Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing ok so far. How is your summer going? Good I hope.

So as promised, there is the final full review for the NAAT cream Garlic and Cupuacu I purchased from the WITJ2015 event ( if you missed the event, you can read my event cover by clicking this link >> ). Ok so let’s get started!

Before I get into details, here’s what nuNaat have to say about the product:

NAAT Cream Garlic & Cupuacu is ideal for brittle hair. Specially formulated to strengthen and repair cuticles, leaving hair softer, healthier and completely revitalized. The perfect treatment for split ends.


Deep moisturizing in 5 minutes or less

Suitable for daily use, in place of conditioner

One for every hair need

Can be combined to create a customized formula for your hair type

So does it live up to it?

YES. From the first use, I noticed a lot less shedding and my hair was left softer. I like that it doesn’t have any garlic or harsh smell. What I love the most though? Is the size, a full 1kg worth of goodness which provides 50+ applications (description on tub)! I think I got a bit carried away and I have now fully realised how much I saturate (over) my hair with conditioner when it comes to conditioning! I have used it four times now, and I think I have a bit more left for another 3 or 4 applications! (Tut tut, Smh Sarah).

For a blast of protein, I mixed one egg with the Naat cream and left on for about 30 minutes and my hair was strengthened with less shedding too. I’m not sure about the split ends as I don’t have any (well that’s what I think lol) and I haven’t noticed any difference in the state of my ends whilst using this product.


It’s definitely worth it! We naturals are notoriously known to use more conditioner that anything else so I am happy that this comes in a bigger size! I think I am set for the rest of the year for conditioner, between the others I already had and these NAAT creams (I got 3 for £10 pounds from the event!), I am definitely good.

It also has good slip for finger detangling should you wish to multi use this product or condition before you cleanse.

I am not sure where you can purchase this yet in the UK (sorry guys) and I can’t seem to find it in on Amazon too. Anyway if you happen to come across it or you have been wondering about it then give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Check out the other creams in the range, watch the video below for a full explanation on them

That’s all folks, now moving onto the next NAAT cream and of course I will report back to you as usual. Until next time






Hey guys! Welcome back

So quickly this post will be a 1st look at some of the products Cantu sent me. Guys look at my Cantu collection its growing lol!


So I bought most of them with my money expect of the 3 I am about to tell you about. They sent me

Coconut oil shine and hold mist

Curl activator cream

Grow strong strengthening treatment


So from my understanding, the coconut oil shine and hold mist is like a spray leave in conditioner. On the bottle it says it provides lasting moisture and shine and rehydrates and refreshes curls. The curl activator cream is pretty much straight forward and I plan on using this for a twist out soon. The strengthening treatment is a cream which can be used daily to moisturise and strengthen the hair. It also protects from heat damage. So maybe you could use this as your daily hair cream.

I really like the whole Cantu for natural hair line! They smell SO GOOD. For more information about the whole line and the product list, check out my previous post >>

I am planning a Cantu wash day soon! I really need to get the deep treatment masque then I will be set lol. Until then, I will be using the coconut oil shine and hold as a leave in spray under my wigs and I will report back to you! I was really confused on this product, because it says ‘hold’ in the name I thought it’s more like a hold spray that you would you set your hair styles. The curl activator cream feels a bit sticky and kinda thick for a lotion. This will probably be very good for wash and go’s for type 4 hair.

That’s all folks, really quick post to let you know about the products. Thank you Cantu for sending me the stuff and I can’t wait to use them! You can get the full range of the Cantu for natural hair line online at BeautybyZara  >>

That’s all folks,

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Hey guys! Welcome back. This post will be on the Cantu for natural hair product collection. It’s a very exciting range with lots of goodies and we are going to talk about them (even though I don’t own all of them lol) and where possible, I will include links on reviews or demos from YouTube so you don’t have to do all that work! Excited? Let’s get started!

