Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF25 review

Hey guys, I hope all is well! I have another review from my Beauty Pie 2 month challenge! We are now officially 1 month down and 2 weeks left till the end! Check out my first review on the Japan Fusion Pure Transforming cleanser here.

In this post, I will be talking about the SPF which I have been using every morning! The SPF promises protection plus a moisturising silky feel formula.

Beauty Pie ultralight spf 25 review


This is an SPF 25 UVA/UVB chemical sunscreen designed to be used on top of a moisturiser. The sunscreen has also been formulated with Hyaluronic acid and liquorice extract. The sunscreen is part of the Super Healthy skin collection which has been curated with high-performance ingredients for super healthy skin!

The texture is a lotion and it feels very lightweight on the skin. I LOVE this sunscreen because I find it very moisturising without any oily residue. I tend to use a good amount (because I want to ensure I am getting the full protection) and whilst that can give it an ‘oily’ appearance it actually isn’t oily at all! It leaves my skin glowing and I suspect that is due to the liquorice extract which is known for brightening. Even with the amount I use, I have experienced no piling! This layers very well on top of moisturisers and serums I have used. I have also experienced no irritation and it doesn’t clog pores

Now the important part? Is it truly invisible on dark skin? A lot of invisible sunscreens claim this however when I have used it, I have a horrible white cast! I am happy to report, the Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF25 is 100% INVISIBLE ON DARK SKIN! I use a lot of this VERY morning and upon initial application, it looks like it may leave a cast, but I let it sit for a few seconds and massage it in and it’s all gone.


A truly invisible SPF on all skintones, this sunscreen is one of my favourites (I will have a post on all invisible SPF’s on dark skin soon). I am a little past the half way mark on the bottle and it is something I will purchase( although I have used up my January allowance lol- update on the new products I have got will come soon)! My only wish is that they will bring the same formula in an SPF 50!( they said its in the works and I am SO happy for this!) I can only use this in the winter/fall because my skin is extremely prone to hyperpigmentation plus I use acids and retinol so I always use SPF 50 in the spring/summer where there are more rays.

I highly recommend this sunscreen.

Beauty Pie sunscreen is £7 for members and is available on Beautypie

I picked up new BP products for the final leg of the challenge, check out my updated BP routine.

I now have reviews on the Super Healthy Skin Moisturiser, Triple HA serum and Japan Fusion Prep Lotion.

From my original routine, I am only missing reviews on the retinol which will be coming soon! I think I have about a weeks’ worth of product! It looks like my brand review will be coming sooner than expected.

Catch you later

Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic acid and peptide serum review

Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic acid and peptide serum review


Hi guys, I hope all is well. I have another update in my 2 month BP skincare challenge! For this update, it will be a review of the Triple Hyaluronic acid and peptide serum from Beauty Pie. This serum promises super glowy, dewy and healthy skin, intense hydration and smoothing benefits.


I have been using the serum twice a day for the last 4 weeks but in the last few days, I have been using it once in the PM as I have picked up another morning serum. In the mornings, I was using it after the Japan Fusion Hydra Prep Lotion and before my creams and in the evenings, also after the Prep lotion but before the retinol serum and moisturiser. I am almost out of the serum so I thought it would be a good time to review it. It’s housed in a lux 50ml glass bottle with a pump (that works!). I have experienced no irritation with the serum.

The serum has a medium consistency, spreads very easily on the skin and sinks into it. It feels very smooth. In terms of hydrating the skin, I think the BP Triple Hyaluronic serum was average. I felt like it worked better on damp skin so I was layering this onto the skin right after the essence instead of letting it fully dry as I did in the first weeks of using the serum. It leaves my skin slightly tacky after it has dried down.

In terms of combining this with other products, I found that this serum works well with the other two BP serums I have combined it with, i.e. the retinol and daily vitamin serum. When I tried to combine it with Niacinamide from the ordinary, it piled like crazy! And when I touched my face I got white flakes all over. It was so bad that around my hairline it looked like I had dandruff! I wish I took a picture but I was at work when I noticed it and I was not happy at all. I had to reach for my Niacinamide serum because I am going through a bad breakout ( which I don’t understand because I have been loyal to my skincare routine) and the new Plantastic drops I picked up were not cutting it( I also have a horrible story of combing Niacinamide and the drops and it piled and made my face itchy). I know it’s not the Niacinamide because if you guys would remember I raved about this serum all of last year and I combined it with many different serums and creams and I did not experience any piling whatsoever.


