Dove Love Your Curls Emojis Keyboard Review


This one’s for us! I’m sure you have heard of the Dove Love Your Curls Emoji Keyboard by now. But is it worth downloading?

But before you delete your files to make space for it (Because that’s what I had to do smh), read my review, now live on British Curlies!

Share your thoughts and experiences with me. Head straight for the review now. You will also find how to download them on there.

Love Sarah


Hey girls! This post will be a review on the Boucleme products I received. Remember I featured them in my product collection series? Here’s a link to check out that post >>

So I received the curl cleanser, conditioner and curl defining gel. I also got the curl towel.  Wash day was yesterday, or should I say two days ago because I am writing this midnight on the second dayyy??  Lol . Anyway let’s get into this review.


I pre-pooed with the Aussie deep treatment for frizzy hair (because thanks to working back to back I didn’t have any time for my hair and it literally needed a miracle lol).  I let that sit for 20 minutes then went in with the curl cleanser. First off, I thought it wouldn’t be enough because its only 100ml but surprisingly I had a little bit left over, so maybe I used about 90ml (lol) anyway it has a lemony scent which is quite pleasant. It is will not foam or sud which I found quite weird at first and I thought it won’t cleanse my hair but it did! It did a good job cleansing my hair and scalp. I had a bit of oil (castor oil) on my hair too and it cleansed that, maybe about 89% of it. I could still feel a bit of it afterwards, like you know when you have oily hands and you wash your hands with soap but it doesn’t cleanse it thoroughly? (I don’t know if I am making sense at this point lol) but it cleansed my hair.  I haven’t come across a cleanser with no foam action, so it’s quite unique. I give it 2 thumbs up

So conditioner, it has the same lemony scent. Again I though it wouldn’t be enough to for entire head but I was proved wrong. I even had a little bit left. It’s not too thick or runny and has a bit of slip. It says you can leave it in for thicker hair but I still washed it out. I left it on for about 10 minutes. My hair felt good afterwards- just like any conditioner.

Curl defining gel- it worked like any curl defining gel would. I used it on my clip ins for a twist out and it was fine, bearing in mind I have had many fails. I didn’t take pictures, I literally forgot lol, and I totally ruined the twist out too lol.

Curl towel- I’ m not sure if it was supposed to do anything special to my hair. It did absorb a lot of water quite quickly. I like this to replace my t-shirts/towels I use to wrap my hair after I finish washing it.

Final verdict- definitely give it a go! I really liked the no foaming action of the curl cleanser and it was effective in cleansing my hair. If you are sceptical of co-washing or any other method apart from shampooing, but you want to do away with shampoos, this product is for you.  You can probably tell that out of the 4 products, my fav is the cleanser. You can purchase the full collection on online at British Curlies >> . They have travel size kits, which I received. This will make your travelling a whole lot easier!

That’s all folks. Let me know what you think!




Curl Harmony Full Review

Hey family, many of you having been asking about the full review on the Curl Harmony products I received! Curl Harmony is a UK based natural hair company providing natural hair products with the finest ingredients. Check out all the previous posts below:

Curl Harmony product collection >

Curl Harmony 1st look/impressons>>




I now have a full review written which is currently up on the British Curlies website! I told you guys I am part of their Bloggers association now right? Anyway to check out the post, link the link below:

My final verdict – I love these products esp the deep conditioner and will recommend that to my type 4 girls. If you would like to visit their website for more info or to make a purchase, please click Curl Harmony image right below the insta bar and it will take you directly to the website!

Curl Care Collection by Dr Miracle

Hey naturalistas!

Another product collection for you to think about! This whole series is aimed at giving you information about the different product collections out there for naturals. We have gone through a lot so take a look around, you may spot your fav brand.

This time we will be going through the Curl care collection by Dr Miracle. I couldn’t find any information on the official website so, I am going with what I found on British Curlies. They are pretty accurate with their stuff and usually stock full collections however if you spot that I missed something do let me know.

So the full collection is as follows


  1. Dr Miracles blow out foam
  2. Dr Miracles leave in conditioner
  3. Dr Miracles weightless moisturising crème
  4. Dr. Miracles soft hold crème
  5. Dr Miracles soothing elixir
  6. Dr. Miracles rehydrating shampoo
  7. Dr Miracles moisturising growth balm
  8. Dr Miracles nourishing conditioner
  9. Dr Miracles strong hold gel

A good sized collection and looks good to me but what are people saying about it





Mixed reviews but what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below! Here in the UK, you can you purchase the full collection online on British Curlies >>

Let me knows your thoughts guys

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Cantu For Natural Hair Full Review

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing? Good I hope. I know this post is super late, well not late, my excuse is that I needed the time to fully test the products out lool so it’s finally here the full reviews for my Cantu products! This will be a mix of the ones I purchased myself and the ones I got sent.

