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Welcome back to the cleansing series. So this is the second instalment and we will be discussing co-washing! If you haven’t already, check out the 1st post in this series on shampoo >> so let’s get started!

Co washing, simply put is cleansing your hair with conditioner. Most naturals prefer this over shampooing because it is perceived as more moisturising and gentler.  In fact most natural adopt this technique when trying to shy away from shampooing all together. The process is no different than if you used shampoo: just apply the conditioner as you would to cleanse the scalp. I’m not sure where it originated from but there are a number of products that some naturals swear by to get the job done. I will give you a list at the end


So would you do it? I mean is it like washing your dirty clothes with fabric conditioner? Would shower with lotion only? But what if it was a cleansing conditioner or lotion? I was very sceptical of this technique for the same reason as most: is it effective? Will it remove product build up? Trust me there is nothing worse than spending minutes washing your hair and letting it air dry only to find your scalp is not clean!


Is every conditioner meant to for co-washing? Yes and No. Yes because you can use some regular rinse out conditioners which may or may not contain the same ingredients as ones specifically for co-washing. No because using deep conditioners as a co-wash is a big NO, NO. They will coat/stick to the hair and could potentially lead to product build up

I started out using regular conditioners as a co-wash and it turned out ok. Remember to co-wash only if you have light/minimal build up because it is not likely it will remove heavy build up!  It is perfect for when your hair is feeling a bit dry and there isn’t too much build up. You can simultaneously detangle, co-wash and condition your hair!

Examples of Co-Wash conditioners

Cantu Complete conditioning co-wash- I have used this once and it did a good job of cleansing my hair and scalp but I didn’t really see a major difference in softness. But it’s worth a try. Its £3.69


As I am coconut co-wash cleansing conditioner- I have heard a lot about this product and apparently it’s really good. I am not sure if you can get it here in the UK though (2 secs, let me check, Amazon for £8.99)


Shea Moisture Coconut&Hibiscus Cowash, £12.99


Palmer’s olive formula co-wash cleansing conditioner, £4.99


Pantene Pro-V truly natural hair co-wash cleansing conditioner, £9.99


3 sisters of nature cleansing cowash, £5.99


All the above can be got from beautybyzara>

My DNA hydrating co-wash, £6.95


Keracare naturals honey shea co-wash, £8.99


Those two can be bought from BritishCurlies >

DIY LOVERS- for a while, I used a mix of conditioner, a bit of shampoo and argan oil and it worked like a charm. Maybe you could try that and let me know how it goes! Remember all my tags are under the social tab!

Do you co-wash? What’s your fav product? Let me know below

That’s all folks! The next part in this series will be on cleansing clays so stay tuned! Thank you for the feedback I’m getting, I will keep these posts coming.

Until next time

Love Sarah



Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great. Remember when I told u I had a bunch of things for you? Well this is the first of many!! I was sent tickets to the natural hair week show 2015 London by the lovely team at NaturalHairweek and I am here to give you the low down of what happened! Stay tuned. Lots of pictures by the way and some YouTube videos! (Channel- Sarahfynn, I am just getting started on YouTube, I know I’m late lol. I always had the channel but never used it, so please support and subscribe. It’s freeJ). Let’s get right to it!

So the show took place in 4 cities: Manchester, Nottingham, and Birmingham with the finale in London on the 9th of May at the London Marriott Hotel (excellent location and venue I should say!). The day was jam packed with workshops, panels, product demonstrations and free hair styling. Also if you’re a product junkie like me (#productjunkie), then you would be spoilt for choice with all the different vendors (just to name a few: Motions, Cantu, Quanace, Grassfields etc) and deals that were there! From  3for£10 on the monoi ORS range to 5for £20 on CANTU line (you should have seen the queues for this stall!), I literally could not make up my mind! Had to stand there and take it all in lool then side bar with myself for 10 minutes as to what I want to buy (hey sometimes you need expert opinion), in the end I went with 4for £10 on the motions natural line, I didn’t know they were in the natural hair game so decided to go with that. Plus they had a product which was every interesting to me. Here’s what I got:


Hydrate my curls hair pudding

2x pre wash detangling butter- now this was what caught my attention. First because it’s a butter and second because I haven’t tried any products specifically for pre washing and detangling, there could be some but I haven’t come across it. And I got 2 because to detangle my 4c hair, I would need a lot. QUICK UPDATE- I have now used this product and I LOVE the smell. Its works well with my hair and left it really soft. Only con I have would be the size, by the way companies should really make bigger conditioners/styling products and smaller shampoos lol. Anyway, I am so glad I got two because honey gurl, I finished one tub! (1 tub is 239ml?!-reallly?)

