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Hey family! How’s everyone doing?! Can you believe we are more than half way through 2015?! And only 26 more weeks left of 2015! These months be flying by likeee (insert a sentence you think would rhyme here lol). Anyway, so I am back with another monthly products post. Just to clarify, these are not my monthly favourites these are the products I have purchased in the month (Because I realised, I think I buy new products every month #productjunkie). This is a way of me keeping tracking of what I bought and also to help anyone who is looking for new products to try. I will add more information and thoughts if I have used the product and where to buy. I will add price as well where I remember.

So this month, I did not buy a lot of products even though the picture proves otherwise lol. That is because I purchased most of them in a deal e.g. 3 for 10 (lol). Most of them I got from the WITJ event (Check out my event cover by clicking here > )

I got 3 of the Naat Creams for 10 pounds. Amazing right? The size is just everything #allconditionersshouldbe1kg! There are 7 in the full range but I got the Avocado oil and fruit complex, the argan oil and macadamia and the garlic and Cupuacu creams. Currently I am using the garlic and Cupuacu cream and I must say I am loving the results! It has no harsh garlic smell. My shedding has reduced and my hair feels very soft.  I will do a more in depth review once I used it about 4 times. For more information on the range, check out my video below. The NuNaat lady explains all the NaatCreams and their uses.

The Cantu products also came in a 4 for 15 deal and a free t-shirt. I got the leave in conditioner, 2x of the complete conditioning co-wash and their conditioning creamy lotion. All these products are part of their natural hair line! I LOVE everything! For the full natural hair product range check out my post on it >> . They all smell amazing especially that hair lotion! It softens and moisturises my hair to the t! The leave in conditioner also does it job well. Honestly between my Naat cream and the leave in plus the lotion I don’t know what exactly is making my hair so soft but hey I am not complaining! The co wash is ok, I haven’t seen amazing results or a difference yet.

KTC pure coconut oil. £2.99 from ACE hair and beauty shop. Of course everyone knows the benefits of this oil. I mainly use this to detangle my hair now but I also use it in my oil mixes.

Simple micellar cleansing water- if you read my May monthly products (Link> ), you would see how I am now completely obsessed with micellar cleansing water! Simple’s version leaves my skin hydrated and clean although I feel like I have to use more than the Superdrug’s version to remove all my makeup. Nevertheless I really like it and what’s better it contains no harsh chemicals! It was £2.19 from Superdrug

Olive oil. Well lol olive oil £1.49 from ACE

Mango and Lime’s version of jbco. I haven’t used this yet but we all know the benefits of castor oil. Check out my previous posts on hair growth oils > I decided to try it again from another company. I have run out of my sunny isle jbco. Mango and Lime is a good brand so I thought why not? It was £3.99 from Diva hair and beauty. When I got home I then decided to look at the ingredient list and it contains other stuff compared to the sunny isle one! (why didn’t I check in the store lol) also it’s not as thick as the sunny isle one and jbco should be thick! Even though I haven’t used it yet I won’t be repurchasing afterwards (This is when trying new stuff goes weary lol) is not ‘pure’ if its cut with other oils is it?. I even tried to con my bro out of his sunny isle jbco and he said no lool.


Finally L.A pro concealer. This was so unexpected. I have been wanting to try this concealer for ages and I never knew you could get it in stores in the UK. I have been trying to convince myself to get it online but then the problem is I have to get more stuff lol. So I went into ACE with a friend looking for wig caps and randomly I asked them if they had it in store and they said yes! So of course I had to get one! Just in time too, I needed another concealer. I love it so much. All the hype is true, it’s really good and it was £3.99. I think I will go back and get some more shades.

Best swatch video I found

I also got a satin bonnet.


I got sent these products to review for the blog. From her product collection, I chose the pure shea butter soap and shea oil. I will be bringing you a review soon so check back on here. If you haven’t already check out my post on my first look at the products by clicking here >>

That’s all folks. Let me know what products you have been buying and using this month! #sarahfynnmonthly. This is actually a fun way to keep track of your products and the money you’re spending on it. I don’t think I will be buying new products every month (I mean I have conditioner for life lol) so in those cases I will be bringing you favourites (I think that’s better)

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Hey family, I hope everyone is doing great! How did you spend your father’s day? I hope anything you guys did, you had a fantastic time! The weather was fairly good.

I really wanted to do this post because I realise I get asked this question a lot ‘Sarah, what products can I use for my hair (either relaxed or natural but mostly natural)’ OR I hear this a lot ‘Sarah I can’t go natural. My natural hair is too much for me to handle’. My response is always the same ‘yes you can or try so and so product etc’.