For the previous post on the Cantu collection please check out this link>


My full Cantu collection


I got sent the coconut oil shine and hold mist

Moisturizing curl activator cream

Grow strong strengthening treatment



I did a Cantu wash day, about twice now where I used all the products and some wash days where I incorporated them with other brands. Here are my thoughts on all of the products:

Leave in conditioning cream– this is definitely my staple leave in conditioner! I used to use the other formula but of course I had to switch once I found out they have a formula for natural hair! I love, LOVE how it leaves my hair- soft and moisturised without weight it down. I used this as the cream in my L.O.C routine. I use a shea butter/oil mix on soaking wet hair then this leave in conditioner as the final product. I highly recommend you switch to this formula if you have natural hair. It also works well with other products. I used this with my curl harmony products, check out my post on them by clicking here>>

Complete co-wash– this has great ingredients however I do not like how it works on my hair. It’s a thick consistency and doesn’t provide any slip so I can’t finger detangle with it. It cleanses my hair though but something about it makes my scalp itch a bit a couple of days afterwards, I know people that love this co-wash so maybe it just doesn’t work for my hair.

Creamy hair lotion– another staple moisturiser I will highly recommend you try. I love everything about this lotion. Smell üsize ü ingredients ü quality ü it leaves my hair smelling good and softens my hair. I use this to take down my large twists after I allow them to air dry over night or whenever my hair needs it. It works great with the leave in conditioner. I have to fight with my mum lol to stop using this for her synthetic braids ( African weave style that looks like a weave) lol she keeps using it saying it really softens the hair and makes it easier to comb lol

Moisturising curl activator – I used this in combo with the coconut mist and shine and I must say I didn’t like the results on my hair. The curl activator worked well to define my curls so I like that. The coconut oil shine and hold mist left my left a dry hair and hard. Maybe it’s the way I used it. I used it as the liquid part in the L.O.C routine and followed up with shea butter mix and the leave in cream.   I think this is more for setting styles like a wash and go or a refresher spray I’m not sure. I am looking to use it again though and see how it performs the second time round.

Grow strong treatment–  I haven’t used it a lot to see any noticeable growth so I can’t comment on that. I have used it a few times on my edges to keep them moisturised and it worked well for that.

Verdict- I highly recommend you try their natural hair line, especially the leave in conditioner if you really like the old formula. The hair lotion is the and it’s my favourite one out of the bunch. You can get the full collection and many of their other products online at British Curlies >>

Until next time








Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, I hope you love the new website!  For my loyal subbies how are you loving the new site? Let me know in the comments below!

So this post will be part of the Shea Moisture mini- series currently on the blog! This time we are talking about their Jamaican black castor oil collection that aims to nourish, repair, grow, fortify and renew your hair while encouraging healthy growth. It is recommended for all hair types including heat styled, natural and transitioning air. It also aims to restore dry, brittle and damaged hair.

The full collection has 6 products:

  1. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore leave in conditioner
  2. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore styling lotion
  3. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore hair serum
  4. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore edge treatment
  5. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore treatment mask
  6. Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore shampoo

So I just noticed it doesn’t have a regular/rinse out conditioner but I guess we naturals prefer a deep masque/ conditioner instead right? Lol. I really love jbco and I swear by it to thicken your hair and re grow your edges. I am definitely putting this collection on my to-try list!

Review time!




As always I have to let you guys know where you can get the full collection in the UK. I got you.  The full collection of the jbco line and many of their other collections can be bought from British Curlies > .

We have two more posts in this mini-series (boooo, noooo): the Tahitian noni and monoi collection and the Manuka honey and mafura oil collection. For more information on the jbco line or any others please visit the Shea moisture website

That’s all folks! Let me know our thoughts on the shea moisture collections and my new website! Love you all, I hope you have a great week and see you soon!







Hey guys, welcome back to the blog. So per usual we are carrying on with our shea moisture mini-series on their product collections for natural hair. This time we are talking about the latest addition (I think), the superfruit complex 10 in 1 renewable system.

