Nivea Shine Control SPF50 Review

The Nivea sun range from the drugstore is one of my favourite SPF ranges, I have tried a few from them, Q10 SPF, Mousse SPF, Moisture Lock SPF and so far I have loved them

Today’s post is a full review on the Shine Control SPF 50 sunscreen with 0% sticky feeling.

What the brand says:

NIVEA SUN UV Face Shine Control Cream SPF 50 provides immediate and effective sun protection. The light formula offers a long-lasting and instant mattifying effect. The cream absorbs excess oils from your skin’s surface. Your skin will be protected against UVA / UVB induced skin damage and High Energy Visible Light effects such as premature skin aging. Your skin will feel light, non-greasy and non-sticky. The skin compatibility of this sun cream has been dermatologically proven. The product also has an eye-friendly formula and is ophthalmologically proven as well.

Light formula with instant and long-lasting mattifying effect

Absorbs excess oil from skin surface

Light skin feeling, non-greasy and non-sticky

Ultra Spectrum Protection – protects from UVA / UVB induced skin damage and High Energy Visible Light effects, such as premature skin ageing


Type of sunscreen– chemical

What I liked: the cream textured sunscreen feels light on the skin without a greasy or oily feeling/residue. It takes some rubbing into the skin but the aftermath is good. It provides a semi-matte finish which I surprisingly like (I don’t like matte finishes) but it also leaves my skin glowing and somewhat hydrated. Of course, I love the high sun protection factor with newer and better chemical filters. The formula also has Vitamin E for some antioxidant protection.

It has 0% sticky feeling

Is it invisible on dark skin? YES, 100% invisible on the skin

What I didn’t like: I noticed it works best when you don’t have a lot of moisturiser underneath this. When I use a bit too much moisturiser and layer this on, the Nivea SPF piles like crazy. This didn’t happen often though, only when I would use too much product underneath


Another excellent and affordable sunscreen from Nivea and the drug store. I recommended this to a friend with oily skin so I naturally I had test it out to ensure I recommended a good product!

Highly recommend for oily skin because of the mattifying effect, and it will also work well just layered on serum if you have extremely oily skin. I have normal to combo oily skin and I really like this too.

I love this and I would 100% repurchase


Nivea Shine Control SPF50 is £8 at Boots

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum Review

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum is one of their bestselling serums the brand is known for. I purchased the Superstart Booster serum giftset over Christmas last year and it came with a trial size of the serum. I then also got the Booster gift set as a Christmas present so I had two trial sizes to play with. I was excited because the research and reviews of the serum sound good so it was definitely something I was looking forward to.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum says Pure. Potent. Precise. Our ceramide serum has triple the anti-aging power for visibly firmer, smoother, healthy-looking skin.

The capsules come in 30, 60 or 90 tubs.


The trial size came with 7 capsules each so I had 14 in total so a 2 week supply using one each night. I decided break it up to see if there were any benefits, I used the 1st seven took a break then the other seven. It has no noticeable scent to me and I didn’t experience any irritation.

You can twist or cut the capsule to break them open and one capsule is enough for face and neck. The oil feels silky smooth and velvety on the skin. I use the leftovers on my hands or chest. I use it as the last step in my routine, layered over serums and creams.


With my little experiment, I’m afraid I didn’t notice any HUGE improvements to my skin. The texture of the serum is beautiful and it goes on well onto the skin, it doesn’t sink into the skin straight away but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I notice the next morning, my skin feels really soft and hydrated but that’s about it. The serum has a lot of claims but the one I really felt was soft and hydrated skin the next day.


