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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog and the final installment in the conditioner series. If you haven’t already, check out the previous 2 posts on deep conditioners >> and leave in conditioners >>

So today we will be talking about rinse out/ regular conditioners. These are the ones that usually come in a pair with your fav shampoo. E.g. herbal essences hello hydration shampoo and the matching hello hydration conditioner. Unlike deep conditioners, rinse out conditioners are put on for about 3-5 mins then rinsed out. These are not designed to be left in the hair like leave in conditioners.


Do you have to match the conditioner with the shampoo? Well I’m not sure. Most product lines recommend you use all the products in the entire range for maximum results. For instance, you would start off with their shampoo then condition with one of their conditioners, style with one of their styling products and finish with one of their finishing products.  Personally I haven’t done this before but I can say I still get good results from just the conditioner only. Let me know if you use entire product lines!

If you’re like me, you rarely use rinse out conditioners for what they are for. Naturals are known to use rinse out conditioners for other purposes than conditioning, this is because most of us deep condition after every wash. Here are some examples of what I use regular conditioner for, hopefully this will give you some ideas on what to use yours for:

  • Co – washing- up until recently, I was very skeptical on buying a product that is meant for co-washing because I thought it would be the same conditioner marketed as such. I made my own co wash using regular conditioner, a tiny bit of shampoo and argan oil and needless to say it did the trick!
  • Pre- poo/detangle- I used to use conditioner to detangle my hair then leave that on for a while mixed with coconut oil as a pre poo treatment
  • Deep conditioning treatments- when I was on a strict budget and I’m talking STRICT, I would buy one regular conditioner and use it as a deep conditioner. If I wanted a moisture based deep conditioner, I would mix it with oils e.g. coconut oil and argan oil, apply and treat it as a deep conditioner. If I wanted a protein treatment, I would add an egg and castor oil.

I haven’t used many rinse out conditions to think about it. A few I can remember using and loving are

Herbal essence hello hydration (£3.99 from Superdrug)

A range of Alberto Balsam conditioners lol I think I used the blueberry, mango, raspberry (personal fav- best slip) and coconut (£1.00 from Superdrug or pound shop).

TRESemme moisture rich conditioner (cheaper in Savers for £2.99 or about 4.99 in Superdrug)

Dove nourishing oil conditioner (£1 from pound shop)

That’s all folks. Let me know your favorite rinse out conditioners and what you use them for. I would love to try out some more. Please check out my new Facebook page and like it by clicking the like button on the right hand side of this page. All my social media links can also be viewed under the social tab.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the other posts in this series and I will do my best to answer them. We will be moving onto our next series now: Cleansing and I will talk to you about the different ways to cleanse your hair. Hopefully by the end of this whole series, you will be better equipped with information and different techniques on how to care for your hair. Once you have this information, you find out natural hair is not as complicated as it seems!

Anyway until next time,