Rooftop vibes

In my last post (check it out here), I mentioned a few activities you worth visiting but if drinks and food are your fav past time then this post is for you.

London doesn’t have a lot of rooftops but there are some great ones to visit, these are the few I’ve been too, and advance booking is essential

Alto, Selfridges

This place is tucked in Selfridges Oxford Street and gets quite busy.  I love everything about this place: food, drinks( the moscato is my favourite) and of course location. It’s one of the good ones for walk in a although there will be a wait. For walk ins, just get your name on the list and go about your shopping!

Rooftop St James

Probably the place I wanted to visit for the longest and when I finally went it was so worth it. The food, the views are excellent! The service was a bit slow when I went but in all honestly it was a really hot day and they were super busy. Its a small place so booking is essential.

LSQ rooftop

This is a new entry on my bar list but worth checking out. You get amazing views of London with the location been right in Leicester square. A bit grim to find (tbh I was just hungry that day lool) but the service was good. The drinks were amazing, the food? average

Jin Bo Law

Heading to city now, Jin Bo Law rooftop is for dressier occasions and celebrations. Its been a while since I went there but the views are stunning. Booking essential

View from The Shard

Amazing London views plus drinks are always a good combo! The View from the Shard open deck bar is a good place to have a drink if you’re already there! To be totally honest, I thought the drinks would be much pricer (seeing that its the Shard) but drinks start from £12 ( still pricer than your average cocktail in a bar but good for THE SHARD)

Other places worth visit


601 Queens Road

Bar Elba

Date Night Recommendations

What are you doing this weekend? Whether you’re celebrating Val’s day with your partner, the girls or some much needed alone time, here’s a list of places to check out. I love going out and discovering London so if you need some help, here are some of the places I have been and enjoyed, the service and food were top-notch. These places cover a range of budgets, from easy & causal to let’s slay I’m a bad B

Enjoy! ( I’ve linked the reviews I have on my blog) Also check out the Lifestyle Menu for more restaurant reviews. I’m working on my ultimate 100 places to eat( its been years in the making)


Bueno Aires Steakhouse

Steak and Lobster ( best fries and salad I have ever had)

Steak & Co ( if you’re ready to ‘cook’ your own steak, this is it)


Maxwell’s ( Try the freakshakes)

Jackson and Rye

M Grill ( hands down the best service I have had in a restaurant)

Maxwell’s freakshakes



Fat Crab ( crab heaven!)

Sticks & Sushi ( Sushi and more sushi! and sticks for those that don’t like sushi)

Sake no Hana



Ken Lo’s Memories of China

Thai Square

Rosa’s Thai café

Com Viet ( best food on a budget)

Chino Latino

Giggling Squid

Giggling Squid



Bob Bob Ricard ( famous press for champagne button)

Haz Restaurant

Oxo Brassiere









Jazz / Live Music

Ronnie Scott’s Soho

Jazz Café Camden

Pizza Express Jazz Club

Red Rooster ( THIS place is LIT)


Outdoor/Street Food

Street Feast venues- Giant Robot, Hawker House, Model Market

CAU Steakhouse Review

Cuisine – Steaks

Food- 4/5      Service – 4/5       Ambience- 5/5       Value- 4/5

I have been checking out my local dining scene lately, so to start 2018 off, it was only proper I visited a steakhouse for dinner to start my year right. CAU Steakhouse is fairly local- a short 30 mins drive to Wimbledon.

CAU Steakhouse is an Argentine steak & grill restaurant with 3 locations in London( Wimbledon, Kingston and Blackheath). I have actually never heard of this place till I was looking for places to go and this popped up. It had really good reviews plus the menu was diverse enough, ok so they have churros and Dulce de leche milkshakes but this won’t skew my review in any way or form.

The Wimbledon branch is based in Wimbledon village, right on the high street and quite easy to spot. Décor is modern with a romantic ambience. It wasn’t busy so we had our choice of seats and we were seated quickly. I was super ready for a full 3-course meal so for starters we had the spicy beef and chorizo & cream cheese empanadas. I liked the later more than the spicy beef. Something about the seasoning of the beef I didn’t like.

