Summer Beauty Wish List

Hey hey, I hope everyone is doing great! 2017 is definitely flying by, I mean it’s almost August?! *insert motivational quote to try and do more by the end of the year here* I’ve been bringing you a lot of reviews lately so I thought I would share my current (summer) beauty wish list and if you spot something you use please drop a mini review for me! Ok let’s get into into


Summer Beauty Wish List

These products aren’t necessarily for the summer, it’s suitable all year round but because I’m writing this in the summer I thought well, why not lol.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation £34

This foundation is the and everything in between. I have been wanting to try this foundation for a while and when I was able to finally get the correct shade matched to my skintone (Benares) and test it when I was on holiday, I was sold! I have the Sheer Glow Foundation and those two are nothing alike!

Shade Ref- My shade is Benares. I’m also a Benares in the Sheer Glow Foundation. I’m NW50 in Mac Studio Fix.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk, £24

I love nude lipsticks. They are perfect for every single occasion and there’s a nude for every skin tone. CT has been on my brand list for a while and while she literally sells you her products in every vid she’ s in (lol) only two of her products have really stood out to me. This lipstick and the Dry Sheet Mask, £18. The Dry Sheet Mask is pretty cool because you can use it up to 3 times before binning it! (Some say you can use it more than that e.g. use it on your feet/hands). I super love that it also had bits you hook over your ears to prevent it from slipping and sliding now your face

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfums, £49

Ok, so this perfume is bae! My brother hooked me up with a deluxe sample of it ( and it was the cutest miniature perfume bottle ever!) and from here I fell in love with it. top notes of blackcurrant & pear with a heart of jasmine, orange blossom & iris. Finally sealing everything with Tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli & praline. It’s simply amazing!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Fresh Water Foundation, £32.50

Ok so I really wanted to try and love the Double Wear foundation but I just couldn’t. too matte and too full coverage for me. So naturally, this one looks like something I can play around with. The finish of this is a satin/dewy finish with medium to buildable coverage. I don’t know my shade yet so I would have to go in store to get matched. It looks like a good shade range hopefully the undertones are good too.


Ole Henriksen Trust Serum £47

So Vitamin C has been doing my skin some good! (Check out my review here for the Body Vit C Daily Moisturiser) it’s only fair I give the Truth Serum a try. It’s been raved about by everyone and I know the brand has a good reputation.



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a short & sweet list and it has products I have been wanting to try! if you use any of these babies please drop me a line to tell me how its going for you!

Hope you have a wonderful summer



Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Sheet Mask Review

crystal gold collagen mask review

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! Summer 2016 is here whopppp! So in the summer, I like to take my skincare game up a notch and do more face masks to keep my skin in good condition over the warmer months. Before I get into today’s post, check out my previous posts on face masks!

Multi-masking ft. Superdrug & Avon

TT Beauty Charcoal Detox Brightening Face Sheet Mask

I have been into the face sheet masks trend lately and I really wanted to experiment with different brands and types. I went to Amazon and picked up one of the bestselling Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Mask. The reviews seemed really good and they sold it in great values packs so I decided to go for it. I got 3 for £2.74.

Whilst browsing I came across their Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Masks and decided to try those too since I am starting to pay a bit more attention to my eye area lately. Again they had good reviews and a bargain deal- 10 pairs for £2.28! – review to follow soon!

Shipping was excellent; quick and free and I was really excited to try these! I must say that after using them I am not impressed at all! Here’s why

Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Mask

For starters, it claims to do too many things, i.e. instant lifting &firming, moisturizes &rehydrates, whitens &illuminates, enhances face slimming & sculpting, activates cellular regeneration, collagen synthesis, skin pH balancing, soothing &anti-inflammatory and combat biological &sunlight skin aging! A whopping 16 so called benefits! FYI- when it says whitens its really brightening and evening out the skin NOT bleaching! I’m NOT trying to bleach this melanin!

You apply the mask on dry skin after cleansing and leave it on for 20 to 30 mins, followed by your normal skin routine



LOL. I mean I knew for £2.74 it wasn’t going to do all that but this is a joke lol. I haven’t tried a lot of facial sheets but the ones I have tried didn’t come in water. The ‘serum’ it comes in looks so much like water. The holes are cut wrong and too big, so it didn’t fit me properly. Its super slippery too, it wouldn’t stay in place and it kept sliding down lol so I couldn’t wear it for 30 mins! Infact when I wore this mask, it lasted for 5 mins! Trying to type and wear this mask is a myth! The only way I could have kept it on for that long was if I lied down! It also doesn’t say which part you put on your face so I played the guessing game each time.

crystal gold collagen mask review

After taking it off and the serum dries my face feels normal, just like when I dry my face after washing it and before I put on moisturiser. It doesn’t feel soft or moisturised.

I didn’t experience ANY of its 16 benefits. The only thing I can say I noticed was it’s quite cooling and left my face slightly cool- that wasn’t even on the list of benefits lol!

Verdict– Don’t waste your £2.74 lol. 1/5 (1 point because it’s a bit cooling and shipping was quick), I have used all 3 and no results. I don’t know if its travel friendly either, although its flat it’s also quite big which I found weird because most masks come folded which make it really convenient to travel with.

