Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Serum Review

Farmacy skincare is finally more readily available in the UK, they are now stocked in Boots! I have loved this brand since I tried their Green Clean cleansing balm (which is amazing btw) and the Honeydrop moisturizer.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Serum is an acid serum with AHA/BHA/gentle flower acids (14%) that promises to resurfaces, hydrates and clarifies dull skin for a healthy natural glow


I use the serum in my evening routine, after toning and before my treatment serum ( for pigmentation). The serum is very lightweight and pairs well with other products. I did not experience any irritation with it. It has a woody scent which I found pleasant. The scent lingers for a while.

14% acid serum was the highest acid serum I used at the time so I did experience a little stinging at first use. The stinging didn’t last long and a quick spritz of a hydrating mist helped soothe my skin. It did not go red. After a week, my skin built tolerance so I was able to use it every night.

The serum helps to retexturise the skin, and leaves it smoother and healthier. I love this serum! It leaves my skin glowing. For an acid serum, it’s also hydrating because of the added hyaluronic acid.  I loved it so much that after using it for a few weeks I bought another bottle! I have finished my first bottle now and will start using the next one soon.


In conclusion, this is well formulated acid serum! If you are new to acids I would advise to start slow- once a week for a few weeks. Also keep a hydrating mist nearby. Do not combine with other acids or retinols and PLEASE use sunscreen.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow simply delivers on its promises and I highly recommend it. If you are not ready to get the full size, you can get deluxe sample sizes in gift sets, try the beehive gift set on BeautyBay

If you are already convinced then the full size is available on Boots

Best Sunscreens for Dark Skin

Face SPF

La Roche Posay Shaka Fluid

A superb SPF.  Invisible on the skin with  semi matte finish. Works well under makeup

La Roche Posay Anthelios Age Correct SPF 50

A thicker SPF cream but 100% invisible on the skin. This one is a dewier finishand I can use it with or without moisturiser underneath.  This one pills sometimes depending on how much I use and what I use underneath so I’m still trying to find the perfect combo

Body SPF

Nivea Protect & Refresh SPF50

A lightweight spray that leaves 0 cast and no piling. I love this particular one because it has a cooling effect on the skin and a subtle sunscreen scent

SPF Top Up

For SPF top ups or on the go, there’s only 2 I’ve come across.

Kate Sommervile Uncomplicated SPF50 mist is amazing!

Amazing lemongrass scent and virtually invisible on the skin

For a cheaper alternative try the Fresh Mist from La Roche Posay

Finally for those that want an SPF and moisturiser combo I have 2 amazing options

Fenty Hydravizor SPF30 is super light and moisturising with a dewy finish that isnt too shiny. Your Good Skin SPF30 is a great drugstore alternative I have been using for years and highly recommended 👌🏾

BeautyPie Superdose Vitamin C Body Lotion Review

This year, I have been focused on using more active ingredients in my bodycare routine and I have been on the hunt for some. I have found a few Vitamin  C body lotions, including the new BeautyPie Superdose Vitamin C Body Lotion.

What the brand says

Want firmer, fresher, tighter, brighter-looking skin all over your body? You’ll love this. It’s a high-tech, radiance-boosting, moisturizing body lotion, loaded with Tranexamic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, firming Brown Algae and stable vitamin C. It gives sun-damaged skin a super-boost! Use daily for the fastest brightening, firming and rejuvenating effects, or use 2-3 times weekly to help prevent signs of aging. Clean. Vegan. And cruelty-free (of course).


I used this body lotion twice a day and the 250ml bottle last just over 2 weeks. I experienced no irritation

What I liked: so what attracted me to this product is the formula: this utilizes a well-known vitamin C derivative Ascorbic Acid Glucoside and Tranexamic acid to promise firmer and brighter skin. it also other great ingredients like hyaluronic acid, brown algae extract, centella asiatica and argan oil.

I really enjoyed the scent, it’s kinda citrusy, kinda medicated but pleasant and it lingers on the skin. It is a lightweight lotion that doesn’t leave any oily residue on the skin. It goes on and sinks into the skin easily.

