) – a professional consultation that will reveal your skin’s health – FREE

Skin bar- allows you to test your prescribed regime – 15 minutes FREE

microZone treatments- targets the main areas of concern- 20minutes for £20

Visit them at

One New Change London

One New Change shopping center

London, EC4M 9AF

01372 225 537

That’s all folks, it was a great event! Please check my Facebook page for more pictures on the event! I am having some serious space issues with WordPress lol- I need more space! So from now on, most of the pictures will be on my Facebook. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost! It will all be under different albums!

Until next time



September monthly products


Hey wonderful people! This is a list of stuff I got over September. I will have reviews up soon. Let me know if you have used any of these products or recommend some new ones to me! I am always on the hunt for something new to try J

I used lemon juice (Yes guys lemon juice) as a toner for a while, to help brighten my skin and help with my hyperpigmentation. It worked but I got bored of using it and wanted to try something new. I decided to pick up the Nivea pure and natural toner 0.33p (yes lol, but it’s been discontinued that’s why it’s so cheap) from Superdrug. Not a great fan of the smell but it gets the job done.

Garnier has always been my go to brand for skin care! I picked up their pure active anti-blackhead deep pore wash, £1.75 (a mouthful right?). This has salicylic acid which is known for its anti-blemish/breakout properties. I’m loving the results already.

ORS curls unleashed sulfate free shampoo and rinse out conditioner. I went to the ORS event during the Vogue Fashion night out and got these two baddies in my goody bag. A full review will be up soon on BrownBeautyTalk but one thing I have to say now is: I LOVE the SMELL! Lol. Check out my product collections series for the full product list for curls unleashed.

Superdrug body spray, £0.99. I love getting these and throwing them in my hand bag to use throughout the day. It smells really good and lasts all day.

Small stippling brush, £1.50 from Primark. I have been looking for a small stippling brush for a while now and I randomly saw this in Primark and got it! (I didn’t know they sold brushes). I really like it, I use it to apply my highlighters or use to blend my under-eye concealer.

Beauty UK gel fix nail polish £1 each, from Superdrug (please check my Facebook page for a lot of nail colour swatches)

Barry M nail paint, buy one get one half price, £2.99 each

Dermalogica products, separate post coming soon, I went to their event launch for these products yesterday

And finally my notebook, I got these to write my ideas, stories etc down as well as to plan my blog posts. Got it covered by CJAJ09, check her out on Facebook

That’s all the products I got this month, why not share yours with me