Ever since I used the Estee Lauder Ampoules I have been very interested in trying these targeted capsules/ampoule type products. I really really REALLY wanted to like this because I thought I would get very similar results to the Estee Lauder ampoules. I did not. The Elizabeth Arden feels nice on the skin and leaves my skin soft the next morning but I don’t need a £39 capsule for that. I can use a lot of other products for that. I wanted to experience more of their claims but I didn’t. Maybe I should have used it for 14 days straight or perhaps I needed more of it? who knows

Based on this experience I’m not interested in purchasing the full size product. I think Beauty Pie’s Ceramide capsules may be a dupe for these, I will be getting those to try out to see.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum is £39 for 30 capsules on Boots


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Your Good Skin Instant Brightening Booster Review

Your Good Skin by Boots is one of my favourite drugstore brands, I particularly love the SPF 30 day cream and the cleanser. I was browsing Boots and saw the brand new Instant Brightening Booster and I picked it up straight away. It was on introductory price plus I love anything that says Vitamin C and brightening.

The Booster promises to instantly brighten the skin give a boost of radiance. It has an antioxidant complex of Vitamin C, Green tea, Lipochroman and Vitamin E to help protect against the environment. The serum is non-pore blocking and safe for all skin types.


I opened the box as soon as I got home and was slightly disappointed to see the serum is iridescent with golden shimmer in it. I do not like iridescence in my skincare because I feel like its gimmicky but at this point, it was too late lol.

The serum is supposed to be used at least 3 times a week and mixed with the Balancing skin concentrate. I used it every morning and some nights ‘neat’ after toning and before other serums. The serum itself sinks into the skin very quickly but I don’t find it hydrating (it doesn’t claim to do this anyway). I experienced no issues with it using it alone. It doesn’t have any particular scent, just smells like skincare to me.

The serum didn’t do much to my skin in terms of brightening. Sure the iridescence will make the skin look more luminous thanks to the shimmer but I have not experienced any long term benefits. This serum has lasted 3 and a half weeks using it every morning and some nights.


I always side-eye skincare products that promise radiance and have shimmer/iridescence because it’s almost always relying on that for radiance. That is the case for this booster. I didn’t experience any long term benefits but of course, the instant radiance is due to shimmer. Had I opened the box and saw this in-store, I wouldn’t have purchased it. The serum didn’t offer hydration for me and it also doesn’t claim to do this.

One benefit I can see is that the booster has an antioxidant complex of well-known antioxidant ingredients so at least I was getting that protection from pollutants.

Your Good Skin Instant Brightening Booster is £10.99 at Boots

Your Good Skin Brand Review


Introduction to the Inkey List

If you are a beauty fanatic, you would’ve probably heard of the Inkey List by now. The Inkey List offers affordable skincare products with high-quality ingredients. They’ve been around for a while but they officially launched in Boots this month which means if you have been late to the game now is the time to pay them attention!

I attended an event earlier this month with them where I had the opportunity to meet the owner and team of Inkey List and talk about all things skincare. I was gifted some products following my ‘skin recipe’, in this post I will be talking about what I got and my first impressions on the products I have used so far.

I have a previous review of their Zinc Moisturiser here

Following my skin consultation at the event, my skin recipe included these products. My skintype is combination: normal (cheeks) and oily (tzone). My issue is hyperpigmentation and intermittent texture.


The Inkey List’s Vitamin C serum* is a 30% pure, L-Ascorbic Acid in a stable, waterless formulation. They promise less irritation with optimum results. Whilst I haven’t added this to my routine (soon!) after a quick test, it feels slightly siliconey and gritty (not surprising here). More thoughts on this when I have used it properly.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Serum* – I love using Hyaluronic acid in the winter so this is a serum I plan to start using next month! With 2% pure HA it promises to deliver max hydration to the skin

Q10 serum*- Q10 is an amazing antioxidant which I have been planning to add to my routine for a while( after using Nivea’s Q10 SPF) I started using this serum whilst on holiday and I was really impressed on how well it layered with other serums without pilling and hydrating my skin, in addition to its antioxidant benefits. I will keep using it and bring a full review soon. The serum is also formulated with hyaluronic acid, squalene (explains the hydration) and a dual peptide.


PHA Toner*– I was beyond excited to hear they were coming out with this toner because I remember messaging them a while back regarding an affordable PHA product! I have loved PHA since last summer but could never find an affordable PHA product (although there are a lot of K beauty products). PHA is an acid and provides gentle chemical exfoliation for smoother brighter skin. This formula also combines Niacinamide, another powerful ingredient for skin brightening. I cannot wait to add this to my routine! As soon as my current acid toner runs out ( which is soon!) I will be switching to this!