What I didn’t like: the bottle only lasted 2 weeks which isn’t a long time to notice any huge differences. I didn’t notice massive improvements if any. I don’t think the formula hydrating/moisturizing as much as I would like. It was ok to use whilst the weather was still warm(ish) but as the weather has changed and it’s raining more and colder, I find my skin feels drier at the end of the day


I was super excited to try this once they posted a teaser on their Instagram but I’m afraid to say it is a bit of an anti-climax. I love the formula but I don’t find it hydrating. I also wish for the price it came in a bigger bottle. This 250ml bottle lasted 2 weeks using it twice a day, the members price for this is £11.34 which is just £2 more than the Nivea Q10 plus Vitamin C 400ml lotion (I love this!)

Will I repurchase this? No I had high hopes for this lotion but unfortunately it didn’t live up to them. I LOVE the Nivea Q10 plus C lotion so I will be sticking to that

BeautyPie Superdose Vitamin C Body Lotion is £11.34 for members and available on BeautyPie

January Beauty Favorites

This year I’m doing monthly favourites, each month I will talk about the products I am loving and whether they are worth adding to your collection.  I have also decided to do 6 month empties (so excited to try this!!) instead of monthly empties.


These are the products that have been heavy in rotation and made a difference to my skin:

Nivea Vitamin C plus Q10 Sleep Cream– lovely lightweight cream that leaves the skin moisturised and brighter. Pairs well with all serums /oils. This has left my skin looking fresher and healthier. I will bring a full review soon.

Votary London Super Seed Facial Oil- I’m not the biggest fan of facial oils (there’s only one oil I can remember liking) and I almost gifted this but I’m glad I didn’t! Incredibly lightweight for an oil and leaves the skin hydrated and glowing.

BeautyPie Plantastic Cleansing balm– removes ALL makeup, SPF and grime. ALL OF IT. I have a full review here

The Ordinary 30% AHA BHA mask – mild chemical peel that leaves the skin ultra-smooth. I usually follow with a soothing hydrating sheet mask

Good Molecules Discoloration serum– the texture of this is lovely and whilst I haven’t seen a massive improvement I really like how it feels and it leaves my skin feeling smoother.

L’Oréal Fine Flowers face wash– no-fuss face wash that gently cleanses but doesn’t strip the skin.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow– this has made the biggest difference to my skin! 14% acid serum. It leaves the skin smoother! More radiant and healthier looking. I have a backup already

MAC cosmetics studio fix powder foundation– I never knew about powder foundations till I wanted something quick & easy for work. This does the job. Easy to apply and blend. Doesn’t need extra setting. Doesn’t look cakey and stays put

That’s all for this month. I have a few new products this year so I am looking forward to bringing you my monthly favourites every month.

Stay tuned for more


Catch you later


Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops Review

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops Review

I started the year with my Beauty Pie skincare challenge and it turned out to be really popular. I tried a few of their products and I have quite a few reviews on my blog.  This post will be another review, on their bestselling Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops serum.

This serum promises super smooth skin by keeping breakouts at bay, refined pores and leaving the skin brighter. They recommend usage once or twice a week for maintenance or daily use if you have active breakouts. The serum is formulated with salicylic acid, fruit acids and natural brighteners.


I have to admit that my first experience with the serum was not great. I combined it with a niacinamide serum and it left my skin really dry and itching. I used it again two months later alone and I instantly fell in love. This is a very watery lightweight serum that sinks into the skin quickly. It doesn’t provide any hydration. The serum does layer well with other products, I used it sometimes twice a day AM & PM if I had active breakouts or just AM or PM for maintenance.

When I had active breakouts or experienced texture, I would use the drops for a week. The serum is great for reducing texture and healing the skin. The salicylic acid and fruit acids also help the skin appear smoother.


The micro peeling drops are a best seller for a reason. I love using them when I had breakouts or texture. I did find the name slightly misleading because I thought micro peeling meant it was like a liquid peeling exfoliant but it’s not. The texture is very light and very watery and it’s very easy to use in a routine. I would definitely recommend this for oily to blemish-prone skin but normal skin can also benefit from it. Another great thing I love about this is the size, most serums come in a standard 30ml size however this comes in a 50ml size so it lasts for a while. I’m not sure why the combination with niacinamide made my skin itch but I’m very happy I gave this another chance. I will repurchase.

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops is available on BeautyPie

July Empties and Reviews

I set myself a mini-challenge this month: I wanted to do Beautylish haul but I promised myself I could only to do if I got above 35 empties! I definitely hit my target- which means I will be doing a Beautylish haul post soon. let’s get into the month’s empties and reviews: be warned it’s a long one!