So the full product range includes

  1. Sulfate free cleansing cream shampoo
  2. Complete conditioning co wash
  3. Deep conditioning treatment masque
  4. Coil calm detangler
  5. Leave in conditioning cream
  6. Creamy hair lotion
  7. Coconut curling cream
  8. Define and shine custard
  9. Moisturising curl activator cream
  10. Moisturising twist and lock gel
  11. Coconut milk shine and hold mist

That’s a whole bunch of products! I like this because it has everything from shampoo to deep conditioners and styling options.  I have 3 of them: the co-wash, leave in conditioner and the hair lotion. My fav is the creamy hair lotion. That stuff is the and let me not start on the smell! So nice! It really softens the hair and leaves it moisturised! I love the leave in too. I use it as part of my L.O.C method after washing. For ultimate curl moisture, I use the leave in on soaking wet hair and seal with my shea butter mix, twist and let air dry. The next day I take it down and add a bit of creamy lotion and boom softness and moisture for daysss. The co wash I am torn on, maybe I need to use it more. I mean it cleansed my scalp but I didn’t notice anything amazing afterwards.

my cantu collection
my cantu collection

The leave in cream for naturals is a bit different from the regular version, the one we all know and love. This one contains no mineral oil, parabens, sulfate etc. make the switch if you haven’t already!


So that’s it for my reviews on the products I own. I have searched wide and combed through thousands of footage for… lool, the hell am I on about? Here are some links I found useful on YouTube on the products. There is nothing worse than watching a video and realising it wasn’t what you were looking for. Please note most of these if not all are videos from the US. I’m not sure if we have all the products here in the UK because I couldn’t see some of the ones mentioned on the Cantu website where I got the product list.

Video links

Entire product range

Coconut curling cream

Moisturising curl activator and define and shine custard

Conditioner, mist and lotion

Twist and lock gel, treatment masque and coconut curling cream

That’s all folks! I hope someone found this useful. If you are transitioning and wondering what products are out there for naturals I hope this gives you an idea of some. I will be doing loads more of these so stay tuned! Here in the UK, you can purchase the full range online at BeautyByZara, link >>

Some new and exciting products in the pipeline are

Extra hold edge stay gel

Comeback curl

Wave whip curling mousse


I think these or some have been released in the US already but definitely not in the UK at the moment otherwise if you spot it let me know. Also let me know of any videos you find useful and I will update the post accordingly.

Until next time




FotorCreated (1)

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog and the final installment in the conditioner series. If you haven’t already, check out the previous 2 posts on deep conditioners >> and leave in conditioners >>

So today we will be talking about rinse out/ regular conditioners. These are the ones that usually come in a pair with your fav shampoo. E.g. herbal essences hello hydration shampoo and the matching hello hydration conditioner. Unlike deep conditioners, rinse out conditioners are put on for about 3-5 mins then rinsed out. These are not designed to be left in the hair like leave in conditioners.


Do you have to match the conditioner with the shampoo? Well I’m not sure. Most product lines recommend you use all the products in the entire range for maximum results. For instance, you would start off with their shampoo then condition with one of their conditioners, style with one of their styling products and finish with one of their finishing products.  Personally I haven’t done this before but I can say I still get good results from just the conditioner only. Let me know if you use entire product lines!

If you’re like me, you rarely use rinse out conditioners for what they are for. Naturals are known to use rinse out conditioners for other purposes than conditioning, this is because most of us deep condition after every wash. Here are some examples of what I use regular conditioner for, hopefully this will give you some ideas on what to use yours for:

  • Co – washing- up until recently, I was very skeptical on buying a product that is meant for co-washing because I thought it would be the same conditioner marketed as such. I made my own co wash using regular conditioner, a tiny bit of shampoo and argan oil and needless to say it did the trick!
  • Pre- poo/detangle- I used to use conditioner to detangle my hair then leave that on for a while mixed with coconut oil as a pre poo treatment
  • Deep conditioning treatments- when I was on a strict budget and I’m talking STRICT, I would buy one regular conditioner and use it as a deep conditioner. If I wanted a moisture based deep conditioner, I would mix it with oils e.g. coconut oil and argan oil, apply and treat it as a deep conditioner. If I wanted a protein treatment, I would add an egg and castor oil.