I purchased this from Gold Mask on Amazon

See you soon with the Eye Masks review! It should be interesting lol

Love Sarah

Exalt God above yourself . xx

My Summer Beauty Essentials

It’s getting sunnier these days so it’s time to switch up your makeup and skincare routines! If you are looking for some new products to try, take a look at my summer beauty essentials for inspiration for your next shop! Let’s get started!



My favourite foundation atm is the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra! It’s so lightweight, looks amazing on and has medium coverage! The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation is lightweight too and dries to a semi matte finish. I would probably use the BodyShop for everyday/casual looks and the Lancôme for special occasions.

I swear by these two primers! My pores become enlarged in the summer and these two work together to help minimise the appearance and control oil! BodyShop InstaBlur is GREAT for reducing pores and helping makeup stay longer and the MUFE Step 1 Mattifying Primer is great for leaving a matte finish!

For my summer highlighters it has to be Benefit Sunbeam and the Highlighting Dome from the BodyShop!

I also like this Coral Blush from Bagsy Beauty




Summer ready perfume! These slightly smell the same but they are sooo good yo! lol




My skin care routine is very simple and stays the same pretty much all year round. The only new thing I will be doing is using a different moisturiser which will be the Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. I will also be alternating between my Vitamin C Face Spritz, which leaves a dewy finish and the Avon Makeup Setting Spray, which dries to a natural matte finish.



In the summer, I like to mix up my lip colours and finishes. I especially like to use sheer lip balms that have a hint of colour like these ones from Bare Minerals. They are sheer but leave your lips soft and moisturised, perfect for no makeup looks.

bare minerals


I LOVE Sleek lipsticks! Really affordable and very pigmented and lots of shades for everyone! Mystic looks amazing in the summer on WOC and Rioja Red is a great alternative to Mac’s Ruby Woo.


MAC Lipsticks are the very first high end makeup products I bought and still love! Every year it’s my tradition to get a new one for my birthday! (haven’t decided on which this year), these are a few of my fav colours for the summer!

mac lips

I hope you guys found some new products you like or discovered we share some fav products! One thing I forgot to add is my face soap which is be none other than my African black soap straight from Ghana!

Reviews for most of the products mentioned can be found in my Review Index, make sure you check it out!

Let me know your fav summer products!

NEW! Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour

revlon ultra hd matte


Matte liquid lipsticks, who hasn’t got them now? The craze still continues and it looks like Revlon have now joined the bandwagon! Yay! I saw this on their Instagram and I must say the colours look nice but I am not impressed by them, they all seem like your everyday standard colours. I am also expecting a lot from these, Revlon will be late in joining the liquid Matte Lipstick party so I hope they have used all this time to really get a good formulation down.

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours which will retail for £7.99/£8.99 and will be available from Boots and Superdrug. It looks like a small range with only 6 shades (ones I have seen so far) but the colours look like they will suit most if not all skin tones.

I actually really like the packaging too, they look really cute. I found some brown girl skin friendly lip swatch videos for us brown beauties in case you wanted to see how they looked on. The nude looks really good and I think I could make it work with a lipliner ( urgh I hate lipliners though lool)




Official release date in the UK is the 16th of March but it’s already out in the States.

Let me know your thoughts? Matte lipsticks: are you done with the trend or do you want more? Comment below!


Strobing 101

Hey guys, I’m sure you heard of the latest beauty craze- strobing! Check out my article on how, what and why on strobing which is now live on BrownBeautyTalk!

Remember I told you guys I am now part of the team!


Anyway here’s a link >>

Until next time


Lush Cleansers : Herbalism, Dark Angels, Aqua Marina

Hey family, it’s the end of an era! We are at the end of our Lush cleaners series! Which post has been your favourite so far?  Let’s look at the previous posts:

Cup o’ coffee and Ultrabland >>

Angels on bare skin and Kalamazoo >>

Ocean salt >>

Fresh Farmacy and Coalface >>

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Today we are looking at the last 3 which are herbalism, dark angels and aqua marina! As usual I will add reviews, where you can purchase and the price of course! Let’s get into it



If you are looking for the perfect balanced cleanser then this is it for you! Packed with goodies like rosemary, chamomile blue oil and almonds that will gently cleanse your skin leaving it clean and revitalised.  It’s £6.75 for 100g





Dark Angels


To me this is probably the scrub version of Coalface  I could be wrong). It has charcoal, rhassoul mud and avocado oil to leave your skin feeling clean and bright. Dark angels will remove dead skin cells leaving it bright and fresh. Its £6.75 for 100g





Aqua Marina


2 in 1 mineral rich seaweed cleanser and calamine suitable for the face and body. It absorbs excess oil and contains aloe vera that restores moisture. Sea salt will gently exfoliate your skin whilst the Irish moss is full of minerals and vitamins! It’s also £6.75 for 100g



That’s all folks for the cleansers! Of course we are not done with Lush! I will be back with another series, this time focusing on their toner collection! (What’s a good skin care regime with toner?) I hope these posts/series is helpful with giving you information on what types of products are out there for you. If you want some natural skincare products, make sure you check Lush out! I added some reviews to help you start your research before purchasing in store I wish I had samples to give away with every post lol however I know you can ask for samples in store)

You can purchase their products online >> or in store

I hope you guys have a fab day! It looks like the sun is out! I will catch you later!

Love Sarah