I got through 2x Primark Cleansing wipes and a makeup remover cloth. I finally got to use my Sunday Riley products! I have fallen in love with Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser– this is the old formula so I am looking forward to trying the new formula. It deep cleanses the skin and leaves it soft & clean without drying it out. Definitely knocked off the Murad AHA/BHA cleanser from the top spot of fav luxury cleansers.  I also used the Sunday Riley Tidal & Luna Sleep Oil. Tidal- Ahh this is a very luxurious moisturiser it leaves my skin looking luminous and hydrated without a greasy feel. It’s lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily. I fell in love with this because you can layer this over retinol or use alone and I wake up to soft glowing skin! I want to get a full size of this cream because of how it leaves my skin. I have been using the trial size intermittently for travelling but I am very impressed with it every time I used it. It doesn’t pill on top of serums. Luna Sleep Oil- this is a very hyped product. Luna is a retinol oil which promises smoother even-toned skin. Firstly I did not like the scent of the oil but I must admit for an oil it didn’t feel heavy on the skin. It felt moisturising and leaves my skin brighter instantly. I didn’t have enough of it or used it long enough for any long term benefits but I must say I was impressed with it. It layers well with Tidal. I won’t purchase the full size of Luna even though I like it. I think it’s overpriced but if you love luxury items I would definitely recommend.

Moving onto facemasks, I finished Nip Fab Dragon’s blood jelly mask– great for hydrating and mixing with vitamin C powder. I used up Purederm Collagen Eyezone masks– these come in a pack of 30 from Yesstyle. For £3 they are great: they leave the eye area hydrated and refreshed. These stay in place whilst on and the pack didn’t dry out: I have had to open since March! Of course it’s resealable but it’s pretty impressive it went that long without drying. Pathology illuminating Eye Gels– these have shimmer but doesn’t leave shimmer on the skin. They are large and hydrating but

doesn’t stay in place whilst on. It also has a pleasant scent. Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Mask -large mask and fits the face really well. The moisture bomb masks have never left me down and this one is the same. It left my skin very hydrated and other products layered well on it. It says it restores a rosy glow- whatever that is, my dark skin didn’t look rosy lol but it was glowing.

Another sheet mask I used this month was Dr. Huang beauty lab broccoli voluming mask– the mask is well soaked in serum but also feels slightly oily on my skin. It had an ok scent, it wasn’t horrible but it’s not the best. It’s large and fits well however the mouth area was a bit large. I left it on for 10ish mins, it felt heavy on the skin and did not layer well with other products. It pilled so I had to wipe it all off!

10x DIY compressed sheet masks– I mostly used the Ordinary Glycolic toning solution and Garnier Refreshing toner as sheet masks this month! These work really well. I have a full review on them here. Bao Hydrating Rose Mist– this isn’t as hydrating as I would have liked but it sprays in a very fine mist. I also used this for a DIY sheet mask and it was ok. I have reviews coming for Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Cleansing Oil, Pixi Vitamin C Tonic, Farmacy Green Clean and GOW PHA Plus Serum. You can read reviews of TO Niacinamide, Burt’s Bee’s Overnight Lip Treatment, YourGoodSkin SPF30 and Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm on the blog. Finally, I also used my DHC Lip cream– this is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. It leaves the lips soft and hydrated with a lovely shine. It actually doesn’t just sit on top of dead skin. Sample sizes of Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser, Oil Free Lotion and Clinique 72 hr hydrator.



Bodycare- in the summer, I switch to lighter bodycare products. Currently, I am loving my Vanilla body oil( a blend of 5 oils plus vanilla and it smells heavenly) the vanilla essential oil I use is Miaroma Comforting Blended Essential Oil from Holland & Barrett- the scent lingers and actually smells of vanilla. I love this! I also used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (OG) & Sol de Janeiro Acai Body Powder cream– not worth the hype, not moisturising enough and had a lot of shimmers I don’t find suitable for every day. I have also been using the Palmers Skin therapy oil in my oil blend. Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion is very hyped and it’s easy to see why. This size didn’t last long but I found it lightweight and hydrating on the skin. It also leaves it smoother. The scent is not a huge hit for me but it’s ok. You know I love a good pamper routine! I finished Soap& Glory Flake away body polish & Scrubz of London Lemon honey scrub. I also finished my fav body ask- Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay from BodyShop. This has been discontinued s I actually sad I used it up (buts it’s been a long time coming) Nair Tough hair removal cream this one is great and quick to use. I finished my everyday perfume- Jimmy Choo Fever– I really liked this at first but as I got through the bottle, I realised it wasn’t lasting through the day anymore- this is the EDP. The scent disappears after a few hours wear. I won’t repurchase. Finally and hand cream from Crabtree &Evelyn.

