Popular Products that did not work for me


Hey, guys, I hope all is well. I wanted to do this post because I am sure that, along with other beauty enthusiasts, I have tried a few popular products I just found to be mediocre. I love trying and discovering new products and brands but there are some popular products I have tried that just didn’t do it for me. In this post, I will be dishing on the hyped products that were just meeh for me

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm

SR is so raved about in the beauty community and it’s been a brand on my radar for a while. Last year the GlossyBox limited edition made it possible to finally try the brand and tbh I was hooked on a few items. One of the best-selling products is the blue moon cleansing balm which also came in the box and it made me very happy.

I started using this last month and honestly after a week I was ready to throw it out! It has ‘grit’ which for a cleansing balm I found weird plus it doesn’t even dissolve easily. I also found the cleansing power of it mediocre. I was very disappointed so I stopped using it after a week! I have tried to use it again a few times but every time the balm touches my face I remember why I do not like it lol.

Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask

So this mask was interesting in so many ways. A sheet mask that was dry and could be used up to 3 times? Yes. The first time I used it I was so impressed however most of the luminosity it promised was because of shimmer/glitter. The 2nd and 3rd time nada! Nothing happened and I felt like it may as well have been a one-time use mask.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Concealer

CT is one of those people who can really sell their stuff. I bought this concealer because of the claims and I was so excited to try it. After going back and forth between shades I decided on shade 9. The concealer is simply ok, it’s unimpressive. The undertone is crap: it’s very pink, infact I have noticed most of her undertones are pinkish. The coverage is medium but buildable.

Bobbi Brown Instant Full coverage Concealer

I bought this after our BBT x Bobbi Brown masterclass. It may just be that I got a bad product because when I first swatched it at the event, it was creamy with full coverage. I then purchased it a few days later and what I got was a dry concealer which was difficult to spread and not creamy at all. I tried to contact BB afterwards but got nowhere. The concealer is so dried up it’s not useable: so that’s £23 pounds down the drain.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip – new formula

I finally tried the cult favourite, ceramic slip from SR this year. I fell in love with the old formula from 1st use, it cleansed and brightened the skin. Whilst I was still waiting to use it, SR came out with a new formula so when I finished the old one, I purchased the new one to try. I do not like the new formula at all! The texture has changed and I feel as though it doesn’t have the same deep cleansing power as the former. They have also taken out the vitamin C in the new formula so I find that it’s not as brightening. It’s a shame because the old formula was perfect, I’m not sure why the formula changed but I won’t be getting it anymore!

That’s all folks! Skincare is really subjective, a lot of products may be perfect for one person but as soon as it touches your face, it becomes your worst nightmare. For luxury products, I always try to get a deluxe travel or sample to test out first, before splurging on the full price, where that is not possible, I always wait for a good sale/offer before purchasing that way I have saved some money so if I don’t like it then at least I didn’t buy it full price.

My advice for you if you have a product you don’t like: never throw it away( unless you are allergic to it etc), repurpose for your body, I can’t tell you how many face creams I have used as hand/body creams instead because I didn’t like the texture/scent OR how many face washes are brush cleansers!

See you soon!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask Review

It’s no secret I love sheet masks! The traditional ‘wet’ sheet masks originally made popular by K- beauty can now be found everywhere and almost every brand is popping them out! Charlotte Tilbury’s Dry sheet masks, however, is different: 1st of all its dry and secondly you can use them up to 3 times! Finally they come with ear hooks to prevent them from slipping off. At £18 it’s expensive but if you’re going to get 3 uses out of it then it should add up right?

In a nutshell

A dry sheet mask that instantly hydrates, lifts, brightens, smoothes and reduces wrinkles in just 15 mins


Masking Vibes

I have used this mask 3 times albeit very far in between uses. What are my thoughts? Well, I love the ear hooks so they stay on (although I haven’t had any issues with the wet sheet masks sliding down my face) instant results- TRUE.  You do see an instant glow and radiance with the mask and my skin is softer, HOWEVER, the results are just that instant. Don’t expect any long-term results with this. Unlike the traditional wet masks- which you can just put on and mind yo business, with this one you gotta massage the mask to activate the product. I do love the ear hooks but massaging the masks means its constantly shifting around (not coming off) so I have to keep readjusting it on my face. For me, it defeats the purpose doing a mask. I don’t massage for the full 15 mins but still, I would like to do something else while I have my mask on lol.

Is it hygienic though? Not sure. I have used the mask 3 times but very far in between and I can’t help but think of hygiene. They say to ensure the mask it’s dry before placing back in the ‘hygienic pouch’ – but in my experience, the mask never got wet or remotely damp anyway (is it supposed to?) So are you wondering if you get the same instant results every time you use it? Well, the 3rd time I used it? Literally 0 results! Nada! Nothing. It was really good the 1st time, 2nd time was ok and the 3rd?  Well, you read the above sentence, right?

Verdict– I have honestly never come across any brand that speaks so highly of their products like CT and her brand. This (and pillowtalk lipstick) was my 1st purchases from the brand and both have failed me. Pillowtalk lipstick was very popular and since I love nude lips I decided to purchase it. Now on the dark skin model on her website, it looked good enough for me to use, bear in mind she was slightly darker than me. I finally received it and not only is it NOT MATTE, it’s an ashy beige-ish pink- nude that I simply can’t make WORK! I mean I have lighter lipsticks that I have made work with a darker lipliner but pillowtalk just isn’t cooperating. This is one pillow I don’t wanna lie on (LOOL)

With this dry sheet mask, at least she’s marketing it as an instant result but if it’s going to be used 3 times should I get those ‘instant results’ 3 times? Maybe you’re supposed to use them 3 times in a short period of time, I don’t know, but for me, it’s a fail and I will be stick to my traditional ‘wet’ sheet masks

What do you think? Have you used this product? Let me know

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