I had a quick look at the ingredient list of the serum and from my research there are a lot of skin conditioning and ingredients to improve the texture of the serum ( which explains why the serum itself has a lovely smooth texture). In terms of hydrating and smoothing the skin as the serum claims I didn’t think it was extraordinary, I thought was it was ok. I still had some texture on my skin.  I really prefer my Amino acid serum over this one for leaving my skin hydrated and that costs £5.90 (I really do miss my single formulation serums).

I think the retail price of this price is very high, its £60 and honestly I do not think its worth that much. It has been a bittersweet experience. A lot of people seem to like this serum as it’s raved about on the website and it’s actually out of stock. For me it was average and I would not repurchase.

That’s all folks. I hope you found this helpful. Not long to go now with the challenge, I now have reviews for the Japan Fusion Cleanser, Hydra Prep Lotion and the super healthy skin lotion on the blog. The sunscreen review will be up very shortly. I want to leave the retinol reviews until the last week of Feb but I do have a small amount left so whichever comes first.

Check out my updated BP routine and what I think of the new products I picked here


Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion Review

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion Review

Hey people! We are in the final month of my BP 2 month skincare challenge and I am starting to roll out the updates and reviews! I wanted to test products out for the full month before reviewing them, this way I have a better understanding of them. I haven’t reviewed any serums yet because I want to use them for at least 5 weeks. So far, I have reviews up on Japan Fusion Pure Transforming Cleanser and the Hydra Prep Lotion. I also have a review on the Invisible SPF 25- coming soon. I have picked up some new products and I have my updated BP routine here.

Today’s post will be a full review on the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion which I have been using as my AM moisturiser and occasionally as a PM night cream when I skip the retinol moisturiser. The lotion promises to brighten, soften and smooth the skin whilst providing an energy boost. It is also fragrance-free. The key ingredients of the lotion are shea butter, antioxidant plant extracts, peptides among others.


I have been using this cream as an AM every day and occasionally as a PM night cream when I skip the retinol moisturiser. For AM use, I add a few drops of my resveratrol and ferulic acid serum from The Ordinary for antioxidant protection( I have been doing this since last spring with all my AM moisturisers) but I have also used it a few times without the drops to test how it performs, there is not a huge difference. The additional drops give it more of a luminous finish which is expected as the ferulic acid feels and looks like oil even though it’s oil free. The drops don’t add any moisture or hydration so doesn’t impact the claims of the moisturiser.

Beauty Pie describes this as a lotion but I think the consistency and texture are more of a cream. I think of lotions as fluid and light and whilst the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion feels light on the skin, the texture is definitely creamy and thick. It feels luxurious on and sinks into the skin without an oily residue. It doesn’t leave the skin tacky, it doesn’t clog pores or emphasise texture.

This cream sits as the ‘meat’ in a sandwich of products yet I have experienced no piling with it. Underneath it, I have my toner, essence and serum, and on top of it, I have a generous helping of SPF. It is softening and I really like how it feels on the skin.

My skin feels soft, comfortable and moisturised all day with the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion. Occasionally I would layer my YourGoodSkin SPF 30 on top of this during the day for an SPF topup and it is then I would feel like my face feels heavy with product and when it starts to pil. I think this is understandable because by then, my natural oils have peaked through (I don’t wear makeup during the week), I have on my morning skincare PLUS an additional generous helping of SPF.


A well-formulated moisturiser that provides all-day moisture and comfort to the skin. It’s luxurious, softening and goes onto the skin well. I really like this cream and will recommend it. I personally like it better with my additional drops of ferulic acid for that luminous finish and antioxidant boost but the lotion also has antioxidants in it and its perfectly fine to use alone. This comes in a 50ml tube. I have normal to oily combo skin and I find the moisturiser worked well with it.