I haven’t used many rinse out conditions to think about it. A few I can remember using and loving are

Herbal essence hello hydration (£3.99 from Superdrug)

A range of Alberto Balsam conditioners lol I think I used the blueberry, mango, raspberry (personal fav- best slip) and coconut (£1.00 from Superdrug or pound shop).

TRESemme moisture rich conditioner (cheaper in Savers for £2.99 or about 4.99 in Superdrug)

Dove nourishing oil conditioner (£1 from pound shop)

That’s all folks. Let me know your favorite rinse out conditioners and what you use them for. I would love to try out some more. Please check out my new Facebook page and like it by clicking the like button on the right hand side of this page. All my social media links can also be viewed under the social tab.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the other posts in this series and I will do my best to answer them. We will be moving onto our next series now: Cleansing and I will talk to you about the different ways to cleanse your hair. Hopefully by the end of this whole series, you will be better equipped with information and different techniques on how to care for your hair. Once you have this information, you find out natural hair is not as complicated as it seems!

Anyway until next time,




Instagram Response: Hair Typing



Hey guys, so if you follow me on Instagram (Which you should btw- @sarahfynn), you would see a post I posted about 4 weeks ago regarding a topic I was researching for my blog. The question was:

Is hair typing absolutely necessary, or are we placing too much importance on it? Do you also know your hair type and how much has that as affected your choice in products or routines?

Firstly, I want to thank all those who responded. J Greatly appreciated. Secondly, sorry it took a while to actually finalise this post lol. I originally wanted to write this 3 days later but then more people started commenting, I travelled to Germany and the rest is history lool.

Anyway first let’s talk about hair typing, what exactly is it?

In its simplest definition, it is a system created to help determine the various textures (Type 3, 4 etc) of hair among women with curly or wavy hair. So to type your hair, (there is a picture chart below and above) you would use it to compare your hair in its natural state with and pick the one that matches closely with it. The different variations e.g. type 4a, 3c etc depend on how closely your curl match the ones in the curl group e.g. type 4, type 3.hairchart2From my Instagram response and also other women I have spoken to, it seems most of the ones that know their hair type are the ones on the natural game. As in they have a lot of knowledge about their hair and how it behaves and also how to manage it. These were the women who have been natural for a while now. On the other hand, newly naturals also knew their hair type for obvious reasons that they were transitioning and also every video/post you see talks about how their hair is type 3 or 4 so that may then have driven them to find their own (I could be wrong).

But does this information really matter?

Some people said knowing their hair texture allowed them to find products that better worked for their hair or were geared towards them. Others felt it helped them choose what videos to watch on YouTube and what hair styles their texture could produce.

What I also found though was discrimination where some types of hair were seen as good hair and better than others. Type 3 regardless of variation were mostly seen as good, nicer, beautiful and easier to manage whilst type 4 was dry, brittle and difficult to manage and ‘nappy’.

My thoughts

First I didn’t really type my hair (Type 4c and actually I didn’t know my exact variation until this year at natural hair week 2015, yh that real) until a year ago I think and I have been natural for 5 years! Then I found that I was really frustrated with my hair not been as perfectly defined as I would see other girls (mostly with type 3) with (I didn’t know of hair typing at this point. I thought all naturals were supposed to have perfectly defined curly hair). My twists outs and whatever outs were not defined as well. My hair as with other girls with this hair type can testify to shrinkage, it’s no joke! I was left wanting my ‘curls’ to be defined as type 3 and if they didn’t turn out like that I thought either the product was defective or my technique was wrong. Obviously, as I have grown in my journey I realised I have no ‘curls’ and my hair will never look like that and that IS FINE!