For mains, of course, I had to go with steak, I had the medallions medium well with chimichurri sauce and fries. My restaurant buddy had the bacon & cheese burger with sweet potato fries. I think my steak was nice although I wish it had a little bit more seasoning just a pinch more. my steak also came more medium than medium well- I didn’t mind this but I don’t know if the medium well temp is not popular as there have been a few times where my medium well steak came more medium instead and this has happened in quite a few places (I may just go back to having my steak well done tbh). The chips were nice and crispy and the burger was good too.

Remember when I said they had churros, so for dessert, it was an obvious choice. Now I can’t remember if I had churros when I was living in Spain but these ones were slightly salty just a little bit but with the accompanying Dulce de leche sauce it was really nice.


Nice décor, good variety on the menu with budget-friendly prices. I did enjoy my food and experience there although I didn’t appreciate the slight wait at the end for the bill but overall it was a fab experience.

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Miller & Carter


I will have more restaurant reviews this year so stay tuned! I am also working on a food guide, you wouldn’t want to miss that!

Outfit details

Jacket- Newlook

Skirt- Primark

Bodysuit- Boohoo

Boots- Ego Shoes


Sake No Hana Restaurant Review

I can’t believe 2017 is over! This year has gone by so quickly but I am thankful for all the lessons I have learnt and I am really happy for 2018! So my girls and I decided to head out to celebrate the end of year and we decided to go to Sake No Hana in Mayfair

We started the night at Mahiki in Mayfair as we have always wanted to go there. They don’t allow bookings for smaller tables so we got there early, 8.00pm to get a table. We have heard a lot of Mahiki so we were super excited to finally go in (we tried once before but there was no available table that night). We just got drinks, they have a huge range and actually cheaper than what we thought, £8.50 for a cocktail. We got the Mahiki and Pina Colada (served in a pineapple) cocktails, we stayed here for a bit then headed to Sake No Hana which was 5 mins away.

Sake No Hana

Our table wasn’t ready when we arrived so we were told to wait by the bar as they get it ready. The bar downstairs is quite small but I love the ambience of it. We tried Sake, a Japanese rice wine I have always wanted to taste. By the way, it’s super strong, like I could even finish my tiny glass of it lol. It wasn’t long till we were called upstairs for dinner.

The main dining room was small but had lovely décor. We didn’t wait too long for our orders to be taken and it was a little while for foods to arrive. It was fairly busy so I didn’t mind this. For starter, we each ordered a portion of sushi for sharing and deep fried squid. For sushi we ordered the Ebi Red Prawn Tempura, Crunchy Kani Maki (snow crab, avocado, kanpyo), Salmon Avocado Maki. Sushi was amazing, I think I like it slightly more than the sushi at Chino Latino although the portions here are slightly smaller. We also loved the squid


For mains, we ordered the Rib Eye beef with tofu & shiitake mushroom Sukiyaki which is cooked at your table, the Tori Sumiyaki which is miso chicken with sesame chilli miso and tuna & salmon sashimi. I loved my rib eye beef sukiyaki and I thought it was super cool it was cooked out our table. it was flavourful and the beef was really nice too. I didn’t like the tofu- it was my first time tasting tofu tbh. The Miso chicken was really nice too. Miriam didn’t like her sashimi, she said it was overcooked. I thought our rice was bland, could have used some salt.

Overall thoughts

It was a lovely dinner with good service and somewhere I would go back to. My sukiyaki beef was amazing and enough to share between us. Sushi rolls were amazing too although I wish the portions were slightly bigger. I loved the décor and ambience and the service provided by all staff both from of house and wait staff

Outfit details

Skater skirt- Boohoo

Crop top- Boohoo

Knee High Boots- Ego Shoes

Bag – Dorothy Perkins


Wishing everyone a happy new year of 2018!

a quick round-up of the best restaurants I have visited in 2017

Com Viet

Chino Latino


Red Rooster

Steak & Co

Miller & Carter

Ken Lo’s Memories of China Restaurant Review

Cuisine – Chinese

Food- 4/5      Service – 4/5       Ambience- 5/5       Value- 4/5

I had dinner at Ken Lo’s memories of China with Emma (hey girl) last month and I am happy to say I really really enjoyed the service and food. I don’t have a lot of Chinese restaurants on my list – infact this might be the only one but I made an exception for this as it had so many good reviews on TripAdvisor- where I get about 50% of my food restaurant recommendations, the other 50% is sheer curiosity, open table or word of mouth.