If you pick this up, make sure you use an SPF on top of it for sun protection. I have a small amount left which I reckon will last me a week and a half. Depending on how much you use, the cream will last you about 5-6 weeks( I admit I am heavy handed with my products) I have repurchased this but I won’t be using it right after this one because I have an ‘old’ unopened moisturiser I really want to get rid of before the spring.

I hope this helps! I have really enjoyed this challenge (I do miss rotating my products though) and falling in love with some new products. Be sure to check out the other reviews I have on BP products and my updated BP routine.

Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion is £6.34 for members or £35 full retail price. Whilst I think it is an excellent moisturiser, I think the price point is high (this is something I will address more in my final brand review of BP). I think it should be in the £20-25 range.

Catch you later



Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir Review

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir review

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir is a blend of 14 precious oils such as camelia, lavender, geranium, neroli oils to help with skin barrier function and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The oil helps to even out skin tone, act as a blemish treatment to leave your skin beautiful, soft and glowing.

The oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and Softalia which acts to hydrate and reduce fine lines. It also has Caribbean coral which has anti-ageing & acne properties. For my natural & organic skincare fans, the oil is made with 98% organic oils and 100% natural.

With the ‘royal seal’ of approval, both Kate & Meghan are fans of the oil, I was definitely interested in trying this (you’ve seen their skin right?) and I am also actively trying to incorporate oils in my routine.


The oil itself is housed in a beautiful glass bottle that comes with a pump which dispenses the perfect amount for use. The golden elixir has a beautiful organic scent which doesn’t linger too long on the skin. Even though it’s a blend of many oils, the elixir feels lightweight on the skin although I have found when I used 2 pumps it felt quite heavy- I was testing this out, 1 pump is enough for my face and neck, gently pressed into the skin.

The oil layers well over serums and moisturisers, I have also experimented with mixing it with my PM moisturiser and it works very well that way. It doesn’t feel too ‘oily’ on my skin and even with combination oily skin, I really like the Beauty Sleep Elixir. The oil doesn’t clog pores and I have not experienced any irritation with it. In terms of its benefits, the oil absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a beautiful glowing finish. The next morning, my skin is soft and looks glowy.


This a beautiful oil that pairs well with many other products. I love mixing it with moisturiser or even used alone on the skin. It sinks into my skin with ease and leaves it glowing the next morning.  I can definitely see why it’s a favourite for Kate & Meghan. Beuti Skincare also says the elixir can be used underneath makeup but I haven’t tried that (will bring you an update when I do!).

For now, this is a staple in my routine even with my new Beauty Pie skincare challenge, read about that here

If you love beauty oils, then be sure you check this one out!

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir is £42 on Beuti

I was sent this oil for free by the PR for review, the views are 100% my own



The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 Review


The growing portfolio of The Ordinary means one thing: new products for us to try! The Ordinary  Amino Acid and B5 is one of their latest serums and I bought this as soon as I saw it ( they hadn’t even put on the product information lol) I bought this because at the time I was researching amino acids as a skincare ingredient and The ordinary is the perfect brand to start experimenting with. Check out my Summer to Fall routine here

The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 is for hydration support which means to maintain healthy skin function. It is a mixture of amino acids and amino acid derivatives


The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 is a watery serum which feels light on the skin. The Ordinary say you may feel a tingling sensation upon application but I have NOT experienced this.  I use my serum in the morning after my essence or facial mist and it works well layered underneath those products and my moisturiser. I have not experienced any irritation with this and it doesn’t clog pores

The serum is easily absorbed into the skin after pressing it in. it feels great and adds hydration to my skin whilst adding a healthy glow. I really love this serum because it provides all-day hydration. I use about 2-3 drops over my face and neck. It does feel somewhat tacky when dried but I have experienced no pilling with it. It can tend to have a very shiny look and form a shiny ‘film’ on the skin if you use too much (like I have done so many times lol) but after adding moisturiser this breaks the ‘film’ and reduces shine.


I prefer this serum for hydration to the Ordinary’s Hyaluronic acid serum (I have reviewed that here). This watery serum is very lightweight and very hydrating and it’s been the perfect addition to my routine this winter. I am halfway through the bottle and I will definitely repurchase. It has been a good addition in terms of helping my skin maintain its health. I have been using this for a while and I haven’t experienced any tingling upon application but always patch test before trying this.

