Foundation of the Month October- ColourPop No Filter Foundation

I love ColourPop Cosmetics! Their Ultra Matte Lipsticks are amazing and the price, the price is the cherry on top! I did a ColourPop haul last month and I was waiting till October to test the foundation! So let’s get right into it

ColourPop’s No Filter Foundation is a natural matte buildable full coverage foundation that is oil-free and promises flawless skin day to night.


So this foundation for me is okay, I find nothing special about it. I have the shade 185 which is light so I have to mix it with another foundation. I used their shade finder which matched me to 185 if you have 430 in Fenty (my shade) so I was disappointed to discover it was light. I experienced no irritation with the foundation. The undertone of this foundation is described as golden yellow undertones which I think but there is some neutral as well

With that aside, the foundation is more medium coverage than full coverage but you can build it without looking cakey. It leaves the skin looking smooth in some areas and it doesn’t oxidise during wear. It blends easily into the skin and pairs well with the different primers I have used it with. It’s a lightweight foundation with a natural matte finish. I like that it is not too matte and doesn’t look dry on the skin. Longevity wise – It holds well but does start to separate around the nose area and around my smile lines after a short time even after setting (and I tend to use a lot of powder). I won’t say it highlights texture but it doesn’t necessarily cover it.


I am not a huge fan of this foundation and I am not excited enough about it to find my correct shade. I don’t like mixing foundations but I don’t mind doing it if it’s an amazing one which honestly this isn’t. I think it’s a good foundation for the price you pay and it something more suitable for everyday casual wear. I purchased mine in a site-wide sale and I think I only paid 6 dollars (£5is) for it but still, I have a £5ish foundation that is amazing.

I will be giving this away mainly because I don’t want to keep mixing foundations.

I mostly used the foundation in conjunction with their No filter concealers so I will also have a review on that soon.

ColourPop No Filter Foundation is 12 dollars on ColourPop. UK buyers: it’s free shipping over 50 dollars but you will have to pay a custom fee


ColourPop Haul and swatches on Dark skin

ColourPop Haul and swatches on Dark skin

I am so excited to share this post! Why? because I finally bit the bullet and did a ColourPop haul! The customs fees have really put me off for a very long time ( Please just come to the UK) and I remember I only ever made 1 previous order, 2 years ago, with a friend and only because we had a discount code LOL. This time around, they had a 25% sitewide sale and literally everything I wanted was included so I finally decided to buy something! Whatever savings I did save paid for the customs fees which I have to admit wasn’t as much as I thought it would be, £16.67 but still it would be nice not to pay it! The shipping was super quick too, 2 days after dispatch, it arrived in the UK but I didn’t get it until 4 days later because of the customs charge


I bought a good range of stuff including their new No Filter foundations and concealers. I got a bunch of Ultra Matte Lippies for myself and my girls, and a couple of other stuff. This post isn’t a review because I haven’t used everything yet, this post will have swatches of the stuff I bought and some information on how I matched myself to the foundation( it was a fail but it wasn’t too big of a fail lol). Let’s goo


One thing I love about CP is definitely their lipsticks! They stay put period and are cheap! I picked up 5 colours (2 were gifts so no swatches, unfortunately) but the 3 that were mine are LAX and Limbo which I missed out on with my last order 2 years ago and the Ellarie x CP collab Hennyways. All 3 are Ultra Matte formulas so they are super matte but very long-lasting. Limbo and Hennyways are VERY similar but the undertones are just a smidge bit different. Do you need both? I don’t think so, but I do like Ellarie so I wanted to get it in support.