I arrived for dinner and was seated straight away, the restaurant was empty with the exception of a couple of diners. I was given the menu a bowl of prawn crackers and some water. Emma arrived shortly after and after debating on what to get for a while, we decided to have the steamed salmon with oyster sauce, Peking fried lamb with spring onion with seasonal Chinese veg (bok Choy) egg fried and steamed rice. We didn’t wait too long for the food to arrive. By now the restaurant was fairly busy with a lot more dinners, I guess we arrived a little early for dinner service

The food was so flavoursome and I could tell the difference between good quality Chinese and your usual takeaway. It tasted freshly made, I mean I didn’t think egg fried rice could taste that good lol. The lamb wasn’t over cooked-it wasn’t chewy or tough and the salmon was beautifully cooked. We both enjoyed the bok choy too. The waiters checked on us a few times during the meal and topped up our glasses of water. We didn’t have to wait too long for our table to be cleared and a new tablecloth was put over our soiled one that’s excellent customer service!  We didn’t get any desserts because it was simply fruit and ice cream.

Verdict- this Chinese may cost you £30 upwards but I think for the service and quality of food you get, it’s worth it. I would have liked a little bit more of the rice but I think the portion of the meats was just enough. It’s a lovely restaurant just off Victoria station with good food, good service and lovely decor. Beware though, you will be charged a cover charge when dining here. I found that annoying lol but what can you do lol.

I must apologise for the blurry picture I didn’t notice until now!

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Catch you later

Red Rooster Shoreditch Review

Cuisine- American

Overall- 5/5    Food- 5/5   Service-5/5     Ambience-5/5   Value-5/5

Hey hey fam, I hope everyone is doing well! Christmas countdown right? 2018 coming by so quickly!

Anyway, if you are looking for venues for your Christmas do, make sure you are checking out my restaurants reviews and gurl and guys, do I have another review for you! lets goo

So another thing I have been into this year (among the many other things) is restaurants with live music. I have been to two so far: Chino Latino & Jazz Café so Ihave been on the hunt for more. Last Saturday night, I found myself at Red Rooster in Shoreditch for some good food and live music!

We got there about 10 mins earlier than our reservation but we were taken downstairs to the main dining area and seated promptly. It was a busy night but the waitress, Demi( shout out to you girl!) took our order quickly. We ordered the Bird Royale Feast which comes with a whole chicken, waffles, biscuits, mac & cheese and pickled cabbage. This is enough for 2 or more people and Yas and I were up for the challenge.It wasn’t long till we saw our chicken coming with a sparkler on top. They present it this way for you to grab your snaps and pics before it dies down and is taken away ( good move Red Rooster!). after that your real deal arrives!

Let me tell you about that feast gurl! That chicken, that gravy sauce or whatever it was and them biscuits gurllllllllllllll. It was so good. You don’t get fries with this feast but honestly, you don’t even need that. I have never had chicken and waffles before – only because I think it’s a weird combo but girl I had it here and it’s like a party in your mouth. I have been missing out!

Let me tell you why Demi was the real MVP that night. So the live music set started around about 9 pm and our table was tucked away from the stage area so we wanted to move to the bar, for a better view of the stage. At this point, we had finished eating and packed our take aways LOL so we call her over and ask her. She says will find some seats for us and comes back 5 mins later telling us two spots just opened by the bar so we should move quickly before it gets taken. By the time we get our jackets and get there, literally in 5 mins, it was gone LOL. It was a really busy night. But anyway she apologies and tells us to stay by as she will (try) to find us another. So we are just chilling by the bar area, enjoying the music, about 15 mins later another waiter comes with a chair for us and we were like oo ok thank you! we were standing by the bar but there were no seats so he went to find seats for us aww and he was cute LOL. we are not sure if Demi told him or he just saw us vibing to the music so much he brought us chairs but we were grateful

On Saturday nights, we have R & B, old school music and the band- andjustvibes were killing it! They did all the old school songs you could just sing a lot too! We stayed there about an hour and a half after our meal just listening to music. We actually didn’t wanna leave but you see the way the trains are set up!  Demi recommended their Gospel brunch on Sundays and I definitely want to go back! And this is me, boujie me that doesn’t like going back to the same restaurant twice- I have only done that ONCE with Miller & Carter. Hm

We really enjoyed our time and food at Red Rooster and that live music set with Andjustvibes just topped it all off for us! It’s a busy restaurant with a mediumish dining room so definitely BOOK in advance!