I will definitely recommend this serum if you are looking for a budget-friendly hydrating serum. Amino acids have a range of benefits in skincare like antioxidant protection and hydration. The amino acids in this serum are a mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids and also have hydration, skin smoothing and anti-aging benefits.

The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 is £5.90 on BeautyBay*

It’s Christmas EVE!

*affiliate link used. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission which goes towards the upkeep of the blog (and allows me to keep bringing you excellent content) but the price remains the same

Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum review

Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum review


Vitamin E is a skin care ingredient which is excellent for healing skin and antioxidant protection. Superdrug’s Vitamin E range is one of a kind and they also have a lot of products in the range. Today’s post will be a full review of the Facial Boost serum

Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum has been formulated with fruit acids and betaine to boost skin moisture contact and stimulate skin cell renewal. The serum also has a blend of vitamin A, B, F and H.


The serum has a lightweight silky texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. It is a lightweight lotion with a pleasant scent which is the same scent as all the other Vitamin E products in this range. The serum doesn’t leave a greasy finish and I experienced no irritation with it. I also really liked the packaging of the serum, it comes in a pump bottle and dispenses a good amount. In addition to Vitamin E, it has also been blended with other skin nourishing ingredients like Betaine which acts as an anti-irritant and humectant to draw moisture into the skin plus other vitamins.

I think this is an excellent budget serum and it’s perfect for use both morning and night, layered underneath a moisturiser or a watery serum. I really like this and it adds hydration to my skin. I use 2 to 3 pumps which I pressed into the skin after using 2 serums. I find that it doesn’t ‘pill’ when combined with other serums/creams.


Overall, the Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum is good drugstore serum that is easy to incorporate into any routine. I will recommend it for all skintypes and it can be layered with the other serums in your routine for a quick boost of hydration. The price post of this serum is very budget friendly and it’s almost always on offer in Superdrug. Plus you get a lot for £3.99, its 50ml!

I will be doing a brand review of the Superdrug Vitamin E range soon as I have picked up quite a few products and tried a few products in this range

Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum is £3.99 in Superdrug

Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Serum Review


Nip Fab have a lot of products I love, mostly from their Glycolic Fix range which has Glycolic acid has their main ingredient and targets texture, enlarged pores and radiance. I have reviewed other products in the range: Glycolic Fix scrub, Glycolic Fix Mask and Glycolic Pads. For every single product I have used from NipFab and how to fit them in a routine, check out my brand review here

Today’s post is a full review on the Glycolic Fix serum. This serum targets texture and fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. The Pore Away complex also targets enlarged pores.


This is a gel textured serum made with 4% aha and aloe vera for added soothing and calmness. The gel has a medium consistency, sinks into the skin and has a subtle scent. Unfortunately, I did not like this serum

With 4% aha, I experienced no tingling sensation or irritation with the serum (my skin is used to high aha concentrations so it could be the reason. The serum doesn’t add any hydration to the skin but Nip Fab does not make that claim anyway. For me, I didn’t experience any of the benefits. I do not have enlarged pores (Thank you The Ordinary Salicylic acid! Review here) so I was looking to this for texture irregularities when the need arose and even hyperpigmentation as AHA can tackle that too. However, it didn’t tackle texture when I used it for that either.

I have misplaced the cap of the serum so it’s left uncovered on my vanity. The serum is clear however after a couple of days ( a week or so) the residue in the pump turns opaque/cloudy so I tend to pump that away then dispense ‘fresh’ serum out.


I stopped using this serum because it really wasn’t doing anything and I also didn’t enjoy the serum on my skin. I tend to prefer more hydrating serums (even if they don’t claim to add hydration, most serums add some) especially in the colder seasons and the Nip fab adds no hydration. It feels ‘matte’ on the skin. Plus it wasn’t doing anything anyway soo why waste my time with it lol

If you have this serum let me know how it’s working out for you?!

