Olay Daily Facial in a Box Review



Olay Daily Facial in a Box is a dry cleansing cloth that is activated with water to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. I was very sceptical when I first came across this product when I was browsing Amazon (as I do) one late night (that pesky you may be interested in tab!). Anyway after watching a few (a lot) of YT videos I decided purchase one box to test out

Olay Daily Facial in a Box is a water-activated cloth with Vit E, grape seed extract and Olay moisture. It also provides some exfoliation action. It promises to remove makeup and cleanse the face, to leave it hydrated and refreshed whilst tightening pores



I have had these for a while down and I think I am down to my last 3 or 4. I use these for travel or at home as part of my quick & easy cleansing routine. I have tested these out both for makeup removal and a cleanser.

The dry cloth is activated by water and easily provides a rich lather which I was pleasantly surprised by. To remove makeup/cleanse, I simply use the cloth in circular motions all over my face, neck and chest, rinse and repeat till the cloth is no longer brown. Depending on how much makeup I am wearing, I would probably use 3 or 4 to do this. The scent is subtle but lovely and the cloth feels gentle on the skin. The water activated clothes are excellent for taking of foundation, mascara and even some liquid lipsticks. There is a small amount of residue left even after 4 clothes so I always use one final cloth as a face wash to complete the routine. My skin doesn’t feel as hydrated as Olay’s claims but it doesn’t feel stripped. I like the cloths because they have some salicylic acid in them but probably not enough to have a huge impact on the skin.



The cloths became a go-to on lazy days and another travel companion in addition to my Nip Fab Glycolic Foaming pads (review on my Instagram). They are effective and produce a rich lather that cleanses the skin without stripping moisture. If I am not mistaken, they have one for different skin types.

You can find the Olay Daily Facial in a Box in stores like Superdrug, Boots although I find they are always sold out, tbh I have never seen them in store although there is shelf space for them. I bought mine on Amazon for £3.00 as an add-on item but it’s also available to purchase standalone

Olay is one of those skincare brands from the drugstore I have stayed away from for years because I had a bad reaction to one of their products YEARS ago! I think it was an eye cream for dark circles that gave me lots of rashes anyway I managed to stay away from them until now. I will be repurchasing soon and I am looking forward to giving Olay a second chance!

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Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Mask Review

crystal collagen gold powder eye mask review

Something I have been researching a lot and trying to get into is eye care. I haven’t really paid much attention to my eye area or given it any TLC. Which is funny because I suffer from dark circles and I have deep set eye bags. So I have been looking at different products to test out. I started with the Simple Eye care roll on which I found to be crap tbh. It didn’t help. Then I was using this YSL Youth Liberator serum which was really good but the full size product is a bit too steep for me. I was using the sample size lol. I’m all about budget skincare products so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

So onto today’s post…

Whilst browsing Amazon, I came across the Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Masks from Gold Mask and decided to try those too (I picked up their face sheet and well, check out my review for that here). Again they had good reviews and a bargain deal- 10 pairs for £2.28!

Shipping was excellent; quick and free and I was really excited to try these! I must say after using them I am not impressed at all! Here’s why

Another product with the claims! This eye patch says it will moisturise, rehydrate & regenerate our eye area, relieve chronic fatigue, diminish fine lines, wrinkles & crowfeet, minimise eye bags &fade dark circles remarkably (lol). It improves elasticity & firmness

Again the product is soaked in excess ‘serum’ and you are directed to leave on for 30 mins then wash afterwards. They are not reusable btw


Ermm no. I have now used 5 packs ( half of what I got) and I noticed it would start to sting and feel slightly itching after 5 mins. Note I do not have sensitive skin. I will say they fit quite snug around the eye area and do not move around or slip once in place.

crystal collagen eye patches



Even after your 100th mistake, there’s no condemnation

Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Sheet Mask Review

crystal gold collagen mask review

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! Summer 2016 is here whopppp! So in the summer, I like to take my skincare game up a notch and do more face masks to keep my skin in good condition over the warmer months. Before I get into today’s post, check out my previous posts on face masks!

Multi-masking ft. Superdrug & Avon

TT Beauty Charcoal Detox Brightening Face Sheet Mask

I have been into the face sheet masks trend lately and I really wanted to experiment with different brands and types. I went to Amazon and picked up one of the bestselling Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Mask. The reviews seemed really good and they sold it in great values packs so I decided to go for it. I got 3 for £2.74.

Whilst browsing I came across their Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Masks and decided to try those too since I am starting to pay a bit more attention to my eye area lately. Again they had good reviews and a bargain deal- 10 pairs for £2.28! – review to follow soon!