Deep conditioning masque- UPDATE I have used this product and it left my hair butter soft! In depth review coming soon.

Of course, you don’t even need to ask. Reviews will be done in time lol. I also got a curls unleashed sample pack which I am very happy about because I have always wanted to try that line but just couldn’t (you know when a product excites you and you just wanna buy it? Not this line. When ORS first unleashed it lol I was like greeeaaattttt, then I was like greaaaat now am like great lol. So this sample pack of the products I actually wanted to try, may help me decide if I want it or not.


I didn’t get many samples today probably because there were a lot of offers going on and product demos so samples weren’t really given out or maybe I didn’t ask nicely lol. (I did btw).

So the first workshop which I really enjoyed started with a background of the founders and some product owners telling us about their stuff. Did you know drinking cold water is bad for the liver and kidneys (apparently what I heard) but what I want to really talk about is this man named Kevin (kpthetextureman) and what he is doing lol.

His talk was probably the most informative of them all and the fact that he did a quick question and answer from the crowd put the cherry on the cake for me( you can  check my Instagram for a quick snippet @sarahfynn or YouTube for a longer video). He did product demos on stage as well and you could tell the man is really passionate about what he does. After this his stand was jam packed with a LOT of people just wanting to ask questions including myself lol. Water will make your hair dry?! (What he said) I need a bit more research on that tbh but his explanation was something like this, paraphrased of course:

The hair will not want to let go of the water because it would think its moisture and so etcccc lol

His advice was pretty decent. My question to him was ‘ how can I get my twists out to be defined? Because they never seem to work?’ Answer: let’s type your hair first. You have 4c hair, you want to do bigger twists (at thing point I asked but will I get definition?) And use something with a good hold that will add moisture. Smaller twists will not work on your hair because it will just frizz up and look like an afro. He then went ahead and showed me what size of sections should be and recommended products for me and used it on my hair. Good stuffs! (All in an American accent of course which was probably why I stood there for ages hearing him talk because I am obsessed with the accent lol). What I really liked about him was he did product demos on everyone that asked him a question and hair typed everyone too. No lye (see what I did there). His talking would tell you he was really passionate about what he does and I quote ‘look at me I don’t have any hair (takes hat off) so everything I have learnt about natural hair I have learnt listening to you’ check out my  video on YouTube for more info also follow him on Instagram, he’s tagged on my page.






After that it was pretty much me going to the stalls, learning about products and talking to people. What I really did was listen to how owners were interacting with their customers- this is what I spent most of my time doing tbh. I did get a few snippets of some of the conversations if anyone is interested. Check my YouTube. In general, most of the interacted well with their customers, explaining their product and its ingredients and offering demos (obvly this is a good sales technique but it also helps to have your questions answered PROPERLY).








blogging duties


I went to another workshop about alopecia- this is real guys. It hurts me to see women/girls with it and still wearing tight braids/styles etc. I am suffered my traction alopecia myself when I was younger and my hair is still recovering. Trust me I hardly do braids now and if I do they ARE NOT BRADING MY EDGES, no matter what they tell me – it won’t look like, am I sure? (Honestly I think some of these braiders/hairstylers should be educated in areas like these. Just because you’re talented or can do some hair doesn’t necessarily mean you should be doing it). When I wear my wigs- I never braid my edges, anyway I digress. I didn’t take and pictures because it was in a small room and I arrived in the middle of the workshop so I thought it would be quite rude to just start taking pictures.

I had fun on Saturday and overall it was a good experience. It was great to see everyone there and how many mainstream brands now carry products for natural hair. If you went to the London show or any of the other ones let me know how it went for you! Thank you NaturalHairWeek for the show and I look forward to it next year! Please do check my YouTube for more videos on the show!




free hair styling
free hair styling

Not hair related. Isn’t that lovely?!

strawberry tart realness.
strawberry tart realness.