Questions like that get me thinking on how much information is out there and how easy it is to get confused or overwhelmed so quickly. I am by no means the best at taking care of my hair or a professional (I’m still learning) and I have been natural only 5 years but it seems there is always some new method been invented( which could be great) but also confusing if you have just transitioned to natural hair. Some of the steps in some of these methods are completely unnecessary and just prolong the whole process (of wash day especially) and may even put off people embracing their natural hair. Let me give you an example, I went natural back in 2011 and during my research at that time, a lot of things I saw/read were off people who would condition and deep condition their day on the same day i.e. they would put the normal conditioner for about 5 mins rinse out then apply a different deep conditioner for about 45 mins, rinse out then apply their leave in conditioner! This confused the hell out of me but I thought maybe she’s right after all she’s been natural for a while and I have only been for about 1 month lol. So I did the same but I found my hair would usually be limp. Another example is detangling. A lot of people used a wide tooth comb, a Denman brush and a fine toothed comb!


These are just a few examples, don’t get me started on apple cider vinegar rinses, green tea rinses, oil rinses etc etc. whilst some of these maybe actually be beneficial they may not be necessary ALL time. Anyway back to my story, so with all this information, I was trying everything expect for the rinses, I was very skeptical and I just hated the smell of apple cider vinegar (And look my hair is just fine! 5 years later). I also realised I was spending way too much time doing too many different things and my hair staying the same. That’s when I stopped trying to copy routines, skipped a few steps and just doing things a way I found was easier and quicker but still ‘safe’ for my hair. So for instance, for detangling, I used just a wide tooth comb plus finger detangling (And my hair was fine, as I have learnt more I have skipped using combs all together and just finger detangle).

Over the years, I have continued to simplify my routine and I have never been happier and spent less time in the bathroom. I now wanna pass the mantle lol. These are my top 10 essentials you will need for your hair complete with product recommendations and prices (Are you not happy I am a product junkie! I have also personally used all these products and bought them myself lool). This is also very budget friendly but most importantly simple and effective. By all means change where necessary and of course trial and error!


  1. Conditioner for detangling. You want something that will make it easier for you to comb through your hair (i.e. has a lot of slip) and is a good size too because you will be using a lot of it! TRESemme moisture rich conditioner is the best one I have used so far! Its 900mL and only £2.99-£4.99. It depends on where you get it from but it’s usually cheaper in Savers for £2.99. Have you realised Savers is actually hard to find? Lol if you don’t have a local savers check your local Superdrug, it will be more expensive there but it will be worth it. Currently, Superdrug has a 2 for £6 pounds offer on selected TRESemme products. A great and cheaper alternative is the Alberto Balsam conditioners. You can get these from anywhere: Superdrug, Boots or the pound shop. It’s also a pound wherever you get it. I find the Raspberry conditioner has the greatest slip (Trust me to have tried almost all the different versions lol). Tip- detangle in small sections from the ends to the root of the hair. Twist or clip the section out of the way once done.

2. Sulfate free shampoo. So that your hair is not stripped dry when shampooing. I am currently loving the Dr. Miracle conditioning shampoo. £2.99 from your local beauty supply store (BSS) (I got mine from A.C.E). It’s also paraben free. I LOVE the tingling sensation of this shampoo. Tip- always apply to scalp first.

3. Deep conditioner. Look for size as well- you will be using it a lot and a lot of it (lol). You can also look for moisture/protein based conditioners as well. I love the TRESemme reconstructing deep conditioning treatment for £4.99 from Superdrug. A cheaper alternative is the Elasta QP DPR11 for £3.99 (one of the first ones I used) from your local BSS or the beautiful textures rapid response deep conditioner for £3.49 from your BSS. Tip- work the product in and cover with plastic bags!


4. Leave in conditioner. A good one will do many things including double as a base for styling products and leave your hair soft and moisturised. I have a range of recommendations for you! (Don’t you just love me? Lol). The 1st first leave in I used was the Giovanni direct leave in conditioner. I loved it a lot and so did my hair too! I loved it so much that I left it one time at a hairdressers place and I went back for it! Lol It’s a bit pricey £7.99 on British Curlies ( but it’s well worth it. Another popular and well recommended product which I am sure you have heard of and even used is the Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner (you’re giggling now right because you know I am right lol) its only £3.99 from your local BSS. Another great one and budget friendly is the Beautiful Textures tangle taming leave in for £3.99 from your local BSS. Tip- apply your leave in after you rinse your conditioner out and twist and allow to air dry.

5. With this product I would really advise you to just experiment with your works for you. Of course there are the popular ones like coconut oil (£2.99 from A.C.E), Argan oil, And Castor oil etc. I have used all the above but for different things. Other popular ones e.g. grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil are great too but don’t feel like you have to get all of them or use them. After 5 years, I am only trying olive oil, grapeseed oil and castor oil and my hair has been fine! Tip- you can mix all these oils for a hot oil treatment. Alternatively apply after your leave in conditioner to seal in that moisture!


