Best Sheet Masks For All Skintypes

What are Sheet Masks?

Sheet Masks are face shaped fabric (sheet) masks that are usually soaked in a serum packed with beneficial ingredients. As with the usual masks, they target a range of concerns and you choose the depending on what you have. It’s trendy at the moment because of the very interesting selfies you can take with them and more importantly K-beauty (Korean Beauty) is becoming increasingly popular in beauty regimes everywhere! Want to know the best sheet masks for all skin types? Carry on reading!

There are tons of sheet masks on the market nowadays with almost every brand jumping on them. I love them because they are very convenient and travel-friendly and I love discovering all the different types they come in. the only issue with them is the size, it’s a one size fits all kinda deal (you can’t get it on a small or medium lol) so obviously if you are on the extreme ends of the scale you may not find a comfortable fit.

I have tried a lot but I have stuck to a few brands and repurchased these as I found them very effective and a good fit. Check out the reviews I have on sheet masks below

Collagen Gold Powder Face Sheet Mask

TT Charcoal Brightening Sheet Mask

Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask

Garnier Tissue Bomb Sheet Mask

My current Sheet Mask Collection

best sheet masks for all skin types

It’s quite obvious I love the sheet masks from Sephora! They have so many different types and I am slowly making my way through them! Because they are not available in the UK, I tend to bulk buy when I’ on holiday and there is a Sephora (they do however ship to the UK)

I have also repurchased the Garnier Tissue Bomb Sheet Mask many times, used it during a flight and back home.

The Boots Ingredients Sheet Mask was something I recently discovered in Boots. They had a good range and I am planning on using them and reviewing them pretty soon!

It’s a fun trend and definitely, one I recommend you try, especially for long haul flights or just have fun with them at home!

What are your fav sheet masks?

Sheet Masks

timless truth mask

Multi masking was so last year (have you read my multi masking post? Read it here!) Sheet Masks are here to stay. The latest trend imported from South Korea is the easier way to pamper your skin during your pamper routine.

Unless Multi-masking, Sheet Masks requires only one product, or should I say cloth/sheet. Basically is a cloth/sheet that is soaked with ingredients that will leave your skin amazing! They are shaped like a ‘face’ and have cut outs for eyes, nose and mouth (they also make for great selfies too lool)

Timeless Truth has a whole range of sheet masks specially formulated for different skin types and to treat different issues. The Fusion Range is made with dehydrated product and soaked in serum for max benefits!  5 masks in total:

Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask- for deep cleansing, brighter and firmer skin

Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask- for nourished and stimulated skin with anti-ageing properties.

Deep Sea Water Extract Moisturing Mask- for moisturised and luminous skin

Multipeptide Calming Revitalising Mask- anti ageing

Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask- improves skin tone and texture and oil control.


I was sent the Charcoal Detox Mask to review! I will be using this soon so watch this space for a review!

Visit the website for more info on the full product range and a look at the other masks

Timeless Truth

Anyone tried Sheet Masks? Let me know how it worked out for you!