Finally, someone got it right! In a world where most high end/luxury brands stop at fair tones, Christian Louboutin has changed the game with his new Solasofia collection!

The Solasofia is a flat pointed toe ballerina pumps that are available in a range of shades to suit a variety of skintones: from light to dark! The Solasofia features the famous red bottoms of course and the classic pretty little bow design on the front. Probably what I love most about the collection is the fact that the darkest shade is pretty dark- maybe a rich ebony or even darker! Because let’s face it, most designers never run this dark!

Ladies, the next time he asks for nudes, send him this LOL



I just had to share!



The Solasofia flat is priced at £450 on Christian Louboutin

Are you getting a pair?

Christian Louboutin Nude Collection for ALL SKINTONES

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