No Scrunchie Good Afro Salon Awards 2015

Loreal Academy Hammersmith
No Scrunchie Awards took place at the L’Oreal Academy, Hammersmith


How was your Sunday? Great I hope. I went along to the No Scrunchie Good Afro Salon Awards in L’Oréal and I am here to tell you all about the winners and nominees! Hopefully if you are looking for a new salon to try out, you can check these ones out! Remember I am doing my salon reviews? I will be sure to visit some of these (hopefully if my bank account will accept, some of the winners too) and let you guys know all about it!

No Scrunchie Salon Awards

First let’s talk about my AMAZING dress courtesy of Ankara House! I love everything about it. It’s a shame it was sooooo cold on Sunday (seriously!) and even though I braved it with no tights and flat shoes(bruh), I had to keep my blazer on at the event as it was really cold in there too. I had a few options to choose from…..but settled on this sezy number lol. Date for the night was the beautiful Tee from STWF

House of Ankara, African Print Designer
My amazing dress from Ankara House
UK bloggers
Tee from STWF

We were treated to delicious cupcakes (I lost count of how many I ate on the night), jerk chicken, noodles and some potato cakes. There were 10 categories in total, I will list all the nominees and highlight the winner in each category. You will find more pictures on my Facebook so make sure you check there for it! Link in the side bar

Overview of pictures from the ceremony. My Facebook will have many more!


  • Angels Hair Nails and Beauty
  • Darren Scott
  • H and G International Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Hiikuss Hair Studio
  • Lockstafari
  • Mahogany Hair Spa- WINNER
  • Nefertiti Hair and Beauty
  • Plush Hair and Beauty
  • Rootz Hairdressing
  • Tip Top Salon
  • Ziuzo hair and beauty salon


Mobile Hairdressing

  • Hair by Lauralyn
  • Helen’s mobile styling
  • Natural Gloe- WINNER


  • Angels Hair Nails and Beauty
  • GlamGorgeous Hair Boutique
  • H and G international Hair and Beauty salon
  • Kanni’s undiscovered beauty- WINNER
  • Natural Gloe
  • Rootz Hairdressing
  • Salon ABV
  • Tip Top Salon
  • Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon

Customer Service

  • Angels Hair Nails and Beauty- WINNER
  • GlamGorgeous Hair Boutique
  • H and G International Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Hair by Lauralyn
  • Hiikuss Hair Studio
  • Kanni’s undiscovered beauty
  • La Mode Hair & Beauty Concept
  • Lady Maude
  • Nefertiti Hair and Beauty
  • Samantha Beauty Salon
  • Sen Style Hair Salon
  • Tip Top Salon
  • Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon


  • Kanni’s undiscovered Beauty- WINNER
  • Tip Top Salon

Braids & Cornrows

  • A touch Professional
  • Angels Hair Nails and Beauty
  • GlamGorgeous Hair Boutique
  • Kanni’s undiscovered beauty
  • Nadiva
  • Natural Gloe
  • Quality Time Hair
  • Rootz Hairdressing-WINNER
  • Tip Top Salon
  • Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon

Colour Technicians

  • H and G International-Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Inspire Beauty
  • Mahogany Hair spa
  • Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon- WINNER

Cut and Style

  • H and G International Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Inspire Beauty
  • Nefertiti Hair and Beauty
  • Tip Top Salon-WINNER
  • Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon

Mixed Race Hair

  • Sen Style
  • H and G International Hair and Beauty Salon- WINNER

Chemical Treatment

  • Angels Hair Nails and Beauty
  • Hiikuss Hair Studio
  • Inspire beauty
  • Kanni’s undiscovered beauty
  • Nefertiti Hair and Beauty
  • Rootz hairdressing
  • Sen style hair salon
  • Tip Top Salon
  • Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon- WINNER

For more information and reviews on these salons, please check at NoScrunchie. Also check out Ankara House if you love African prints and clothing. Check her website by clicking here

No Scrunchie Awards
Founder Leillah (Yellow dress) and MC of the night. I can’t remember her name but her jumpsuit was on point girl!
No Scrunchie
Good bag from No Scrunchie Awards

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See you soon!