So folks, Red Rooster is a yes from me! I will catch you later with some more restaurant reviews but there are a few on the blog so make sure you check them out!



Oxo Tower Bar & Gaucho Tower Bridge Review

Oxo Tower Bar

Overall- 5/5    Food- 5/5   Service-5/5     Ambience-5/5   Value-5/5

I went to the Oxo Tower Bar last month for drinks and some food and I must say it didn’t disappoint! The bar is small and sits in between the restaurant and brassiere. And the views are really nice, especially at night. It was busy on the Saturday night but we were lucky to be seated right away without a reservation (they don’t take reservations on Friday and Saturdays I think). We knew we were going to have dinner at Gaucho later that evening so we opted for some light snacks, like calamaries and sweet potato fries and some drinks. we didn’t stay too long but the service was quick and efficient and the food & drinks were good.

Gaucho Tower Bridge

Overall- 3.5/5    Food- 3.5/5   Service-3/5     Ambience- 4/5   Value-3.5/5

For the most part of this year, I have been into steaks( don’t ask why) so it was only natural Gaucho made it on my restaurant list, I heard mixed reviews of Gaucho but I decided to try it out as the owner Bridge branch was closer to Oxo Tower. I made a reservation for 9pm but they didn’t seat us until 9.50pm because they were running late. Not the best start to my night but I decided to overlook that, front of house was apologetic and we were given free drinks on the house. To be honest it was busy at night and my request for a window seat wasn’t fulfilled. It did take a while for the waiter to take our order and the food took a while to come too.

I ordered the Picana, a special cut to Gaucho which was nice but I didn’t think it would be thin slices, chips and prawn skewers. It was a LOT of food lol which I couldn’t even finish lol. He ordered the burger which he says was nice but slightly disappointing.

Overall, it was anti-climax for me, and my experience is slightly skewed to the negative, blah side of the scale. I get it was busy but I am sure they get very busy on Saturday nights so they should know how to handle it. I think they could have also accommodated my request for a window seat as I had called about 3 times that week to ensure they knew it was a special occasion. It’s a high-end restaurant but the service and food don’t match the prices they charge. I’m undecided about whether I would return to another branch for another try.

I think it was an ok experience retrospectively but because I was expecting lot more from Gaucho I was slightly disappointed with it. I have had better steaks & service at much cheaper restaurants e.g Miller & Carter 

Let’s talk about something I loved that night though, my dress from ASOS, I mean just look at it LOL

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Check back for more restaurant reviews soon! Which restaurants do you recommend? Where have you had the best service and food?!I have some spots on my restaurant list that need filling! Help a sista out

Catch you soon!


Chino Latino Restaurant & Bar Review

Cuisine – Asian

Overall- 5/5    Food- 5/5   Service-5/5     Ambience-5/5   Value-5/5

So Chino Latino is a place I have been waiting to go to for a while so when it was my girls birthday and she wanted somewhere with sushi it was the first to come to mind! Because it was last minute, I made a dinner reservation on the day- I was so happy they had some spots left! Customer service was great! I got a call to confirm my booking about an hour-ish after booking on Open Table. We arrived and we were seated promptly and asked for drinks which didn’t take too long to come. Please order the Quiet Angel cocktail if you go there! It’s so good I had two…. and a half lol. It’s’ sweet and refreshing.

For starters, we had sushi- Tenkasu roll (tuna, salmon, seabass and avocado) and Spider roll (soft shell crab, avocado and cucumber) and a portion of calamari. It didn’t take too long seeing the place was fairly busy. Presentation was on point and the sushi was really good! The calamari wasn’t the usual coated with flour and deep fried which was very nice. I didn’t have time to get a picture lol but my insta story should suffice right? (PS follow me on insta!)

Next, we got mains, I had the Red Curry Chicken with Crispy Veg and Jasmine rice. Presentation again on point. I thought the portion looked small but I was actually so full afterwards (or was that the drinks? lol) The rice was a little on the bland side: I would have added some salt lol but the flavour of the curry made it un noticeable (unless you had it alone).I tasted my friends pork ribs and honestly, they were so good, probably on the same level if not better as the ribs I had in Miller and Carter, but that’s another review waiting to be written!. The birthday girl had a fish curry and she loved it too.

