Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial Review

It’s officially a year I finished my Beauty Pie challenge and was introduced to a lot of their products, a lot have been hits while some have been ok. Today’s post is a long-overdue review on their very popular Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial. I’ve had this since I started my challenge and been using it intermittently.

This mask is made with AHAs and pomegranate enzymes to leave the skin feeling super smooth and soft. It helps to prevent and reduce clogged pores leaving the skin clean and smooth.

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops Review


It seems like BP have updated the formula of this mask to now include salicylic acids (BHA). The version I have doesn’t say it has BHA (on the tube) but the current version has BHAs written on it.

I’ve been using this mask very intermittently, not because it’s not effective but because it’s an acid mask which you use once a week or when needed. The mask has a gel texture which is easy to smooth on the skin. It also has some grit, very fine granules that don’t feel harsh on the skin when rinsing off (it’s quite easy to wash off too). The mask offers two types of exfoliation: chemical exfoliation from the acids and physical exfoliation from the grit. The mask doesn’t sting or ‘burn’ and I haven’t experienced any irritation.

I usually use this in prep for an event or when my skin needs a little boost. Before rinsing, I focus scrubbing (with gentle pressure) on my tzone and chin areas – it’s usually where I get clogged pores. My skin is left smooth and soft.


This is a gentle acid-based mask in comparison to a few that I have tried. BP doesn’t state the acid content on the product or online but I really wish they would. It’s a nice to use acid mask, which is effective and doesn’t sting the skin plus you get quick results in a short time.

This reminds me of the Pixi Peel n Polish Mask although that is more gritter and a thicker consistency. If you a member of BP then this would be a dupe in terms of price, if you are not a member, Pixi’s mask works out much cheaper.

In short this is a nice mask and I like it but it’s not a Holy Grail game changing product for me, probably because I have used a lot of similar products which I like better. I don’t think it’s worth the £60 for non-members though but at its member price, it’s a good product.

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial is £10 for members on BeautyPie

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops Review

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops Review

I started the year with my Beauty Pie skincare challenge and it turned out to be really popular. I tried a few of their products and I have quite a few reviews on my blog.  This post will be another review, on their bestselling Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops serum.

This serum promises super smooth skin by keeping breakouts at bay, refined pores and leaving the skin brighter. They recommend usage once or twice a week for maintenance or daily use if you have active breakouts. The serum is formulated with salicylic acid, fruit acids and natural brighteners.


I have to admit that my first experience with the serum was not great. I combined it with a niacinamide serum and it left my skin really dry and itching. I used it again two months later alone and I instantly fell in love. This is a very watery lightweight serum that sinks into the skin quickly. It doesn’t provide any hydration. The serum does layer well with other products, I used it sometimes twice a day AM & PM if I had active breakouts or just AM or PM for maintenance.

When I had active breakouts or experienced texture, I would use the drops for a week. The serum is great for reducing texture and healing the skin. The salicylic acid and fruit acids also help the skin appear smoother.


The micro peeling drops are a best seller for a reason. I love using them when I had breakouts or texture. I did find the name slightly misleading because I thought micro peeling meant it was like a liquid peeling exfoliant but it’s not. The texture is very light and very watery and it’s very easy to use in a routine. I would definitely recommend this for oily to blemish-prone skin but normal skin can also benefit from it. Another great thing I love about this is the size, most serums come in a standard 30ml size however this comes in a 50ml size so it lasts for a while. I’m not sure why the combination with niacinamide made my skin itch but I’m very happy I gave this another chance. I will repurchase.

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops is available on BeautyPie

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Deep Purifying Cleanser

Beauty Pie! It’s been a while since my last BP review. I am still a member and I have been allowing my allowance to roll over as I am planning a splurge soon. This cleanser is part of the second haul I did as part of my BP Challenge.

Super Healthy Skin Deep Purifying Cleanser is formulated with kaolin and montmorillonite clay for deeply cleanse the skin to brighten, clarify and smooth the skin.

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops Review


I have been using this on and off since March as a second cleanse. The texture is a creamy texture which produces a gentle foam when massaged into the skin. I am not a huge fan of the cleanser.

Using this cleanser has made me realise any product with kaolin clay leaves a slight cast on my skin and leaves it looking dull. This cleanser does that (and another mask I used with kaolin clay in it). I find this cleanser difficult to wash off and it takes a few rinses to ensure it’s all washed off and there is no cast. For a cleanser with clay, I was expecting a different texture, maybe something thicker and creamier without the foam. Whilst the Super Healthy Skin Deep Purifying Cleanser doesn’t produce a lot of produce it produces some.

In terms of its cleansing power, it’s mildly effective. I don’t find the cleanser stripping but it doesn’t add any moisture either. I have normal to combination skin. The cleanser can also be used as a mask which I have tried but I did not like it.


I am not a huge fan of the cleanser. I have been using it intermittently since March but more consistently in the last 2 months because I wanted to form my full review on it. I am not a huge fan of this product. You get a very generous amount, I don’t think I am halfway through the tub yet. I don’t feel like it has made any improvements to my skin.

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Deep Purifying Cleanser is £5.78 for members on Beauty Pie