What I DON’T AGREE with is the discrimination? Wasn’t the whole point of been natural to have healthy hair? And isn’t healthy hair ultimately good hair? Be it type 3 or 4 or 4f. Another thing I don’t understand are these variations? Every year I swear a new letter is added lol, sometime ago I heard about type 4f? Really 4f? What I also don’t understand is no head of hair is exactly one type of texture so what happens then?

Anyway, to me hair typing is not absolutely necessary. You can survive without knowing your hair type. After all, before it was created I am pretty sure naturals were doing fine. I also believe too much importance is been placed on the exact variations and obviously companies are banking on this. (I am happy though that I haven’t seen (so far) any products that transform one hair type to another with promises of ‘better manageability e.g. from type 4 to type 3 or 2 BUT if you have PLEASE let me know) knowing my texture has had some impact in my routine in that I know my hair is mostly coily not curly, what hairstyles I can do and to some degree the products I use too.

So I want to leave this post open ended. Do you this it’s important? Has it had an impact in your hair journey? Please let me know your thoughts!

The pictures below are some of the responses I got from Instagram, feel free to added you 2 cents J

Until next time









Traction Alopecia


Hey guys, I want to share the results of a mini observational study I did for the last month. It was just me observing the different hairstyles and choices black women made, my intention was not to judge or shame anyone. I was very interested in seeing how many women chose to wear their hair out. By hair I mean their real hair- whether natural, relaxed etc without any extra hair i.e. weaves, braids, wigs, clip ins, pony tails etc. In short I was looking for how many women actually wore their OWN hair WITHOUT anything added to it.


The MAJORITY of black women had some sort of hair extension added. Mostly wigs/weaves. Braids were very popular among the younger generation. I did see a few women with their OWN hair out but majority had something added. In fact of the women I personally know, those that had their own hair out often were natural (And no I don’t only know women with natural hair).

This worried me a bit.

Then I started to think, how many of my friends have I actually seen with their OWN hair out? Most of the older women in my church (And in fact other black churches) have some sort of extensions. I don’t recall ever seeing them with their hair out.

This worried me further.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way or form shaming the use of extensions. I have a growing collection of wigs in different textures and lengths that I love to wear. I also understand that having your own hair out takes some time to manage and in the morning if you are in a rush, you may simply not have that time. I understand to some, wearing the extensions just makes it easier to style/manage their hair. Fair enough.

I also noticed something else…. The more women I saw, the farther back their hairlines where. The loss of hair from the hairline is traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is a type of hair loss that is caused from constant traction (pulling) of the hair over a long period of time. What moved me to write this was when I say a girl, probably the same age as me or younger with severe traction alopecia BUT still had braids. In fact she had very a tight cornrow pony hairstyle and you could clearly tell had loss some hair from where her hair line started. It may have been caused by something else but from what I saw, it looked like traction alopecia. This usually happens around the temples (edges) and nape area at the back. We have all seen the above picture of Naomi Campbell right?