September monthly products


Hey wonderful people! This is a list of stuff I got over September. I will have reviews up soon. Let me know if you have used any of these products or recommend some new ones to me! I am always on the hunt for something new to try J

I used lemon juice (Yes guys lemon juice) as a toner for a while, to help brighten my skin and help with my hyperpigmentation. It worked but I got bored of using it and wanted to try something new. I decided to pick up the Nivea pure and natural toner 0.33p (yes lol, but it’s been discontinued that’s why it’s so cheap) from Superdrug. Not a great fan of the smell but it gets the job done.

Garnier has always been my go to brand for skin care! I picked up their pure active anti-blackhead deep pore wash, £1.75 (a mouthful right?). This has salicylic acid which is known for its anti-blemish/breakout properties. I’m loving the results already.

ORS curls unleashed sulfate free shampoo and rinse out conditioner. I went to the ORS event during the Vogue Fashion night out and got these two baddies in my goody bag. A full review will be up soon on BrownBeautyTalk but one thing I have to say now is: I LOVE the SMELL! Lol. Check out my product collections series for the full product list for curls unleashed.

Superdrug body spray, £0.99. I love getting these and throwing them in my hand bag to use throughout the day. It smells really good and lasts all day.

Small stippling brush, £1.50 from Primark. I have been looking for a small stippling brush for a while now and I randomly saw this in Primark and got it! (I didn’t know they sold brushes). I really like it, I use it to apply my highlighters or use to blend my under-eye concealer.

Beauty UK gel fix nail polish £1 each, from Superdrug (please check my Facebook page for a lot of nail colour swatches)

Barry M nail paint, buy one get one half price, £2.99 each

Dermalogica products, separate post coming soon, I went to their event launch for these products yesterday

And finally my notebook, I got these to write my ideas, stories etc down as well as to plan my blog posts. Got it covered by CJAJ09, check her out on Facebook

That’s all the products I got this month, why not share yours with me





Hi guys, this a quick post to tell you guys about the work I did with CJAJ09 for SHOOT THE COMPANY on behalf of HOUSE OF FRASER. I will break it down for y’all soon.(lol). Before I get into that though, HAPPY NEW MONTH! Can you believe 2015 is just around the corner? This year has flown past honestly but I hope everyone has achieved their goals set for this year (you guys still remember your new year’s resolutions right? Haha) if you haven’t, you have 61 days left, get going! (motivational mode deactivated!)

So, my good friend over at CJAJ09 ( I say that like CJAJ09  is a place, like a physical place you could go to and visit, so let me try again) my good friend, Taylor, the owner of CJAJ09 (much better right?) had the opportunity to be included as one of the designers chosen to do a profile on for HOUSE OF FRASER! (AMAZING RIGHT?). SHOOT THE COMPANY IS the production company who were filming the whole thing. (Broken down into pieces and swept them up. Brokenness level? 100 LOL). It was a short video to be done on her life and how that influenced her brand (contact details of CJAJ09 will be provided at the end).  And she chose me ( as the almost retired face of CJAJ09) to be included in the video and photo shoot at the end. So this will be a quick post on how the day went.

So the day started at church (typical Sunday life), where I met the lovely people form SHOOT THE COMPANY. They filmed the service and some activities she did as well ( I hope they got me dancing during praise time!) from there we went to Sunday brunch at Matthew’s yard( PURPLE VELVET CAKE! I will get to that soon.)  And did some more filming, my girl was treated like royalty all day, her makeup was been topped up and they make sure she was well taken care of. They did some more filming whilst at brunch and filmed some really cool sex and the city walking inspired scenes which I loved!( I wished I wore my heels though!) you guys know by now how rubbish I am at description, so these are pictures of what I want to say. (your-typical-girls-looking-fly-walking-and-fake-talking-down-the-street)


20141026_132104 20141026_132054

use sex and city

After brunch, Tom ( from SHOOT THE COMPANY)  was kind enough to drive us to her house where she was interviewed about her brand and lifestyle. Finally we did a photo shoot for her upcoming look book. I think they filmed the start of the shoot then it was a wrap for them! I tried to not take as many pictures as I didn’t want to spoil it for you guys when the video will be released online( YouTube and HOUSE OF FRASER WEBSITE) and in some stores nationwide.