Nip Fab Glycolic Serum is £14.95 on NipFab

Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Rapid Flash Brightening Serum Review

Sunday Riley is here in the UK!  I have been very interested in Sunday Riley but since it’s a luxury brand, it comes with luxury prices so I have been hesitant to try it. I was finally able to purchase some of their stuff because I discovered the Flash Kit on Beautylish and through the GlossyBox X Sunday Riley Limited Edition. Anyway let’s get into this review

The CEO Vitamin C Rapid Flash Brightening Serum is a vitamin C serum that tackles uneven skin tone, dull skin and the 5 visible signs of ageing: dullness, sensitivity, wrinkles, brightens, luminosity and radiance.


I have been loving Vitamin C this year! So far MAP from the Ordinary has been my go to and that is the standard to which I have been measuring Vitamin C’s too. I was happy to receive this in the Sunday Riley box because it contains 15% THD Ascorbate. A stable form of vitamin C that is fat soluble. I was looking forward to trying a different form of Vitamin C at a higher concentration.

The CEO serum is a lightweight lotion serum with a pleasant orange scent. It is easily absorbed into the skin and adds a touch of instant radiance. I experienced no irritation with the serum. Unfortunately, I did not experience any benefits from the CEO serum which was disappointing.

The deluxe mini size 8ml lasted a little close to 1 week. I used 2-3 pumps a day twice a day. It pairs well with other creams and serums and I experienced no piling. I found the serum unremarkable, unlike MAP, I experienced no hydration from this and my skin didn’t show any brightening effects. I was impressed by MAP from the first use however with the CEO serum even after using it twice a day for that long, I wasn’t impressed.


Unfortunately, this is a miss for me. I didn’t experience any benefits other than instant brightness after first application but that’s about it. It was disappointing as I love Vitamin C but this isn’t for me. I don’t know if longer use would change my mind but I am not interested in purchasing the full size. I will stick to MAP.

The CEO deluxe size is not available in the UK as a standalone but it can be purchased in a gift set like the Face to Face kit for £35 on Space NK. In it, you get 3 other mini sizes.

Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Rapid Flash Brightening Serum is £70 for the full-size 30ml bottle on Space NK

Sunday Riley has been in hot water after admitting they have a lot of fake reviews on their website. Personally, I didn’t like this serum but I love their Good Genes Lactic Acid serum. My full review of that is here

Catch you later

Sunday Riley Good Genes Review

Sunday Riley is here in the UK! This cult US brand has a lot of classics and their Good Genes serum undeniably one of them! I have been very interested in Sunday Riley but since it’s a luxury brand, it comes with luxury prices so I have been hesitant to try it. I was finally able to purchase some of their stuff because I discovered the Flash Kit on Beautylish and through the GlossyBox X Sunday Riley Limited Edition. Anyway let’s get into this review

Good Genes is essentially a lactic acid treatment (7%) enriched with liquorice root and lemongrass. They promise healthier, smoother skin, exfoliation and tackling hyperpigmentation fine lines and wrinkles.


So I have to say, my first ever experience with lactic acid was a fail. I tried the Lactic acid 5% serum from the Ordinary and I hated the scent! Since then I have been put off but when I saw the Flash Kit I decided to give it another try. I am happy to report Good Genes has a pleasant scent! I also experienced no irritation or stinging with the serum.

This is a lotion textured serum and easily sinks into the skin. I used it after my Pixi glow tonic and used MAP afterwards. This serum is amazing! It gives instant radiance and leaves my skin so plump and smooth. It also hydrates. It left my skin looking healthier and more radiant over the days I was using it. I have the deluxe mini size (8ml) and used 2-3 pumps over my face and neck. It lasted just a little over a week. I didn’t see any difference in hyperpigmentation but also wasn’t expecting to see that in a week of using the serum

It’s worth noticing you cannot purchase Good Genes Lactic Acid serum here in the UK, they have reformulated this to a Glycolic acid treatment 10% for the UK market. Caroline Hirons has an in-depth video on this. It’s something to do with EU laws on acids.


I can understand the hype regarding this product and why it is loved. It’s almost making me reconsider lactic acids and I want to give the 10% serum from the Ordinary a chance. It plumped, brightened and hydrated in the week I was using it and I have no doubts if I used it longer it would tackle my hyperpigmentation.