Night treatment

Ceramides Night Treatment*– ceramides are essential skincare ingredients that help to hydrate and repair the skin. I have used a few products with ceramides and I really enjoyed them so now I look for night creams formulated with ceramides. This formula from The Inkey List is a blend of 3% ceramides and 2.5% HA so it sounds like hydration heaven! I will be adding this to my routine soon.

Eye cream

Brighten-I Eye cream*- Brighten-I is a brightening ingredient that promises 4x brightening power than Vitamin C. I am not new to this ingredient, I first encountered it in the BP Superdose Vitamin C cream which I found disappointing tbh. I am looking forward to testing out this eye cream to see how it will impact my eye area. I have been using this for a while now and whilst I haven’t seen a huge difference in the brightness of my eye area, the metal applicator makes it a pleasure to use, especially in the mornings! It’s always cool and glides so smoothly to distribute and massage the cream in. The coolness also helps to depuff my eyes! I have had the metal tip pop off a few times lol (probably because I overuse it lol) but it’s super easy to pop back in. this is something I will definitely be doing a full review on later on!

This is just a snapshot of the many products Inkey List offers. If you have similar skintype or issues, you could try these products and let me know what you think! Many of their products are under £10!

This is not a sponsored post, just wanted to share my thoughts on the brand as they are now in Boots so easier to access. You can also find Inkey List on Cult Beauty.

Have you tried the Inkey List? Let me know your thoughts!

*- gifted products

Ultimate Empties Challenge November

It’s the end of November which means it time for another instalment of the ultimate empties challenge! I don’t have a lot of empties this month BUT  I have already hit my target so anything from now to dec is surplus PLUS I finished 43 products last month so I have a lot of products I started using this month!

Let’s get into it

Cleansers & Toners

Pixi Rose Tonic– I absolutely love this! It’s very soothing and hydrating and perfect as a morning toner. I have a full review of this coming soon. L’Oréal Revitalift Glycolic Pads– this was disappointing. Again I have my full thoughts on this coming soon. Primark Micellar Wipes– these are absolutely beautiful to use and they actually work! I will repurchase. Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel– a really good cleansing gel and I really enjoyed using it. The travel size actually lasted a while. I have a full review of this coming soon! Finally B.Pure Micellar water– one of the best micellar water in the drugstore. I have a full review here and a brand review coming next month! I also finished the Simple Soothing Toner– I have a full review of this coming but to summarise I absolutely love it! It’s very gentle on the skin and perfect for mornings or to use as a follow-up toner after an acid toner- it’s not needed but I am a product junkie so I have been experimenting with this

Serums & Creams

Only 4 in this section, a travel-sized Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum, Neostrata Tri Lifting Serum– an absolute pleasure to use in my routine! I have a full review on BrownBeautytalk! Another tube of the Ordinary MAP, review here and the final tube of the year, the Bodyshop SPF 50

Hair care

3 more empties in the hair care department, I finished the Aunt Jackie’s Moisturising & Softening Shampoo– I really wanted more from this shampoo but I was disappointed. My full thoughts on this coming soon. Curls Unleashed Moisturising Conditioner– this has the BEST slip I have ever used but sadly its discontinued! I found this in the black hair shops so you may be able to pick it up still but I cant find it anywhere online. It’s not the best for actually moisturising the hair but you could use this as a Prepoo detangling conditioner! Redken Diamond Oil– had this for a really long time! It’s great for my wigs but actually works well on my natural hair.