So that’s all folks make sure you check back here as I will keep you updated with the project and let you know the launch date, it should be very soon though. As promised below is all the contact information for CJAJ09

Facebook- CJAJ09

Website- ( can see her blog as well on there)

Twitter and instagram- @myafricancloset

Pinterest- CJAJ09


hasttag #fearlessfriday

20141026_164450 20141026_162939 20141026_132110 20141026_145409

upcoming designers: CJAJ09


CJAJ09 is a new fashion line that incorporates the beauty of African
fabrics with the elegance of European fashion. An aspiring fashion mogul, a
style icon to many of her friends, fashion blogger and daughter, AJ Taylor, the
proud owner of CJAJ09 allows me to be her protégée for a week for this article.

Born in her homeland Ghana, West Africa, Sophie Taylor better known as Taylor
started CJAJ09 about 2 years ago. With what she described as her last amount of
‘dough’, she purchased a sewing machine that started the revolution. She is a
woman of colour who loves colour. She describes her personal sense of style as
‘ethical and colourful with a little bit of class and quirkiness’ which she
says transcends into her clothing line. Her simple motto ‘if it’s something I
won’t wear, it’s something I won’t make!’

Since its early beginnings in 2009, CJAJ09 has grown from the first dress she
made (of which she still owns), to elaborate pieces oozing with colour, to many
fashion shows and photo shoots. The journey of CJAJ09 has also been a personal
learning experience for the lady herself. In her own words she describes it as
‘a big learning curb’ something she had to learn and learn fast.


CJAJ09 is a new fashion line. Pieces that complement every shape, size and
colour that make women feel confident, sexy and sassy. It’s also heritage
clothing, something that every woman should own and should not have to break
her purse for. With pieces ranging from £15 to £25, women of every tax bracket
can afford quality handmade clothing that is tailored exclusively for her. Her
talent is displayed when you buy a piece. She cleverly combines African prints
with leather or plain material that really adds the ‘oomph’ to an outfit.
Bright blues, reds, and pinks that complement each other and the person, really
brighten up the outfit. Pieces cut in a specific way that highlights the best
features of the wearer, whatever your shape and size! Dresses cut from quality
African fabric bring out the richness of the fabric and blazers, tailored to
fit the curves of the woman, pieces from CJAJ09 scream heritage and ethnicity.


Taylor is looking to expand the collection to include bags and shoes. In the
near future she hopes to also include menswear and childrenswear: heritage for
everyone in the family.

When asked who she would like to collaborate with, she answers with a
seriousness that strikes me, ‘any designer who shares her vision and any
designer who is up for it and can take on the task’.

Trend setter or Follower? ‘Setter definitely’. In the near future she hopes to
take her line of clothing to the fore front of fashion: New York Fashion week
after which London, Paris and Tokyo would follow.

As a woman herself, she has learnt that fashion is not just about designing a
beautiful dress or photo shoots, no matter how glamorous they are. This
‘learning curb’ as she calls it, has also taught her a lot about herself.
Reminiscing the days when she didn’t know a thing about retail to now, when she
runs her own online store
AJ Taylor is grateful for this experience.


As I look back at this week, I find that it has also been a learning experience
for me. It has been a chance to sit down with a very interesting woman with a
very bright and promising future. A chance to learn about heritage and fashion
and how these two can be incorporated into our very modern lives now. AJ
Taylor, proud owner of CJAJ09, is remarkable both as a woman and designer and I
do hope after reading this, your hunger for rich heritage clothing is

Contact details

Twitter- @myafricancloset



For a taste of CJAJ09 please see below for some pictures.