Until next time guys, have a lovely week! My YouTube video is still loading can you imagine lol. UPDATE- it’s STILL UPLOADING! I didn’t know it could take this long (28% only??! Its been 24 hours), so I will let you guys know via twitter when it’s up!


look who i bumped into- UKafrolista!
look who i bumped into- UKafrolista!




It’s officially spring! And almost Easter!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well and has had a fantastic week! I just quickly wanted to do a one month update on my biotin hair challenge so let’s dive right into it! But first check out my previous posts for more information on my hair journey and past challenges!

Hair growth 101 & 102 >>> ,

Hairfinity final update>>>

Introduction to biotin>>>

left-biotin , right- hairfinity measurements


It looks like I didn’t have that much growth and here’s why. I trimmed my ends after my hairfinity measurements and I FORGOT (more like I was lazy and in a hurry) to measure them again. I would say I cut off about 1 to 2 inches of hair. With that been said I still feel like I have experienced some growth. I added Sunny isle’s Jamaican black castor oil on the 1st of March to help my hair get THICKERRR (yass hunty the bigger the better and closer to heaven! Jheez!) So I will also keep up updated on that

In terms of any side effects etc. After two weeks, I did notice my nails were stronger and looked healthier. I previously had my acrylics done and kept them for about 6 weeks (I do not recommend, again I was lazy, wait I had exams! Perfect excuse!)  And when I took them off my nail bed wasn’t too happy about that.  So they biotin really helped my nails grow and become stronger. In terms of breakage, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary apart from my usual break outs when I’m stressed etc no extras. I have been drinking at least 1 litre of water daily which may have contributed to that but there has also been some days where I have slacked on that big time! My skin looked a bit brighter too.

I read on Amazon (reviews for this brand of biotin) that it really helped with their energy levels throughout the day and people were swearing by this etc but for me I didn’t really notice a change. On two occasions I took the pills quite late in the evening and I had difficulty sleeping but I find it hard to sleep anyway. On two different occasions I took the pills in the morning after breakfast and didn’t really see that much of a difference in my energy levels during the day although sometimes around 4/5 pm I get really tired (because my body thinks it’s had enough but it doesn’t know I am the master lool, you wanna sleep now but be awake at 3 am, nah sweetie) And this time around I wasn’t so tired? Hmm. I will keep experimenting with this and let you know the out. I don’t really mind if it doesn’t help my energy levels or not because the primary purpose of getting the biotin was for my hair but I guess this could be an added benefit. I will keep you posted!

I also did a mini experiment to see how long it takes for the biotin to break down in the body so I sacrificed one pill and timed how long it look to dissolve in water. After 24 hours it had pretty much dissolved but there was still some ‘white residue’ at the bottom of the glass, so that if you stirred it you could see the particles. I did take some pictures but they turned out really horrible so unfortunately I won’t post them, but I am hoping to repeat the experiment again and let you know the outcome. However the problem I had with that is 1. How long the biotin is ‘sitting’ around in my body for and 2. Just water alone is not an accurate presentation of the conditions in a cell (don’t let me go full scientist on y’all. You aint ready. Team scientist by day, blogger by night, poet by 3am LOL)

*thinking of anything else, in the meantime here is picture of a RAINBOW UNICORN NINJA*


*nope! Epic fail*

That’s all folks! It’s been a positive first month for me and I am hoping for it to continue. I did cut off 2 inches again (I maybe growing through something major if am not afraid of cutting my hair like this!) so my next update may not look like much! Please, please follow me on instagram so I can keep you updated with products, discounts etc – sarahfynn.

Apologies for this late post and minimal activity on this blog, uni been CRAZY! Final 4 weeks! BUT I have so much planned for this summer!

Have a fantastic day and enjoy your weekend and please remember just because its sunny that don’t mean pull out your denim shorts haha

Love Sarah

just because am feeling this picture!
just because am feeling this picture!





Hey family, hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the weather (no of course you’re not enjoying this freezing cold weather LOL!). However good news is here! (Well for the people who have been thinking of taking hairfinity but are just not quite sure if you want to invest in it!) I have my one month update even though it’s long overdue (I have no excuses). Right so let’s get into it!

Most important question: DID I EXPERIENCE GROWTH?