ColourPop Haul and swatches on Dark skin

No Filter Foundation & Concealers

So when it comes to buying foundation online I generally don’t advise it unless you absolutely know your shade/ it’s a repurchase. I watched countless of video to try and get a shade match and I also used their shade finder with the chart they had available. In the end, I went with 185 which they describe as a warm foundation with golden yellow undertones with the closest shade matches to be 430 Fenty (my shade and MAC NW 46) was it a perfect match? No, unfortunately, it’s just a tad bit lighter than my skintone, maybe half a shade but the undertone is good. I can use it but I would probably have to mix a drop or two of a warmer darker foundation (my MUFE Ultra HD will do the trick). I’m not a huge fan of mixing foundations but I don’t mind as the shade isn’t way off. I haven’t worn it yet, but I have scheduled it for use in October in my Foundation of the month series. I have a few events in October so I would really get to test this out and let you know if it’s worth the hype


my other foundation shades


I am not the one for a bright under eye highlight although I could have probably gone a shade lighter with these concealers. I got the shades Dark 52 & 54. Again I haven’t test driven them yet, waiting for October!


Cheek products

I have been waiting for this Avalon Highlighter for 2 years lol. It’s a bronzed pearl highlighter that looks amazing on dark skin! The texture of this is bouncy and soft and it applies easily with a brush

I have been in search of a warm matte bronzer for dark skin for a while. I don’t want to spend £30 plus on it ( I know Bobbi Brown and Guerlain have one) because I am still learning how to use one properly so I decided to try the CP one. I got the shade Bits & Pieces which is the darkest shade and it’s perfect! Not to red or warm and it shows up on the skin! A very subtle shimmer but it isn’t noticeable once on. I love it! It’s available in the pan only/ compact with a mirror and I opted to get the compact to complete it

The only product I don’t like is the Quarters blush. I actually wanted the Swift blush but I couldn’t find it on the website so I went with this instead. It looks like it would be a deep cranberry colour in the pan but it is very far off. It looks chalky on my skintone and the colour payoff isn’t great. PLUS I don’t like the texture of this, unlike the highlighters this feels like a powder to cream formula? I don’t know which brush to use with it: I have tried a fluffy and stippling brush but they don’t seem to pick up the colour well. I have tried fingers but I don’t like using my fingers for makeup application. It looks used already because I have been trying to make it work but I am getting nowhere


Final thoughts

I am very happy with my order and how quickly I received it! I love everything expect for the blush and I can’t wait to play around more with them! I would recommend (with the exception of the blush) everything was they look great on dark skin tones!


Can we start a petition to get them to ship here custom free or include it on the shipping? Better yet make a deal with a UK retailer: Beautybay, FeelUnique, Selfridges or Debenhams. Hopefully soon

Love Sarah


Best Matte Liquid Lipsticks Under £10

It’s party season and you want your look to slay all night. Matte liquid lipsticks have longevity and can last through all the turkeys and Christmas puddings you will eat. But c’mon, after all the gift shopping you are a bit broke (or maybe you guys are ballin so its just me lol). These are the best matte liquid lipsticks under £10!( I told y’all the drugstore don’t play)


I chose these brands based on


Colour range (if they have shades that suit darker skin tones)



Let’s begin!

Sleek Matte Me £4.99

The newer shades are more forgiving and comfortable than the first ones the released (rioja red. Birthday suit, fandango purple and Petal). They all have last power and look super matte and some really nice colours to choose from!


La Girl Matte Flat Pigment Gloss, £5

The name sounds confusing but I can assure you there’s nothing glossy about these liquid lipsticks! They stay period! And super matte like super and can be slightly difficult to remove. They have a range of colours and are cheaper in the hair shops (£3.99). P.S – the one I have (Rebel) is a dupe for MAC Retro Matte in Oh Lady


ColourPop £10

Of course, I had to add ColourPop!  Thier affordable liquid lipsticks in a HUGE range of colours changed the whole matte lips game! 10 pounds in the UK or 6 dollars (about 5) on their website. If u are going to order from there be prepared for custom charges. The formula is drying but hey that’s what matte lips are right? A more forgiving formula is their Ultra Satin Lips.

La Splash £9.95

They have a lot of different collections with a range of colours but one thing is certain they don’t move! They stay all day and very difficult to take off! They are drying too so make sure you use that lip balm and blot before wearing this! The best video on YouTube is this one done by Fiercely Chocolate. She shows a lot of colours from all the different collections and she’s a beautiful WOC! Do you know how difficult it is sometimes to get lipsticks swatches on #woc?