Shipping was excellent; quick and free and I was really excited to try these! I must say that after using them I am not impressed at all! Here’s why

Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Mask

For starters, it claims to do too many things, i.e. instant lifting &firming, moisturizes &rehydrates, whitens &illuminates, enhances face slimming & sculpting, activates cellular regeneration, collagen synthesis, skin pH balancing, soothing &anti-inflammatory and combat biological &sunlight skin aging! A whopping 16 so called benefits! FYI- when it says whitens its really brightening and evening out the skin NOT bleaching! I’m NOT trying to bleach this melanin!

You apply the mask on dry skin after cleansing and leave it on for 20 to 30 mins, followed by your normal skin routine



LOL. I mean I knew for £2.74 it wasn’t going to do all that but this is a joke lol. I haven’t tried a lot of facial sheets but the ones I have tried didn’t come in water. The ‘serum’ it comes in looks so much like water. The holes are cut wrong and too big, so it didn’t fit me properly. Its super slippery too, it wouldn’t stay in place and it kept sliding down lol so I couldn’t wear it for 30 mins! Infact when I wore this mask, it lasted for 5 mins! Trying to type and wear this mask is a myth! The only way I could have kept it on for that long was if I lied down! It also doesn’t say which part you put on your face so I played the guessing game each time.

crystal gold collagen mask review

After taking it off and the serum dries my face feels normal, just like when I dry my face after washing it and before I put on moisturiser. It doesn’t feel soft or moisturised.

I didn’t experience ANY of its 16 benefits. The only thing I can say I noticed was it’s quite cooling and left my face slightly cool- that wasn’t even on the list of benefits lol!

Verdict– Don’t waste your £2.74 lol. 1/5 (1 point because it’s a bit cooling and shipping was quick), I have used all 3 and no results. I don’t know if its travel friendly either, although its flat it’s also quite big which I found weird because most masks come folded which make it really convenient to travel with.

I purchased this from Gold Mask on Amazon

See you soon with the Eye Masks review! It should be interesting lol

Love Sarah

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Hey peeps! Welcome back, second to last post in the Shea Moisture mini-series! Have you been keep up to date? Here are all the previous posts and links (because I have too much love for you guys!)

Coconut and hibiscus >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Bq

Superfruit complex 10 in 1 renewal system >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Bv

Raw shea butter >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-BM

African lack soap >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Bs

Yucca and plantain >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-BS

Jamaican black castor oil >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Cq

So their Manuka honey and mafura oil collection aims to provide intense hydration and infuse hair with moisture and shine enhancing nutrients to soften and revitalize hair while protecting distressed hair from environment influences.

The main ingredients are

  1. Manuka honey- anti-inflammatory properties smooth hair. Helps to create a moisturising barrier to rehydrate hair
  2. Mafura oil- high level of beneficial oleic acid help replenish oils stripped from hair
  3. African rock fig- contains antioxidant vitamin C which helps hair looking vibrant

Full collection

  1. Manuka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration conditioner
  2. Manuka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration masque
  3. Manuka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration complex
  4. Manuka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration shampoo

Review time




One more left! I hope you guys have been enjoying our Shea moisture mini-series. Here you in the UK you can purchase the collection on amazon > Shea Moisture manuka honey and mafura oil

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Hey guys,

As promised this is the second instalment in my conditioner series. There’s only one more left which will be on rinse out conditioners then we can move onto a cleansing series and I will talk you through the different ways of cleansing your tresses. But that’s another day! If you haven’t already check out the 1st instalment on deep conditioning by clicking here >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-xW


So what are leave in conditioners? You frequently hear naturals talk about applying their ‘leave ins’ after conditioning or just before styling. And are they important and any different from the regular conditioners? Let’s find out shall we

Leave in conditioners are different from regular conditioners in that they are lighter and formulated to stay in your hair, not to be washed out. You would apply a leave in after washing and conditioning to wet hair and leave it in! It’s important because it adds extra moisture and benefits to your hair without weighing it down and it also suitable for daily use. Regular conditioners aka rinse out ones are heavier and tend to coat the hair hence when used daily or without washing out they tend to contribute to product build up.


As with deep conditioners, there are two types, protein and moisture based but I never look for that when I am purchasing mine. I tend to stick to ones that will add moisture to my hair because that is what I would like on a daily basis  (but if you prefer a protein based one by all means go for it).

I also buy mine in two forms: a lotion/cream form and a spray/liquid form. And I use them differently too. For instance, when my hair is out I tend to use the cream/lotion form. When I have my protective styling e.g. cornrows, wigs etc, it is then easier to use the spray form. Try this if you don’t and let me know how it goes!