Face masks

I used 2 sheet masks- the BeautyPro Detoxifying bubbling cleansing mask– this was super nice to use. It gently foamed and actually left my skin hydrated and brighter. It’s formulated with charcoal and AHA to help detox the skin. this is something I received in a Glossy box and I would actually buy. Sephora Coconut Sheet mask– I was actually slightly disappointed with this. I love a lot of the Sephora sheet masks I have used but this one wasn’t up to standard. I also used the Sephora Grape Eye patch– it hydrated my under eye area but this kept slipping down! Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is probably the best eye patch I have used. It’s actually has a cooling effect as advertised so it refreshed my eye area and helped to depuff! I can’t wait to repurchase! Origins Intensive overnight mask– this was absolutely beautiful and I need to buy the full size! It’s a leave on mask but again I wash it off. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated and it feels soothing on the skin too. I think it’s perfect for dry skin and the winter but I have normal t combo skin and it worked really well!


Amani Code Cashmere this perfume is so BOMB! I need to buy it again. I usually don’t like repurchasing perfumes but as I am getting older I now want to keep the same 3 or 4 in a rotation and this will definitely be one of them! Soap & Glory Hand Food Sugar Crush– beautiful hand cream and the scent is amazing. Its non-greasy, Finally Superdrug Cotton rounds.

Total this month 21

Total so far- 321

That’s it, folks! not a lot of empties this month but I am now at a total of XXX! Cant wait for December so I can do a final analysis of how many types of products I have finished!

Catch you later!

Boots No7 Makeup Rant!

Hey guys, I hope you guys are well! This post will be slightly different as I want to share my recent thoughts on Boots No7 Makeup! So if you follow my blog or Instagram you would know I am a huge fan of No7 skincare and their beauty advent calendars! I got the calendar last year and was impressed by it so I purchased it this year too.

This year’s calendar honestly has been hit and miss for me, I have had a bunch of repeat products from last year but that’s not why I am ranting today. I am ranting today because, in this year’s calendar, you get a No7 voucher for matching you to your ‘perfect’ bronzer shade. I think you already know where this is going

I get my voucher and go to the store and show the lady the card, the No7 rep actually looked petrified to see me there. Right away she says ‘I’m really sorry but for you the shades will be too light and better of as a face powder’ then some sad story of how another woman some time ago who was working at another counter used it as a face powder. They have 3 shades (yes 3) and the darkest one she pointed out was SO light and ashy that even as a face powder or under eye setting powder, it WON’T work. I said no thanks and just left. The gag is and what is really getting on my nerves is the fact that No7 recently partnered with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (I love her books!) who is a black woman with dark skin as part of their No7 perfect match foundations.


The thing is, as with a whole bunch of other brands, you have her in your foundation campaign but you don’t have a dark enough powder for her? So the point of that was? Plus the undertones for that foundation is hella ashy anyway! So many other brands hire dark skin models in a desperate but pathetic attempt at diversity & inclusivity, only to use them as mascara models because they know they don’t have a shade for them! Why is No7 advertising your perfect bronzer shade when they know that perfect shade match is for light, lighter, lightest, light-medium and all the other light skintones! Oh, wait they weren’t tryna market to us.. oh righttt, we are not their audience. My bad.

Yes, there has been progress in drugstore brands having more shades with some correct undertones but still a long way to go! I’m just waiting for Riri to come out with pressed/contour powders next! See my Fenty Beauty Post

So that No7 voucher is pretty much useless to me. And the calendar this year has many repeats, I won’t be purchasing next year. I can’t believe its 2017 and black girls can’t go into a store like Boots and see shades for them…..


Moving onnn, I guess I will take my coins elsewhere

That felt good to rant lol, I will be bad with some more positive beauty reviews of brands that are getting it right for us!




Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

Countdown to Christmas!

Hey hey guys, it seems like just yesterday I was announcing that I will be taking part in Your Good Skin Challenge. Your Good Skin is the new skincare range from Boots which promises visibly healthier skin in just 28 days

I decided to test this out, so I purchased the core items in the collection to use exclusively for the whole month of November, which gives me a little bit over the 28-day milestone. The only products I didn’t use from the collection were:  toner- I used Pixi Glow Tonic, face masks- I switched between GlamGlow Supermud, Sephora Sheet masks and BodyShop face masks. I think I complied with the challenge really well, I used the items twice a day with the expectation of the face wash, but there were at least 3 days I didn’t use any items at all.