Nyx Cosmetics from £5.50

Of course Nyx Cosmetics will make an appearance on this list. Choose your finish lingerie, soft/extreme or suede? They’re affordable range means there’s something for everyone! They shades are beautiful too

MUA Cosmetics £3

Last but certainly not least is MUA Cosmetics! Their lipsticks are super cheap but very pigmented! You also have to check out the other items from this brand (£1 blushes anyone?) over the years, they have really stepped up their game and packaging!

Honourable mentions

The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip £6– these are very new and for the Body Shop quite cheap too! They payoff is great and its buildable colour and very comfortable to wear!

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme £7.99


That’s all folks! If I have missed out your fav brand do let me know! These are the best liquid lipsticks that are very affordable and easy to get (although some shades sell out quickly!) I hope this helps and gives you something new to try out. I would do lip swatches as I have something from all these brands but see the way its set up lol.


Christmas is a few more sleeps!!!!!

Collective Haul: Skincare & Makeup

I have been MIA for a while and what better way for a comeback than a Collective Haul ft Skincare & Makeup?!  I have been into skincare lately and I have always been into skincare but this time, it’s a whole new level. Since the addition of acid toners in my routine plus the mini heatwave we experienced this summer, I have stepped up my skincare game! The drugstore has some pretty good, effective and affordable skincare products so I have been trying my hands on some new goodies

First Aid Beauty, for the longest time I wanted to get something from this brand, in particular the two items I got: the Facial Radiance Pads and the Vitamin Hydrating Mist, FeelUnique had a sale on these and I had my £3.95 voucher, add to cart!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray & Nyx Dewy Mist– its official, makeup setting sprays are my weakness! This one from Mario Badescu has been on my hit list for a while, I just thought it was more expensive than its actual price, but never looked into it until recently. Nyx Dewy Mist – I must admit, it was a hype purchase because I found out Nyx has a counter in my local Boots and I have a discount card for Boots!


Ben Nye Topaz & Max Blot Powder– I had run out of my pressed powder (Sleek) and wanted something different. I wanted to try the MSF powders from Mac but I wanted something with next to nothing colour. This BLOT powder from Mac is amazing! It has 2% pigment which is next to nothing so it doesn’t add to your foundation – it’s perfect if you don’t like full coverage like myself. It does amazingly well at taking away oil! Ben Nye Topaz has been raved about for a while but I never took any interest in it. My girl from work convinced me, gave me sample then her me her almost new powder because it didn’t suit her well actually she preferred the Sacha Buttercup and the rest is history………………..


Water Sprays- acid toners means neutralisation afterwards and even though my acid toners are not quite strong to require this step I love the feeling of misting my face with fancy water in a can. Caudalie Grape Water & La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water are re purchases. I decided to try the Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water too


ColourPop- they finally have international shipping which may not be worth it because you actually have to pay tax. Anyway I got two items from the KaePop collections and two of the satin lips which I actually don’t like




Milani Baked Blushes– even though I wanted my first item from Milani to be their Liquid Lipsticks, I went for the baked blushes. Very shimmery but still nice on


Shea Moisture Mud Mask– ever since I heard of their skincare collection, I have been wanting to dip my hands in them. Living in the UK means I miss out of a lot of goodies but thanks to MyLuxeBeauty, you can get this and other hard to get products here


Mielle Organics Mint Oil– my second bottle of this stuff. I love everything about this and it actually works!Finally, eye care samples I got from FeelUnique and the Naturally Brightening eye cream from Superdrug.


