Beautiful Textures

Hey beautiful people! Another product collection! So this series won’t be complete without featuring Beautiful Textures! Of course we all know and love this brand, if you didn’t, don’t worry this post will give you their FULL product list PLUS reviews PLUS where to purchase them in the UK! Sound good? Let’s get started

The full collection is


  1. Beautiful textures moisture butter
  2. Beautiful textures curl control
  3. Beautiful textures curl definer custard
  4. Beautiful textures curl definer mousse
  5. Beautiful textures tangle taming shampoo
  6. Beautiful textures tangle taming leave in conditioner
  7. Beautiful textures rapid repair deep conditioner
  8. Beautiful textures shine and silken
  9. Beautiful textures curly to straight
  10. Beautiful textures edges to ends silkener

10! A full house lool. I think this is the first collection I have featured with 10 products. It has everything, well maybe except a co wash but we can overlook that right? Lol So I personally love this brand and I have used some of the products within this collection: the rapid repair conditioner (second purchase), the leave in and shampoo. And I loved all of them.

They also have a texture manageability system (TMS) that aims to help you keep straight styles for a long time. If you like using heat or don’t mind it, then check this out. Products in this collection are

  1. natural straight anti reversion shampoo
  2. natural straight anti reversion conditioner
  3. TMS kit

I actually have two of these kits I was given at the Curlvolution event. If you missed out, please read my event cover here>> . They are hosting another event next month, check out details here >>


I haven’t used this kit yet because I am staying away from heat for a while but I have used the conditioner on my straight wig when I wanted to keep it straight for a while. The wig is usually wavy and remains straight for about 2 to 3 days when I normally straighten it, with the conditioner the style lasted for a few more days before it wasn’t bone straight anymore. I also got the hair to be bone straight with two passes of the flat iron at 230 degrees, this usually doesn’t happen.


Let’s look at what other others are saying



TMS system



That’s all folks, let me know what you think? Have you tried the TMS system? Share your thoughts with us. Here in the UK you can get the full collection including the TMS online on BeautyByZara >>

I hope you enjoyed this post, off to search for more

Until next time






Hey family! I hope everyone is doing great. So I have been working hard searching for the best UK based brands for you and voila, I came across Curl Harmony!

Curl Harmony is a UK based natural hair company that produces products free from harmful chemicals e.g. sulphates, silicones and petrochemicals.  All products are made with natural or naturally derived ingredients with minimum amounts of fragrance oils.

In simpler terms, the products have been formulated using luxurious natural ingredients to suit every curly girl’s needs! I’m talking to my type 4 sistas and type 2 a/b/z (lool I don’t think there is a type 2z…. yet…)

So it’s a good collection featuring all the essentials: a cleanser, deep conditioner and a leave in conditioner! The full product list is as follows:

  1. Curl Cleanser
  2. Smoothing conditioner
  3. Leave in conditioner
  4. Intensive repair deep conditioner
  5. Buttercream
  6. Curl reviver

Since you guys don’t mind not having pictures of every single product (thank God lol), I will be doing these collections without them, Lord knows I am running out of storage on my WordPress account lool.

Review time!



So I have been speaking to the lovely Nadine, the owner of Curl Harmony who sent me some products to review! I got the


  • Leave in conditioner
  • Deep treatment mask
  • Buttercream

So you guys are in for a first impressions/ full review from me! I’m sorry I can’t try all the products I feature in this series lol (I’m only human with a limited amount of space and one head of hair lool, but remember this series is to bring you information on the brands out there for us and where to purchase them in the UK, if I happen to use it of course I will add a personal review for you guys J)

So look out for more information about these products soon, wash day is close by! Lool. Here in the UK you can get the full product range on their website >

That’s all folks. I am really happy you guys are enjoying this series. I have loads more to come. I have realised in doing this series that, there are a lot of companies that now have a natural hair product collection from just catering to relaxed girls previously. Obviously the quality of these are yet to be determined by us. There are also a LOT of natural hair companies that offer great products. There are also UK based companies with really great products waiting to be discovered by us. (Did I just get deep there? Lool)

So until next time (off I go to enjoy my curl harmony products and my days off lol)