Of course no post on my blog would be complete without product recommendations so here a few leave ins I have used and my thoughts on them


Cantu shea butter leave in/Cantu shea butter leave in for natural hair- this is no doubt one of the more famous leave in conditioners among the black girl community. (I said one of just in case you absolutely hate this too lol) some naturals swear by it and other swear from it (lool). I like it, it leaves my hair softer and more manageable however I am not too keen on the ingredients. Cantu SheaButter has released a version for naturals and I be loving that! It works just as well without the harsh chemicals and I own both too! Well I was running out of the normal version hence I got a new one. It’s usually £3.99 for the normal version in the BSS.  You can purchase online on Amazon by clicking>  Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream – 453g

Beautiful textures tangle taming leave in- I love this conditioner as well. I especially love it because it provides a lot of slip to the hair. I love the smell too. It leaves my hair feeling soft. I can use this for a semi twist out especially if I want to pull my hair into a puff the next day. Its best applied to wet hair and twisted out of the way. It’s usually £3.99 in stores. If you can’t make it to the store, you can always get one on Amazon by clicking> Beautiful Textures Leave-In Conditioner 355 ml


African pride shea butter leave in conditioner- I got this as a trial before the Cantu Shea butter and I must say I did not enjoy it at all. I felt like it made no difference to my hair. I think its £2.99 or 3.99 in stores. Purchase on Amazon > African Pride Shea Butter Moisture Intense Miracle Leave in Conditioner 425 g


Giovanni direct leave in – I love this so much! It was the very first leave in I got from British Curlies when I became fully natural. It helped detangle my hair and provided much needed moisture. I am not sure if you can get these in store but you can get online on Amazon> Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, Weightless Moisture, 8.5-Ounce Containers




ApHogee ProVitamin leave in conditioner- I am currently using this now as I wanted to try something new. I am not too keen on the smell however it does what it’s supposed to do. Moisturise! Get on Amazon by clicking on this APHOGEE Pro Vitamin Leave-in Conditioner 16oz/473ml


Crème Of Nature Argan oil strength and shine leave in conditioner- this is my go to, staple leave in! I love this so much and have repurchased so many times! Everything about this product is on fleek lol. Smell ü Price ü Effectivenessü. I use this on my virgin hair, infact I really love this on it and my hair as well.  Amazon sells it for £2.50, purchase by clicking on this Creme of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner Leave-In 250 ml


Elasta QP Olive oil and mango butter leave in H2 conditioner- I enjoyed the smell of this but not so much the effectiveness. You can try it and let me know the results! Purchase on Amazon by clicking Elasta QP Olive & Mango Leave-In H2 Conditioner 235 ml


FOR MY DIY LOVERS, you can always mix a bit of oils, water and your moisturiser and use that as a spray leave in.

Of course there are other great ones like Mixed Chicks, Kinky Curly Knot today and Shea Moisture that I haven’t listed. I stuck to the ones I have personally used as I can personally vouch for these.

So that’s all folks, leave in conditioners are really simple and straight forward. Let me know what you think and recommend. What are your go to ones? Most of these can be purchased on Amazon if you haven’t got time to go in store for them. I have provided links for all of them. Alternatively you can check BritishCurlies or BeautyByZara for them.

The 3rd and final instalment in this series will be about regular conditioners, check out for those soon. Remember to like my Facebook page and connect with me on all my social media. I would love to hear from you. I will also be bringing you a post about a new vendor I am working with now so stay tuned for that. It should be up soon before the final instalment of this series.

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Germany travels: Düsseldorf


Hey guys!  I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying this warm weather. its officially summer!!!! Yay. So this update is a much needed break from hair updates lol even though it will have some hair elements to it but I will keep it short. So my last travel update I think was a year ago in February, although I did travel to Amsterdam last summer but did not blog about it. This time I went to Germany to visit a few people I met in Spain and I went to two different cities: Düsseldorf and Munich so I will split them into two parts. I am so bummed I could not go to Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg: time and money! (hey if you want to sponsor me to travel to these places for my blog I would appreciate it lol)

Let’s get started. I have a lot of pictures! Hair element (lol) I decided to go with a hassle free hairstyle as I did not want to travel with a lot of styling products or hot tools (mainly because I could not find my travel adapters and did not want to buy new ones lol), so I went with my short wig already straightened like 3 to 4 times ( as if that meant it would be straighter for longer lol and I would later find out that it would be rainy and there would be no point to it lol. Only products I took was a little bottle of spray leave in conditioner for my hair underneath and some gel for my edges although I never seem to care if they are laid or not when I’m travelling lol). DONE

Rant: OK. So I flew with German wings and never again. First the flight was delayed by about 25 minutes then when we actually boarded we had to wait for another 30 to 40 minutes then when we actually got to Germany we then had to wait another 20 minutes before we  got off the plane! My journey time was prolonged about an 1hour and a half! And guess what the compensation was? A free alcoholic beverage (LOL) but hey I got there safely the end. But never again.