Also finished the L’Oréal Curl Nourishment conditioner– this works great for natural hair. My full review is here. This fast dry nail spray from Primark also works really well. It gives a glossy finish if you want to skip a top coat and actually works! A perfume sample size of Angel Muse. Finally, a cotton pads pack from Primark

Total this month- 50! Definitely, the most empties I have had in a month! I really wanted to get my Beautylish haul lol so I pushed myself to the max but also because I am way behind on my target of 400 empties by the end of the year! This year is going too quick!

My collection had definitely taken a hit and I am so happy I am using up my old products!

I’m doing another challenge next month but I have just come across Uoma Beauty and oh my, the products are beautiful!

Total so far- 214/400



Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion Review

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion Review

Hey people! We are in the final month of my BP 2 month skincare challenge and I am starting to roll out the updates and reviews! I wanted to test products out for the full month before reviewing them, this way I have a better understanding of them. I haven’t reviewed any serums yet because I want to use them for at least 5 weeks. So far, I have reviews up on Japan Fusion Pure Transforming Cleanser and the Hydra Prep Lotion. I also have a review on the Invisible SPF 25- coming soon. I have picked up some new products and I have my updated BP routine here.

Today’s post will be a full review on the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion which I have been using as my AM moisturiser and occasionally as a PM night cream when I skip the retinol moisturiser. The lotion promises to brighten, soften and smooth the skin whilst providing an energy boost. It is also fragrance-free. The key ingredients of the lotion are shea butter, antioxidant plant extracts, peptides among others.


I have been using this cream as an AM every day and occasionally as a PM night cream when I skip the retinol moisturiser. For AM use, I add a few drops of my resveratrol and ferulic acid serum from The Ordinary for antioxidant protection( I have been doing this since last spring with all my AM moisturisers) but I have also used it a few times without the drops to test how it performs, there is not a huge difference. The additional drops give it more of a luminous finish which is expected as the ferulic acid feels and looks like oil even though it’s oil free. The drops don’t add any moisture or hydration so doesn’t impact the claims of the moisturiser.

Beauty Pie describes this as a lotion but I think the consistency and texture are more of a cream. I think of lotions as fluid and light and whilst the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion feels light on the skin, the texture is definitely creamy and thick. It feels luxurious on and sinks into the skin without an oily residue. It doesn’t leave the skin tacky, it doesn’t clog pores or emphasise texture.

This cream sits as the ‘meat’ in a sandwich of products yet I have experienced no piling with it. Underneath it, I have my toner, essence and serum, and on top of it, I have a generous helping of SPF. It is softening and I really like how it feels on the skin.

My skin feels soft, comfortable and moisturised all day with the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion. Occasionally I would layer my YourGoodSkin SPF 30 on top of this during the day for an SPF topup and it is then I would feel like my face feels heavy with product and when it starts to pil. I think this is understandable because by then, my natural oils have peaked through (I don’t wear makeup during the week), I have on my morning skincare PLUS an additional generous helping of SPF.


A well-formulated moisturiser that provides all-day moisture and comfort to the skin. It’s luxurious, softening and goes onto the skin well. I really like this cream and will recommend it. I personally like it better with my additional drops of ferulic acid for that luminous finish and antioxidant boost but the lotion also has antioxidants in it and its perfectly fine to use alone. This comes in a 50ml tube. I have normal to oily combo skin and I find the moisturiser worked well with it.

If you pick this up, make sure you use an SPF on top of it for sun protection. I have a small amount left which I reckon will last me a week and a half. Depending on how much you use, the cream will last you about 5-6 weeks( I admit I am heavy handed with my products) I have repurchased this but I won’t be using it right after this one because I have an ‘old’ unopened moisturiser I really want to get rid of before the spring.