In terms of the full-size price, whilst this is a good serum I still think it’s very overpriced. $105 for 30ml? I have no interest in the Good Genes Glycolic acid treatment (I love Glycolic acid but I prefer it as a toner but if it comes in a set I may try it) so I may just repurchase the Flash kit to get the lactic acid treatment. If you want the lactic acid version you would have to order it online.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid treatment is available in the US and via Beautylish to the UK

Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment is available in the UK

Sunday Riley has been in hot water after admitting they have a lot of fake reviews on their website. Personally, I love this serum but there is another serum I have from them which I absolutely did not like! A full review on that will be up soon!

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution Review

Hey guys, I hope everyone is well! Today’s post will be a full review on the Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution I have been using for the past couple of months! I waited a good while and got through 3 bottles of this serum to be able to bring you a full and honest review of the serum! Let’s get started

For an introduction into skincare acids, it’s worth reading my previous post on AHA/BHA’s. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution is BHA which means it’s recommended for oily and congested skin. It also means it deep cleanses pores and exfoliates the skin.


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Although I have normal to oily combination skin, I have stuck to using AHA’s for the longest time because I was actually put off BHA from a previous product! I tried the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA and I honestly didn’t like it so I stayed away from BHA for almost 1-2 years! I started using this in the spring/summer because I didn’t want my skin to turn ‘full on’ oily/ acne prone like it does in the warmer months and Salicylic acid was one of the ingredients I knew could combat that.

I don’t use the Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution every day. I use it when I have texture on my skin or when I feel spots forming. It is a very light watery serum but it froths on the skin. It quickly dissipates after gently patting it into the skin. Unlike AHA’s, this doesn’t sting the skin. The immediate results I experience are hydration and glowing skin. This serum is excellent at reducing texture and spots and leaving my skin smooth. I have noticed that within 3-4 days of consistent use any texture/spots disappears( I have noticed this throughout my use of the serum but most recently after my trip to Italy and the horrible texture I came back with lol thanks to little water, a lot of wine and little sleep). It’s also great for keeping whiteheads and enlarged pores at bay! I honestly think the serum was my skin saviour over the summer! My skin remained normal to oily combo with no nasty acne or breakouts (I get that in the summer!)! I introduced this serum and the Niacinamide serum this spring/summer and they were a savour! I only used the BHA at night.

I must also admit I conducted two mini tests with the Salicylic acid serum: the first, I normally get a lot of texture on my skin when I travel, the combination of travel and little sleep is not good for my skin so I decided to use the BHA plus MAP plus resveratrol  (review here) as a preventive measure. I used them every night in the lead up to my trip to Devon (I think it was 3 or 4 days before) and throughout the 2-day trip plus 3 days after I returned. Results? No texture, no spots no clogged pores! even with less sleep!  I did also hydrate like crazy i.e. drink a lot of water and a lot of hydrating face masks. I also tested this with MAP and resveratrol alone and it gets rid of texture overnight somehow (when texture first rears its head). I have used the serum in combo with AHA toners and it’s been fine, I have had no issues with that.


This serum transformed my skin and I am so happy I have given BHA another chance! You can use it every night if you want but I don’t because I like to rotate my actives and I have a lot to get through lol! But I do use the serum consistently when I have texture or spots and now ( and forever) in the lead-up, during and after a trip! This is my 3 or 4th bottle I have finished,  I am currently using one and I have a refill on the way! It will be a permanent addition to my routine! I even use this to spot treat pimples.

I highly recommend this if you have oily, acne prone or congested skin! This is serious blemish control! Don’t be put off by the froth you experience after application, it will go away. It’s worth noting if you are allergic to aspirin you are not able to use BHA, they are both anti-inflammatory (please do more research into this). I took a long time doing this review because I wanted to really put this to the test. Don’t you hate it when someone uses a product for 1 week and reviews it?

Guess how much this is? £4.20 for 30ml (the Ordinary you are AMAZING!) imagine the PC BHA I tested was £8 for the TRAVEL SIZE which is 10ml (full size is £25 I think for 30ml).

Please check this out, you won’t be sorry! Esp. if you have oily skin! Available on  Deciem

My brand review of the Ordinary is up! This is an overview of every single product I have tried from them! Check it out here

Catch you later!

Happy skin days- DONT FORGET SPF