Anyway so I got there and met up with my friend  and later went for our 1st night out. We went to an afrobeats bar/ club in the city center (Please don’t ask me the name lol I can give you directions if you want lool). So anyway the 1st night was good although it drizzled a bit and my hair got ruined lol. We spoke and did a lot of catching up and I also met her another friend. Somehow all the guys in the place were from Cameroon or spoke French and I spoke the same words all night: I don’t speak French/Dutch. (Lol I just remembered this one guy who was German, an older man staring at us for what seemed like the whole night. This man was literally sitting right across us. After he was tired of staring (I guess), he (lol) offered me his drink (LOL) very confidently (LOL) which I declined lol. After dancing for like 10 minutes he goes away lool.).The next day we went round their city center, of course Germany been the hometown of VW, BMW and Audi almost everyone drove one of those cars and the very latest models. In the center they were test driving jaguars and because I had just passed my test I got to drive one too!!!! (Lol jokes!)









I love the buildings there. Every corner had a mall honestly lol. And designer shops everywhere. The city is really beautiful. Of course been in Germany I had to have sausages lol although they served it in round bread lol. I didn’t drink any beer though hahaa. I saw the tower and did a lot of walking around, I wasn’t there for long so I did as much as I could in 2days 2nightz.  We had lunch in Maredo I would recommend their ribs (so nice but I didn’t even finish it lol). I was lucky to go on the weekend of the Japanese festival in Düsseldorf so the costumes and people were in full gear. Apparently Düsseldorf has a large Japanese population, to think about it I actually saw a lot of sushi places. Although at the festival itself I didn’t see a lot of Japanese maybe they were hiding in costume (hehe). Anyways there was the most amazing fireworks show I had ever seen! The place was packed out I mean, I think everyone in the city was there lol. We were standing on a bridge which I honestly thought could fall. Next time we should get a boat lol (or Diane move to the harbor lol).







Yes that was part of someone’s outfit. and they were speakers!




So I had a really lovely time in Düsseldorf with my friend and I just wish I could spend more time there but hopefully I will back to visit.  There is supposed to be a boat show in January hopefully I can make it there.  I left Sunday afternoon for Munich in the south. I booked tickets via the DB website. The whole journey was about 6 hours: 12. 30 to 6.30 pm.  Stay tuned for part two of my Germany travels.

See you soon

P.S I used my very handy 40L mountain warehouse backpack. A review I did for it can be viewed here >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-ng. Please consider investing in a backpack if you travel a lot, it will make your life easier!

Maredo ribs
Maredo ribs


At this point everyone was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
At this point everyone was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Munich Travels up shortly


TTPR- ORS Edge Control

edge control


ORS formally known as olive oil organic root stimulator ( So no, I havenot made a mistake)

Another product that is no old news to the junkies so let’s get right to it!


Claims?- superior hold and shine

Does it work?- more or less, depending on your technique.( Sarah are you trying to tell me there is a way of applying edge control? YES. So I have natural hair so my edges are curly. For this to work on my hair I CANT just apply and bounce NO. I have to either use it on top of Eco Styler Styling Gel Krystal Clear 900 gm (click the link to check it out on Amazon) OR apply water to dampen my hair first then use. TIP_ apply hair gel with a toothbrush( but I’m sure you knew that already. NO? thank me then LOL)

Proof? – Youtube reviews, and I’m on my second container.

Safe?- first ingredient is water

Bonus?- this is difficult. hmm Can last all day depending on weather conditions. If you leave the container open for a while, the product tends to harden. I found it a bit difficult to spread.

Price?- £2.99 more or less. dependent on location. Check out Paks, Ace etc

Here it is in the glorified ORS packaging. I was right.  click on the picture to check it out on Amazon for only £1.97!

That’s all for now

As always

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TTPR- Creme of Nature- Argan oil leave in conditioner

leave in   TTPR- To The Point Product Reviews! ( Really the P should be squared to 2 LOL, but it all works out because its supposed to be short, like right to the point) So, product junkie’s worldwide and beyond have probably heard, tried and tested the Creme of Nature Argan oil leave in conditioner by now! But if you are like regular people, and do not crave the need for new products or run to stores at the mention of a new product or check on Youtube every second for product reviews, then there is a slight chance you may have not heard of this product. or tried it. or experienced its wonders.

Anyway TTP!

Claims?- improves hair strength, protect against damage and add exotic shine and moisture.

Does it work? YES

Proof?- I’m on my 3rd bottle and currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms ( cant purchase in Spain)

Safe?- First ingredient is water therefore water based

Bonus?- AMAZEBALLS smell. Like seriously

Price?- £2.99 more or less depending on where you purchase it.

What did I use it on?- Virgin hair and natural hair

Worth the hype so should I use my hard earned money to try it?- YES

check the   product on Amazon by clicking on the picture. You can also get it in  Paks, Ace, Julia knows best or any beauty supply store in the UK. For the US maybe Sallys or Target ( I’m not sure btw its juts guess work)

How short was that? more product reviews to come in this format.

Enjoy your day loves!

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