Then I thought of my own hair journey and hairline and I know one of the reasons why I became natural was to re grow my hairline. I was lucky to catch it at a point where it could be saved. Then after my BC (big chop), in attempts to get out of the twa (teeny weeny afro) stage, I started braiding my hair A LOT, I’m talking every 6 weeks, take them out for my hair to breathe for 3 days then back again. It worked though. It grew out my hair but again my edges were affected so I stopped. Then I discovered wigs and I wore them constantly in attempt to re grow them but I discovered another problem. I realised it’s easier for the hair to come out completely with braids etc but with wigs it starts to thin out and not necessarily come out. I say this because I started to wear wigs about 3 years ago, at this point my edges were in good condition and were growing back. Good right? I never braid my edges when I am doing my cornrows for my wigs and I don’t do them too tight. I always wear them for a week, taking it off at night and letting my hair breathe for a week before wearing it again. So I was taking good care of my hair. However as I got more and more into wigs, owning more than 2 or 3 at a time, I started wearing them more often. Then I discovered the elastic band method and sewing combs to the sides which make it more secure and lay flatter I became invincible (lol). I completely swore of braids for a year (my survival series) and wore nothing but wigs. Towards the end of last year (right before I started my hairfinity challenge in October), I noticed my edges stopped growing out and started thinning out.  Of course I was worried. I wasn’t braiding my hair so I wondered where it was from.  After 2 years of not braiding my hair, I braided it lol (single plaits, medium size). I took this out though 3 weeks later because I was really worried about my hairline. To cut a long story short, I realised you can get traction alopecia from wearing wigs. I realised I was wearing my elastic bands too tight and putting the comb in at the same place all this time (I almost always have a middle part). So the hair was under constant tension and started to thin out (again I caught it at a stage where it can be saved). I still wear my wigs but in different positions, not using the combs and a loser elastic band and I am actively wearing my natural hair out – which can be a pain sometimes but it is also allowing me to re discover my hair again and what I can do with it.

Traction alopecia is serious. It may not be evident straight away but give it 2 to 3 years. From what I know, it happens in stages and can be reversible if you spot it early.  So with this been a very prominent problem in our community, why are there is many women who excessively wear extensions? Could it be uneducation? But if you woke up one day and saw half your edges gone, would that not ring any bells? If every time you braid your hair is starts further back, would that not alarm you? Or do women not realise traction alopecia and its severity?

It especially pains my heart when I see little girls with the tightest of braids! I almost want to just take them out for her!  Should the hairdresser be blamed? If your client comes in with alopecia do you advise them otherwise or do you lighten your grip a bit? To be honest when I used to braid my hair, some of these braiders want to grip the most shortest of hair possible to braid (When I realised this and asked them, they actually asked if I was sure otherwise the hairstyle ‘would not be nice’) is that extra 15 mins you save not doing your own hair really worth it? Because the way I see it, it’s a cycle and what was meant to protect your hair will actually end up harming it. Then you’re spending more money on products/methods on trying to grow it back.

What happens now?

To each their own. If you want to do something about it you can. First you can start by asking them not to braid your edges when you are getting your hair done. There is also countless of products out there you can use to safely grow them back out providing it can be saved. I am currently using jbco and taking biotin supplements. There is also surgery if it’s that bad. (If you want a post of the different ways to recover please let me know)

I want to ask you guys though to observe how our women decide to wear their hair and see what you find. Let me know by dropping a comment on this post or through my twitter- @slimtings1

That’s all folks. I just wanted to share my results with you guys. Please subscribe if you enjoyed this post.

Please know I am not saying no body should wear extensions or I do not wear them myself.

Until next time

Love Sarah



Rhassoul clay experience


I am so late with this! I have recently gotten into Clays for hair cleansing and conditioning. I know I’m about how many years late ( excuse is I don’t like to follow trends and the hype, if I discover it good if not then hey I’m saving my coins!).

From Curlvolution (check out my previous post), I got rhassoul and bentonite clay from SheaButter Cottage. I have heard of both of them before but never got around to buying and trying them. I got 100g packets each and today been wash day I decided to put it to use. I’m sure everyone knows the benefits of these by now so I am just going straight into my experience and thoughts on it.

I used the rhassoul clay today and mixed it with one part ACV, Aloe Vera juice and about 1 table spoon of my oil mix (castor oil, olive oil and spearmint oil). I used the whole pack which was just about enough for my hair (4c, medium thickness and shoulder length). I mixed mine to an almost liquid consistency (huh? Lol not too runny or thick) and applied to my hair in sections about 12 in total. I let this sit on my head for about 1 hour I think and washed it out. I covered my hair with plastic bags for the 1st 45 minutes. Prior to this, I had detangled my hair with coconut oil- this works perfectly well to detangle- I saturated my hair with it and finger detangled and most of the shed hair just slipped out the only con is- the application is messy! I looked like I had just been anointed lol! It was fine when the oil was still solidified but when it got to melting boii! Lol. I did this because I wanted to use the clay for its cleansing properties so I did not want to detangle with conditioner and have to wash that out.