They gave us a complimentary dessert for my friend’s birthday which I think was banofee cheesecake. Whatever is it was, it tasted of bananas and cream and it was divine. Our chocolate fondant was good too. Rich, not too bitter. And the ear sorbet was refreshing and a good accomplice to the chocolate

Verdict- a second visit is pending and it will be my new spot for sushi and drinks not that I had a spot b4 anyway lol. The service was good too, amicable and efficient. I don’t think the price point was bad either, I think its good value for money. The sushi portions are meant for sharing and we had enough between us. If it’s a special occasion, I recommend you ask for a seat nearer to the windows because the views are quite nice. Chino Latino is one floor up in the Park Plaza hotel please don’t be like me and walk past it lol. It’s a straight walk, about 7-10 mins down from Vauxhall station. You enjoy live music too, although you don’t get to see the set, you just hear it.

All in all it was a good experience and I am definitely going back! They have this cool thing they do with the napkins- where they pour hot water on them and you watch them rise up. I am not sure why I found that so entertaining lol

that’s 52/102 restuarants done from my 102 resturants to eat at list!

Miller and Carter Steakhouse Review

Cuisine- Steakhouse

Overall- 4/5    Food- 5/5   Service-4/5     Ambience-5/5   Value-5/5

I have driven past this restaurant a few times so I finally decided to have dinner there earlier this month. It comes across to me like a harvester ( if you are from the UK you know what I’m talking about. If not, it’s sort of a ‘mid-range gastropub’) so I thought they were reaching with their smart casual dress code. So I was like ok let me up my standards of critique then (lol) because I really wasn’t expecting much. There are two branches in South London: Bromley & Mitcham and we went to the Bromley branch. It’s a really big restaurant and actually nicely decorated inside too: slightly romantic but very nice ambience. Anyway, we were seated right away, but it took a min to get our drinks order as it was slightly busy. From the mocktail menu, we had Mango Melba & Elderflower Sherbet- which were amazing! For starters, we got the Sticky Duck Wings with Hoisin sauce and a dressed slaw. I had duck but never duck wings. It came with 4 large portions and they were amazing -cooked well without being dry. It wasn’t soaked in the sauce but enough to coat it. Even that dressed slaw was good.

For mains, I got the Rump steak medium well with béarnaise sauce and fries. I also ordered a side of half lobster. A side of wedge lettuce comes with steaks and I chose the garlic parmesan dressing. I didn’t eat it much because its literally a wedge of lettuce with dressing- not exactly pleasing to the eye. My steak arrived more medium than medium well so I sent it back to the kitchen. When I informed the waitress she quickly apologised and explained it was put through the till as medium. Anyway, when it came back I thought it could have used a few more mins to brown but I ate it as I was hungry lol. It was so good! Seasoned, tender & good! The fries were a smaller portion but they were crispy and hot. The lobster was good too. He had the half rack BBQ ribs with fries & coleslaw. He was very happy with everything.

For dessert, we got the sticky toffee pudding. It seemed really popular in the reviews I read so I thought to try it out for myself. This is when I died and went to food heaven lol but God sent me back because it wasn’t time for me to be home. LOL. First off that vanilla ice cream hmm then the salted butterscotch sauce PLUS the pudding itself. It’s safe to say 5 mins later it was gone and we were wishing to order seconds.

Verdict- we were informed when we arrived that a few items weren’t on the menu as they were changing menus. Luckily what I wanted was there- steaks lol but he wanted to try the beef brisket topped burger but that wasn’t available.  I think the wedge lettuce should be changed to a house salad- the dressing was nice and would be more appreciated on a house salad. The service was good although a few times during the meal, it was difficult to find our waitress when we wanted her for something. Probably due to how big the place is. So I must apologise to Miller & Carter, I stand extremely corrected! The food is superb and the prices very reasonable. I think if I was ever craving steak which I do from time to time (a lot of the time) I would go here instead of heading to central, it’s very close to home. I actually don’t mind the dress code, another reason to dress up!