I hope this helps! I have really enjoyed this challenge (I do miss rotating my products though) and falling in love with some new products. Be sure to check out the other reviews I have on BP products and my updated BP routine.

Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion is £6.34 for members or £35 full retail price. Whilst I think it is an excellent moisturiser, I think the price point is high (this is something I will address more in my final brand review of BP). I think it should be in the £20-25 range.

Catch you later



How to get Glowing Skin

 If you are still dealing with post Christmas/ New Year celebrations OR your skin is looking dull, dehydrated and textured and then post is for you!  If you were very good and followed my skin care tips, then this post will supplement it lol.

How to get your Glow (back)

If textured and dull skin is what you are experiencing then it’s worth adding AHA’s/BHA’s to your routine. These will help chemically exfoliate the skin (no harsh scrubs) and whereby revealing new and healthier glowing skin. My favourites are Pixi Glow Tonic 5%, The Ordinary Glycolic Solution 7%. If you want to try a multi acid toner then try the Glossier Solution 10%. For BHA, my only favourite is the TO Salicylic 2% which is great for enlarged pores and textured skin

You can use AHA toners every night as part of your routine and the Salicylic acid serum as and when it’s needed. I have combined both acids in the same routine and I did not experience any issues BUT I am very used to acids even at higher concentrations so be sure to do more research or test patch before combining both acids.

Dull skin- there is only one ingredient worth mentioning here and that’s Vitamin c, the gold standard for brightening the skin. I LOVE the Ordinary’s MAP 10% it’s such an easy Vitamin C to use plus it also has hydrating benefits. I also like the Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C 23% but not as much as the MAP.


A mild chemical peel will help with stubborn texture. For a quick facial at home, I love the Ordinary’s AHA 30% and BHA 10% acid mask. This is a very high concentration acid mask so make sure you follow the instructions carefully! It’s also best to not use a harsh cleanser before this mask, a simple hydrating or soothing cleanser is recommended.

I leave this on for 10 mins and also follow with a hydrating mask and toner.

For dry and dehydrated skin, I love the Origins Intensive mask, it’s technically a leave on mask but I always apply just a little more than recommend and wash it off after 20 mins. It leaves the skin hydrated and glowing

Skincare basics

Always double cleanse the skin after makeup and SPF. This will go a long way to ensure your skin is back to health

SPF- I know its cold out, windy and rainy but you still need an SPF! There is still UVA/UVB‘s and your skin needs protection especially if you have been using acid toners. I love the Glossier Invisible protection SPF 30 sunscreen and Your Good Skin SPF 30 day cream.

Whilst topical application benefits the skin, skincare also starts from the inside. Could it be time for a detox? When was the last time you drank just WATER. Increase your water intake (no fizzy drink January?), take your vitamins and eat your fruits & veg, to help you skin start healing from the inside too

Thanks for your continual support of my blog, I have a LOT in store including venturing into some new areas

Catch you soon!

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir Review

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir review

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir is a blend of 14 precious oils such as camelia, lavender, geranium, neroli oils to help with skin barrier function and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The oil helps to even out skin tone, act as a blemish treatment to leave your skin beautiful, soft and glowing.

The oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and Softalia which acts to hydrate and reduce fine lines. It also has Caribbean coral which has anti-ageing & acne properties. For my natural & organic skincare fans, the oil is made with 98% organic oils and 100% natural.

With the ‘royal seal’ of approval, both Kate & Meghan are fans of the oil, I was definitely interested in trying this (you’ve seen their skin right?) and I am also actively trying to incorporate oils in my routine.


The oil itself is housed in a beautiful glass bottle that comes with a pump which dispenses the perfect amount for use. The golden elixir has a beautiful organic scent which doesn’t linger too long on the skin. Even though it’s a blend of many oils, the elixir feels lightweight on the skin although I have found when I used 2 pumps it felt quite heavy- I was testing this out, 1 pump is enough for my face and neck, gently pressed into the skin.

The oil layers well over serums and moisturisers, I have also experimented with mixing it with my PM moisturiser and it works very well that way. It doesn’t feel too ‘oily’ on my skin and even with combination oily skin, I really like the Beauty Sleep Elixir. The oil doesn’t clog pores and I have not experienced any irritation with it. In terms of its benefits, the oil absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a beautiful glowing finish. The next morning, my skin is soft and looks glowy.