The application process is not as messy as henna but wear an old t-shirt and cover the floor with old paper- don’t worry it doesn’t stain clothing or walls. Also use gloves to protect your hands. Mix the product in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon. I washed with water until the water was clear and I also co –washed afterwards to make sure I got all the clay out


Almost immediately I noticed curl definition when I applied the clay. It goes onto the hair quite easily as in you don’t need too much time to work it in (Is that even a thing? Do I know what I’m talking about? Lol, it makes sense in my head lol). It dries quite quickly and doesn’t harden as much as I thought it would.



graphic picture lol, i had woken up about 30 mins ago

The big question- did it cleanse my scalp? Hmm I would give it a 6/10 for that. My scalp looked clean the day before but today this post is a day late btw) as my hair is dry I have seen some dandruff/clay. I’m not sure which is which but it looks like my scalp was not thoroughly cleansed. My hair though feels very soft and dried very quickly- I’m not sure if this is a benefit of the clay or not but I didn’t do anything different other than use the clay. Conditioning properties- 10/10! No deep conditioner has left my hair as soft as this!

Verdict- I would say if you have little product build up then go for it for cleansing. It did clean most of my build up but not thoroughly. Also if you are looking to condition your hair, this will work wonders for you. It’s almost like a 2 in 1 product- cleanse and condition, so if you’re short of time rhassoul clay is for you!

Check out SheaButter Cottage-

I totally forgot to measure my hair! Its now done! Urgh! This months update will be a bit late.

Until next time,






It’s officially spring! And almost Easter!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well and has had a fantastic week! I just quickly wanted to do a one month update on my biotin hair challenge so let’s dive right into it! But first check out my previous posts for more information on my hair journey and past challenges!

Hair growth 101 & 102 >>> ,

Hairfinity final update>>>

Introduction to biotin>>>

left-biotin , right- hairfinity measurements


It looks like I didn’t have that much growth and here’s why. I trimmed my ends after my hairfinity measurements and I FORGOT (more like I was lazy and in a hurry) to measure them again. I would say I cut off about 1 to 2 inches of hair. With that been said I still feel like I have experienced some growth. I added Sunny isle’s Jamaican black castor oil on the 1st of March to help my hair get THICKERRR (yass hunty the bigger the better and closer to heaven! Jheez!) So I will also keep up updated on that

In terms of any side effects etc. After two weeks, I did notice my nails were stronger and looked healthier. I previously had my acrylics done and kept them for about 6 weeks (I do not recommend, again I was lazy, wait I had exams! Perfect excuse!)  And when I took them off my nail bed wasn’t too happy about that.  So they biotin really helped my nails grow and become stronger. In terms of breakage, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary apart from my usual break outs when I’m stressed etc no extras. I have been drinking at least 1 litre of water daily which may have contributed to that but there has also been some days where I have slacked on that big time! My skin looked a bit brighter too.

I read on Amazon (reviews for this brand of biotin) that it really helped with their energy levels throughout the day and people were swearing by this etc but for me I didn’t really notice a change. On two occasions I took the pills quite late in the evening and I had difficulty sleeping but I find it hard to sleep anyway. On two different occasions I took the pills in the morning after breakfast and didn’t really see that much of a difference in my energy levels during the day although sometimes around 4/5 pm I get really tired (because my body thinks it’s had enough but it doesn’t know I am the master lool, you wanna sleep now but be awake at 3 am, nah sweetie) And this time around I wasn’t so tired? Hmm. I will keep experimenting with this and let you know the out. I don’t really mind if it doesn’t help my energy levels or not because the primary purpose of getting the biotin was for my hair but I guess this could be an added benefit. I will keep you posted!