Let’s get to the full review then

SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream

The SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream is formulated with Vitamin C & Green Tea and promises 24hr hydration. More claims include an oil-free formula and no clogged pores. Made without parabens

The day cream has a light texture and it’s slightly thicker than a lotion but I won’t call it a cream (I think creams are thicker and richer). It doesn’t have an overpowering scent but it’s a very pleasant once none the less. I loved the SPF 30 it came with and at a price of only £7.99. I don’t leave a white cast, so I am able to use it alone, on top of the serum. The cream sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves it soft and hydrated with a healthy glow.

Within the 1st two weeks of November when the weather wasn’t too cold, I felt like the day cream provided all day hydration and softness, but in the last two weeks of November when it has much colder, I noticed the cream didn’t quite keep up. I felt my skin looked dry towards the middle/ end of my work day so around 3 or 4pm. It also felt slightly drier too and if I had whiteheads around my chin area, those looked slightly visible too. Retrospectively, I am thinking if it had oils in it, I think it would have performed better.  Because of this, in the last week of using the cream, I topped it off with Babe Balm which I am going to review for BrownBeautyTalk soon.


ProVitamin Overnight Cream

The ProVitamin Overnight Cream contains Green Tea, Vitamin C, E & B5 with no oils, parabens and pore clogging. The texture is very similar to that of the day cream and I won’t necessarily label it as a cream too.

I felt like it doesn’t quite deliver as much hydration as I would like, especially for the winter and for my night time routine. My skin does feel soft and hydrated upon application but after a while, it feels like there isn’t much on the skin. It sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t clog pores and the oil-free formula means my skin doesn’t look or feel oily/greasy. Again as the day cream, during the first 2 weeks, I found the level of hydration and moisture ok but in the last 2 weeks, it struggled it keep up. I mean my skin wasn’t parched dry in the morning but I could have done with a little bit more moisture.

Balancing Skin Concentrate

This is the main star of the whole collection, promising an improvement in the 5 key signs of healthy skin- skin tone, skin texture, moisture levels, oiliness and radiance.  I used the serum twice a day- before the creams.

The texture is very similar to the creams but much lighter. It doesn’t have the normal oil- like serum consistency but this is like a lighter lotion. I used 2 to 3 pumps for my face and neck. It sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves a healthy glow. I feel like it offers some hydration to the skin. Out of the collection, the balancing skin concentrate is one of my favourites. I have noticed my skin looks brighter and clearer although I haven’t seen much of a difference in my hyperpigmented spots.

For the 5 key signs of healthy skin:

Skin texture– I did notice a good improvement in texture, not that I was suffering from texture issues from before. I noticed my skin was a lot smoother and I didn’t get much texture issues during the month. My pores remained small as well

Skin tone & radiance– I would say my skin looks radiant and healthier but in terms of hyperpigmentation evening out, I won’t say I have noticed a huge difference! I got a spot at the beginning of the month (which I should have left alone but SARAH!) so thanks to that I have a fresh dark mark on my cheeks lol.

Oiliness– this is probably the biggest difference I noticed. My skin feels more balanced. I have normal to combo skin, with an oily tzone and I feel like the serum and helped balance my skin. I am noticing my tzone isn’t as oily during the day, in fact not oily at all. At first, I thought it was due to the cooler weather but I remember my skin been slightly oiler during the day last winter.

Moisture levels- the serum itself doesn’t offer a lot of hydration but when layered with the creams you get a fair amount I would say. Again in the first two weeks of November, this was ok but in the latter part of the month, it struggled to keep up!

Refreshing Face Wash

So the face wash was the least used product but I am still super impressed with it. I love how it leaves my skin after a wash- refreshed without feeling tight or dry. It’s been made without parabens, SLS and fragrance. It also has Green Tea & Vit C and BisabololI pair the face wash with a vanity planet SPS face brush

Overall thoughts

Below is a pic of my skin on Nov 1 and Nov 30. Do you see much of a difference?

Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

I think the collection is very good although I don’t think it delivers on ALL of the promises it makes (as with most products)

The SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream is something I would repurchase only because of its good price point and the high factor SPF you get. It contains Vitamin C which helps brighten the skin (I love Vit C) and compared to the BodyShop Vitamin C daily moisturiser SPF 30, £14.99, this one is much cheaper but the BodyShop one packs more moisture. I would probably use this during the warmer months-spring/summer and layer it underneath/on top on another moisturiser for the colder months. The ProVitamin Overnight Cream was my least fav product and it’s something I would not repurchase. I love rich and thicker creams for night time but this one is very light in texture.

Balancing Skin Concentrate – I love this serum and it’s something I would repurchase but just not right now. It did brighten my skin over time and leave my skin looking healthier. Its £16.99 for a 30ml bottle and I have noticed using it twice a day will last you a little over a month. (1 or 2 days extra). Refreshing Face Wash- an easy and effective face wash and something I would buy again if it was on offer

Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

I didn’t experience any irritation with any of the products and no texture issues with them. None of them clogged my pores

In conclusion, I think it’s an effective drugstore skincare collection, prices are budget friendly with the most expensive one been the Balancing Skin Concentrate. The collection boasts a lot of promises which it delivers on some and falls short on some.

The challenge was to see if my skin would look visibly healthier in just 28 days, looking at the two pictures I am not sure there is a huge physical difference. But I think it’s a nice serum.

Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

It’s not a mind-blowing collection but it’s not disappointing either. I think for me it’s 50/50. I will carry on using the face wash, day cream topped with a balm and night cream layered underneath another. The serum I have very little left as it will probably last me two or 3 days in dec. I will use it alone in the morning but will layer it with another serum for night time.

Your Good Skin is exclusive to Boots and currently on offer- buy 1 get one-half price.

Let me know what you think of the collection. Did you try anything? Share your thoughts with me!

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser Review

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser Review

So Formula 10.0.6 has been around for a while but I only heard of them last Christmas when I received the Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser in a secret Santa gift. So naturally, I did some research and found out they have an extensive range of stuff and it’s very budget friendly. The Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser is also one of their popular products.

I was confused though as to what I could use the Pore Cleanser for. I am so used to foaming cleansers so I thought this was some type of deep cleansing toner so I used it for that for a while but I found out it’s a non-rinsing cleanser and that’s when my “love” for it began (lol)

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser is a non-rinse cleanser and it wipes away dirt, excess oil and cleans pores. They also say it will exfoliate skin to help keep it super clear and healthy looking.


There’s a lot of pros and cons to this product and I understand why it may not work for everyone or people don’t like it.

The cleanser works. Period. I use it on lazy skincare routine days when I want to ensure all my makeup is off and my skin is clean but I don’t want to go through the hassle of washing my face etc. this cleanser will catch the last bits of makeup and dirt and leave your skin clean. I also like the fact that it has lactic acid which is a BHA to help exfoliate the dead skin cells.  On the other hand, the formula contains alcohol

On the other hand, the formula contains alcohol, in fact, it’s the 1st ingredient (2nd is water). The formula is also quite drying on the skin and I suspect it may be because of the alcohol. The scent of this product is super strong and overpowering. It has made my eyes water before. It’s almost strong as nail polish remover and a small amount is still strong and it’s a lingering scent. It’s slightly tingly and feels like a burning sensation too. I do follow this up with a water mist like Avenue thermal spring water mist to help balance and soothe my skin.


It’s a bittersweet experience for me with the Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser. On one hand, it saves time and provides a quick and easy solution to cleanse your skin. The no-rinse formula is excellent and for me, it’s the first product of this type. However, the scent and ingredients are unpleasant and can easily put people off. I don’t use this as often as I would have liked to but I do find it quite convenient sometimes.