6. A styling product. This is probably where you will go crazy lol and try out different products that will work for your hair and style you want to achieve. Try asking for samples from the shop to try out before you commit. Also check YouTube but with caution: it may not turn out the same for you or not work at all. I don’t really style my hair in terms of twists outs, braid outs etc (omg Sarah are you really natural? Where have you been? Lool). My 1st ever successful twist out was using Ecostyler gel (from £1.29 in your BSS) however I woke up the next day with flakes everywhere lol. Tip- always use your leave in conditioner as a base for your styling product. You don’t want a bomb twist out which is dry lol.


The next couple of items are tools you will need

7. Wide tooth comb- if you ever have to use a comb in your hair make sure it’s wide toothed! Its only £0.99p from your BSS. Tip- when detangling, it’s your best friend lol

8. Hair clips/ hair bands- have you ever tried to detangle your hair without this? Lol. Make sure after you section your hair, you keep it in place with clips/bands otherwise hair everywhere lol. Its only £1 for a pack in Primark or the pound shop. Tip- it also doubles for pretty much everything lol

9. Plastic bags- lol. Great way to deep condition your hair! If you can’t be bothered to sit under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes, this is a great way to trap heat to help the product penetrate the hair. It will help you make use of that time for other things like errands. Set a challenge on how many bags you use LOL. I think I have had 4 bags plus cling film and a scarf at one point LOL (this is not necessary btw lol 1 or 2 will be fine). £0.00p lol or however much your groceries cost lol. Collect them when you go shopping and keep them. Tip- Somewhere in almost EVERY house hold, there is a plastic bag full of plastic bags (there’s that giggle again right? Because you know its true lool) make use of this lool instead of buying ‘conditioning caps etc’

10. Satin bonnet/scarf- its true cotton dries out your hair. It will absorb all the lovely moisture you have just added. Tip- Its best to get the bonnet that way you know it won’t come up when you wake up lol


That’s all folks. A really simplified product list that builds into a very simple routine. Do not be afraid to skip some or exchange some products in place of other as this is probably the only way to learn what is best for your hair. Of course I have not gone into co-washing, finger detangling, shea butter (horror face! Lol), cleansing clays etc because I just wanted the essentials: things that will make it EASIER and SIMPLE. I thought back to when I first went natural and what product/things I was using and what made it easier for me in those 1st years. This list is also very budget friendly. Students I got you lol. There are great brands e.g. SheaMoisture, NuNaat, etc I haven mentioned but use if your budget allows you to. Maybe next time I will use these products and build an example routine for you guys.

Let me know your thoughts, hints and tips whether you’re natural or still transitioning. I would love to hear from you! What are your go- to products? And where do you usually get yours? Internet or in store?

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Hey family, this will be a quick review on the deep conditioning masque from the Motions for natural textures line! (Yes they have a natural hair product line)

So the deep conditioning masque contains shea butter, coconut and avocado oils and is an intensive weekly treatment that claims to ‘bounce back dry parched curls to the manageable rehydrated ringlets you desire’.

By now everyone knows the routine for deep conditioning- apply product, cover with a plastic bag etc etc. After 30 to 45 minutes or longer- I usually apply, pile on the Tesco bags (lol) and go about my day till I realise I have to wash my hair otherwise it won’t dry on time the next day (anyone else do this?? Lol). Guys my hair felt BUTTER SOFT, it’s THAT real.  I have 4c hair so it wasn’t super curly or defined but I did notice some clamp-age (lol) of my curls going on. I LOVE the smell too! And you know how some products smell nice but they don’t leave your hair smelling nice? Not this, my hair was left soft and smelling nice.

I’m not sure of the price but check your local BSS (I got mine in a 4 for £10 deal at NaturalhairWeek2015 >>  Also check out my YouTube channel for videos from the event: sarahfynn). The only con I have is the size: its only 236ml! Which is small especially if you have long thick hair! This tub will last me two applications so basically my next application will be my last (nice knowing you lol), I am a bit heavy handed when it comes to applying my treatments because I like to make sure the hair is coated from root to tip. Honestly I thought the standard size was 300 to 500 ml, so I am a bit surprised this product is small and it’s the same for the pre-wash detangling butter ( check out my review here >> ). Now that I think of it, I think all the sizes are the same.

Verdict- It’s worth it. It will leave your hair butter soft and smelling nice. If you have thick hair, you’re going to have to stock up and get two or three tubs if you want it to last a bit longer, my girls with shorter, finer or less hair will probably get more use out of a single tub. Go for it if you want to try something new or want an effective treatment.

That’s all folks. The last thing I got in this line is a styling product which I am still experimenting with so will do a review later.

Until next time

Love Sarah

P.S- if you are at Curlvolution this sat, say hello! your girl will be down there #bloggerduties