This collection contains anti-oxidants that helps perfect and renew vibrancy to dull lacklustre hair. The 10 benefits are

  1. Anti-aging benefits,
  2. Colour protection,
  3. Hydration,
  4. Nourishment,
  5. Rejuvenation,
  6. Strength,
  7. Anti-stress,
  8. Manageability,
  9. Softness
  10. Shine

The full product list are as follows

  1. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 conditioner
  2. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 shampoo
  3. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 hair masque
  4. Superfruit complex 10 in 1 hair and scalp serum

So not the biggest collection. It has no styling products or leave in conditioner! (C’mon now you know you need the leave in conditioner lol)

Anyway, review time





That’s all folks. Here in the UK you can get the full collection from > as always if you require more information about this or any of the shea moisture products, please visit their website >>

Until next time






Hey guys! You guessed it! I am finally doing a post on the shea moisture collection! I wanted to branch out and feature brands that we may have not heard off or brands we tend not to reach for in the shops often but I guess I won’t be doing you guys justice if I don’t feature Shea Moisture. They have a lot of collections so we will be doing a mini-series about them! Hands up if you are a shea moisture virgin? #inevertriedsheamosituredontkillme LOL. Yes I have never had any of their products before (Gurl where you been? You have been disqualified from the product junkie group LOL). Anyway to my knowledge and correct me you shea moisture gurus lol they have:

  1. African black soap collection
  2. Superfruit complex collection
  3. Coconut and hibiscus collection
  4. Raw shea butter collection
  5. Yucca and plantain collection
  6. Jamaican black castor oil collection
  7. Manuka honey and mafura oil collection
  8. Tahitian noni and monoi collection

So we will be doing these collections separately starting with the coconut and hibiscus collection which will be todays post. From my research I really want to try the raw shea butter and jbco lines. Anyway let’s get into today’s post!

So this line was created specifically to reduce frizz, smooth and add curl definition back to thick, curly hair. It also helps to restore moisture, body and shine for healthy, bouncy curls. Main ingredients are

  • Coconut oil which hydrates and protects hair whilst reducing breakage
  • Silk protein which smoothes hair for a silky soft feel
  • Neem oil which controls frizz while adding brilliant shine

It’s a good sized collection featuring

  1. Coconut and hibiscus gel soufflé
  2. Coconut and hibiscus curl and shine shampoo
  3. Coconut and hibiscus curl and style milk
  4. Coconut and hibiscus hold and shine moisture mist
  5. Coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie ( probably the most popular in this range)
  6. Coconut and hibiscus frizz free curl mousse
  7. Coconut and hibiscus curl and shine conditioner
  8. Coconut and hibiscus co wash conditioning cleanser

I am a big fan of their packing and colour scheme lol anyway its review time!





So let me know what you guys think and if you use this your favourite product in the collection. Here in the UK you can purchase everything expect for the frizz free curl mouse on British Curlies >>

For more info on this line, please visit the Shea Moisture website >

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this and looking forward to the other collections!

Until next time






Hey guys! Welcome back to another product collection. I am happy you guys are enjoying this series so I will certainly keep them coming. Have you spotted your favourite brand yet? And are you trying any new ones you have come across? Let me know in the comments below! I greatly appreciate it!

So today we will be talking about Boucleme natural hair products. Boucleme is a UK based hair company that provide products with 0% sulphates, silicones and parabens. It’s also Fairtrade, eco-friendly and non-animal testing. They provide a simple 3 step system that aims to cleanse, condition and define curls leaving if beautiful, shiny and frizz free.

Full product list

Curl cleanser


Curl conditioner


Curl defining gel


Curl towel


They also have the products available in travel sizes too. You can purchase the full range online at British Curlies >> . for more information, please visit the Boucleme website > . I love the simplicity of this brand although I wish it had a leave in conditioner and a deep conditioner.

Review (watch this space for more )



That’s all folks. Please visit their website for more information and videos on how to use their products. I’m going in search for more product collections!

Until next time





Hey guys, welcome back

As promised this is the second post on the dark and lovely au naturale hair products.  The first post on their moisture L.O.C. collection can be viewed here>> .Their anti-shrinkage line promises to reduce shrinkage and elongate your curls. I mean if you have type 4 hair especially you know about shrinkage #shrinkageisreal. Some of us, aka me lol wants to avoid shrinkage as much as possible. I mean I don’t mind a little bit of shrinkage but not full blown shrinkage if you know what I mean. My hair is VERY prone to tangles and breakage when it shrinks and I really don’t have the time to detangling etc.

Anyway this collection has a lot of products, mostly styling products so let’s get into it

  1. Beyond gentle and sulfate free wash
  2. Knout out conditioner
  3. Cleansing conditioner
  4. Easy twist gel and butter
  5. Coil moisturizing soufflé
  6. No crunch nourishing pomade
  7. Knot out conditioner
  8. Slick slip leave in conditioner
  9. 10 in 1 styles gelee
  10. Hydrating soak shampoo
  11. Sheen sealing nectar
  12. Curl defining crème glaze

So yes, it’s definitely a big one, unfortunately I can’t show all the pictures lol, because I am actually running out of space on my WordPress storage lool.  Some of the products can be purchased from British Curlies>>

Time for some reviews





What’s the verdict? Let me know what you guys think. Are you using this line, if so what is your experience so far? So the 3rd and final collection is their anti-breakage collection which will be coming soon.

Until then