Bioderma Moisturising Anti- UV Mist Review

Bioderma Moisturising Anti- UV Mist Review


So I have been preaching and telling everyone under the sun about SPF and its importance so it’s no surprise I was interested in this product. A combination of two things that are dear to me: face mists and SPF! It’s such a great idea because I can ‘top’ up my protection for my face during the day even after makeup application. I find re applying SPF to your face esp. with makeup is quite challenging compared to just re applying SPF to your legs or body. I haven’t ventured into the SPF face mists yet, in fact I haven’t seen a lot about so I was really excited to pick up the Bioderma Moisturising Anti-UV Mist! Bioderma is a powerhouse skincare brand so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed…

Bioderma Moisturising Anti- UV Mist has SPF 30 and it’s the 1st antioxidant UV protective and moisturising water for sensitive dehydrated skin. It says it’s invisible, fresh and sets makeup whilst protecting against UV rays. It also provides intense and long-lasting moisture


I’m not sure which lab this product was tested in but for me it did none of its claims and I am so disappointed! It’s invisible? Maybe for light skin tones! The spray left a weird white film/cast on my bare face (no makeup) then turned into white flakes when I tried to rub it off! It’s funny because I know how notorious SPF can be, with higher factors they tend to leave a white cast, which is why I first tested this on my hands before buying it. It left no marks/white cast on my hands but for my face it was a different story.

It provides intense and long-lasting moisture? NO! This spray made my skin so DRY! It sprays in a very fine mist but looks very oily on the skin. Then it’s slightly sticky/tacky when dry and it left my skin slightly tight and DRY. So my skin looked oily and when I go in to blot I get white flakes kmt.

I haven’t used it over makeup yet, but honestly I am not going to. I would HATE for it to ruin my makeup whilst I’m out and about! I have used the spray twice and both times I got these results. I can’t bring myself to use it again! The first time I used it, I blamed the moisturiser I was using lol because it was new. The second time around, I used my trusted moisturiser and applied this in the middle of the day, just to see if it was the moisturiser or the spray. And after a few hours, I got the same oily but tight feeling skin I got the very first time I used it! (Now I gotta apologise to that moisturiser lool). Another thing, it’s not a continuous spray but rather it comes out in short bursts which is rather annoying when you just want to spray and go.



I am SO disappointed with this! But it’s thought me to always test products more than once before purchasing! Garnier released a similar product in their Moisture Bomb Collection and I thought it will be a good replacement to this product. Boy was I wrong! I tested the Garnier spray on my hands both with some makeup swatches and bare skin and each time my hands turned white LOL. Left a very obvious white cast!

I don’t think I will be experimenting with UV sprays anytime soon lol. For now I will stick to SPF moisturisers or adding extra SPF in my morning routines. This is such a great concept but it was poorly executed.

Bioderma Moisturising Anti- UV Mist is £9 at Boots

Love SPF face mists and know of some really good ones? Share them with me!


Hope is not lost