I won’t recommend it for any other skin type except for oily skin types but I heard there’s another more forgiving formula of the cleanser too. Definitely stay away if you do not like strongly scented skincare products. I don’t think this will suit sensitive skin types. I’m happy it hasn’t caused any breakouts as I have read some reviews of it been too harsh on some people’s skin and causing breakouts. I will also recommend following this up with a water mist to help soothe your skin


It’s available in boots

What do you think? Do you love this product?

Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil Review

Burt’s Bee’s have been a staple drugstore brand on the British Highstreet known for their amazing lip balms and their natural skincare products. I was recently introduced to their lip balms this year and let me just say, they are worth the hype! I was sent a mini sample of their Facial Cleansing Oil which I have been using and I thought I would share my thoughts on the product.

Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is 100% natural and made with coconut and argan oil. The oil is free from parabens, petrolatum, SLS and phthalates but rich in antioxidants and natural moisturizers. It’s supposed to gently remove dirt and makeup without an oily residue. The oil is suitable for normal to dry skin types. (Find out how to determine your skin type in my previous post here)


The Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil has a great scent and very effective against makeup. I’m starting to venture out and experiment with different types of makeup removers and I must say this cleansing oil is very nice.

I pour a small amount of the oil in my hands and massage in circular motions on dry skin. It works quickly to break down makeup and mascara. It also works great against liquid lipsticks. I cleanse my face with the oil twice, rinsing with warm water each time. My skin is left feeling soft but with no oily& heavy feeling. It doesn’t dry out my skin. To test how effective the Facial Cleansing Oil is, I follow with my Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin Face Brush, and there is little to no makeup residue on the brush!

I haven’t experienced nay irritation from the Burt’s Bee Facial Cleansing Oil and it hasn’t clogged my pores. Although Burt’s Bee says the oil is for Normal to Dry Skin Types, I found the oil worked well with my Normal/Combo Oily skin type.

My only con is that I find the dispenser on the bottle atrocious. The oil hardly comes out so I have to unscrew the cap to use it but this may be because it’s a mini sample. The full-size product of Burt’s Bee’s comes in a pump bottle which may be easier to use.


If cleansing oils are your thing then the Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is right up your street! 100% natural ingredients, great scent and an effective deep cleansing makeup remover what more could you ask for?

The Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is £16.99 available from Burt’s Bee’s

If you’re not following me on Instagram, you are seriously missing out on some great products and tips! Check out my Instagram- SarahFynn

Until next time


Best Sheet Masks For All Skintypes

What are Sheet Masks?

Sheet Masks are face shaped fabric (sheet) masks that are usually soaked in a serum packed with beneficial ingredients. As with the usual masks, they target a range of concerns and you choose the depending on what you have. It’s trendy at the moment because of the very interesting selfies you can take with them and more importantly K-beauty (Korean Beauty) is becoming increasingly popular in beauty regimes everywhere! Want to know the best sheet masks for all skin types? Carry on reading!

There are tons of sheet masks on the market nowadays with almost every brand jumping on them. I love them because they are very convenient and travel-friendly and I love discovering all the different types they come in. the only issue with them is the size, it’s a one size fits all kinda deal (you can’t get it on a small or medium lol) so obviously if you are on the extreme ends of the scale you may not find a comfortable fit.

I have tried a lot but I have stuck to a few brands and repurchased these as I found them very effective and a good fit. Check out the reviews I have on sheet masks below

Collagen Gold Powder Face Sheet Mask

TT Charcoal Brightening Sheet Mask

Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask

Garnier Tissue Bomb Sheet Mask

My current Sheet Mask Collection

best sheet masks for all skin types

It’s quite obvious I love the sheet masks from Sephora! They have so many different types and I am slowly making my way through them! Because they are not available in the UK, I tend to bulk buy when I’ on holiday and there is a Sephora (they do however ship to the UK)

I have also repurchased the Garnier Tissue Bomb Sheet Mask many times, used it during a flight and back home.

The Boots Ingredients Sheet Mask was something I recently discovered in Boots. They had a good range and I am planning on using them and reviewing them pretty soon!

It’s a fun trend and definitely, one I recommend you try, especially for long haul flights or just have fun with them at home!

What are your fav sheet masks?