YES. Normally my hair grows about ½ an inch monthly but I would also say my hair sheds quite a bit. Now obviously that would make it difficult to retain any growth right? So, how did hairfinity help? Well for starters shedding was reduced by up to 70% or more I think. I experienced less shedding during detangling and washing! I wish I took pictures but from month two, I will begin to add hair pictures to these posts.  As you can see from my measurements, I first measured my hair on the 29th of September; however I didn’t start taking hairfinity till the 2nd of October. So from then until the 2nd November when I actually measured by hair, I have experienced about 2 inches growth! As you can see my crown area did not grow (weird) and I have no idea why!


I didn’t have a set time I took the pills, but mostly I took them in the evening( only because in the mornings for me I would be rushing  about for uni or work so it wouldn’t have been ideal for me.) It also did not matter for me if I took them before or after a meal either. About missing pills, there were some days I missed. Some days I couldn’t remember if I had taken them or not so just to be safe and not overdose I did not take them that day. Also there was a whole weekend I was away from home and didn’t take the pills with me, so in total I had missed about 4 days or more, so then I would take them the next day which is probably why I didn’t finish the bottle exactly on the 2nd of November. But I have been taking them for 30 days.


Not for me! The one thing I was worried about was breaking out as almost every woman on YouTube said. To try and combat that I started drinking a minimum of 1 litre of water a day to flush out any excess vitamins/minerals so as to reduce the chances of a breakout. Did it work? YES. However, ( yh there is always a however or but) I started using lemon juice as a toner to help with my complexion and the results have been phenomenal! I am not exaggerating. I USED to have breakout prone skin, but since I started using  lemon juice as a toner PLUS drinking lots of water, my skin is glowing. Like GLOWING.

As for hairs in other areas I have not noticed any weird growth anywhere else. Although my friend has told me about her eyebrows growing a lot LOL (now I wish that happened to me since that woman who threaded my eyebrows made it so thin, but let’s not go there)


A lot of people also talk about how it made their hair softer, thicker (especially at the roots) and healthier. For me, in terms of thickness, I have not noticed a difference. My hair is naturally very thick especially at the roots so in my all processes of detangling and washing I have not noticed a change. As for my hair been softer, again before I started hairfinity my hair was quite brittle as I used to shampoo every week and blow dry after every wash. But (see another but!) in starting my hairfinity journey, I also started a no heat challenge for 3 months. I have noticed a difference with my hair been softer but I can’t say for sure if its hairfinity or cutting out the heat. I also made a few changes to my routine- cowashing every week and shampoo every other week. Hot oil treatments once a month and more finger detangling. (Probably not the best idea now that I think of it to start new things at the same time) so I guess time will tell with that area. I also noticed my nails been a bit stronger and growing a bit quicker.

My overall impression is good for month 1. I think it’s a good investment but be ready to also make some changes in order to help promote new growth instead on fully depending on a pill. I am now on my second bottle and I hope the results can continue.

For more information check out my introduction to hairfinity post-

You can also check out the hairfinity website –

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That’s all folks for now, I wish you guys the best in the coming weeks. Wrap up warm, this weather has no chill! For real when it was sunny in October now winter is here in full force! 6 months exactly till I finish ( but who’s counting though) be good guys

Love Sarah

TTPR- ORS Edge Control

edge control


ORS formally known as olive oil organic root stimulator ( So no, I havenot made a mistake)

Another product that is no old news to the junkies so let’s get right to it!


Claims?- superior hold and shine

Does it work?- more or less, depending on your technique.( Sarah are you trying to tell me there is a way of applying edge control? YES. So I have natural hair so my edges are curly. For this to work on my hair I CANT just apply and bounce NO. I have to either use it on top of Eco Styler Styling Gel Krystal Clear 900 gm (click the link to check it out on Amazon) OR apply water to dampen my hair first then use. TIP_ apply hair gel with a toothbrush( but I’m sure you knew that already. NO? thank me then LOL)

Proof? – Youtube reviews, and I’m on my second container.

Safe?- first ingredient is water

Bonus?- this is difficult. hmm Can last all day depending on weather conditions. If you leave the container open for a while, the product tends to harden. I found it a bit difficult to spread.

Price?- £2.99 more or less. dependent on location. Check out Paks, Ace etc

Here it is in the glorified ORS packaging. I was right.  click on the picture to check it out on Amazon for only £1.97!

That’s all for now

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