I also did a mini experiment to see how long it takes for the biotin to break down in the body so I sacrificed one pill and timed how long it look to dissolve in water. After 24 hours it had pretty much dissolved but there was still some ‘white residue’ at the bottom of the glass, so that if you stirred it you could see the particles. I did take some pictures but they turned out really horrible so unfortunately I won’t post them, but I am hoping to repeat the experiment again and let you know the outcome. However the problem I had with that is 1. How long the biotin is ‘sitting’ around in my body for and 2. Just water alone is not an accurate presentation of the conditions in a cell (don’t let me go full scientist on y’all. You aint ready. Team scientist by day, blogger by night, poet by 3am LOL)

*thinking of anything else, in the meantime here is picture of a RAINBOW UNICORN NINJA*


*nope! Epic fail*

That’s all folks! It’s been a positive first month for me and I am hoping for it to continue. I did cut off 2 inches again (I maybe growing through something major if am not afraid of cutting my hair like this!) so my next update may not look like much! Please, please follow me on instagram so I can keep you updated with products, discounts etc – sarahfynn.

Apologies for this late post and minimal activity on this blog, uni been CRAZY! Final 4 weeks! BUT I have so much planned for this summer!

Have a fantastic day and enjoy your weekend and please remember just because its sunny that don’t mean pull out your denim shorts haha

Love Sarah

just because am feeling this picture!
just because am feeling this picture!



First look plus 2 weeks update

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying the month of February so far. This post will be an introduction to my new hair unit from RhoVirgin Hair Company and I will be talking about my Relaxed Yaki full lace unit!

Let’s get started!

So I really wanted something different and natural- something that was similar to my natural hair’s texture. Then she sent me this



A friend who also got the same texture sent me a couple of photos and gave me a brief review on it. I was really drawn to how natural it looked and the THICKNESS (gurlll, I aint playing!). I decided to get the full lace unit, 22inches. It did take a while to get to me than usual, but it was so worth the wait.

20150123_204627 20150123_204615


So you can see it has 4 combs in the front, 2 on the side and 1 in the middle (which I will be taking out. I don’t think anyone ever uses those).  It also has one in the back and your standard adjustable straps. I wasn’t asked for a cap size but the uni does fit pretty snug on my head. (For the first week I wore it, I didn’t have to add an elastic band. I only did so in the 2nd week to keep the ‘ear tabs’ (lack of a better word) from lifting when I want to put the hair up.

The hair isn’t black, maybe it’s a colour 2 which I really like but I think I will be dying it pretty soon ( of course I will be showing this here). I am really impressed with how natural it is. The lace and the hair line look almost undetectable. And it’s a real plus to be able to part it anywhere. This is basically my dream length and thickness of my natural hair (LORD PLEASE!)

Nitty details


So with this much hair I know some of you are wondering what the shedding, tangling and matting is like? Well for starters, I have experienced no tangling so far! This is really great. A few strands came out when I first washed it (nothing major) and when I comb it but nothing to phone home about lol. In terms of matting- very minimal and with hair this thick and long I would expect more.

If the hair is too thick for you, you can always straighten it and it will ‘calm down’ which is what I did the first time I wore it. I am going to try curling it later to see how well it holds a curl.

So far I have only co-washed it and deep conditioned it. I will keep you up dated on how it looks.

So far so good. It’s been 2 weeks and I am still loving it. I get looks all the time with some people looking to see if it’s my natural hair and girls double checking my hair line to see lace or whatever they are looking for lol. Here are some pics of it in action

20150131_175752 20150131_175759 20150211_191728 20150204_200656

That’s all from me folks. If you are interested in this unit or just want to have a look at what she offers, her details are as follows


I also have other hair extensions from her, check these out. This is my 1st full lace wig and I am loving it!

RhoVirgin Eurasian Tight curl-

Cambodian loose wave-

Have a great day guys and happy Valentine’s Day. ( who is going to see 50 shades of grey?)