Part 2- Miller & Carter– Mitcham

So on a random Tuesday night, I decided to give my bro Peter the honour of having dinner with me lol. After failing to find his Lebanese restaurant (which he swears exists but I don’t believe it did lol) guess which place I recommended? Miller & Carter lol smh. This time we headed to the Mitcham branch. Which is just as big but I feel nicer inside compared to the Bromley branch. Again we were seated straight away. I recommended the duck starters to him and we went with that only this time it was Chicken & Duck wings (remember they changed the menu) and it was amazing! Those wings tho jheez and the buttermilk ranch dressing paired well with them. For drinks, I had the elderflower sherbet this time and it was so refreshing!

I didn’t choose steak this time around ( I was saving my myself for a special steak place later that week), so I got the half rack ribs with lobster & prawn tempura and Peter got the beef & barbacoa burger. I don’t really know what to say; the food was amazing! End of story lol. Peter was so blown away by the food too lol. His burger was literally a beef patty, topped with a rump steak and barbacoa. Best meal he ever had according to him. He even loved the tempura side I got- and he isn’t too fond of seafood. That lobster tempura was amazing but the presentation needs a little makeover.


Obviously, the main reason for coming back was really to have the sticky toffee pudding again lol. However, we were running really short on time: he had to be somewhere else. No problem, been Ghanaian, I am well versed in the takeaway arena so we had it to go lol. It didn’t come with the ice cream but they gave us lots of strawberries and custard.

In short please visit Miller & Carter! Both restaurants gave excellent service (more the Mitcham brand) and the food oh the food is so good! It really got a girl asking about private dining options as I have a girls Christmas dinner to organise hmm. I would return and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like going to the same place twice.

Another place done!

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Honest Burgers Restaurant Review

Cuisine- Burgers

Overall- 4/5    Food- 4/5   Service-4/5     Ambience-5/5 Value-4/5

On my list of 100 restaurants, I have a few burger joints that supposedly do proper burgers for a reasonable price. So when I was craving a proper burger I was looking through the list to find something close by. We found an Honest Burger branch in Tooting which is close by so we decided to pop in for a quick visit. I didn’t even know HB had places in south London! Let alone Brixton and Peckham no shade lol. On the Sunday night we went, it was super busy when we got there but they were able to seat us within 5-10 mins. It’s a small joint, probably 50- 60 people at capacity. I liked our seats it was a little off the main dining area and right in front of the kitchen. We did have to wait a while for our order to be taken but our drinks came soon after we ordered. They had a ‘bacon tribute’ special on so I had the Bacon Tribute Burger (well done) which came with bacon ketchup, bacon gravy and rosemary salted chips. He had the Tribute Burger (also well done) with rosemary salted chips.

We had the BBQ chicken wings for starter. It was generous portion about 6 or 7 maybe even 8 as I took 3 home. Thank God the wings weren’t swimming in sauce lol! The chicken itself was seasoned (phew) too. It wasn’t too sweet and tangy but it wasn’t smoky either; just a good balance. I thought my burger was good but it was a little dry. I don’t think there was enough bacon ketchup in it( now review the pic , it definitely wasn’t enough!) and I couldn’t taste the smoked cheddar that was in it. I love smoky bacon was it’s no surprise I liked the bacon… I never had bacon gravy so I tried it since it came with my burger.  It was ok but it was too salty for my liking. My rosemary salted chips (they only do rosemary salted chips) were crunchy and actually really nice seeing I detest rosemary lol. His burger was good and we both liked the chipotle mayo he ordered. The burger though won’t make it into his top 5.


Verdict -I can’t fault the restaurant on service. End of the meal and the waiter he comes over to apologise for the madness that happened. At one point, because we were so close to the till and kitchen, all the delieveroo drivers were crowded behind us. I didn’t mind this tbh. I thought the staff handled it well. I would have liked to see some shakes on the menu or some dessert. I think their burgers were nice/ok, but certainly better than your average ones. Service was excellent and I was sad I couldn’t tip because I had no cash and they didn’t ask to add gratitude on the card machine! I would definitely go back for other burgers and maybe it have it medium well as my steaks

Another place off the 100 restaurants to visit list! Was this an honestly good burger? (see what I did there? Ok don’t mind me I’m hungry- the irony!) Honest Burgers in Tooting had good service and although the burgers we had were ok, I would go back to give them another chance! I see they have a new special on…..

I am wondering if you have visited Honest Burgers. Let me know of your experience too! Check out previous places I have been to eat here

More food to follow!