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Hey guys I hope everyone is doing great. This post will be a bit different than usual. I just need to rant lol and I hardly ever need to do these. Anyway quick disclaimer- this is my experience with the website no way affecting the product quality of the stuff I bought.

So lustre cosmetics, I heard of them on Twitter and they are a UK company that sells Colour Pop! Now I really wanted to try Colour Pop but the process of getting it to the UK is kinda long and the shipping would be long too so I have held off until I heard of them. So of course I was excited to finally get something from Colour Pop. I made a whole post of beauty websites where you can get hard to get US brands click here to read and included them (tbh the whole reason for that post was to include them, I know I lot of people want to try Colour Pop but don’t necessarily want to go through that shipping process and that post is NOT based on customer service just where to get certain brands. If I knew this beforehand I probably would not have included that in the post)

Anyway, they had a massive restock on the 30th of January and I was on there like glue to order something lol. Of course there was a few issues with the site I experienced like stuff not showing in my basket and showing more items than I selected. Finally the site crashed which I understood anyway, there were a lot of people wanting to order plus they did some really good management of keeping people up to date on Twitter. Finally I got 2 of 6 of the things I wanted because of the issues I had and I couldn’t be bothered lol. So ordered on the 30th. Got the email saying order is complete on 3rd February (Wednesday). Good. I’m thinking UK based so weekend tops I will get my package. Nope! So I’m like Monday 8th February tops! Nope! Started to check their Twitter and saw a few people started complaining about not receiving their order. So I’m like Wednesday, 10th February tops I will get it definitely. Nope! I tweeted them for updates no response. What piss me off and led me to do this rant is what happened on Instagram

Thursday (11th Feb) I went on their Instagram and someone had commented about not receiving their package. I replied to that comment and said same here too. They replied to her and ignored mine, I’m like erm ok so I commented separately for a response. Checked back later, no response but they had responded to everyone else. I found that very rude.  Finally I responded to someone else’s commented (she said they had deleted one of her comments) about how the customer service is not acceptable!  Finally they commented DM us your email!?! To the both of us! No apologies or explanation! What the hell. Proof in the pictures below


Customer service is basic. All this could have been solved literally through the communication! I finally received my order on Friday the 12th of February! I won’t be purchasing from them again, this is my 1st and last time. I didn’t appreciate having to chase them up and them ignoring me after I gave you my money! With no apologies or whatsoever as to why you didn’t reply to my messages. I would rather go through the long process of getting them shipped here. Needless to say the shades I got where beautiful lol. I really hope they can up their customer service game. I understand it may be a small business or something they are doing ‘on the side’ but when it comes to taking people’s money or selling you have to make sure you communicate! Especially when they contact you first. Most people will only complain in two situations: either a service is really good or bad. And if you want to grow and potentially make more money, customer service is something you seriously have to look into.

RANT over lol. Does any one else like listening to people experiences with companies? I watched this one with Wayne Goss last week


Have you had any bad customer service?? Rant below!

P.S- you can get 10% off Curl Harmony products using my code SARAH at checkout!


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6 thoughts on “Rant Lustre Cosmetics”

  1. Hi! The same thing happened to me basically, i ordered from lustre cosmetics as they were one of the few websites that sold colour pop cosmetics to the UK. My order came two days late and they also refunded one of my colour pop orders for no apparent reason whatsoever not to mention that the packaging for my liquid lipsticks was open.


      1. I love rosesbeautystore! I purchase from them a lot as I sell high end makeup and I’ve never had a problem


  2. I have to agree with the Article -I ordered a week ago -have not got my package and they don’t respond to my emails..wondering if their a legit company-they don’t even have a proper complaint procedure..I wont be purchasing from them again.


    1. Hi max, oh nooo that’s not good, I thought by now they would have better services! Go on their Instagram and leave them comments and tweet them hopefully they would respond to your enquiries…


  3. Hello

    I am so glad you made this… i can totally relate.. placed an order for £100+ plus as i wanted to try Colour pop. Paid on a sunday no confirmatiom nothing i kept messaging via twitter finally got a reply on Thursday but
    A week later no package and no tracking details. Never ordering from them again, rather have used Colourpop’s own site


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