I have been loving the Clearly Youth Serum from Superdrug, second purchase and I really love it! Also picked up the Botanics night cream from Boots


That’s all folks! I can’t wait to bring you reviews on these products! Make sure you follow me on Instagram for all the latest products. I am finally on Snap Chat – itssarahfynn

Gotta go

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Rant Lustre Cosmetics



Hey guys I hope everyone is doing great. This post will be a bit different than usual. I just need to rant lol and I hardly ever need to do these. Anyway quick disclaimer- this is my experience with the website no way affecting the product quality of the stuff I bought.

So lustre cosmetics, I heard of them on Twitter and they are a UK company that sells Colour Pop! Now I really wanted to try Colour Pop but the process of getting it to the UK is kinda long and the shipping would be long too so I have held off until I heard of them. So of course I was excited to finally get something from Colour Pop. I made a whole post of beauty websites where you can get hard to get US brands click here to read and included them (tbh the whole reason for that post was to include them, I know I lot of people want to try Colour Pop but don’t necessarily want to go through that shipping process and that post is NOT based on customer service just where to get certain brands. If I knew this beforehand I probably would not have included that in the post)

Anyway, they had a massive restock on the 30th of January and I was on there like glue to order something lol. Of course there was a few issues with the site I experienced like stuff not showing in my basket and showing more items than I selected. Finally the site crashed which I understood anyway, there were a lot of people wanting to order plus they did some really good management of keeping people up to date on Twitter. Finally I got 2 of 6 of the things I wanted because of the issues I had and I couldn’t be bothered lol. So ordered on the 30th. Got the email saying order is complete on 3rd February (Wednesday). Good. I’m thinking UK based so weekend tops I will get my package. Nope! So I’m like Monday 8th February tops! Nope! Started to check their Twitter and saw a few people started complaining about not receiving their order. So I’m like Wednesday, 10th February tops I will get it definitely. Nope! I tweeted them for updates no response. What piss me off and led me to do this rant is what happened on Instagram

Thursday (11th Feb) I went on their Instagram and someone had commented about not receiving their package. I replied to that comment and said same here too. They replied to her and ignored mine, I’m like erm ok so I commented separately for a response. Checked back later, no response but they had responded to everyone else. I found that very rude.  Finally I responded to someone else’s commented (she said they had deleted one of her comments) about how the customer service is not acceptable!  Finally they commented DM us your email!?! To the both of us! No apologies or explanation! What the hell. Proof in the pictures below


Customer service is basic. All this could have been solved literally through the communication! I finally received my order on Friday the 12th of February! I won’t be purchasing from them again, this is my 1st and last time. I didn’t appreciate having to chase them up and them ignoring me after I gave you my money! With no apologies or whatsoever as to why you didn’t reply to my messages. I would rather go through the long process of getting them shipped here. Needless to say the shades I got where beautiful lol. I really hope they can up their customer service game. I understand it may be a small business or something they are doing ‘on the side’ but when it comes to taking people’s money or selling you have to make sure you communicate! Especially when they contact you first. Most people will only complain in two situations: either a service is really good or bad. And if you want to grow and potentially make more money, customer service is something you seriously have to look into.

RANT over lol. Does any one else like listening to people experiences with companies? I watched this one with Wayne Goss last week


Have you had any bad customer service?? Rant below!

P.S- you can get 10% off Curl Harmony products using my code SARAH at checkout!


My picks

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ColourPop X Karrueche


Have you seen the latest ColourPop products?! They have collaborated with the beautiful Karrueche for KaePop for a collection of gorg lipsticks, highlighters and eye shadows!

IMG_20160201_000508I have been obsessed with ColourPop for a while now but living in the UK means it’s actually quite difficult to get them shipped here! I discovered Lustre Cosmetics and guess what? They stock ColourPop! (Did you check out my top 5 online shops for beauty products? read it here!) I have finally been able to get my hand soon two of their liquid lipsticks!

I’m not sure if they will stock KaePop though 😦 but I will be on the lookout on YT for reviews and videos etc. Found a video of her talking about the collection!


Congrats Karrueche for the collab! Release date is 4th February as I understand

Will you be getting this collection?!

P.S- you can get 10% off Curl Harmony products using my code SARAH at checkout!