This a beautiful oil that pairs well with many other products. I love mixing it with moisturiser or even used alone on the skin. It sinks into my skin with ease and leaves it glowing the next morning.  I can definitely see why it’s a favourite for Kate & Meghan. Beuti Skincare also says the elixir can be used underneath makeup but I haven’t tried that (will bring you an update when I do!).

For now, this is a staple in my routine even with my new Beauty Pie skincare challenge, read about that here

If you love beauty oils, then be sure you check this one out!

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir is £42 on Beuti

I was sent this oil for free by the PR for review, the views are 100% my own



Best Makeup Products of 2018


When I posted my best of skincare products of 2018 and I promised a makeup edit next! I’m here to deliver! These products are a mix of new releases and old faithful that work best on dark skin tones.

This year I saw so many makeup launches! A lot of diverse and inclusive shades than ever but there were still a few brands still coming out with them nonsense shades lol. This post isn’t about the new makeup launches but all the makeup products that I have loved this year and what works best for my skintone. These are a mix of new launches and old products I love!

Primers/setting sprays

I am a primer baby! I never start my makeup without a primer and this year I started multi priming (using 2-3 diff primers), I have loved Makeup Forever Radiant Caramel Primer. It helps to colour correct and adds a glow to the skin. I can use it alone or under makeup. It’s also the perfect primer for multi priming. It’s not the one for smoothing pores etc but if you want a subtle glow and colour correcting pick this up! The Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer & Finisher is another good illuminating primer! It pairs well with the Double Wear foundation and other foundations. It extends wear time of a foundation and helps to smooth the skin. I can’t get away with this alone but it great under makeup! From the drugstore, Makeup Revolution Amazing Primer is the best! It smoothes the skin, fills pores and extends foundation wear!

Pixi Glow mist is my bae! I really love this setting spray and repurchased it! if you want the ultimate dewy finish this is your pick!


The pinnacle of makeup! This year I started my Foundation of the month series which allowed me to really put my foundations to the test! Check out my reviews of all the foundations I have used from Jan to November! December’s review will be coming soon! Out of the foundations I used, NARS Naturally Radiant was amazing. This was one of the new releases from NARS this year. Check out the review here. I also loved The Ordinary High Coverage Foundation, this £5 foundation honestly rivals the luxury brands. Becca’s Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème was another favourite! I tried for the first time the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and I was BLOWN AWAY! I stayed away from it for so long because its full coverage & matte but using illuminators allowed me to enjoy the foundation! I get the hype and I have purchased the full size, scheduled for wear next year!

Foundation Of the Month March- NARS Natural Radiant Foundation

Concealers & Colour Correctors

So I have tried a few concealers this year, the Sephora Bright Future Concealer stood out the most. I have been wanting it since I went to LA in 2016 and I missed the chance of getting it! I also tried the Maybelline Fit me concealer and it’s a good drugstore concealer! Makeup Revolution Define & Conceal concealer is another amazing full coverage matte concealer. For colour correctors I have only used the L.A Girl Orange colour corrector and it’s pretty amazing.

Liquid illuminators

This year I have really come to love liquid illuminators! They have allowed me to branch out and use matte foundations as well as allowing me to fall more in love with dewy makeup! I love the Gosh Lumi drops in Bronze which adds a lovely dewy finish to foundation without being too shimmery. I also love the new release from Sleek Makeup this year, the highlighting elixir drops in Sunlit. It is a dark gold and adds a beautiful illuminating finish to makeup! I have combined these with dewy foundations too and they don’t make it OTT but added to matte foundations really gives you the best of both worlds


ColourPop Bits & Pieces Bronzer is the perfect warm shade for my skin tone. I have been on the hunt for a bronzer so I am very happy to have tried this. Juvia’s place Sahara Blush Vol I is the best blush palette for us brown beauties. They are so pigmented and blend so easily on the skin. The shades are so pretty on dark skin. I finally got my hands on Colourpop Avalon super shock highlighter– amazing! Fenty Hustla baby is another fav of mine this year!


I love the L’Oréal False Lash X Fiber Mascara it adds length and volume and really gives a false lash effect. I also liked the Benefit they’re real primer. This has a brown tint and often times I would use this alone when I wanted a natural look to my lashes. I also loved this for my lower lashes. It’s honestly really good

So folks these are the makeup products I have been loving all year! let me know what your favourite makeup items are!